Thank you Hyderabad for rocking the #OperaMeetup

Sunil Kamath, VP - South Asia at Opera kickstarts the #OperaMeetup

We know it took some time, but it finally happened. And, it was totally awesome. #OperaMeetup : Hyderabad edition

Hyderabad has been on our radar for a while now. So, when we started planning our latest series of #OperaMeetup this season, we didn’t need to think twice about which city to begin with.

We met up at an upbeat bistro called Ruci and Idoni, and had a super time with around 40 bloggers and techies from Hyderabad. Time flew as we sampled some amazing Italian food and discussed just about everything from our latest products updates to the best Hyderabadi biryani joint in town.

Opera India organised the first ever #OperaMeetup at Hyderabad.. and it was totally awesome!

Opera India organised the first ever #OperaMeetup at Hyderabad.. and it was totally awesome!

The interactive Q&A session was quite stimulating. We got quite a few queries about our desktop browser. We were very happy to talk about our latest update with over a 1000 extensions and the tab preview feature. We were quite happy to see that some techies who have been following us for a while, remembered the preview feature from our old browser! They also had some hard hitting questions for us! We really hope they got the answers they were looking for. Then there were newbies who quite thrilled to hear about the data compression technology in our mobile browsers. We also met was this super cool blogger, Raghavendra Satish Perry, who is a digital marketer, marathon runner and happens to be visually impaired. He told us how a browser once saved his life and how he works to make the internet more accessible to people.

We even had a fun Opera quiz during which users told us about some crazy apps like Runpee, which tells you when to pee while watching a movie. Yes, there really is an app for everything. And goodies for those who tell us about them 😉

Thank you Hyderabad for showing some much love! We had a complete ball and can’t wait for our next #OperaMeetup in the City of Nawabs. See you guys soon. 🙂

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