Opera 63 initial release


Today, we are releasing the first browser from the 63 line. Opera 63 comes with an improved private browsing mode.

Improved private mode

The first thing you’ll notice when you open a private window in Opera 63, is information about the way it works. We want to make sure you know what kind of data is cleared once you leave private browsing mode. However, we would also like you to be aware that some private browsing data (like new bookmarks you create) will still be visible in normal mode. Please check below for details.

Directly after you close a private window, including each private tab, Opera will remove:

  • Private browsing history
  • Cookies and site data
  • Information entered in forms

In case you’d like to save some data from your private browsing session, Opera will keep: 

  • Speed dials
  • Downloaded files
  • Bookmarks

When you decide to save a bookmark, Opera will remind you that the bookmark will be saved and visible in the bookmarks manager, bookmarks bar or start page when you leave private browsing mode.

What is Private Mode?

Private mode, also known as incognito mode, is a feature which gives you more privacy while browsing. This mode creates a separate session for browsing, one that doesn’t appear in your browser’s history. In addition, all data stored in private browsing – form data, for example – can be wiped out completely. 

When and how to use Private Mode

You can use private browsing mode to search for something without leaving a trace in your browser’s history. It can be used when you’re looking for gifts or other curiosities and you don’t want the content to show up in ads (or spoil the gift-receiver’s surprise!). Another reason to use a private browser is to log into a service using different credentials than in a non-private one. Finally, you can also use it to prevent the websites you visit from tracking you. The cookies created in private browsing mode will be removed when you close the private browsing window.

You should remember, however, that when you browse privately, you won’t be anonymous to your internet service provider, school or employer. So, any place or organization that provides your internet access might still be able to see the pages you visit.

To summarize, you can use private browsing mode to:

  • Use a web service, but log in using different credentials
  • Search for something and not leave traces in your history
  • Do a bit of browsing on the side and quickly get rid of all private tabs and data
  • Search for health issues 
  • Share your computer’s folders with another machine

Saving Bookmarks 

Based on your requests, a default location for saving bookmarks will be the Bookmarks Bar instead of the Other Bookmarks folder. You can still choose a different location yourself in the bookmarks popup when saving. Later, you can edit the bookmarks bar in bookmarks manager as well.

That’s it from us for now. We’ll keep you posted about further updates.

Read the full changelog for this update.

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