Meet the winners and hear their tracks for the Game Music Festival 2020 High Score Award

Opera GX contest winners

Welcome back listeners,

Those of you following along will know that last month we introduced a world-first and unique feature in the Opera GX browser – adaptive background music – an immersive sound experience that reacts to you as you browse the web. We started off with one soundtrack that changes, adapts, ebbs and flows in response to clicking, typing and opening new tabs. The result was a beautiful, but subtle, dynamic between the person browsing and the web.

The next step was to bring our users on board as we expand this feature with new soundtracks for all types of browsing. To do so, Opera partnered with the Game Music Festival 2020 to host the High Score competition, giving talented composers the opportunity to create their own soundtrack proposals. 

Hear some great music and watch the full Game Music Festival: 

Game Music Festival – The Symphony of Four Worlds (Oct 16th)
Game Music Festival – The Symphony of Sin & High Score Awards (Oct 17th)


Having received and reviewed all of the submissions, an international jury has chosen the top three winners to receive cash awards along with further Opera GX collaboration. A fourth composition has also been selected by you for the Audience Award, receiving 26,074 votes out of 125,864. The winners and their compositions can be found below.

And now comes the fun part. We will be working with the winners to adjust the tracks they have created and implement them as the newest available soundtracks in Opera GX, so keep an ear out while browsing and you’ll soon be rewarded. In the meantime, you can listen to the winning submissions below.

Happy listening!

1st Place – Brian Hazerjian, USA

2nd Place – Dominik Kalajdzic, Germany

3rd Place – Ian Kaneko, USA

Audience Award – Yuan Chang, USA

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