Today, we bring you the initial developer release of Opera 45. In this version we have an update for the Reborn project, introducing Whatsapp as the second messenger in the sidebar.

Project Reborn is progressing

Browsers need to evolve. This is why we made the future vision we showed with Opera Neon and why we’re rapidly making progress with the redesigned interface, codenamed Reborn.

Like in Opera Neon, Reborn modernizes the browser with new icons, colors, and a touch of animation.

The first glimpse of the Reborn interface was released two weeks ago, and now, after such a short time, the project is ready for another refresh in the developer stream. Following all the feedback we received from you, some small improvements, such as colors, contrasts, readability, and space above tabs, have been added.

WhatsApp joins the club

We love using in Opera’s new sidebar. Today, we have added support for WhatsApp ( This means you get a very easy way to use these messengers without needing to switch tabs. Similarly for, you can simply log in to the service and start chatting. We have also added a shortcut for quick access (⌘ + ⇧ + m on macOS, CTRL + SHIFT + m on Windows)

We also plan to continue adding more messengers.

Thank you for all the feedback

We are humbled about all the feedback we are getting for the Reborn and Neon projects. Please keep it coming to help us make the browsers for the future a lot better!

Other highlights:

  • We fixed the problem with opening speed dials and suggestions in a new window
  • We lowered flash requirements to version 23 so Linux users don’t have to install the latest flash
  • And more

Installation links:

Maciej Kocemba

Product Manager, Opera for computers. Previously Product Manager in R&D department and Opera Mini for iOS. Joined Opera over 11 years ago. Still passionate about coding, mountain / road biking when not working.

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  • Leonardo Gomes

    Thanks for the release.

  • x a

    The opened O menu does not overlap the first tab handles anymore – great. [Linux/x64]

  • Юлия

    I won’t update from 44.0.2494.0 if I can’t disable it. Can it be disabled?

    >WhatsApp joins the club
    At this rate I assume the replacement of SpeedDIal button with facebook site is imminent..

    • Both Whatsapp and Messenger can be disabled.

      • Юлия

        I was refering to the main subject of this post, which is the theme:
        Not only it looks out of place, but it performs really slow on a decent PC. I have to wait 1 second to open a new tab, closing multiple tabs causes 100% CPU usage and everything freezes for a moment. It’s unusable. Chromium is not skinable, not without killing the performance. Bring back the native skin, until then anything past 44.0.2494.0 is unusable.

        • Higher CPU usage is worrying… I haven’t noticed that. Did you observe that previous Developer (first one with Reborn?)

          • Юлия

            Yes, previous build featuring the new skin overlay had the same issue. I was not the only one reporting poor performance, especially with a higher number of tabs open; tab handling becomes extremely slow. This is not a problem with 44.0.2494.0

        • Vux777

          I have to wait 1 second to open a new tab

          from my exp. it’s not smooth as in stable, but definitely not waiting 1 sec. I think problem is something with speed dial, it flashes sometimes noticeably

          closing multiple tabs causes 100% CPU usage and everything freezes for a moment

          -opening multiple tabs spikes to 99% for a 2-3 sec, and then drops rapidly
          -closing 16 tabs is around 14-19% CPU usage

          on win10 x64, 5y old comp

          • Юлия

            Closing multiple tabs also takes a lot more time than before, and opening new tabs becomes slower as the tab number grows. Which again wasn’t a problem before this new skin..
            On my profile I have everything from SpeedDial disabled, no tiles, sidebar icons, search bar or theme, it’s still slow.

          • Vux777

            I doubt that problem is in win7 vs win10 difference
            maybe is security issue
            some of your antivirus/firewall software is checking every new tab and stalling that process?!…

          • Юлия

            I don’t use any anti virus software. It isn’t the Windows, it performs equally bad on LTSB2016 as well.

  • Raylan Givens

    I hope we can completely disable new apps and whatnot… Within about:flags I mean…

    • Both messengers can be disabled, just right click sidebar and configure it to your needs.

      • Raylan Givens

        Fine then. All good.

        Wait, I meant completely, right? Are there flags about the new messengers? I don’t want to keep loading them and just being inactive.

        • If you don’t see the icons in sidebar then nothing is loaded.

      • Nekomajin43

        No preselecred services, please. It must be a general solution for any website.

  • Eugene B.

    I like it! Keep up the good work! 🙂

  • LoverOfLife

    What is this ? “Show system color on top bar”

    • Leonardo Gomes

      It’s a setting to allow your OS theme color to be used as Opera’s top bar color.
      However, it doesn’t seem to work with Reborn.

      • LoverOfLife

        That’s why i asked. I was sarcastic, i know what it does, but it seems useless. I don’t like dark or white colours.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Yep, because it’s bugged in Reborn.

  • iYuzver

    “Sidebar for Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp”

    For Vkontakte?!

    Synchronization Extensions.
    Native translate in Chrome.
    Recently closed tabs 50+.
    Disable display open tabs.
    Display columns bookmarks:
    Need a South Korea, Japan and China VPN!
    Management of downloading from a context menu:
    The ability to move the extension icons on the panel.

  • Alex Wazovskiy

    What about the old sidebar? Is there still TWO sidebars? 😀
    And will the old design be saved for Windows 7 users (because Reborn design is very incongruous with W7 design)?

    • If you enable both then yes 🙂

      • Alex Wazovskiy

        So, won’t merge them in one?

        • Everything in its time.

  • Nekomajin43

    Any word on the native Win7 skin?

    • Stay tuned 🙂

      • Nekomajin43

        Native skin with window frame and buttons and all, right?

        • No promises.

          • Nekomajin43

            This skin is one of the very few reasons why I did not switch to Vivaldi. It is a deal breaker for me. A software MUST come with a native skin in every environment.

          • Herr Pietrus

            First of all it’s ugly. 🙂
            But the most irritating thing is that enormous title bar. Even Vivaldi has it smaller, if I’m right.
            But good to hear that you’ll change something.

          • Vux777

            is there anything in this world that is not “ugly” for you, Your Highness?
            and btw. what’s title bar??!…tabs bar?

