Today’s beta update comes with a bunch of fixes and improvements. The most significant are listed below:

  • Fix for adding bookmarks to ‘unsorted bookmarks’ folder
  • Bookmarks popup shows a ‘View in bookmarks’ button instead of a ‘Finished’ if the page is already saved
  • Fixed crash when opening file dialogs with Touch Bar (macOS)
  • Removed space from tab bar when window is not maximized (Linux)
  • Synchronized content is now displayed properly in the sidebar
  • New translations were integrated
  • Customize start page panel icon was changed and panel animation is more dynamic
  • Redirect requests for opera://plugins to opera://settings?section=plugins
  • Sidebar look on Windows 7 was updated

Chromium updated to 58.0.3029.81.

Known issues

Badge dialogs in address bar display incorrect content. Please note that due to this bug, the removal of permission dialogs to access the camera, microphone or location now must be done manually in Settings. You can do this by searching for the desired section in Settings and then press the “Manage exceptions…“ button. A list will appear from which you can select and remove permissions for the selected pages.

All the details are listed in the changelog, as usual.

Installation links:

Maciej Kocemba

Product Manager, Opera for computers. Previously Product Manager in R&D department and Opera Mini for iOS. Joined Opera over 11 years ago. Still passionate about coding, mountain / road biking when not working.

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  • Łukasz Janik

    when stabil?

    • Everything in its time. O45 is getting closer to stable.

      • Łukasz Janik

        Have you improved vpn, because, does not load pages does not play video?

  • Igors90
  • Kurt Zon

    If I have both Opera Dev and Opera beta open, disabling Telegram icon in side bar in Opera Dev causes the WhattsAapp icon to disappear in Opera Beta. Re enabling WhattsApp icon in Opera Beta re enables the Telegram icon in Opera Dev…..and so on and so on ad infinitum..

    • Sebastian Kamieniarz

      Hi! Thank you for reporting. Could you give us version numbers of Dev and Beta?

      • Kurt Zon

        45.0.2552.626 & 46.0.2573.0

    • Ari

      Why would be that a regular use case???

  • Sidebar on the Start page, Windows 7. If sidebar is pinned, its icons are interactive (slightly zoomed on mouseover). If not pinned, icons are not interactive. Is this supposed by design? Also, the span between icons is noticeably different in pinned and unpinned states.

    • Herr Pietrus

      I suppose: yes 🙂
      You know, new product must be more attractive 😛

  • Junaid Ahmed

    Reported in every beta post since reborn update, still Opera Beta on Windows 10 doesn’t “Show system color on top bar”. Also haven’t got any answer if it’ll be fixed or not.
    Opera Beta latest
    Windows 10 x86

    • Junaid Ahmed

      Thank you for ignoring again. Returning to Firefox.

      • Cryio

        Or you know, stick to v44 and wait until stable 45 to see if they fixed the problem.

        • Junaid Ahmed

          Now as far as I know it’s an intentional change.

    • Night Man

      you free to use any browser you want .. 🙂 you dont need to tell us ..

      • Junaid Ahmed

        U aren’t any dev. Who are telling you??

  • L33t4opera

    Hi Maciej, thanks for the update and fixes – now it’s even more secure 😉
    Nice to see "Removed space from tab bar when window is not maximized (Linux)".
    I still patiently looking forward for those bugs to be fixed.

  • Matheus Bitencourt

    Please, release the stable as soon as possible

  • very nice!

  • klaken

    When it would be implemented automatic corrector equal to the one of other browsers?

    cuando se implemtara corrector automático igual al de otros navegadores?

  • kesha2000

    Bookmarks popup shows a ‘View in bookmarks’ button instead of a ‘Finished’ if the page is already saved

    Thanks a lot!

  • sgrandin

    deleted (not an Opera only issue).

  • can release a stable version this week?

    • Kornelia

      Hey, we won’t release new version this week. Why you’re looking forward to see it? Any bugs in this one?

      • I was looking forward to the new UI, Better than the old UI:)

  • Cryio

    Opera v45 – a disaster
    This is a v45 beta review in comparison to v44 stable on Windows 10 Creators Update

    There are so many problems with this new version of Opera, I don’t know how this could launch anytime soon to stable in this condition. Let’s get to them:

