Opera GX enters Level 2 with major new 1st birthday release that includes Discord support

Opera GX update Level 2 Discord

Hello there,

The moment has come: Opera GX is turning one and we are ready to party! We’ve been preparing for this celebration for quite a while and first of all want to share with you that we have some new exciting features. Second of all, we’d like to invite you to a birthday stream with SypherPK later today (June 19, at 5 PM CEST).

So what’s the news today? Opera GX, the world’s first gaming browser, is introducing new features including Discord support and a Hot tabs killer. It can also force brightly-designed pages to become dark to stop that nighttime glare.

With the gaming industry surpassing the movie and music business in revenue, Opera GX remains the only PC browser designed with gamers’ needs and tastes in mind. The browser has an array of useful features including Twitch integration, as well as CPU, RAM and network bandwidth limiters.

Today, Opera GX is getting a major birthday update which introduces built-in Discord support, as well as the Hot Tabs Killer feature, which lets gamers see which tabs are overwhelming their computer and easily close them.

Why every gamer should give Opera GX a try

We launched Opera GX in June 2019 during the E3 gaming expo in Los Angeles. One year later, the gaming industry has grown even more relevant. As events were canceled and restaurants, cinemas and other sources of entertainment closed, many of us turned to gaming to participate in virtual mass events such as Travis Scott’s concerts in Fortnite – watched in real time by 27 million people. Meanwhile others hosted birthday parties and even weddings in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Still others turned to Discord for remote teaching. Games and virtual reality are now more than ever an extension of our everyday lives as they provide the necessary meeting spaces that might otherwise be unavailable.

With native integration of Twitch, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram and now Discord in the sidebar, Opera GX makes it easy to stay on top of conversations with online friends as well as with developing online trends and streams.

Built-in Discord support

We noticed you have been asking for native Discord support in the browser and wanted to save this feature for a special occasion like this one. Starting today you can more easily connect with you community on any topic you want.

With this step, Opera GX is not only integrating the feature but also entering the Discord community to discuss the browser as well as gaming with our fans. For the Opera GX Discord server, click here.

Hot tabs killer

I’m happy to report that for the tab hoarders among us, Opera GX has a new useful feature called Hot Tabs Killer which lets you identify the most resource-draining tabs and slash them with a sword to make sure the browser doesn’t overburden your PC or laptop.

Turn any brightly designed page dark

Opera GX was designed to be dark and not blind you while browsing. With its new Force Dark Pages feature, it brings that experience to any web page, even if the page was designed as glaring bright. The feature injects its own changes to a site’s styles to turn bright backgrounds dark, making sure that users aren’t blinded by web pages. This feature is currently in beta and you have to explicitly switch it on.

The only browser to limit the amount of CPU, RAM and network bandwidth it uses 

Opera GX comes with a set of features which have been tweaked to the specific needs of people who love computer games. The browser is the only one to take care of the way the browser affects the functioning of the entire machine: Opera GX allows users to make it less resource-hungry by setting a limit to the amount of CPU and RAM used by the browser, as well as to the network bandwidth. 

You can also adjust the highlight colors of the browser, which is integrated with Razer Chroma, and will match the highlight colors of the peripherals to the colors of the browser. The browser also includes Video pop-out, a feature which lets you display online videos on top of other webpages and even on top of a game for some gameplay support.

Opera GX users can adjust elements such as the hovering style of icons or the browser sounds, designed with the award-winning composer Rubén Rincón and the band Berlinist. The sounds can be individually enabled/disabled and while they do sound great on speakers, Opera GX has recently joined the Better with Headphones club.

Apart from its unique features, Opera GX also has all the features known from the main Opera browser. These include a free built-in browser VPN, ad blocker, as well as Workspaces – a tool for better tab grouping according to topic.

GX Corner: a gateway to free games, deals, gaming news and new releases

Opera GX includes the GX Corner, a portal within the browser which is your one-stop source for gaming news. The GX Corner includes a game-release calendar as well as a deals and free gamers aggregator which lets you find out first about GTA V being offered for free and other deals. The free games section is particularly popular among GX fans.

We are also very happy that in the year that passed since our initial launch in LA, we got to win two design awards for GX: the iF Design Award and the Red Dot award.

Birthday stream coming up on June 19

To celebrate Opera GX’s first birthday with our community of 3.5 million people who actively use it each month, we decided to level up to Level 2. We will also be hosting a birthday party stream on Twitch on SypherPK’s channel at 17:00 CEST (11 AM ET) on June 19. The stream will be accompanied by a discussion on our discord server. I’m super excited to see you there!

Thanks for being with us and let’s enjoy the party!

Opera GX is available on Windows and MacOS.

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