Most of us have looked at a product and thought, “Man, I wish it also had this feature”.

However, few of us have ever gone beyond that stage. It takes time to go online, scan the company website and give feedback. And, besides, who knows if anyone is even listening?

Well, at Opera, we do listen. And, we try to bridge the gap further by bringing Opera  executives and product managers right to you at #OperaMeetups. It’s chance to hear you – our users , our fans and our critics. On top of that, we make sure that everyone has a good time!

#OperaMeetup December Mumbai

2014 has indeed been a beautiful year for us at Opera. We pepped up our browsers for just about every platform under the sun – Android, iOS, Windows Phone, TV, computers and even smartwatches. We reached some superb milestones globally and especially in India. We also embraced some awesome partnerships with the cream of the crop.

You have probably heard about the Bollywood flashmob we put together to thank our users, when Opera Mini reached 50 million users in India.

Now, we are all set to end the year by introducing you to Opera Coast – a gorgeous iOS browser that is stylish, intuitive and will give you a glimpse into the future of web browsers.

This fabulous year certainly calls for an equally fabulous farewell. So, get to set to end the year with another great #OperaMeetup.

Join us for a lovely Saturday afternoon on the 20th of December @Doolally Taproom, Bandra, Mumbai at 1 p.m.! You’ll have the chance to catch up with Shwetank Dixit, Web Evangelist at Opera. We would love to hear your feedback  – and compliments 😉 – too.

And, in true #OperaMeetup style, we’ll have some fun stuff on hand to kickstart your weekend!

Register here :

See you all, soon! 🙂

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