          • Nekomajin43

            I am sure it looks nice on Win10, but the best word to describe it is ugly on Win7, and I bet on macOS too. On thing it does not fit into the system’s design, but it looks like my display is broken, lacking of colors and contrast.

            Anyway, don’t you find it strange that they’ve spent months (if not a year) on integration to make it fit into every OS, then all of a sudden they change the direction, and start this madness? And they do it now, when they have the chinese money that makes it possible to satisfy more needs…

          • Herr Pietrus

            It’s the Window Title Bar. In current reborn skin it’s HUGE. BIG, ENORMOUS with awful gradient…
            And yes, there are many things that aren’t ugly for… us. We really like for example current stable Opera’s skin. It’s great. It’s beautiful. As well as for example Office 2016 (except its’ colored Title Bars), Solid Explorer and Textra SMS for Android, some Logitech G mice, Sony smartphones and TV’s, Honda NSX 2016…

  • Emanuele

    We lowered flash requirements to version 23 so Linux users don’t have to install the latest flash

    O_o ?

    What does it mean? Opera needs Flash to work? You made the GUI in Flash? I don’t understand this statement to be honest

    However please implement the good old sidebar toggle (a TINY column to fast open/close the sidebar) and return the system color on titlebar


    • Alex Wazovskiy

      This means that Flash in the web pages in Opera will work for Linux users now.

  • Rokan U.

    Possible bug.
    When the sidebar was enabled, I disabled WhatsApp from from the sidebar.
    However, I shows up on the speed-dial page with the side bar disabled.

    • That’s a bug, but I can’t reproduce it. What’s your setup?

      • Rokan U.

        Windows 10 Pro x64.

        • Thanks, we’ll look into it.

          • Rokan U.

            Also, it seems “Show system color on top bar” setting does not do anything to Opera UI.

          • Noted. UI part of Reborn is still under development…

  • hspdion

    Overall, I like it. As someone already mentioned, the current existence of 2 sidebars is weird and not great. But if the eventual plan is merge everything into this new sidebar implementation, then it’s all good.

    Nice work! One request: please consider making extension icons easily re-arrangeable via the UI.

    • SteUeRunG

      Yes the colored icons of Whatsapp and Messenger shine out to much in my opinion.

      A good solution may be making them the same color and style as the other buttons and only color it when you move over the mousecursor and while the window of the chat is open when you click the button.

      • There are certain rules when using those icons that we need to follow. One of them is not to change the colors.

        • Der Herr Nick

          Maybe the colourful icons can be found somewhere and some gifted person can tweak this? 😉

          • Stefan Ivanović

            No, you can tweak (replace) Extension icons, but not these. Extension icons are in extensions folders that should be here:

            AppDataRoamingOpera SoftwareExtensionsWeird-Extension-Cashed-Name-HereExtension-Version-Number-Heredataicons

        • Nekomajin43

          Maybe you can contact them and negotiate some kind of deal. If you offer their service it’s good for them. In exchange, they may allow some modification.

      • Leonardo Gomes

        It was already said that they can’t change those icons.

  • bill bob

    Any Chance we get twitter support?

  • Vlad Violenty

    Messeneger and whatsApp this is Just WebPanel like vivaldi. what about custom web panel?

    • Nekomajin43

      It’s a must!

    • Matheus Bombonato

      I think it’s a step forward than Vivaldi’s implementation. It has notifications and both seem to have some layout customizations to fit better on the screen (I’m might be wrong here).
      Also work nicely in background.
      But webpanels would be great!

      • LamiaLove

        WhatsApp web has notifications by default on the website icon.
        There is no layout customization
        The only thing Opera does better than Vivaldi is the ability to draw the panel over the current tab, not next to it.
        That’s the only thing, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Vivaldi would add this option as well.

        Anyway, using WhatsApp web in a web panel is fundamentally wrong, because it is meant to be used on desktops, not on small screens or a small web panel.

        • Matheus Bombonato

          I really like the Vivaldi webpanels. The difference here are the visual notifications (smalldot on its icon) and it keeps alive when close. Vivaldi webpanels does not work very well in background here.

          I agree Whatsapp web it not good for small width. But that´s a real issue of their plataform. Telegram for example has a great responsive layout. It work perfectly on these side panels. For whatsapp web work better here, I decreased the zoom to 60%. It works better than using it on the whole screen 🙂

  • redfox

    The new interface looks ugly, like Windows 10. I hope the users will have a choice to switch between Reborn and the old style interface.

    • Carson Coyote

      Uglier than Windows 10, in my opinion.

  • Ktoś

    It’s a pity those are proprietary and not using some open protocol so for each dumb service there has to be a separate solution (tho, it looks just as a wrapper for webpages, which sucks a bit as well).

    Also – can you disable the annoying “Download now” bar on this blog? Opera is my second browser and my daily driver is Firefox and this “nice” bar occluding view is very annoying (a close button setting relevant cookie?)

    • Юлия

      Create a custom filter in uB0:

      • Ktoś

        thanks 🙂
        I know I can fix it on my end but it’s plain stupid to fix every stupidity of the web that way…

        I’m just pointing out that this is annoying to users and may be counter productive…

  • Could you add a third mid-gray color theme to Reborn? Light theme is much lighter than previous theme and IMHO this shade is very annoying. Or a color picker option to select base color (former system color option was also useless because it used accent color).

  • aminought

    Ubuntu 16.04.1, opera-developer doesn’t start:
    [1] 30139 segmentation fault (core dumped) opera-developer
    [0100/] Invalid node channel message
    [0100/] Invalid node channel message
    [0100/] Invalid node channel message

    • aminought

      It works after removing of ~/.config/opera-developer. But I don’t appreciate this decision.

    • Thanks! We seem to have high rise of startup crashes on this build affecting all platform. Perhaps some setting that was enabled in previous profile. Reported as DNA-59838.

      • jg che

        any short solution on the windows platform? I cannot start the new version.

  • Please add Skpye if possible.

    • Nekomajin43

      Or any site we want.

      • Leonardo Gomes

        Would be nice but I guess it would depend on allowing UI customization so it may take a while to arrive, if it comes.

