This week starts with a fresh update to Opera 45 in our developer channel. It brings you further Reborn aesthetic improvements, an ad block redesign, and important bug fixes.

Reborn with completely new icons

Our work on the Reborn project steadily continues. Recently, we added a menu button which allows you to quickly log out from your sidebar messenger. Now, it’s time for a complete icon overhaul. New icons are even more refined and elegant, and some of them change colors when active. We have carefully optimized the icons for various DPIs in order to make them look perfect.

In this update, we have removed the Speed Dial animation effect when hovering your mouse over the tiles and also added a new animation when opening private mode.

Windows 7 native look and feel

This particular improvement has been one of our priorities, as many of you requested a deeper integration of the Reborn interface with Windows 7. The new interface respects the Windows 7 look and feel, as we have brought back the window frame support for Aero.

Bug fixes

Last week, we gave you more control over ad block lists. Now, selecting, deselecting, and adding lists to the ad blocker are working correctly and take effect immediately, as we fixed that and other related issues from last week.

Amongst this bunch of fixes, last week’s top crasher – “Crash when showing desktop notification requests” – is gone.

Stay tuned for more changes!

The changelog

Installation links:

Maciej Kocemba

Product Manager, Opera for computers. Previously Product Manager in R&D department and Opera Mini for iOS. Joined Opera over 11 years ago. Still passionate about coding, mountain / road biking when not working.

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  • nanana1

    Thanks for this refreshed Opera Developer Reborn build 45.0.2545.0 !

  • NoName

    Tab sizes changes when being selected. Happens when you got a lot of tabs open.

    • How many do you define as “a lot”?

      • NoName

        Well actually only 28 at the moment, on a 1920px monitor with no DPI scaling.
        I assume it’s because of the close button taking up space on the selected tab.

  • Кostadin

    Happy new week 🙂

  • albert71292 still not staying logged in between sessions(going back to site after closing browser). still won’t allow login at all, goes back to main forum page without login sticking. Same as last developer version. Both work fine in Opera Stable.

  • 庞佐

    Wechat, Wechat please~

  • of

    Extension icons is still bottom vertically aligned 🙁

    • Wando Schneider

      I can’t see this issue here. What’s your OS?

      • of

        Win10 x64
        I have HiDPI display: 3840×2160 resolution and 150% scale.
        If it helps, it’s Dell Precision M3800 15 Mobile Workstation Laptop.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      It seems OK here on Windows 10.

    • Stefan Ivanović

      It is same here, Windows 10, not high DPI screen.

      • x a

        I can confirm this. Win10x64, Standard DPI.

  • L33t4opera

    Hi Maciej, thanks for the new update, and fixes 😉
    It's nice to see the new toggle behaviour for the sidebar. However, the bold frames in the menu window, and in the context menu, are quite unexpected - no issue in the previous build.

  • Alex Wazovskiy

    Great! Thanks for the native Windows 7 native look and feel!

    • You’re welcome:) Let us know if you spot any issues.

  • Arturo Martínez

    I thought my opera had low battery, but it turned out that it was just the icon to pin the sidebar

    • 🙂

    • nanana1

      It looks too much like a low batt symbol 😉

  • Eugene B.

    It’s a great build! Thank you! 🙂

  • Trevor Gough

    Opera 44 Stable can fit four speed dials in each row for me.

    Opera 45 Developer can only fit three speed dials in each row for me.

    Is there any way to make Opera 45 Developer less space-consuming for this purpose?

    Thank you.

    • We want to look into this.

      • Trevor Gough

        Thank you for that and thank you for your continuing efforts to make Opera a truly superior browser.

      • Nekomajin43

        If you don’t make it possible to resize the speed dial tiles manually, then at least implement a zoom slider into the start page settings to zoom the speed dial independently from the other internal pages.

        • Changing tile size is something we can look into. Btw. what would be the optimal size in your opinion for a single tile? Also how many tiles do you have?

          • Nekomajin43

            I have 15 tiles now, half of them are folders. So I have enough space, but the original size is too large for me, so I use it on 90% zoom. But then it’s too small for example for the bookmark tree.

            I have two ideas. The easier is to have a slider between, I don’t know, 50% and 150% with a 10% step or such, which zooms only the tiles, independently from other internal pages, and any other elements on the start page.

            However, my ultimate dream is a Win8 style grid with different tiles sizes and free placement. (I am not talking about the look, only the grid) 1×1 should be around the usual desktop icon size. I guess it’s about the quarter of the current size. Then 2×2 would be like now. I could be the default. But imagine that 4×4 or 2×4 (in landscape and portrait too) could open a whole new area for speed dial extensions like live content or notifications. The search box could fit into this system as a 2×8 or so tile.
            This way, users could have a simple grid like now. With the 2×2 tile as the default, no additional config would be needed, but users like me could build complex start pages.

