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Get ready to immerse yourself further into the world of gaming with Opera GX. For all of you who’ve been clamouring for more color to go with your gaming browser, you’ll be delighted to hear that GX is now integrating CORSAIR iCUE. This’ll not only add some color, but also make CORSAIR RGB-enabled setups dynamically respond to your browsing.

Responsive effects for browser actions

Opera GX is all about bringing an immersive gaming experience to your browsing. We’re the first browser to include a dynamic soundtrack and sound effects, and the first browser to include native Discord and Twitch support. Now, by integrating CORSAIR iCUE software, we’re going to illuminate all your CORSAIR gear, from your memory to your mouse, with custom animations whenever you start your browser, open new tabs, finish a file download or activate the RAM, CPU and network limiters.

To set things up, you can select one of the preset animation themes or go deeper and individually choose additional effects. For a custom job, you can import any gif and set it for a specific action in your browser, with just one click. 

Customizable notifications

Need to stay on top of your communications? Opera GX can now display a gif on your CORSAIR keyboard whenever you get a notification from Discord, Twitch, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, WhatsApp or Instagram. So now you can keep in contact, in style.

iCUE effects are not displayed continuously, but only when something happens in the browser, so don’t worry about getting overwhelmed. Plus, to avoid distractions from any late night gaming or binge-watching sessions, the effects can simply be dimmed in fullscreen mode.

Available now

All you Opera GX gamers can start enjoying iCUE features now with the browser’s latest update. If you haven’t yet taken control of your browsing and gaming experience, you can join the action by downloading it from the Opera GX home page and joining the many million strong community of active users. 

CORSAIR iCUE integration requirements:
Install iCUE software from (v3.38.61 or v4.12.214). Please keep in mind to have supported hardware.
For iCUE version 4.12.214, please go to iCUE settings (top right gear icon), then Software and Games section and enable the “Enable Software Integration” toggle, this will allow Opera GX integration.
In Opera GX settings, GX Lights section the Corsair iCUE support will be enabled by default.

Enjoy using 🙂

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