        • Nekomajin43

          Why? It’s just a document window with an icon.

        • Herr Pietrus

          As Nekomajin43 said – what customization? Almost every page have favicon nowadays…

    • Kornelia

      The Reborn Project has started with Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp ready to go.
      Stay tuned for more online messengers to be added.

  • L33t4opera

    Hi Maciej, thanks for the update, and congrats on the first Opera developer 45 😉

    New keyboard shortcut: Ctrl(Command on Mac)+Shift+M – toggle sidebar’s recently used messenger (you can also assign your custom one).

    New flags:
    – opera:flags#adblocker-advanced-selectors
    Enables usage of advanced selectors in ad-blocking element hiding rules.

    – opera:flags#improved-heart-popup
    Small improvements for the heart popup.

    – opera:flags#enable-service-worker-navigation-preload
    Enable web pages to use the experimental service worker navigation preload API.

    – opera:flags#enable-autofill-credit-card-last-used-date-display
    If enabled, display the last used date of a credit card in autofill.

    – opera:flags#enable-midi-manager-dynamic-instantiation
    Enable MIDIManager dynamic instantiation for Web MIDI.

  • Kai Ockendorf

    Thanks for a new Reborn build! Feature request: can we please have an option to use our Desktop wallpaper as a theme like in Neon? Would be great 🙂

  • Mintervell

    please add a home button. or at least give us the option to enable it through the settings tab. it’s an essential feature, your browser is great but one thing keeping me from using it is the lack of the home button.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Do people still use a ‘home page’ nowadays, so a home button would be needed?

      • Mintervell

        I still use it because I need it … I browse a lot so I need to go to google a lot

      • Nekomajin43

        How about a home button with custom target?

  • Nekomajin43

    A few thoughts:

    – Please move the new sidebar under the toolbar! It looks strange when a panel is open. You can leave the menu button on the sidebar. It does not have to be in the upper left corner. (Actually, a fully redesigned main menu as a panel would be nice. More icons, less strings, and no submenus.)

    – Forget the jumpy effect on the speed dial! It is VERY annoying.

    – Make custom web panels, instead of preselected services!

    – Minor stuff, but some more creative animation on the sidebar would be nice. Turn the cogwheel of the Settings icon a few degrees, move the hour hand of the History backwards, etc.

    • Herr Pietrus

      “- Please move the new sidebar under the toolbar!”
      I’m afraid they won’t. Windows Neon design,,,

      “- Make custom web panels, instead of preselected services!”

  • vatnik91

    А будет ли возможность, отключить/деактивировать все эти WhatsApp и Messenger, чтобы они не собирали информацию о действиях пользователя? Спасибо, вам, Опера, за добавление ЦРУ-шных средств сбора данных в Оперу…

  • aminought

    Please, add syncing of rss subscriptions and (!) extensions.

    • Subscribed RSSes are synced between desktop instances using Opera Sync. I’m using it right now 🙂

  • Matheus Bombonato

    I’m starting to like it. Some thoughts:
    – The dark theme still need some work. Specially related to the extensions (some dark icons are hard to see).
    – Like others already said: 2 sidebars are weird. They need to be merged.
    – Webpanels like Vivaldi has would be a huge improvement. I use them a lot with services like Twitter, Keep, Disqus, Instagram… Services that work nicely as just a simple column.
    – Messenger and Whatsapp plugins are great. They are not simple web panels. They work great in background (hidden). Receiving notifications, downloading and uploading files. And it seems their layout are also changed a bit. More services like these would be great (Skype, Telegram, Gtalk).

    If all those changes happen I’ll be able to remove several extensions and desktop applications. Just like I just did with Whatsapp web.

    Thanks and keep the good work!

    • Nekomajin43

      Any web page can send data on the network and notification in the background. It only depends on whether the panel is unloaded at close, or not.

    • Matheus Bombonato

      – We need the ability to change the Zoom of these “web panels”.

  • Carson Coyote

    WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger… so you guys have some sorta deal with Facebook?

    • No deal, they are just fairly popular so we decided to start with those.

      • Herr Pietrus

        And you’ll be adding every site we need? 😉

    • Leonardo Gomes

      I guess they are just the most popular messengers today.

  • Oskar

    I’ve not used the developer stream for quite a while, just checking the new features when they come. But this time I had to try it a bit more because of the initial excitement! Really love the feeling and maybe this will be the first time I could accept using sidebars. But the only button I would use frequent enough would be the messenger button, so maybe there could be another solution on having that? Or maybe there is other features that would be good to have there too (not only social media, but obviously more of that)?

    Lastly – Please implement sync of passwords between android and PC, my god, it’s 2017!

    • I’m glad you given it more attention. You can use the button or more conveniently the shortcut. As for other features there… well we’re exploring some options.

  • matt

    For reborn, it would be nice if the “use system color” setting worked, I want the window chrome to match the rest of my OS (windows 10).

    Additionally Slack as a sidebar messenger would be great.

    • We’re using Slack ourselves so it’s high on the wish list internally. But there’s also a question: don’t you prefer to use the standalone Slack client?

      • pauloaguia

        One more for Slack 🙂
        The only advantage I see between the standalone client and the webpage is that the standalone client starts flashing in the taskbar when I have a new important message (the browser only shows a different tab, which, of course, I only see if I’m using the browser – which is most of the time in my case).

        Therefore, I add the suggestion that these notifications optionaly make the browser flash somehow (I’m sure not everybody will want this feature)

  • Alex Lozano

    Thx for the update! ;- )

    What about dark theme in internal pages too? And even in menus?
    Too dark ? xD

    O Menu without text better than with “Menu” text.
    Waiting for HangOuts Messenger 😀

  • Ralf Brinkmann

    Great, I can switch the sidebars on and off, on and off, on, off, on, off – whatever I want. I like to use Opera without sidebars, but I hope, also the people, who want to use sidebars, will be satisfied. Everything runs good here.

  • hassanraza

    When is it coming to stable version?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Usually it takes around two months for a new version to reach stable channel. But not necessarily all changes and new features will make into stable version.

  • yigido

    Waiting for “Telegram” on sidebar

    • Anybody else interested in telegram? Vote up.