        • Herr Pietrus

          if I;m right SD can be resized independenty the only problem is that the sidebar is resized then too so it changes it’s size when we move to the different internal page.
          of course it won’t be a problem with pinned sidebar on reborn, but the separated slider for the tiles is something I really miss… 🙂

          modern-like tiles with different sizes should be something interesting (and yes, I still hate modern UI but it would be grate to have bigger tiles for individual pages and smaller for sessions)

          • Nekomajin43

            In the current stable the Bookmarks, History, Downloads, News and Extension pages are zoomed with the start page.

          • Herr Pietrus

            I’ve checked it and of course you’re right 🙂 In previous builds they were resized independenty but it has been changed… To be honest as you’ve said none of these solutions is good – we have to choose between different sidebar sizes or too small/too big content of some internal pages. Dedicated zoom setting for tiles will be the best way to solve that problem.

        • L33t4opera

          Hi @Nekomajin43:disqus, you can change the size of the tiles manually, but in the Preferences file, under the “speeddial” section, as it is shown below:"speeddial": {
          "big_thumbnails": false,
          "column_count": 11,
          "hide_plus_button": true,
          "hide_search_box": true,
          "tile_height": 137,
          "tile_width": 137
          To make it more comfortable to edit, you can use python for pretty printing – it is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

          • Nekomajin43

            Thanks! But I’d like not to edit config files manually. Those times have passed.

      • Nekomajin43

        Btw, the speed dial should have a dark background when Dark theme is enabled for those, who don’t use any wallpaper.

    • Raszlo

      Have you tried this?

      • Trevor Gough

        Yes, I did and it will work for Speed Dial making more speed dials available in each row. BUT, here is the drawback with that: Bookmarks, News, History, and other internal pages are very small and harder to read. I have to zoom back out for those pages to read them comfortably.

    • Stefan Ivanović

      Have you checked ‘Maximum number of columns’ option in Preferences>Browser, somewhere near the end of the page. Increase that number and check if that helps.

      Request: PLEASE separate zoom level of Start page and other opera pages like Setting, Bookmarks, Downloads, that would make things so much easier to manage on smaller screens, like e.g. 1366×768 laptops, which, I believe, are vast majority of laptops resolution

      • Trevor Gough

        Thank you, Stefan, for that idea in the preferences/settings. Unfortunately, I already had it set at “8.” Even adjusting to “11” did not make a difference.

        Your request to Opera here is excellent, too. I agree with such a request.

  • Nekomajin43

    FINALLY! Huge thanks!

    However, there are two issues still. The button of the tab menu is not aligned with the new tab button. And the top of the sidebar should be in line with the top of the tabs.

    And it seems the Settings and History button don’t rotate on the sidebar.

    • Thanks. We’re not done yet. All feedback is really appreciated.

    • Herr Pietrus

      I suppose that they won’t align the whole sidebar with the tabs, but aligning the opera icon with the tab’s line will be nice

  • Max

    Still there is huge commit and working set mem. usage in x64 build! Potentially related to VPN?

  • Regnas

    Looking good… Thx..

    Next stop: Built in notes support? 🙂

    Also is it possible to have more info in the desktop notification popup? See:

    • Next stop more useless messengers.

      • Regnas

        Well, Telegram is not useless to me… 🙂
        Oh, and skype would be useful to me too…
        Cheers………… 😉

        • Yes some people will find some of them useful, but if they’d let us add the sites we want you could add skype yourself, instead of waiting for them to add it, if they plan to add it.

          • Nekomajin43

            Problem solved, everyone happy. Time to stop the bloat, and implement general web panels.

  • redfox

    I see the tab corners still sharp, not rounded, so it’s not a completely Windows 7 look.

    • True. Our target was to use aero frame for window, tab styling is a different topic.

  • Bruno

    Why the hover animation on Speed Dial was removed?

    • Nekomajin43

      Because it was very annoying.

      • Artex

        I liked it made it feel more unique than other speeddials

        • Night Man

          i didnt like it .. it was annoying

          • Artex

            It’s such a small thing though and I didn’t realize till I actually looked at the speeddial as I click it… plus it is the only speeddial that did that which I though was unique and very cool.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      It seems that people didn’t like it.

    • Regnas

      Yeah, that was a bad move…

    • We want to experiment with that a little more. There are some that like it, others find it too annoying (also internally) 🙂

      • Kai Ockendorf

        I like the animation! An Idea: why don’t you give us an option like “Reduced Animations”…as it is on iPhones? Would be good for all of us 😉

  • Raszlo

    Nice icons, but let’s go even further with changes – icons in bookmarks are terrible:

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Why? I see no problems with them.

