Today’s beta update comes with a bunch of fixes and improvements. The most significant are listed below:

  • Fix for adding bookmarks to ‘unsorted bookmarks’ folder
  • Bookmarks popup shows a ‘View in bookmarks’ button instead of a ‘Finished’ if the page is already saved
  • Fixed crash when opening file dialogs with Touch Bar (macOS)
  • Removed space from tab bar when window is not maximized (Linux)
  • Synchronized content is now displayed properly in the sidebar
  • New translations were integrated
  • Customize start page panel icon was changed and panel animation is more dynamic
  • Redirect requests for opera://plugins to opera://settings?section=plugins
  • Sidebar look on Windows 7 was updated

Chromium updated to 58.0.3029.81.

Known issues

Badge dialogs in address bar display incorrect content. Please note that due to this bug, the removal of permission dialogs to access the camera, microphone or location now must be done manually in Settings. You can do this by searching for the desired section in Settings and then press the “Manage exceptions…“ button. A list will appear from which you can select and remove permissions for the selected pages.

All the details are listed in the changelog, as usual.

Installation links:

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Maciej Kocemba

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