Changelog for 110

110.0.5130.66 – 2024-06-04 blog post

  • CHR-9748 Update Chromium on desktop-stable-124-5130 to 124.0.6367.243
  • DNA-116317 Create outline or shadow around emojis on tab strip
  • DNA-116320 Create animation for emoji disappearing from tab strip
  • DNA-116564 Assign custom emoji from emoji picker
  • DNA-116582 [Win] [Emojis on tabs] Close tab button visibility
  • DNA-116690 Make chrome://emoji-picker attachable by webdriver
  • DNA-116732 Introduce stat event for setting / unsetting emoji on a tab
  • DNA-116753 Emoji picker does not follow browser theme
  • DNA-116755 Record tab emojis added / removed
  • DNA-116777 Enable #tab-art on all streams
  • DNA-116787 Emoji sometimes shown behind tab title
  • DNA-116794 The active tab is unresponsive and will not close when the close button is clicked

110.0.5130.49 – 2024-05-28 blog post

  • CHR-9416 Updating Chromium on desktop-stable-* branches
  • DNA-116706 [gpu-crash] Crash at SkGpuShaderImageFilter::onFilterImage(skif::Context const&)

110.0.5130.39 – 2024-05-24 blog post

  • DNA-115603 [Rich Hints] Pass trigger source to the Rich Hint
  • DNA-116364 [Mac] No hover effect on bookmarks bar in light mode
  • DNA-116680 Import 0-day fix for CVE-2024-5274

110.0.5130.35 – 2024-05-22 blog post

  • CHR-9721 Update Chromium on desktop-stable-124-5130 to 124.0.6367.202
  • DNA-113399 [Mac] Traffic lights always drawn as hovered
  • DNA-114787 Crash at views::View::DoRemoveChildView(views::View*, bool, bool, views::View*)
  • DNA-115640 Tab island is not properly displayed after drag&drop in light theme
  • DNA-116191 Fix link in RTV Euro CoS
  • DNA-116218 Crash at SkGpuShaderImageFilter::onFilterImage(skif::Context const&)
  • DNA-116241 Update affiliation link for media expert “Continue On”
  • DNA-116256 Crash at TabHoverCardController::UpdateHoverCard(opera::TabDataView*, TabHoverCardController::UpdateType, bool)
  • DNA-116270 Show ‘Suggestions’ inside expanding Speed Dial field
  • DNA-116298 [Mac] In full screen bar with buttons (close, minimize, fullscreen) is too high
  • DNA-116474 Implement the no dynamic hover approach
  • DNA-116493 Make sure that additional elements like (Sync your browser) etc. doesn’t shift content down on page
  • DNA-116515 Import 0-day fix from Chromium “[wasm-gc] Only normalize JSObject targets in SetOrCopyDataProperties”
  • DNA-116543 Twitter migrate to
  • DNA-116552 Change max width of the banner
  • DNA-116569 Twitter in Panel loading for the first time opens two Tabs automatically
  • DNA-116587 Translate settings strings for every language

110.0.5130.23 – 2024-05-14 blog post

  • CHR-9706 Update Chromium on desktop-stable-124-5130 to 124.0.6367.62
  • DNA-116449 Import 0-day fix from Chromium “Viz: Tolerate SinkGroup destruction during submit”
  • DNA-116008 [Win] Scrollbar buttons are not visible
  • DNA-116450 Promote 110 to stable

110.0.5130.17 – 2024-05-07 blog post

  • DNA-115738 Crash at extensions::ExtensionRegistry::GetExtensionById(std::__Cr::basic_string const&, int)
  • DNA-115878 Gap between address bar and sidebar when unpinned
  • DNA-115937 [Context menu] “Copy Link to Highlight” option is disabled on Mac
  • DNA-116042 Not possible to click on don’t show again checkbox in private window
  • DNA-116315 Chat GPT in Sidebar Panel doesn’t work

110.0.5130.13 – 2024-04-25 blog post

  • DNA-116009 [Easy files] Thumbnails are too small
  • DNA-116046 Translations for O110

110.0.5130.8 – 2024-04-17 blog post

  • DNA-114737 [Search box] It`s getting blurred when click on it, also lower corners are not rounded sometimes

