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Daddy Cool: Chat up with Alok Nath on Father’s Day

Opera Software India Buzz graphicIts Father’s Day this Sunday and we decided to celebrate the day with a twist. In case you haven’t planned a gift for your father yet, we have the best advice from the Babuji of Bollywood aka Mr Alok Nath himself. This veteran bollywood actor became a sensation on social media after his memes went viral earlier this year.

Opera caught up with Alok Nath to know about his journey from playing character roles of an overtly emotional father in Bollywood movies to the ’Daddy Cool’ of social media. Contrary to his Bollywood image, this man has an insane sense of humor and you definitely can’t miss out on ‘his’ favourite meme:

What was your first reaction when you went viral on social media?
It was a total shock for me and my family. Suddenly, one morning we woke up to these of volley of jokes and memes. The character of a ‘father’ that I have been playing for long in Bollywood stirred youngsters to create funny memes that went viral.  My family suggested for me to play along these jokes on the internet. And soon I realized that it is actually therapeutic when you start enjoying jokes on yourself. And the rest is history.

Quick 5 with Alok Nath

What’s your take on the fun videos and memes that have brought “Sanskars” to the forefront?  
The roles that I have played on television and films are nothing exceptional – an ideal father who teaches the right kind of values to his children and tries to make them into good human beings. I feel that a new side of my personality has been discovered through social media. Youngsters have been introduced to the concept of “Sanskars”. Though they started punning about it, but in a little way they started believing that there is no harm in it. The message has crept into their minds.

Since I played along, they accepted me, and I became a part of them. And, I also feel proud that the “Sanskar” message has captured the attention of youth and ignited their minds. If you have seen some of my recent videos like the Babuji Ka aashirwaad series, you will realize this tongue-in-cheek format has really done well.

Since you are the Babuji of Bollywood, what message would you like to give to all the dads on Father’s day?
Don’t take parenting too seriously, just flow with the tide.

According to you what is the best Father’s Day gift that kids can give to their fathers?
I think the best gift they can give all fathers is a promise to spend their evenings with them.

We really like his advise and if you’re not already spending time with your daddy cool, today is a good day to start. Tell us what other ideas have you thought of to make this Father’s Day special.


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