      • Nekomajin43

        Anybody else interested in general web panels? Vote up. 🙂

        • pauloaguia

          I think that’s the only way to go – we cannot wait for Opera to add all the services we need. Personally I’d like to see services like Google Inbox, Slack and Feedly (which I’ll hapily deprecate if and when Opera’s RSS synchronizes properly between devices, including mobile) on a side panel with a notification icon that I could quickly pop up when there’s activity, instead of having to go the corresponding tab like now and then having to figure out which tab I was currently browsing in.
          I’m sure every user has their preference of services and it’s going to be a very long wait if Opera adds them one by one…

          Obviously not every service will be ready for something like this. But the sooner Opera provides this functionality, the sooner websites will feel the need to adapt.

          • Herr Pietrus

            “I think that’s the only way to go – we cannot wait for Opera to add all the services we need.”

            Exactly 🙂

        • Trevor Gough

          You already have it the Web Panel sidebar extension.

      • yigido

        Opera has very good userbase in Russia: 11,23%
        It is nearly same as Yandex usage percent.
        And Telegram is very popular Whatsapp alternative. I am using it alongside with Whatsapp. Especially, many countries blocks WhatsApp and people prefers Telegram over it. For your information guys. Thanks

      • Ariane Lu

        Vote by reply ; )

      • Rodrigo Wander

        Please *———-* yes we need telegram

  • andreybest 20027

    It was better without the distance between the menu and the edge of the window!
    And can you add some future: when you select URL in text and select “Search” it will go to this URL, not search.

    • pauloaguia

      I would prefer for an aditional “Goto URL” option to be shown, like it does with the Currency converter, for instance. Not as ambiguous and will avoid the complaints from the people who actually want to search for pages containing that URL as text, like I do sometimes 😉

      • andreybest 20027

        Maybe you’re right. Сompromise 🙂

  • Der Herr Nick

    Yay, nice! I really appreciate the new WhatsApp panel!

    But there are at least two UI bugs when you’re on a HiDPI Display and “alt-high-dpi-setting” above 100% (I’m currently using a zoom level of 170):
    * Addon icons are misaligned
    * Sidebar icon animations look rather sub-par. When you hover over a sidebar icon it gets bigger (as intended) but the right part of the icon is cut and appears on the left side of the icon.

  • i need panel “color clear” and telegram <3

  • Томица

    Why is mp4 (h.264) not working again? Please, please, fix this already! This bug’s been plaguing Opera for months!

    • Kornelia

      We depend on chromium’s ffmpeg package to play h264 videos. Unfortunately a compatible version was not released yet. There are some custom packages that can be installed, our users have solved the problem please see our forum for more details.

      • Томица

        I saw your forum and there’s absolutely no word of the problem being solved. There are patches and work-arounds that introduce more problems than they solve. I did try them though, and wouldn’t you know it, as soon as an update was released, the problem re-occurred. Annoying as hell.
        And it’s so disappointing to see the blame being switched to Chromium’s ffmpeg.
        > Unfortunately a compatible version was not released yet.
        I am really curious, what does that even mean? A version compatible with what? Does that mean that Opera ASA expect Chromium to adopt and make their products compatible with Opera browser? I would honestly find that shocking. If Opera depends, as you say, on Chromium ffmpeg package, then it’s Opera who should be releasing compatible versions, not the other way round. Especially since Chromium is open source, and Opera is not.
        Not to mention that it was working just fine in 44.0.2463.0, meaning that what ever the dependencies are, and what ever Chromium ffmpeg package current version is, it can definitely work all right. After all, just look at all the other browsers work just fine. Or in other words, when I called for this bug to be fixed, I meant to say that this bug did not exist in a previous version, so what on Earth could stop Opera devs from correcting it?

        • Arjan van Leeuwen

          The main reason for these problems is legal, not technical. A license to redistribute an H264 decoder is not within Opera’s reach. Ubuntu and Google have a license for it, but to use either of their components Opera needs binary compatibility with their package, which is not something that is simple to do since ABI stability is not something ffmpeg aims for (in other words, sometimes things break).

          Currently the expected result is very much that in developer, things will break. We generally try to fix things before they reach stable.

          In Opera Developer, you can often work around it by using –ffmpeg-preload-mode=permissive as a command line parameter. This will make Opera try to load any ffmpeg library it finds (even though this might cause crashes because of binary incompatibility).

          • Томица

            Arjan, thank you very much for the explanation. What you wrote makes a lot of sense. I’m sure you guys are probably tired of explaining the issue over and over, but I did try my best to look for the explanation, and your response is very valuable to me, and I hope others too.

            As much as I’d love to use Opera stable, that would mean overwriting Opera 12, which is my default browser, so that’s a no go for me.

        • bwat47

          I’ve found this repo the most reliable way to get ffmpeg working with opera on linux:

          Download the opera ffmpeg codecs package for your opera version (stable, beta, or developer).

          Extact the file and copy the lib_extra folder (which contains the file) to your /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/opera/ folder (note: this path might differ based on your linux distro).

          • Томица

            bwat47 what if there’s no ffmpeg version compatible with my Opera in that repo? For example, the latest Opera Developer uses Chromium version 58.0.3013.3, but in the repo there’s only 57.0.2987.21?

          • Leonardo Gomes

            Well, I guess there is always a price to pay for be using an alpha version.

          • Томица

            There’s always a price to pay for using anything really. If I switch to stable Opera, I’d lose my default Opera 12, which is a price I am never going to accept to pay.

            And if we do put it in the perspective of ‘a price you have to pay’ to be using Opera (which ever version > 12), sadly Opera has turned into a much too pricey browser for me. It demands more and more time, effort and nerves, but supplies little in return.

          • Leonardo Gomes

            You can keep using Opera 12 even if you install Opera Blink stable.

          • Томица

            I would honestly love to know how. Can you please elaborate?

          • Leonardo Gomes

            I don’t know about Linux but on Windows they are different programs so you can just install Opera Blink and keep using Opera Presto.

            You can also install them on different directories so their files will not even be messed up together.

