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Opera GX gets Instagram, Workspaces and other unique Opera features

Opera GX now with Instagram and Workspaces
Opera GX now with Instagram and Workspaces

Hello there,

About a year ago we designed Opera GX, the world’s first gaming browser, for those of you (and us) who love to play computer games. Today we are happy to report that GX is getting built-in Instagram support and other unique features that were recently introduced into the main Opera browser. This includes Workspaces, which lets you group tabs according to the context you use them in.

As you may or may not remember, Opera GX has many of its own unique features such as native Twitch integration, as well as RAM, CPU and network limiters that make the browser less resource-hungry. With this release, we are also adding new sound effects with expanded sound settings. 

Native Instagram support

Built-in Instagram is one of the most popular features recently introduced into the main Opera desktop browser and something you, Opera GX fans, have been asking for.

With a lot of time spent online either playing games or watching streams, it’s important that you also get easy access to your social networks. Opera GX already features several built-in messengers such as Telegram, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. Native Twitch support lets you see who’s online and keep up with the busy slate of live streams. Adding Instagram to the roster puts its DMs just a click away.

Opera GX with Instagram

With Opera GX, you can now access the main Instagram feed, along with Instastories, the explore function, and DMs. The feature is built into the browser’s sidebar, so you don’t have to open a new tab to access it or use your phone to check for recent DMs. This also means you now have the convenience of accessing Instagram from a bigger screen and with a large keyboard.

Ok, we admit it: We’ve simply given everyone one less reason to look away from their gaming setups.

Opera GX community now includes more than 3 million people

Since GX’s launch during E3 in June 2019, the community of Opera GX users has grown to 3.4 million people, as of April 2020. Needless to say, we are thrilled about it! To make sure all our features are tweaked to your needs, the browser remains filled with feedback buttons that let you rate each feature. Right now, the average rating is 4.7 out of 5, which means you’re spoiling us a little but we love it!

Spoiler alert: To celebrate Opera GX’s first birthday in June, we will be releasing new exciting features.

Opera GX birthday in June 2020

What is Opera GX again?

Opera GX is a special edition of the Opera browser built specifically for those of you who love computer games. It has a fresh, gaming-inspired design that was awarded with two of the world’s most prestigious design awards: the Red Dot Award and the IF Design Award 2020.

The browser includes GX Control: a feature which lets you define how much of your computer’s CPU or RAM you are willing to let your browser use, leaving more of the computer’s resources for gaming. It also lets you limit the share of network bandwidth used by you browser, as well as adjust the browser’s color themes. Did we mention it comes with Razer Chroma integration?

Browse with new sounds

Opera GX new sounds

Opera GX is also the only currently available browser with sound effects, designed by the award winning composer Rubén Rincón and the band Berlinist. This version includes even more sound effects and extended configuration options: you can enable/disable each sound and adjust its volume. And while they do sound great on speakers, you should know that Opera GX has now joined the “Better with headphones” club.

GX now lets you easily find open tabs, group them into Workspaces and close duplicate ones

Opera GX is also adopting useful tab management features from our main Opera browser. Opera GX now includes the popular Workspaces feature, which lets you group tabs in up to five separate workspaces and keep your browser a bit more tidy. You can also customize their icons and names.

Opera GX workspaces for tab grouping

Another great feature for those who like to have many tabs open is Search in Tabs. You can click the magnifying glass icon in the top-right corner of your browser or use the Ctrl+space keyboard shortcut to get a popup window listing all of your open tabs (you might need to scroll if you have lots of tabs). There you can find a specific tab by typing key words in the search field.

Opera GX lets you find tabs with search in tabs

Opera GX now also highlights duplicate tabs when the mouse is hovered over them and lets you easily close them. 

That’s all from us for now – happy browsing!


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