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New AI tools now available in Opera and Opera GX for you to test

Opera integrates AICG tools.

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We’ve got some game-changing news for you: with today’s launch, Opera Browser and Opera GX incorporate a host of AI-powered tools. The suite of new features – namely AI Prompts, plus sidebar access to ChatGPT and ChatSonic – are set to transform your browsing experience: you’ll not just experience the future of the web, but browse with superpowers.

Generative, AI-based services (often known as Artificial Intelligence-Generated Content, or AIGC) are reshaping the web, changing both what we ask of the tools at our disposal and what they can do. 

So what are these new tools available in Opera, and what can they do? First up is AI Prompts. Previously when you highlighted some text, a prompt might have enabled you to copy or even search for the selected content. Now, however, AIGC allows you to do a whole lot more. 

Maybe a chunk of text was long or confusing. AI Prompts can help you shorten it or explain it for you, whether it’s a paragraph, a whole article, even a website! Or perhaps you’ve stumbled upon something that you’re really interested in – a fashion trend, a culinary fancy, some new, previously unheard-of musical artist – and you want to know more and more. AI Prompts will take you down your internet rabbit hole, since you can ask it to suggest more relevant content based on what you’re reading. AI Prompts can even help you craft a witty tweet on a given topic, if you ask it. Accessible when you highlight text or directly from the address bar, AI Prompts is your new, go-to tool to interpret, to summarize, and to explore the web, offering you an experience that’s tailored to your interests and needs.

AI Prompts in the Opera Browser, offering to shorten a text, summarize it, or even create a tweet about it.

Besides Opera’s innovative new AI Prompts feature, you now also have access to the web versions of ChatGPT and ChatSonic right in the sidebar. They can offer you assistance with a wide range of queries and issues. You can generate ideas, summaries, translations, itineraries. You can write code, learn music, get help on math, draft text – the list goes on and on! ChatSonic is additionally so clever that it can create images for you. Altogether, the new AIGC tools offer a portal to a more personal and intelligent web – one that provides solutions to your specific needs. Do note that in order to use the AIGC tools in the sidebar, you’ll have to create accounts with the respective services or log in with your existing account, if you already have one.

Exciting as our newest integrations are, we’re not planning to slow down! True to our reputation as a global web innovator, we’re already working on the second stage of our Browser AI program and Opera’s own GPT-based browser AI engine. Stay tuned! 

AI Prompts in Opera GX.

Getting Started

For now, you can harness the new generative AI tools in early access in Opera (Win, Mac, and Linux) and Opera GX (Win and Mac). To access the new features, you must upgrade the Opera or Opera GX browser or download it from Then you’ll go to Easy Setup and activate the Early Access option by toggling “AI Prompts,” which enables AI Prompts in the browser UI and AI services in the sidebar. In Opera GX, you’ll also have to enable the  “Early Bird” option in your browser settings. 

So do check it out!

See the full changelog for details.

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