          • Томица

            > I don’t know about Linux


      • fearphage

        Do you have a link to this forum?

        Also not being able to watch half the movies on the internet seems like something worth pointing out in the known issues.

      • Solution does not work any more 🙁

      • Gone_Walkabout

        That’s illogical. A browser that can’t reproduce videos in many popular pages (e.g. Twitter) is a browser that most people will drop and replace with the competition. There’s no point on blaming it on Chromium, you have to fix yourselves, as Opera software. It doesn’t need to be an orthodox solution, it just have to work. Vivaldi also uses Chromium but they play every single video. If they could bypass this, why can’t Opera do it as well?
        Please give this fix priority!

  • Marko Koivuniemi

    Can anyone confirm problem with FB-sharer in this site. I click share (JAA in Finnish) and resulting pop-up window is way too wide and I cannot see submit-button at all and cannot resize window to see it. (I have Macbook Pro (OS X Sierra) with default display settings (1280×800)

  • Stas Baranovsky

    I dont know why, but i still cant connect to messenger and whatsapp in sidebar. I have sign in on both websites but it makes no sense

    • WhatsApp works fine for me, but got “Something went wrong” error screen on Messenger.

    • Alex Lozano

      Have you tested with a clean profile.

    • For a moment try disabling any proxies, network debuggers etc. and check again.

  • Herr Pietrus

    Ok, guys, serious question, I hope you can answer it.
    Are these UI only a placeholder or do you intend to keep it as it is?
    Do you know how ugly is that title bar n Windows and how huge is it in 1680×1050 with 125 DPI or in FHD with 150 DPI?
    I suppose that you’ll work on the side panel, but that title bar is really worrying.

    BTW I still state that last/closed tabs button should be near the TABS, not near the WINDOW buttons.

    And I still think that adding single sites to the side panel it’s not a good idea if we can display there any desired site in mobile version.

    And I think that address field is too dark. Perhaps there should be only an different edge with te background couleur same as the main skin color? Minimalistic and IMHO looking better.

    • DPI thing is really annoying. I’ll bump its priority.

      Some people prefer that button over there. Nevertheless noted 🙂

      We’re still exploring possibilities of the sidebar. Messengers with a nifty shortcut felt like a great first step. We’re using it a lot internally 🙂 But we’re just at the beginning of the path. And we’re discussing with you guys to see how you like it and what the data will show us when more users will be able to try it out. Not everybody is into total tweaking and control.

      Btw. What other services would you find useful in the sidebar. Ones that you use today and would be beneficial for you to have quick access to.

      Regarding colors: there are preferences what you think looks better and issues like: contrast is not good enough. We’re concentrating on the usability first, then aesthetics.

      • Nekomajin43

        You can add a + button to the sidebar. Clicking on it opens a dialog. There you can offer some services. It’s not magic, you already do it in the speed dial, and it works great.

      • pauloaguia

        “Btw. What other services would you find useful in the sidebar. Ones that you use today and would be beneficial for you to have quick access to.”

        Google inbox (or Gmail, although it’s not the same thing). Back in the days of opera mail, one of the things I really liked was the fact that I had my email readily available and would see them arriving without having to stop my browsing. It is true I was using it less and less in the end, because opera mail was local and I started using multiple devices and having to go through the same mails or stick to reading it on one device, and that slowly took me to checking email online. But being able to do it again would be very welcomed.

        Calendar, agenda or something of the kind. It’s the kind of thing that I often want to take just a quick look to plan a meeting or a weekend away but doesn’t have to be open in a tab all the time nor do I find interesting to have to look for it on speed dial or bookmarks to open it when I need it. Not really sure if a notification icon would make sense here, though…

        On that note, some sort of task management tool that I could have open on a side panel and tick tasks as I go through my day would be really helpful. One of the reasons why I never really adoptec one such tool was because it keeps going out of sight (or stays in front of other applications if I configure it that way). However I spend a lot of time in the browser, so having it there looks like a good idea to me, at least.

      • Herr Pietrus

        Hmm.. For example Wikipedia, some online dictionaries (Merriam Webster or Oxford Advanced Learners)…

  • Regnas

    Waiting for the Telegram support! C’mon………… 🙂

  • 庞佐

    Is there any plan for wechat adding to new sidebar?

    • Ariane Lu

      I think that’s impossible.

      And all existing third part client is built with “Electron” and inject script to customize behavior. Because they don’t provide any public API to send and receive message.

  • We also plan to continue adding more messengers.

    Why not let us add the sites we need/want?
    Is it that hard to add an “Add site” entry on the context menu and open a box to add an url?

    • Trevor Gough

      We already have this with the Web Panel sidebar extension.

      • You could say the same about the side bar. We already have one why make another?

        And that extension requires multiple clicks to open a site, plus other drawbacks.

        I see no benefits of having a couple of preset sites over letting users add the sites they want.

  • alexSuper

    Somehow the CPU usage increase massively, much lag unless battery saver is activated
    45.0.2522.0 (PGO)

  • Ariane Lu

    Address bar text and icon still is fuzzy or blurred on Windows with 125% scale

  • Kai Ockendorf

    Just a thought: the search field on Speed Dial looks a bit old-fashioned, compared to the new modern Reborn design. Why don’t you use the same look as the “search & address” field in Neon instead?

    • We’re introducing changes gradually. Getting feedback, adjusting things. There’s so much more to do 🙂

      • Nekomajin43

        I think it fits well with the design of the speed dial tiles.

      • Kai Ockendorf

        I’m sure the outcome will be great & it was only just a thought! But thanks for the reply 🙂

      • Kai Ockendorf

        Btw, will this “Reborn” design project be completely finished in O45, or is it just the beginning & we’ll see more in upcoming versions?

  • fearphage

    Have you identified the problem with the broken h.264 playback in Linux? It’s a seemingly frequent and long-lasting regression. Do you need help with a test case to catch it on the CI server? My services are available. Just say the word.

  • Илья Найдов

    I hope that we’ll be able to disable the “space above tabs”…

    • Ralf Brinkmann

      I can. Settings – Browser – User Interface.

      • Is this just for Windows? I would like to do the same on Mac..