    1. Windows chrome controls: Minimize, fullscreen and close buttons. Great, on Windows 7 you are using the native look and feel buttons. But on Windows 10 (and I assume W8)? You have some weird buttons that are neither in proportions to UWP apps or Edge and are neither similar to File Explorer for example, that uses the old W8 style buttons. Fix this! Make it UWP like on Windows 10 and W8 like on Windows 8.
    2. I don’t know if you are using a different rending engine for the UI fonts, but everything looks blurry and shallow compared to v44, on both normal and HiDPi screens
    3. HiDPi scaling is completely broken currently. Testing on my Surface Pro 4, Opera v44 is nice and sharp everywhere I look. The web renders in HiDPi in v45, but the interface is a blurry mess
    4. The option in Settings: “Disable tab bar’s top spacing when browser window is maximized” doesn’t actually disable a pixel anymore like on v44. Feature? Bug? I don’t know.
    5. The option in Settings: “Show system color on top bar” no longer works in v45
    6. The new Speed Dial icon in the address bar is *ugly*
    7. The new Battery icon in the address bar is less visually pleasant than the old one.
    8. The option in Settings: “Force touch interface, regardless of the tablet mode setting” is broken in v45
    9. The new VPN icon in the address bar is *ugly* compared to the old one
    10. When adding a new Speed Dial and hovering the mouse over suggestions, the subtle highlight animation is absent. Everything is static, with a stronger shadow underneath. A regression IMO.
    11. On a HiDPi device, trying to edit a Speed Dial results in a broken interface/menu
    12. On a HiDPi device, with the sidebar unpinned, the Opera menu button has an empty space beneath it, that isn’t highlighted when you hover the cursor over it. It’s fine on non HiDPi.
    13. On a HiDPi device, the favicons for Speed Dials, Settings, News, Bookmarks are incredibly small. Favicons for websites render fine however.
    14. On a HiDPi device, with the sidebar unpinned, the Opera “Menu” text is cut off at the top when you click the button
    15. On a HiDPi device, going to Opera->About, the Opera icon is comically small
    16. On a HiDPi device, the web content for Whatsapp/Facebook sidebar buttons, the “Browse and chat at the same time!” text and everything else on that section is comically small
    17. On a HiDPi device, going to the Speed Dial, Customize, Sidebar, the Tabs option is missing. It’s available on non-HiDPi.
    18. The new Bookmark/Heart menu: Why is it so small? It’s comically small on a HiDPi device.
    19. Clicking the Opera Menu button and hovering over the Exit button, what’s with that small white space underneath it? It looks ugly and out of place.
    20. Same point as above, but now for the Recently Closed tabs button
    21. Hovering your cursor over the Recently Closed section after you pressed the Recently Closed tabs button, *why* does the arrow next to it disappear when you highlight that particular section? It makes no sense.
    22. The new Turbo icon used when loading a website on Turbo is less visually pleasant than the old one.
    23. New dark theme changes the UI/chrome color, but doesn’t change the Opera Menu section to dark as well. It would be more consistent I would gather?
    24. In-Private UI color is a clash between white and pitch black? Like, really? It looks like High-Contrast just turned on and bugged out.
    25. Right clicking a tab and right clicking the empty space near a tab uses two completely looking interfaces. The tab part is using the new v45 UI, the empty space part is using the old v44 UI
    26. When adding a Speed Dial/Bookmark using the Heart Menu, it’s not intuitive that you can change the name of the Dial
    27. When adding a Speed Dial/Bookmark using the Heart Menu. Let’s say … add this Opera Blog page to it. Clicking the name will result in a horizontal scroll bar, though it won’t scroll at all. Adding more text will now only present a vertical bar.
    28. Opening a new tab using + or Ctrl+T pops into existence from bellow. It’s like it blinks afraid into this world. What’s up with this change, lol?

    I think that’s about it. And I may have missed something.

    • nanana1

      Thank you for a very impressive list of feedback !

      • Cryio

        If it helps at all, I’m glad you like my list 😀

    • Leonardo Gomes

      1) Those buttons seem OK here.
      2) I don’t see any problem with the fonts here. I have no problems to ready anything.
      5) It’s probably due to Reborn. It may be a bug or it may be by design.
      6 and 9) I don’t see any problems with them. Why do you think they are ugly?
      12) It seems the same as in 44 except for it looks a little ‘zoomed’
      13) They are fine to me but could be a little bigger
      14) Can’t see it here
      18) It seems OK here

      There are some that seem fixed on 46.

      Remember that Reborn is still a work in progress.

      • Cryio

        1) How are the buttons ok? They are not native!
        2) Did you try on a HiDPi device?
        5) It’s can’t be by design if an option is there and it does not work 😛
        6) and 9) I just really really don’t like them, especially the new Speed Dial icon 😀

        Points 2, 12, 13, 14, 18: Mate, do you know what a HiDPi device is?

        • Leonardo Gomes

          1) Well, I don’t think this is a problem. They work, I can easily see them so they are OK to me.
          5) Maybe the problem is the option being there?

          OK, maybe I have misunderstood the HiDPI thing.

  • Cryio

    Some positives:

    1) New Speed Dial Customization animation is pretty
    2) The sidebar thingy is a nifty touch, same with Whatsapp and Messenger integration
    3) Less UI chrome now in windowed mode than before. Basically in line now with Edge, Firefox and Chrome
    4) Smoother and prettier animation for adding a Speed Dial
    5) Simplified, prettier and clearer Heart Menu, though still too small
    6) An animation, pretty and smooth, for opening the Opera Menu
    7) Website loading seems faster now.

  • deep dope

    integrate translator in right click menu also as google chrome plz!)

  • David_75

    HI Maciej.

