Opera Mini browser gets private and night modes

You heard it right.

We have good news for all mobile phone users on Java and BlackBerry OS.

Today, we launched Opera Mini 8 with the 2 most awaited features our users have been asking for: private mode and night mode.

Private mode: Want to keep your browsing history a secret? Or you need to lend your mobile to a friend for checking Facebook? Opera Mini 8 now supports private tabs that don’t save information once the open tab is closed. It is now possible to browse without leaving any trace of the websites you visit.

Night mode: Browsing the web on a bright mobile screen at night can feel a bit like looking into the sun. Opera Mini 8 includes a night mode that dims the effects of an ouch-that’s-bright screen. If you are in a dark environment, you can dim the screen so that it does not light up the entire room.

Almost 58% of Opera Mini’s users in India are on basic phones. It is important to us to give all these users the best browsing experience. In addition to these new features, Opera Mini 8 comes packed with up to 90% data compression, the popular Speed Dial, download manager, password manager and Facebook integration on the browser homepage.

Download Opera Mini 8 for free by visiting m.opera.com with your existing web browser.

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