    • Ralf Brinkmann

      Don’t you have “Settings – Browser – User Interface – Disable the top spacing of the table bar when the browser window is maximized”?

  • Dilshad Ali

    hi, is there an inspect tool in opera as well, i wanted to inspect my website for some css corrections, please help me out, thanks

    • Kornelia

      CTRL + SHIFT + I

  • ga_pechorin

    i dont like very much the new bar… i was hoping something like opera 12, hidden, easily accessed and with information in it.

    this is just an ugly bar filled with shortcuts, not real information as the panels were. only the chats are well implemented, but the bookmarks are not accessible from the bar, it just open a new window and i already have ctrl+shift+b to do that, i need a quick sight of all my bookmarks (again, as opera 12). there are no options or extensions either, just a shortcut to their main pages… not useful and not pretty. i think it goes in the rigth direction (like the chats), but it need to contain info and to be not visible!

    • Things take time. It’s true that sidebar can be so much better. We’ll get there 🙂

      It’s important for us to get your feedback and adjust things in the meanwhile not after everything is done.

      • ga_pechorin

        know that you have the intention to improve it are great news, i am sure you will make a great bar eventually. i think aesthetics is good, but in functionality i would look at opera 12, it was very good.

  • Tratsing

    Is this a bug? There is ,,Com…” in the upper left side of opera://components/ page and it is behing Messenger icon.

    • That’s a bug.

    • Kornelia

      We’ve reported it internally. Thanks a lot!

  • Stefan Hofmann

    The close buttons on mac look very squished up in the sidebar, doesn’t look very good

  • Вадік Дудар

    add telegram support in sidebar 🙂
    Add opera turbo traffic compression counter

  • Stefan Ivanović

    Looks like a lot faster now. But, make jumping speedial icons optional, please. Now for the usability suggestions, I think that speedial zoom level should separated from settings/bookmarks/downloads zoom level. Even better would be adaptive zoom (or auto-fit zoom) level for speeddial, as it used to be in Opera 12.XX, I think no one likes to scrool the speedial, especially on smaller screen laptops with more tha 10 pinned pages. For example, I have to keep speed dial zoomed out on laptop to have all icons accessible without scrolling, but that affects my settings/bookmarks/downloads zoom level as well and those become too small. Speaking of zoom level, custom zoom for web pages would be very nice instead of 25% increment step. I used to manage that manually in preferences.ini, but now it is no longer possible to do it that way. Or make zoom increment optionally smaller in Preferences to set it to eg. 5% step. Many web pages (news especially) looks better when zoomed in, but with 150>175% step thing can get pretty messy (speaking of 21-24” 1080p monitor when looked from about 45-55cm distance, and that is majority od monitors today).

    Keep on great work!

    *and add Skype or Viber next 🙂

  • of

    Interesting question: how to logout from sidebar Facebook Messenger?

    • Kornelia

      You need to resize window to see Settings icon. We already reported bug for this, so it will be visible all the time.

      • of


  • Paweł

    My proposition.
    At the right clique mice lacking the “copy-and-go” especially useful when copying a page address.

    • Stefan Ivanović

      Copy and go where? Maybe I am missing something useful, but there is “Search | Copy” pop-up when text selected and there is “Go to web address” on right click context menu when link text is selected (but address is not copied to clipboard, if that is what you mean by “copy-and-go”)? Though, I would like “Go to web address” to open in new tab instead of current one…

      • pauloaguia

        “Though, I would like “Go to web address” to open in new tab instead of current one…”
        I think it’s fine as it is… If you want to open it in the same tab it opens in the same tab. If you want to open it in a new tab you press Ctrl key at the same time you’re clicking the option, just like in most other similar options throughout the browser…

        • Stefan Ivanović

          Tnx! I didn’t know that CRTL opens it in New Tab…

          • pauloaguia

            Ctrl -> New background tab
            Shift -> New window
            Ctrl + Shift -> new foreground tab

          • Stefan Ivanović

            Tnx again! 🙂 I just searched in Help and Preferences and there is no mention of those keyboard + mouse combinations, only keyboard combinations or mouse gestures. I hope they will include those keyboard + mouse combinations in next releases in Help documentation as well

            I use mouse gesture for foreground tab open (right-click on link and pull down) and middle click for background tab open, but in new window open shortcut I didn’t use as I didn’t know the is one rather than that under right click context menu Open link in new window

  • Тимур Иценко

    Hello developers please add a ICQ,Line,Telegram messenger and Viber

  • Integrate Slack and I will go like “shut up and take my money” 😀

    • Kornelia

      We also use Slack so we’re all like “let’s do this” 🙂

  • 0x2a
  • Paweł
    • Kornelia

      Nice catch, thanks.

  • Leonardo Gomes

    I think that internal pages (bookmarks, history, etc) could be opened as panels when started from the side bar.
    It would be useful, for example, when you are writing something and need to find some info on those pages.

    • pauloaguia

      I second that (a little tweak would probably be needed for that left panel in those pages to be collapsible). This would effectively mimic, for instance, the bookmarks tree or horizontal tabs option that many people liked in the old Opera versions…

      I also would like for them to open on different tabs when I click one after the other – right now they always reuse the same tab unless I deliberately open a new tab and then click on the second icon. Or, at least, be given the option to do so, by a combination of a Ctrl key, for instance…

  • Alex Lozano

    30 Messenger Apps?
    Or a Digsby – | Franz – like App ? :- o

    One Messenger App to rule them all!

    E| :- D

  • Alex Lozano

    When using |Search| on the Settings show up the path to the setting would be nice to learn where is it.

  • Libor Dupák

    Opera crashes every time I move tab from window to window.

    • Kornelia

      I’m unable to reproduce this crash. Could you report this issue using Opera Bugs Wizard and attach crash logs there? This would be very helpful. C:UsersAppDataLocalTemp

  • Leo

    Am I going to have a loss of speed in this version compared to the others versions?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      I don’t think so.

    • Anonimo

      I’m not sure if it depends on OS, but on windows 7, UI (sidebar, tabs strip, menus) all is much slower if you have a lot of tabs open, but webpages are smooth as always (mostly) I have encountered some stuttering on youtube, but only with a lot of tabs like I said.

