Changelog for 83

83.0.4254.62 – 2022-02-15 blog post

  • DNA-97614 automatic video pop-out for most popular websites broadcasting Winter Olympic Games 2022

83.0.4254.54 – 2022-02-09 blog post

  • DNA-96581 Fast tab tooltip doesn’t always show related sites with scrollable tab strip
  • DNA-96608 Cannot drag a tab to create a new window
  • DNA-96657 Do not make tab tooltip hoverable if there’s no list of tabs
  • DNA-97291 Crash at opera::flow::FlowSessionImpl::RegisterDevice(base::OnceCallback)
  • DNA-97402 [Win][Automatic video pop-out] Shortcut blocked
  • DNA-97409 [Win] Address bar no responsive after opening new tab and having auto video popout
  • DNA-97468 Incorrect number of restored tabs when video-popout is detached
  • DNA-97476 Add retry to stapling during signing
  • DNA-97609 Failing MetricsReporterTest.TimeSpent* smoketests

83.0.4254.27 – 2022-01-26 blog post

  • CHR-8737 Update chromium on desktop-stable-97-4254 to 97.0.4692.99
  • DNA-96336 [Mac] Translate new network installer slogan
  • DNA-96678 Add battery level monitoring capability to powerSavePrivate
  • DNA-96939 Crash at opera::ExternalVideoService::MarkAsManuallyClosed()
  • DNA-97228 [Mac] Sound indicator incorrectly displayed on a pinned tab
  • DNA-97236 [Mac] Focus not correctly set after making Opera active
  • DNA-97276 Enable #static-tab-audio-indicator on all streams

83.0.4254.19 – 2022-01-19 blog post

  • DNA-96079 Turn on #automatic-video-popout on developer
  • DNA-97070 Opera 83 translations
  • DNA-97119 [LastCard] Stop showing used burner cards
  • DNA-97131 Enable automatic-video-popout on all streams from O84 on
  • DNA-97257 Crash at views::ImageButton::SetMinimumImageSize(gfx::Size const&)
  • DNA-97259 Promote O83 to stable

83.0.4254.16 – 2022-01-13 blog post

  • DNA-96968 Fix alignment of the ‘Advanced’ button in Settings
  • DNA-96974 [Mac]Crash at views::internal::MenuRunnerImplCocoa::RunMenuAt(views::Widget*, views::MenuButtonController*, gfx::Rect const&, views::MenuAnchorPosition, int, gfx::NativeView)

83.0.4254.14 – 2022-01-05 blog post

  • CHR-8701 Update chromium on desktop-stable-97-4254 to 97.0.4692.45
  • CHR-8713 Update chromium on desktop-stable-97-4254 to 97.0.4692.56
  • CHR-8723 Update chromium on desktop-stable-97-4254 to 97.0.4692.71
  • DNA-96780 Crash at ui::NativeTheme::RemoveObserver(ui::NativeThemeObserver*)
  • DNA-96822 Tab close resize behavior change
  • DNA-96861 Create Loomi Options menu
  • DNA-96904 Support Win11 snap layout popup
  • DNA-96951 Tab close animation broken
  • DNA-96991 Tab X button doesn’t work correctly
  • DNA-97027 Incorrect tab size after tab close

83.0.4254.9 – 2021-12-16 blog post

  • CHR-8694 Update chromium on desktop-stable-97-4254 to 97.0.4692.36
  • DNA-93284 Unstable obj/opera/desktop/common/installer_rc_generated/installer.res
  • DNA-95908 Interstitial/internal pages shown as NOT SECURE after visiting http site
  • DNA-96649 Update Meme button
  • DNA-96675 Do not hard-code country code for rollout
  • DNA-96676 Add Icon in the Sidebar Setup
  • DNA-96677 Add default URL
  • DNA-96707 Endpoint Verification Extension doesn’t work on Opera for Windows and Mac
  • DNA-96723 Loomi configure shortcuts leads to nowhere
  • DNA-96732 Turn on meme-generator on all streams

83.0.4254.5 – 2021-12-08 blog post

  • DNA-95427 [Linux] Opera window brought to top after hover in fvwm
  • DNA-96533 Opera 82 translations
  • DNA-96570 [Player] Tidal logging in via PLAY doesn’t work
  • DNA-96594 Unnecessary extra space in fullscreen mode on M1 Pro MacBooks
  • DNA-96598 Tab strip is not properly scrolled after performing “Close other tabs”
  • DNA-96659 Siteprefs not applied after network service crash
  • DNA-96670 Promote O83 to beta
  • DNA-96672 Enable #yat-emoji-addresses for all streams

