A look at Opera Mini’s Java users in India

Breakup of mobile OS used by Opera Mini users in IndiaAt a time when the number of smartphones being used in the country is increasing, there is still a majority of Indians who use basic phones, usually based on the Java platform. A breakdown of the mobile OSs of Opera Mini users in India shows that 58% of them use Java-based mobile phones.

We took a closer look at the browsing habits of these Java users through the Opera Mini web browser. Here are some insights, you can also click on the graphic below for more information:

* Facebook leads mobile web usage: At least 64% of all Java users have accessed Facebook.com from their Opera Mini browser. Every 7 out of 10 webpages viewed by an average Opera Mini user are from Facebook.

* Cricket is not far behind: After social networking, most of browsing time is spent checking out videos on You Tube, searching online using Google and getting cricket updates from Cricbuzz & ESPN Cricinfo.

* Nokia handsets most popular: An analysis of the top-100 handsets used shows that Nokia is the clear leader in terms of market share. Nokia is used by 53% of users, followed by Samsung by 28% and Micromax by 14%.

Opera Mini's Java users in India

Opera Mini is one of the most used mobile web browsers in India and is available in 13 Indian languages. Visit m.opera.com from your mobile phone to download Opera Mini.

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