    • bwat47

      I thought the initial reborn build seemed a bit slower in regards to opening/closing tabs but this build has been much improved and I don’t notice is being any slower than previous versions

  • voyager75000

    Yess!! WhatsApp – thanks a lot for implementing!

    I found another issue with video playback (since first reborn build): Amazon Prime only streams in HD, but not in HD 1080p. With Opera Beta, prime in 1080p is no problem (thus, bandwith is apparently not the issue)

  • Игорь Князев

    VK please! 🙂 Russian community would be glad!

  • dacomboman

    Thanks for fixing dark theme! 🙂

  • Marko Koivuniemi

    Has anyone noticed problems with (saved?) password in Opera. I have wordpress admin password saved in Opera but it won’t login. This has happened couple of times and I have thought that I just forgot the password and ordered new one. Today I tested and with Edge I could login using same password and Opera doesn’t work. I also checked via preferences that saved password is correct one but also typing the correct password doesn’t seem to work. Could that be some kind of character encoding issue?

  • Jodles

    Loving the new theme! It would be great if drop-down menus (e.g. folders in bookmarks bar) also changed colour with the dark theme. Even if I set dark mode in OS X system preferences, the menus are still the light color and doesn’t seem to have been picked up within Opera.

  • pauloaguia

    My setup: Win7. I use a laptop and have it connected to an external screen as well. The desktop is setup in such a way that the laptop’s monitor is a continuation of the bottom of the external screen.
    Odd effect: when I have Opera maximized in the laptop screen (the bottom screen) and click the Opera menu, the menu opens in the external screen (the top screen). You can see this from this printscreen extract – Opera is maximized in the bottom part of the desktop and the menu extends over it, which means it’s on another monitor:

    It’s not an important thing to fix, but I thought it’s strange enough to be worth reporting…

  • Luke Firewalker

    I had “Offer to save passwords I enter on the web” disabled, but update did enable it. Is that a bug? I would like for my browser to not change my settings by itself, especially associated with privacy.

    • nanana1


      I also disabled “Save passwords” but this Developer update enabled it overriding my previous settings. Please have future updates honor user’s settings and not change them.

  • Shlomi Laron

    wow, the WhatsApp desktop feature is super important, Would like to see this also in:

  • I tried to install a sidebar extension (YT sidebar) and it seems to mess up the browser. I have now two sidebars. I guess it might be a problem with extensions and version support? Or is is the “old” sidebar. Not used the sidebar before.

    Here is a picture of the issue:

    Is there a way to reset the browser layout? Other than removing the profile or reinstall it that is.

    • Tomáš Pavlík

      Try Vivaldi, its literally spiritual successor to old presto based Opera, led by former Opera CEO. For me, personally, its much better than new Opera. 🙂

      • RafaellaG

        If we’re posting errors/suggestions/etc. here, than we want to use THIS browser and help improve THIS Opera browser and not another – or we’re gone already.

        So please quit “try Vivaldi” and be gone to your Vivaldi community if you have nothing useful to say!

    • Nekomajin43

      They will deal with the two sidebars later. Possibly they will be merged, but it is not confirmed yet. You can hid the extension sidebar from the O menu.

  • Stefan Ivanović

    What happened with opera://plugins it is no longer accessible?

    • Nekomajin43

      It is removed from Chromium. You can use opera:components.

      • Ralf Brinkmann

        “opera:components” works on my computer, but it shows only “Widevine Content Decryption Module – Version:”, nothing else. I think there should also be Flash, PDF reader and more.

        • Nekomajin43

          You can turn on/off flash and pdf from the settings.

          • Ralf Brinkmann

            Yes, but no other, alternative pdf viewer or other components. I remember, with “opera:plugins” the list was much longer.

          • Nekomajin43

            It is true, but it seems it’s not a common activity. It would be good to have the ability, though.

  • Tratsing

    Is it possible to reinstall Opera Developer without losing bookmarks, extension settings etc?
    It’s just that Opera VPN is not connecting and only ,,Optimal location” is shown under server choosing setting. After I try to disable VPN, then Opera hangs and after reopening Opera, VPN is still connecting and I can’t surf the web due to this.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Yes, just don’t remove the profile folder while uninstalling.

      Did you try to clean up ‘third part data’?

      • Tratsing

        Cleaning up third part data’ solved my problem. Thank you, Leonardo!

  • I can’t close the WhatsApp or Messenger window after I open it. When I click on the icon again, nothing happens.

    Using Ubuntu 16.04, Opera 45.0.2522.0.

    • Kael

      Same. Works fine in Windows. Overall the Opera build for linux is CHAOTIC, not worth using. Poor integration with gtk or qt. poor quality work

  • KWP

    How to enable Sidebar WhatsApp to show desktop notifications? (or is the notification limited only to the red dot on the icon?)

    Is it possible fot the messenger to display desktop notifications as well?

    One more thuing: I cannot add anything to the speed dial in this build.

  • Stefan Ivanović

    Probably not best place to ask, but I haven’t seen any official respond from Opera team about latest CIA leak. Opera Portable is listed as exploitable with dll Hijack. It doesn’t says if that refers to older Opera12 version or new Opera. I am sure a lot of users would like some clarification on that. Not that I am paranoid, but again, why not. Most of other affected software vendors already published statements about the exploits.

    There is Opera Mail exploit as well, this is newer Opera Mail as can be seen from icon.

    • NanoPi

      to use these DLLs, attacker needs to access the target computer remotely or physically and then drop these files onto the computer.

      a popular use of portable apps is to have them stored on a USB flash drive. if an attacker wanted to plant the DLL on it, they could steal or borrow someone’s flash drive, find a portable app that’s already on the flash drive, add the DLL file and then return the flash drive. this file plant could also be done remotely by already installed trojan to make the leap from one computer to another.

  • is it still possible to retain the (Windows) system colour for the interface? it’s hard to tell whether the window is currently active with both the light and dark themes.

    also, I’ve noticed that when you close one tab, the rest tabs usually get crammed.