110.0.5130.4 – 2024-04-10 blog post

  • CHR-9696 Update Chromium on master to 124.0.6356.6
  • DNA-115042 ‘+’ button is not responsive when 30+ tabs opened
  • DNA-115153 [Recover] After ‘Recover’ with ‘ Reset my data and Opera settings’ new profile is created
  • DNA-115438 [Drag multiple tabs] Tab island created by drag and drop of tab from the left side is in wrong place
  • DNA-115460 Crash at logging::LogMessage::HandleFatal(unsigned long, std::__Cr::basic_string const&) const
  • DNA-115463 [Pinned tabs] Add tab in island button appears for pinned tabs
  • DNA-115501 ‘Review your payment’ native popup has wrong colors
  • DNA-115505 Broken animations of island handle when dropping tab to create tab island
  • DNA-115562 Crash on closing tab from island handle tooltip
  • DNA-115639 [Version 109][Detached window] Missing functions names in light mode
  • DNA-115657 [Settings][Privacy protection] Broken formatting in Allow Acceptable Ads description
  • DNA-115682 Crash when dragging tab with tab grouping turned off
  • DNA-115743 Aria toolbar visible after disabling it in settings
  • DNA-115764 Crash on drag and drop multiple tabs between windows and back
  • DNA-115784 [Linux] Black boxes in and around Address bar appear on Linux
  • DNA-115786 Browser fails to launch automatically immediately after setup
  • DNA-115797 [Flow] Never ending loading while connecting to flow
  • DNA-115800 Crash on opening opera://settings
  • DNA-115801 Crash at syncer::SyncUserSettingsImpl::SetSelectedTypes(bool, base::EnumSet)
  • DNA-115832 Advanced sync settings button not displayed in opera://settings
  • DNA-115861 [Snapshot][Mac Sonoma] “Capture visible page” does not work
  • DNA-115863 Crash at opera::SidebarPlayerServiceItemView::Layout(base::NonCopyablePassKey)
  • DNA-115900 MacOS installer – text is not readable
  • DNA-115940 [Tab islands] “New tab” option in tab context menu opens a new tab inside an island
  • DNA-115955 Promote 110 to beta

110.0.5117.0 – 2024-03-25 blog post

  • DNA-115056 Reimplement Special Features functionality
  • DNA-115367 Change icon in sidebar to chosen music service if available
  • DNA-115368 Replace music service icons with Lottie versions
  • DNA-115393 [Buttons] Additional space in highlight around buttons
  • DNA-115443 [Address bar] Dropdown is shifted to the left
  • DNA-115478 AI Prompts in text highlight popup not displayed properly
  • DNA-115532 [Google MEET] Additional frame in popup message during sharing screen
  • DNA-115565 [drag-multiple-tabs] Use the tab cycler algorithm to activate not selected tab during detach
  • DNA-115645 Internal pages icons unreadable when highlight
  • DNA-115719 Fix items not appearing

110.0.5111.0 – 2024-03-19 blog post

  • CHR-9650 Update Chromium on master to 124.0.6315.2
  • DNA-113615 [drag-multiple-tabs] Activate another tab while the dragged tab is detached
  • DNA-114954 [HiDPI] AI prompts pop-up on text hightlight appears too far from cursor
  • DNA-115054 Reimplement workspaces functionality
  • DNA-115055 Reimplement AI Services / Messengers functionality
  • DNA-115298 [Address bar] Hover effect on address bar
  • DNA-115304 Extension popup – pin icon is replaced
  • DNA-115396 Bolded camera icon when camera access is allowed
  • DNA-115471 VPN dialog remains visible when another popup is opened
  • DNA-115502 Crash when dragging a rightmost tab out of island
  • DNA-115535 [drag-multiple-tabs] Reattaching detached selected tabs moves only one to the desired place
  • DNA-115548 Reimplement Opera Tools functionality
  • DNA-115550 Reimplement Settings functionality
  • DNA-115562 Crash on closing tab from island handle tooltip
  • DNA-115563 Wallet selector not working
  • DNA-115601 Remove ‘moving text’ animation in the tab cycler

110.0.5104.0 – 2024-03-12 blog post

  • DNA-114762 [Mac] TestSidebarAutoHide* fails
  • DNA-114928 Broken animation when dropping multiple selected tabs on an island
  • DNA-115156 [Login and Password suggestion] Suggestions are bolded and highlight doesn`t fill all area
  • DNA-115157 [Settings] Some settings buttons are not aligned
  • DNA-115293 Unable to create an island by dragging an orphaned tab to another one when dragged tab is on the left side of the target one
  • DNA-115313 No video playback on
  • DNA-115326 Wrong fonts and padding after intake
  • DNA-115357 [Settings] Search toolbar has wrong position
  • DNA-115392 [Badges] Text displayed in red
  • DNA-115404 Opera account dialog is blank
  • DNA-115461 Two handle buttons appear after creating an island by drag & drop
  • DNA-115501 ‘Review your payment’ native popup has wrong colors

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