83.0.4253.0 – 2021-11-29 blog post

  • CHR-8678 Update chromium on master to 97.0.4692.20
  • DNA-93284 Unstable obj/opera/desktop/common/installer_rc_generated/installer.res
  • DNA-95427 [Linux] Opera window brought to top after hover in fvwm
  • DNA-96116 Make popups appear automatically on different actions
  • DNA-96253 Fix search in tabs saved in session
  • DNA-96301 Crash at gfx::ImageSkiaRep::ImageSkiaRep(SkBitmap const&, float)
  • DNA-96320 Crash after scrolling and activating previously hidden tab from tab strip
  • DNA-96349 Laggy tooltip animation
  • DNA-96404 Opera doesn’t show on main screen when second screen is abruptly disconnected
  • DNA-96411 Align looks of video call popout with video popout
  • DNA-96460 Download speed on significantly lower
  • DNA-96471 Search engines menu is barely visible
  • DNA-96477 [Mac] Tab strip is not always scrolled to active tab when resizing browser window
  • DNA-96480 Add accessible value to paste protection badge
  • DNA-96481 [Win] Plus button is shifted on top bar
  • DNA-96484 Enable AB test for a new autoupdater logic (for 50%)
  • DNA-96487 Presubmit errors in ClipboardProtectionService
  • DNA-96501 Coping/pasting from/to popup window is not handled properly
  • DNA-96505 [Mac] Menu items wont open when no window is opened
  • DNA-96513 Change visible results to 10 entries
  • DNA-96514 Add categories for different suggestions
  • DNA-96529 No possible to drag & drop a tab
  • DNA-96535 Make the URL configurable
  • DNA-96536 Remove deprecated NOTIFICATION_LOAD_START
  • DNA-96538 Inline audiocomplete for incorrectly suggested
  • DNA-96547 Change all names, string ids and flag name to PASTE PROTECTION instead of CLIPBOARD PROTECTION
  • DNA-96553 Add switch to whitelist test pages
  • DNA-96557 Links not opened from panel
  • DNA-96558 AdBlock bloks some trackers inside the panel
  • DNA-96563 [Linux] Add tab button does not work
  • DNA-96566 Left / right scroll buttons do not react to first click
  • DNA-96567 Remove deprecated NOTIFICATION_LOAD_STOP
  • DNA-96568 [Player] Tidal in sidebar Player opens wrong site when logging in
  • DNA-96572 Error pages doesn’t change background in Dark Mode
  • DNA-96578 DCHECK when closing a tab
  • DNA-96580 Mouse scroll over tab strip does not change “Scroll tabs” button state
  • DNA-96592 “Scroll tabs” button is unexpectedly enabled
  • DNA-96601 Wrong tab is moved to another workspace when there is a pinned tab on tab strip
  • DNA-96605 Remove changes for media indicator introduced in DNA-92728
  • DNA-96610 [Win] Browser crash after mouse hover over top bar
  • DNA-96620 update browerjs and siteprefs

