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Today, we’re turning Opera 56 from the developer line to beta. The build for today includes a new About page and an easier-to-find link to the bug report wizard for Windows and Linux users.

Opera 56 includes a new About page and an easy-to-find bug report wizard link

Take a look below to see what we’ve prepared for you:

New About page

The newly designed About page for Opera includes everything you need to know about your browser

We have created a new design for the About page in Opera. The About page provides useful information about your current version of Opera as well as system information and installation, profile and cache paths.

Legal information is provided at the bottom of the page, including our End User License Agreement, an updated Privacy Statement and Opera’s Terms of Service.

If you wish to check for an available update to your Opera browser, go to Update and Recovery… in the O Menu for Windows and Linux and Opera in the toolbar for Mac.

Report an issue

Windows and Linux users can find an easier way to report any issues experienced while using Opera. Click the O Menu button and go to Help to find Report an issue…. Click this to be directed to Opera’s bug report wizard.

It is easier for Window and Linux users to send bug reports for Opera

There is a lot of thing happening in the ongoing development of Opera 56 right now, but we couldn’t turn them on in this beta version yet. Stay tuned for more news to come!

Some bug fixes to note include repairs for the unit converters and improvements to the Install Chrome Extensions toolbar on Chrome Web Store.

Happy browsing!

Chromium version 69.0.3497.42.

The full changelog is here.

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