Opera 45 developer update with further Reborn improvements

This week starts with a fresh update to Opera 45 in our developer channel. It brings you further Reborn aesthetic improvements, an ad block redesign, and important bug fixes.

Reborn with completely new icons

Our work on the Reborn project steadily continues. Recently, we added a menu button which allows you to quickly log out from your sidebar messenger. Now, it’s time for a complete icon overhaul. New icons are even more refined and elegant, and some of them change colors when active. We have carefully optimized the icons for various DPIs in order to make them look perfect.

In this update, we have removed the Speed Dial animation effect when hovering your mouse over the tiles and also added a new animation when opening private mode.

Windows 7 native look and feel

This particular improvement has been one of our priorities, as many of you requested a deeper integration of the Reborn interface with Windows 7. The new interface respects the Windows 7 look and feel, as we have brought back the window frame support for Aero.

Bug fixes

Last week, we gave you more control over ad block lists. Now, selecting, deselecting, and adding lists to the ad blocker are working correctly and take effect immediately, as we fixed that and other related issues from last week.

Amongst this bunch of fixes, last week’s top crasher – “Crash when showing desktop notification requests” – is gone.

Stay tuned for more changes!

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