With this Opera 63 beta update, we’d like to introduce an experimental feature that is, for now, only available in the US.

Complete your Amazon purchases with Opera

Not very long ago we introduced a way to ease travel planning for those who use booking.com. The feature displays recently searched hotels from your browsing history in a special Continue on Booking section on your start page, so you can easily continue planning your trip.

Now we’re taking this experiment a step further by introducing a new way to simplify your shopping. We are starting with the most popular shopping website, Amazon. With the Continue Shopping section on your start page, you can instantly see products you have recently searched for on Amazon. Whether you need more time to make a decision or you want to compare some products, this section helps you keep track of what you’ve looked at. You can collapse this section and hide it for later, or just choose to not see it at all.

The Task Completer for Amazon appears after you have looked at three different products on Amazon.com and works fully client-side within your browser, without any additional network look-up. Right now it is only available in the US.

See the changelog for details.

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