☣ = bugfix

83.0.4246.0 – 2021-11-22 blog post

  • CHR-8652 Update chromium on master to 97.0.4688.2
  • DNA-93284 Unstable obj/opera/desktop/common/installer_rc_generated/installer.res
  • DNA-93388 Problem with symlinks on windows when creating file list
  • DNA-93524 [Mac] Crash at chrome::BrowserCommandController::OpenSidebarSite(opera::BrowserSidebarItemIds::Id const&)
  • DNA-94651 [Mac] Refresh Network Installer looks
  • DNA-95994 opera:settings doesn’t warn about proxy settings being ignored with VPN enabled
  • DNA-96041 Add ‘switch to tab’ button to address bar suggestions in webUI
  • DNA-96042 Resize to fit babe dropdown to fit address bar suggestions
  • DNA-96082 Dropdown is not shown when window is too narrow
  • DNA-96111 Show address field icon when copying sensitive text
  • DNA-96114 Review metrics indicating other browsers on user’s computer + add support for Brave
  • DNA-96116 Make popups appear automatically on different actions
  • DNA-96117 Extra section from Chromium in opera://settings/cookies
  • DNA-96134 “Your profile has been updated’ does not disappear
  • DNA-96208 Separate pinned tabs
  • DNA-96209 Scroll tab strip to active tab when tab is switched
  • DNA-96254 Save tab mute state
  • DNA-96274 Checkout autofill shouldn’t show used burner card
  • DNA-96275 Change the notification message for pausing multi-use cards
  • DNA-96315 Crash at opera::BrowserSidebarViewViews::Expand(opera::BrowserSidebarItemContentView*)
  • DNA-96332 Create scroll buttons left and right for tab strip
  • DNA-96333 Create scroll bar handle
  • DNA-96337 EasyFiles opens and closed by itself if page not loaded fully
  • DNA-96340 [Papercuts] Add loading indicator for Adblocker locale lists
  • DNA-96351 macOS window controls are missing in full screen
  • DNA-96392 Dragging and dropping links into the address bar doesn’t work properly
  • DNA-96414 Enable #vpn-manual-bypass-for-intranet by default on developer
  • DNA-96439 FreedomProxyBrowserTest.ProxyBypassForGuessedIntranetWorks fails with #vpn-manual-bypass-for-intranet enabled
  • DNA-96440 Update video URL
  • DNA-96442 OpAuto failures with #vpn-manual-bypass-for-intranet enabled
  • DNA-96448 add option to pin extension via rich hints
  • DNA-96449 VPN status shown as disabled on browser-internal pages
  • DNA-96453 Register user-chosen option on client-side, read on hint side
  • DNA-96454 Choosing an option from the settings menu should close the popup
  • DNA-96456 Fit label in popup when too long
  • DNA-96464 fix testserver for kSyncUseClientTagForBookmarkCommits
  • DNA-96473 Add switch to adjust end protection period
  • DNA-96493 Create ‘small’ enticement in credit card autofill
  • DNA-96496 Credit card copy protection should check for length
  • DNA-96500 Add “don’t show me again” prefs to allowed whitelist

83.0.4239.0 – 2021-11-15 blog post

  • DNA-76987 [Mac] Update desktop EULA with geolocation split
  • DNA-94651 [Mac] Refresh Network Installer looks
  • DNA-95632 With new au-logic UUID is set with delay and may be not set for pb-builds (when closing fast)
  • DNA-95678 Inconsistent “Reopen last closed window / tab” tab context menu item
  • DNA-95684 Crash at (anonymous namespace)::CrashOnFdOwnershipViolation()
  • DNA-96166 Updated adblocker rules not applied until first restart
  • DNA-96190 Opera freezes when trying to drag expanded bookmark folder with nested subfolders
  • DNA-96223 Easy Files not working in Full Screen
  • DNA-96242 Store thumbnail cache image new sessions impl
  • DNA-96265 Fix tests
  • DNA-96297 [Mac] Crash on activating tab with active video conference when another tab is being shared
  • DNA-96316 Highlight text wrong colour on dark mode
  • DNA-96325 Undefined symbol: opera::prefs::kProxySwitcherCustomBypassRules
  • DNA-96326 Wrong translation Private Mode > Turkish
  • DNA-96328 Tabs shrink unnecessarily when closing last tab
  • DNA-96348 Duplicate symbol opera::BeSTCredentials::operator=

83.0.4232.0 – 2021-11-08 blog post

  • CHR-8636 Update chromium on master to 97.0.4676.0
  • DNA-92086 Extensions popup menu from toolbar is too verbose
  • DNA-95298 Enable #static-tab-audio-indicator on developer stream
  • DNA-95734 Discarded Recently Closed items get revived after restart
  • DNA-96005 Change automatic proxy bypass for intranet hosts to manual [2/2]
  • DNA-96104 Recognize sensitive data
  • DNA-96106 Wrong accessibility title for tab indicator when muted
  • DNA-96153 Crash when opening EasyFiles
  • DNA-96154 Broken Opera logo in Opera flags
  • DNA-96158 Fix browser tests regression caused by new sessions impl
  • DNA-96206 Give all tabs minimum width
  • DNA-96207 Create scrollability
  • DNA-96211 Enable #fast-tab-tooltip on all streams
  • DNA-96221 Test that config pages are disabled when AdBlock or BlockTrackers are off
  • DNA-96295 “Video pop out” setting doesn’t sync
  • DNA-96300 Mac is not compiling: error: use of undeclared identifier ‘is_polling_’

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