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Opera 83

New year, new Opera update!

We’ve got a couple nice quality-of-life improvements for you in this update to Opera 83,  which is based on Chromium 97.

Automatic video pop out

After we introduced Video conferencing pop out, we realized just how handy that feature was. And the next step was allowing any video to pop out. While watching YouTube, your video will automatically pop out when you switch to another tab and pop back when you return to the original tab. This option of course can be toggled off if you prefer. The window also has transparency to make multitasking even more comfortable. 

Meme generator

We have also fine-tuned the Snapshot tool with more options to add some fun. Go ahead and easily create your own memes and share them with your friends. 

Happy browsing, watching and meming!Feel free to peruse the full Opera 83 changelog.

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