  • swagnoodle

    No no no no stop stop stop
    This new design is the ugliest thing ever. It’s worse than Australis. It doesn’t fit with anything other than Windows 10. Please, please listen to us
    Edit: and more built-in Facebook spyware too. Fantastic

  • Tratsing

    When I clicked ,,Edit” from Lastpass browser plug-in to edit the web-page account credentials or ,,Save site” to save site credentials, then my web-browser crashed. I was using Opera Developer 45.0.2522.0 in Incognito mode. In normal window mode, there is no crash.
    It should had popped-up editing window in normal browsing window, but browser crashed.
    I have attached picture about the ,,Edit” button:
    When I was logged out of Lastpass and tried to click on Lastpass icon in log-in pop-up box, then Opera crashed. I have noticed that Opera crashes only when I use Lastpass in private mode and, when Lastpass needs to open it’s settings page from private mode to normal window.
    Looks like another bug.

  • shadow118

    Didn’t even notice, when the dark theme got darker, but I like it 🙂

    One thing that’s been bothering me for a while – Opera and Bing search. On every other browser Bing displays correctly but on Opera it’s missing the search filters. If you use a user agent switcher and disguise Opera as something else, Bing works as it should. I know the problem is on Microsoft’s end, but maybe you, as a company could get in contact with them and sort things out? (I know this is a very long shot) 😀

  • L33t4opera

    New build – Opera developer 45.0.2531.0 😉

    • nanana1

      Added Telegram support 😉

    • pauloaguia

      I add disabled WhatsApp and it came back after upgrading to this build. On the other hand, I can see that Telegram was added but it did not show up by default, unlike what had happened with the previous two.

  • jojoPL1987

    This and before version Opera Developer (portable) don’t start me. Before version first run, but after closed crash and doesn’t run.

  • azayuri

    Why built-in VPN doesn’t working on this version of Opera?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      It works here.

      • azayuri

        why mine isn’t working? it just says”connecting” when i clcik VPN and takes too much time and at the end it don’t connect

        • Leonardo Gomes

          There may be several reasons for this.

          Do you use any proxy to connect to the Internet? Do you use any security software?

  • Andrés Ruiz

    I had reported not receiving whatsapp desktop notifications, and I noticed that even though it asks to allow desktop notifications, after user click “yes”, there is another dialog popup but it is displayed for about half a second, it’s impossible to click on it, I even can’t screenshot it. Maybe it that dialog could last longer we could accept and have desktop notifications working

  • Mátyás Nagy

    The new bright theme is too bright for me and the dark is too dark. 🙁 I am not picky but the old theme was perfect. Please give us an option to use the old theme! Or maybe an option to change any type of colors.

    Opera still rocks but the new look su*** 🙁

  • Daniel Rios

    GTK and/or QT theme for Linux, this is a missing feature.

  • Bodoki Gábor

    Look, a Vivaldi-clone! 🙂

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Which is a Opera clone. 🙂

      • Bodoki Gábor

        We are all a big family. :-))

      • sprayer

        opera 12 they aiming for that and says directly! opera with their politics is /#@$. whatapp in browser this is shit!

  • East Clintwood

    how do we permanently remove faceache wottup and telesnot permanently (not just checkbox)?

  • Em

    I don’t like the new sidebar because I can’t hide it. Opera is turning into a links page.

    • Vux777

      it will go to speed dial (un-pinned state)

      and there’s a button too at the bottom (I missed it)

      • Em

        Pinned or unpinned Opera 45 leaves a dark sidebar (even though I have unchecked everything) on my wallpaper with a “pin sidebar” icon at the bottom. I can’t move it out of the way and I can’t remove it. Why should the sidebar be there if it’s empty? I just want a clean browser. I want to save my bookmarks to a file not have links plastered all over my screen. New ad-ware in sheep’s clothing.

        • Vux777

          yea, but if you don’t like it /need it, it’s much less annoying having it on sidebar than as the part of the window UI

          • Vux777

            and probably they should make it completely invisible if no icons are active in it

          • Em


    • DeathNote

      there is NO SINGLE MEANING of using this crap browser other than Chrome/Firefox.
      Want open source? Firefox. Want n°1 usage (60%+ marketshare) Chrome.
      End of the story. Enjoy your CHINESE SPYWARE with fucking bright font rendering, where ideograms are for sure totally OK.

  • Em

    Is there a way to back up from ver 45? Can I stop Opera from updating?

  • DeathNote

    Font blurry, Icons of folders are small, too bright blue. Very bad. Revert like ver44 or I will leave for Chrome

  • Zeast Zaselim Shah

    i am on, i am noticing lag while simply browsing and during video stream as well.

  • mohanen b

    skype support in side bar ??

  • Malm

    Would love Slack support in sidebar

  • Richard Harris

    Google Hangouts Please.

  • John

    How can I rollback to the last (un-updated) Opera version?

  • ocdhd

    Absolutely the tab color looks the same as the menu button background color and you cannot even change it to the way it was before or to another color. Only option is dark theme. Really? Its more like a skin

  • Leonardo Akira Hirano

    How do I change the page text encoding on this version?

  • mickeo

    Is it possible to integrate the sidebar extensions to the new sidebar?
    As well as it seems typing in textbox is no longer working on the old sidebar extensions in Opera 45?

    • Vux777

      OS X?
      it’s a known bug and fix is on the way

      • mickeo

        I didnt know this is an OSX specific bug. Do you have more info / thread to follow? Thanks!

        • Vux777

          well many users (OS X) reported that they can’t use search or edit notes in sidebar (I’m developer one of those)
          I’m on win 10 and not experiencing this.
          Opera devs tracked the bug and fix it, but it didn’t make it into public builds this week. Hopefully it will land next week.

          do you experiencing the same bug on different OS?

          • Vux777

            basically, input elements can’t get focus in sidebar extensions on OS X… that’s the bug

  • Alonso

    I don’t get why this browser spends so much time being innovative, while disregarding its incompatibility issues. Innovation is great, after functionality has been assured. Still doesn’t support widevine in linux, which doesn’t allow for spotify among other streaming websites to work…

    Functionality is crucial