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Break out of your same, old browsing habits with Opera Coast 4.0

Got the latest iPhone, but still stuck with a boring browser?

Well, prepare to break out of that rut. Say “hello” to Opera Coast, the most modern browser in the App Store. And, now we have made Opera Coast even better, by adding a data-savings feature, which can speed up your browsing and help save you money on phone bills.

If you’re new to Opera Coast, here’s a recap: About a year ago, one of our engineers, Huib, walked up to our CEO, Lars, and shared an idea. He wanted to start over and give people a browser better suited to today’s touch devices.  Lars decided to give him a shot and then granted Huib what he asked for: a team and an empty room. They locked themselves in, and, for the next few months, all anyone else could hear was loud music and excessive clicking. The only signs of life were the empty pizza boxes piled up outside the door. And, a mere nine months later, Opera Coast was born.

Just over a year later, the tech industry has started releasing products “inspired” by Opera Coast – which we take it as a compliment. (After all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.)  Besides, at Opera, we’re all about browser innovation – whether it’s data compression, tabbed browsing or visual bookmarks, we have always prided ourselves at being first to add something new and cool to browsers.

So, here’s what you get with the latest Opera Coast:

Opera Coast 4.0 for iOS

Sleek, minimal interface: Opera Coast is based on touch gestures, with nearly no buttons. It treats websites like apps and allows you to access fullscreen content without any distractions. You won’t believe how beautiful the web is with Opera Coast. The app’s seamless integration with Google makes finding answers to your questions quick and painless.

Explore new content: Opera Coast now offers the Discover feature, which helps you find stories and news from all over the internet. When you search in Opera Coast, you’ll see a selection of the latest and greatest articles. Tap to see the story or swipe right for more articles, then sit back, relax and enjoy a little quality time with the web.

Share content with style: Found an awesome recipe, top-10 article or puppies vs stairs video? Opera Coast’s share feature turns links into images, ready to caption and send. It’s like sending a web postcard directly to email, messenger and social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Vkontakte, WhatsApp and Line.

Keep browsing your content: Want to pick up on your Mac where you left off on your phone? Now, you can continue your Opera Coast browsing on a default Handoff-enabled browser (like Opera for Mac) on a nearby laptop.

Stay secure: Opera Coast keeps you safe without you having to think about it. If you wander down the wrong dark alley, we’ll tell you’re being reckless. Otherwise, we’ll be the designated driver for your lazy Sunday browsing, sparing you the technical mumbo-jumbo.

Opera Coast is available for free in the App Store. Take it for a spin and enjoy getting to your favorite content faster while getting more out of your data limit.

And, don’t forget to tell us what you think about this beauty of a browser!


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