Opera Developer 50.0.2743.0 update


Today’s release introduces a new Save Page as PDF feature while addressing the most important issues spotted in the last update. In addition, there are some anticipated fixes as well as deep changes to the bookmarks bar on Windows and Linux. In the end, it will improve the quality of those components. However, this is just the very first stage of these changes, so you may encounter some issues (please report them in the comments).

Save pages as PDF

Storing a page for offline reading, sending it to other devices or just keeping for future reference became easier with today’s developer update. There’s a new, convenient option to save pages in a PDF format.

To save a web page as a PDF file on Windows or Linux, click on O-Menu -> Page -> Save as PDF (File -> Save Page as PDF on macOS). When triggered, it will save the entire web page into a single PDF. You can also assign custom keyboard shortcut for this feature (Settings -> Browser -> Shortcuts | Configure Shortcuts – search for command: “Save page as PDF”).

The resulting file will take advantage of PDF capabilities, which means it will be smaller than a plain screenshot stored in PNG format and you’ll be able to select and copy the text.

There’s also another way to create a PDF and it has been included in Opera for quite some time. You need to open your printing dialog and choose “Save as PDF” as your printer. There are multiple options that control how the PDF will be generated including layout, headers, margins and so on. This is the best option if you later intend to print it.

What are the differences between these two methods?

Our new Save Page as PDF option will store exactly what you see on your screen. It’s great for offline reading, sharing pages or keeping them on your system for future reference. The printing method will ask for the page to layout itself in a printer-friendly way. As a result you may get something different from what you see on screen. You can try both options on this blog post.

The Save Page as PDF option will save what your browser sees. It will not try to load images that are currently invisible, which might be the case for sites that load images only after you have scrolled and made them visible.

This option is screen-friendly, which means it’s optimized to save exactly what you see and to be convenient for offline reading. However, it’s not prepared to be printed. In case you want to print the page, you should use the other method and fine tune the details to your needs.

Highlight of changes and fixes that are included in this build:

  • [Win, HiDPI] Sidebar communicator badly displaced after DPI change.
  • [Win, HiDPI] Captured grey area is misplaced.
  • [Win] Misplaced submenus in O-Menu and bookmark bar folders.
  • [Mac High Sierra] High CPU usage of browser process.
  • Snapshot was not working when displaying PDF.

Check changelog for the full report.

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