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Brighten your day with Light mode in Opera GX

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Opera GX has gained a lot of XP this year through popular use, and today it officially has reached level 3. So it’s a bright new day, especially since you can now switch to Light mode in the browser designed for gamers. The GX browser is already well known for its award-winning design, and now each color theme, and the infinite variations you can create yourself, can be applied to both Light and Dark modes. 

These new design options coincide with both the changing of the season, as well as with changes in gaming trends. Despite stereotypes, gamers also want a bit of light from time to time, and this update greatly expands the customization options in their browser – allowing them to explore the web with brighter versions of their favorite custom themes, and match their browser with any style of gaming gear.

Get fresh wallpapers for Dark mode

The new Light mode is a great option for daytime browsing, or really anytime if you like its look. That being said, dark mode has not been left in the dark. For those with an affinity for the darker side of GX, Opera has also refreshed the main dark wallpapers, giving you a new background look in your favorite shades.

Customize both desktop and mobile GX

Most recently, Opera made headlines with a mobile release of the Opera GX browser. This step brought special features from desktop to mobile, like GX design and a built-in ad blocker, and added a few new ones to the mix – like ergonomic navigation with haptic feedback, a mobile version of GX Corner, and the file-sharing Flow feature for connecting different devices. And now, these gamer-focused features are available alongside brighter UI options on both your computer and mobile phone.

The updates and improvements to GX show no sign of slowing down, as the popularity of the browser has led to many suggestions and requests from the gamers who’ve taken a shine to it. So stay tuned to see what else is in store for this unique and innovative browser, and in the meantime – happy gaming and browsing!

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