How to stay safe and secure online while traveling – 3 simple tips

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Using the Web when traveling often means using untrusted Internet connections and computers. From public Wi-Fi hotspots to shared or public computers, traveling presents more opportunities where your data could be compromised. Fortunately, Opera can help you protect your privacy even when you’re on the road.

Use the Opera browser VPN to Protect Your Connection

When you’re traveling, you often need to use public Wi-Fi or other connections that you may not trust, which makes securing your data in transit an important part of protecting yourself. Without any protection, a third party could potentially steal login credentials, credit-card numbers, and more. Opera for desktop and Android devices includes a browser VPN, a free virtual private network (VPN) that respects your online privacy and improves your security.

Opera VPN sets up an encrypted relay for your Internet traffic, which prevents anyone from eavesdropping on your network connection. All of your requests in Opera are relayed by our VPN servers, and the responses are securely sent back to you. In accordance with our privacy policy, we log no data about your connection or what websites you visit. What you do online is your business.

Use Private Windows to Protect Your Logins and Browsing History

But what should you do if you borrow a device? Normally, Opera saves cookies, browsing history, and cache so that you can stay logged in to websites and find and quickly load pages that you have already visited. But if you are using a shared device, like a friend’s computer or a computer at a public library, leaving behind cookies and history can be dangerous, potentially giving others access to some of your online accounts and revealing personal information.

To protect your data and your privacy, try using a private window in Opera. A private window (sometimes also called incognito mode) will automatically delete your history, cookies, and any other session data as soon as you close the window. Once closed, it’s as if you were never there. By combining a private window with Opera VPN, you can protect yourself from an untrusted Internet connection while also leaving no traces on the computer you are using.

Use Opera Portable to Take Opera Wherever You Go

If you want to be even more careful, Opera has another trick up its sleeve. Opera can be used as a portable application for Windows. Unlike regular programs, a portable application doesn’t need to be installed. Opera portable can even run off a flash drive and contains all the features of regular desktop Opera for Windows, including Opera VPN, ad blocker, a crypto wallet, and more. Once you are done, remove the flash drive. If you use private windows, Opera portable will leave no traces on the flash drive, keeping your data safe even if you lose the drive.

With Opera VPN, private windows, and a portable version, Opera gives you the tools you need to use the Web securely while traveling. Try Opera today and see how easy it is to protect yourself online.

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