Apps, apps, apps

Studies have shown that the average time users spend on their mobile devices is increasing. Today there is an app for almost any activity that you can think of. Check out Learn Bhangra – yeah, there’s an app for this too.

But won’t the phone overflow with apps if we download one for every information or service we will ever need from the web? Give it a thought.

Mobile browser: your window to the web

At Opera, we are often asked this big question ‘Are web browsers relevant in the age of apps?’. Earlier this month when Opera CEO, Lars Boilesen was in India to celebrate 50 million Opera Mini users, he was interviewed by Rajiv Makhni from NDTV.

Check out this interview of Lars where he takes on the browsers vs apps debate and puts forth a strong case on why browsers are still relevant in today’s age.

You can also view the entire episode of The Contrarian on the NDTV website.

How about you? What’s your take on “browsers vs apps?”

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