    I have reported that bug but just to know if you have that issue or others here. It’s about the Sidebar disappearing when the hardware acceleration is enabled. You can still see the small dialog info box of the Sidebar icons when overing blind on them…

    It’s ok if the hardware acceleration is disabled, Siderbar is then visible… I have an old MacBook Pro 4,1… And the lastest Opera Beta 45.

  • Юлия

    Good for fixing the sidebar on 7. You should allow Windows 8 to draw its chrome as well, like 7:
    ^ Windows 8 running this Opera build in Windows 7 compatibility mode. It looks good, and I assume if you use Windows 8 you’d want Opera to look like it’s running on Windows 8, and not as if it’s running on Windows 10. Or provide a flag.

    • Cryio

      At least the window chrome buttons are native to W8, not like the buttons on W10. But yeah, it doesn’t looks totally nice currently.

  • cra0zy

    Yey, Linux spacing bug got fixed <3

  • Łukasz Grzesik

    I have small question about Opera visuals, exactly on GTK themes. How program deals with them, because I have a strange impression that Opera took font color from theme configuration files, but background of PPM menu has color as Opera will set. Effect, on dark themes I have white PPM menu background with white letters.

  • redfox

    This beta version still has the disturbing green-blue folder icons in the bookmarks bar. When will it be fixed, i.e. changed back to the standard grey color?

  • My apologies, but I still feel some confusion with pin/unpin sidebar icon. The problem is, it can be perceived from two different viewpoints, and neither of them is complete.
    First, this rectangle can be interpreted as a small image of the browser screen, where a white vertical dash on the left side symbolises the sidebar. However, the sidebar itself is black or dark, which creates a conflict in the imagination.
    Second, it can be interpreted in completely different way, as a switch with a vertical handle: the handle on the left means “off”, the handle on the right means “on” (similarly to switches in Android). This metaphor, however, doesn’t work because the vertical dash (imaginable as a handle) is always on the left, even when the sidebar is always on the screen.
    Has someone else felt this too?

  • ShintoPlasm

    Opera Stable has been quite unstable on Mac, ever since around version 41-ish. I’ve already reported several bugs which appear to crash my Opera for no good reason, but overall am quite disappointed with how unstable and crash-prone the macOS version seems to be. On Windows 10, my Opera used to be rock-stable and functioned as my primary browser, but I can no longer trust it not to crash in the middle of daily operations on my Mac. Very depressing…

    EDIT: Apologies, this should have appeared in the latest Opera Stable blog post. It’s still relevant, though: Opera on Mac is far more crash-prone than on Windows, and I’m not even sure why this should be.

  • emanuel

    slow updates

    • Leonardo Gomes

      What do you mean?

  • we need a stable and reliable browser,not a function of too many browsers.

    • Ariane Lu

      Try install stable and beta version at same time?

    • Ari


  • magnus

    Love the sidebar, but could you add Slack?

    • And discord and hipchat. And a bunch of other sites as an option.

  • Mannix

    We need that Twitter app or TweetDeck on the new sidebar

  • Kostas Ntetsikas

    i downloaded Opera Neon yesterday…it was love at first sight!!…great browser!!!.great interface!!!..so fast and so easy to use!!…….there is only one bad thing….CPU goes crazy when it comes to play videos…guys if you fix this problem,this will be the browser of the millenium!!!

  • sultan khan

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  • Kjell Eikland

    I run a CesiumJS-based 3D mapping app and find that the resolution on Opera Neon is far better than on any other Opera (or any other browser) for that sake. I guess it is a internal WebGL setting, and my hope was that Opera 45 would bring the same resolution as Neon – which it does not, at least yet. Any hope that 45 could get the Neon display quality?

  • Kjell Eikland

    Incidentally, running latest version Opera 44, I could only log in here to post a comment when I used Chrome. Disqus gave problems when trying both Twitter and Google, when I gave up.

    • ShintoPlasm

      That’s usually a matter of clearing all cookies and cache, in my personal experience. Have you tried it?

      • Kjell Eikland

        Nope, did not do that, which I wish to reserve for fundamental problems or re-installations. I actually appreciate cookies and the speed the cache gives. In 2017 we should not really depend on clearing them to solve problems that are ultimately minor, and I think the root cause lies in a program design problem.

  • Andrew Andreyuk

    > On April 23, 2017, Technicolor’s mp3 licensing program for certain mp3 related patents and software of Technicolor and Fraunhofer IIS has been terminated.

    Does it possible to add mp3 codec to Opera?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      It seems that there are some other parties patents still valid. So I guess it’s not that simple.

  • Kunal Das

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  • L33t4opera

    New build – Opera beta 45.0.2552.632 😉
    The change log, and the announcement.

  • John Johnston

    absolutly NOTHING wrong with the new beta i love it the only thing id like to change is the web panel its on the left hand side would love it to be able to move to the right side other than that awesome job dont listen to the complainers they been paid by firefox to put down your browser lol

    • John Johnston

      by the way the web panel is an addon

  • Auth User

    make please vertical tabs in new sidebar