After a long weekend in Poland, we are back with a new beta update ready for you. We’re getting closer to Opera 45 stable, but there is still some time for fixing and making sure the quality of this version fits our stable requirements. Please, let us know if there’s anything bothering you.


  • Fixed synchronization problem of elements in sidebar (blinking icons)
  • Fixed crash on startup caused by sidebar problems
  • Resolved issue of the UI not loading on start and only displaying the glass background.

Known issues:

No PGO 64bit builds for Windows. Sorry for that.

All the details are listed in the changelog, as usual.

Installation links:

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  • nanana1

    Nice !! Was waiting for updates on this blog for the past few days 😉

  • Emanuele

    So the system color on tabbar has been dropped? … Can someone tell me what address I’ve to put in the host file to block the autoupdate?

    • Night Man

      if the system color did comeback . the dark theme option will not apply to work anymore .

      • LoverOfLife

        Some of us, don’t like only 2 colours available. (Dark & White)

        • Night Man

          idk i am just Like you .. i did Suggested that from days https://goo.gl/51vuNX

          • LoverOfLife

            I see this is in Dev. Tell me, themes are working ? I mean, you can change the colour with custom one ?

          • Night Man

            That is not real . its Photoshop by me. but with the frist option you see in the photo . you can custome the color

          • LoverOfLife

            Omg! So now we’re talking about things done in Photoshop ?? Are you a developer and we don’t know ?

          • Night Man

            no . i am just like you . (don’t like only 2 colours ) .

      • Emanuele

        Why? If you use the dark theme unselect the system color… It isn’t rocket science IMHO

  • DMCA

    adblocker blocks whole page at wix.com
    maybe bug?

    • Robert Tomaszewski

      Hi DMCA,

      I just turned on AdBlock in Opera Beta, open wix.com and got 10 ads blocked but the web page itself is visible and I can be led to the login page w/o problems.
      Could you let me know if you turned on a local (country/region specific) adblock list too? If so, then what is the country/region?

      • DMCA

        i had a few times a white page on my own site
        but it seems to be fixed after i tried it a min back
        hollandia ))

      • nanana1

        I just tried with this Beta and also got 10 ads blocked and the web page itself is also visible, clicked on the “Sign In” got me to the “Log In” web page.

  • LoverOfLife

    So, “Show system color on top bar” will be useless. I repeat: We don’t like only 2 colours! And i’m not switching to Windows 7 for transparency on top bar. Please don’t make this stable!

    • Night Man

      if the system color did comeback . the dark theme option will not apply to work anymore . if you dont like two colors . just sugest to add more themes color .

      • LoverOfLife

        “They” call wallpapers “Themes”

        • Night Man

          not anymore they change it on opera beta/Dev

      • redfox

        And what about the very disturbing blue-green color folder icons in the bookmarks bar? They look really ugly with both light or dark themes. No entry in the changelog, if it has been fixed..

        • Night Man

          i didn’t Like it too . the old one is Better .

  • Night Man

    Too many People don’t like only 2 colours available .(Dark & White) On tabbar (Windows Aero )
    But everything has a solution .. https://goo.gl/51vuNX

    • Superman

      is that real again ?

  • Konstantin Paramonov

    Every time I’m trying to turn off VPN in the address bar Opera freezes for good.

    • Kornelia

      And what’s your operating system?

    • Robert Tomaszewski

      Hi Konstantin,
      I am very sorry about that. Is there any reproduction steps that lead to freezing?

      • Konstantin Paramonov

        Win7 32b, portable installation.
        Activate VPN in the settings. Open Youtube then shut Opera down. Launch Opera again and try turning VPN on and off while Youtube is still loading.

    • PakSae

      It is similar issue as following.
      OS: Win10 x64


    • Have you tried to disable hardware acceleration in the settings?

  • siennagold

    How can we export bookmarks? You have a feature to import bookmarks but there is no feature to export bookmarks?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      To export bookmarks you use some extension.

      • Leilton Lei

        O problema de exportar com uma extensão(como o bookmark v7) é que na hora de importar de volta ela diferente da original, ou seja, muito desorganizado.

        • Vux777

          because Opera will place imported bookmarks (from HTML) into “All Bookmarks” root, and it will merge same folders (but not the empty folders, bug maybe)
          If you export bookmarks from Chrome as HTML, when imported into Opera, they will all land into “All Bookmarks”, even the “Bookmarks Bar” and they wont be organized as expected (BB bookmarks from Chrome into Opera Bookmarks bar)

  • Юлия

    Yup, you ported the 1px transparent line while in fullscreen regression to Beta as well 🙁
    Reproducible on Windows 7 and 10 LTSB1607 running in 7 compatibility mode.

  • Константин

    Opera beta & Developer don’t render http://habrahabr.ru since last two updates both version of web browser

    • Andrey

      Screenshot pls.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Loads fine here on Win10. Did you check with extensions disabled?

  • Gordon Freeman

    In Speed Dial we got 6 columns back !!!
    Thubs up !

    • Leilton Lei

      But the total number of columns depends on the resolution of your monitor or browser zoom, mine is 1366×768 and only has 5 columns. In 1080 you should get more speakers, maybe…

      • L33t4opera

        Hi, you can customize this by manually changing the values for “tile_width” and “tile_height” in the “Preferences” file – please have a look here.

      • Gordon Freeman

        Yes you are right my resolution is 1920×1080.

  • The top of the system function button too near to left, can repair it?

    • Leonardo Gomes


      • I mean that the top of the window function button is too close to the left,red,orange and green btn 🙂

        • Leonardo Gomes

          What button? And what OS?

          • Night Man

            Hey mean the [ – = X ] Buttons in Mac

  • RussianNeuroMancer


    Again DNAWIZ-13312 issue on another computer, another user switched to Firefox. Why this is still not high priority bug?

    And software video decoding is broken once again on Ubuntu/Kubuntu, and available hardware decoder is not utilised. So both ways to decode H.264 are broken in Opera on Linux. Please fix DNAWIZ-8343 by integrating this patch:

    • Dominik Nosal

      Thank you 🙂

  • Andrew Andreyuk

    > On April 23, 2017, Technicolor’s mp3 licensing program for certain mp3 related patents and software of Technicolor and Fraunhofer IIS has been terminated.

    Does it possible to add mp3 codec to Opera?

    ps: http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Full-MP3-Support-In-Fedora

  • asas asas

    Win 10 Opera vpn Not Working

  • Kevin J K

    This beta version still has a problem logging into my banks website (53.com). Logging into the same site works just fine on the current developer and stable versions. Just so you know when this goes stable.

  • Cαlεb

    Pandora refuses to load.

  • Andrey
  • Dominik Nosal

    Proszę gdzie mam umiescić plik FFMPEG aby w operze działało mi mp3 nie ma pełnego wsparcia system to linux mint debian proszę o odp