      • Raszlo

        For instance folder icon looks like a placeholder, temporary image to fill the box. I use bookmarks manager alot and this icon distracts me every time. It’s just a detail, but redesign is a sum of small changes, right? 😉

    • There are really quite a lot of icons in the product. If you take into account different resolutions to handle you end up with numerous icons to prepare. Because we want them to look really good, different sizes are not just a result of automated work – each icon is manually polished.

      We started with first round of icon changes. Some updates will follow. Then we can look into second round 🙂

  • led9ru

    “Windows 7 native look and feel”? – WRONG. FAKE AND BAD =


    I think that among the developers there is a pest.

    • Artex

      perhaps if you actually used win7 without any themes installed it will work as well.

  • Leonardo Gomes

    I liked the Speed Dial animation.

    • x a

      I didn’t like it. It was too wobbly, too obtrusive.

      • Was it that particular animation that you didn’t like or any animation on a speed dial is not acceptable for you?

        • x a

          I don’t need one and I prefer it un-animated as it is now, but I wouldn’t mind a less obtrusive animation – and some people could find more “dynamics” attractive (esp. first time users of Opera).

          • Any examples of animation that you would find less obstructive?

          • x a

            I could think of kinds of border/shadow/glow effects… But then again, I’m not sure and I’m probably not the best person to ask for suggestions and creative visions, anyway: as I said, I don’t need an animation on speed dial tile hover.

          • Stanislav Stratil

            I agree with x a.
            No animation, but border/shadow/glow effects would be nice. Maybe something similar like when you press TAB on speed dial?

        • Nekomajin43

          There is no need of any animation. The cursor already changes, and the menu button appears too on hover.

    • Regnas

      I’m with you mate…

    • Wando Schneider

      What Animations?

      • Leonardo Gomes

        The SD icons ‘jumped’ a litte when you put the mouse over them.

  • Pavel A.

    Is there going to be a Fullscreen button for the pop out player? Is it difficult to implement?

  • Loysek

    This is shaping real nice – but the speed dial animation will be missed.

  • Trevor Gough

    The indicator to show that there are new Personal News newsfeeds never stops showing up for me in this Opera 45 Developer version. In Opera 44 Stable when clicking on the icon to open up the Personal News page, the indicator goes off as would be expected.

    This intermittently happens. It’s not consistent. I see no pattern to this described problem happening intermittently.

    • Never happened to me. Please update if you find a clue for reproduction steps.

  • tibukto

    Thanks for the update.
    The Win 7 native look and feel is a welcome improvement.
    Now, could you PLEASE add an option to disable private browsing animation?
    It doesn’t bring anything useful to the table and it’s annoying.
    Everything in a browser should be static unless user activates it.
    Or at least provide us with a .pak file that does not have that annoying animated gif in it.
    Thank you very much.

    • Glad you like Win 7 look improvements 🙂

      You don’t like the new animation? Did you find previous one annoying too?

      Anyway if you want to disable the animation (and the information screen) all you have to do is to tick “do not show again” at the bottom of the screen. Voila – no animation – you jump straight into private mode.

      • tibukto

        No, the previous one was not distracting or annoying, probably because the animation was short and there was little movement in it.
        Thanks for the tip, I checked the “Do not show again” option, now it’s even better than before.

  • Marek

    It just gets shittier with the two last updates..

    • novainc

      Would you mind elaborating on what is it that is making it worse in your opinion? Otherwise it’s not particularly helpful to anybody.

      • Marek

        Sorry, yes. I really liked the first dark mode, when whole upper bar was dark and nice flat open/close buttons which fitted to the theme. The whole “native windows 7 look improvements” made it actually worse for me and I see many people agree with this here. I liked the little speed dial animation too.

  • Trevor Gough

    The tab bar is wider or thicker in Opera 45 Developer than in Opera 44 Stable. I don’t think that is a positive development for Developer.

    I know this is just personal opinion, but I think the look of Opera 44 and prior is much more distinct and elegant than the proposed look for version 45 and beyond.

    It would be especially nice to have the option of keeping the look of Opera 44 for version 45 and beyond.

  • Rafał Wrzesiński

    A może dostosowanie paska bocznego do gridu Windows 10?:)

    • Please use english next time.
      Interesting point of view. That’s why I like getting feedback our blogs 🙂

      • Юлия

        If you consider that, also consider small taskbar.

  • tarkus

    First, why the removal of the Speed Dial animation effect is a cosmetic improvement? Second, with all due respect, cosmetics is the one and only issue that you shouldn’t be concerned about! Other functional improvements must be your priority to implement (tab manipulation, mouse gestures improvements etc.)! Thanks for the development, but please do not forget the other serious stuff!

    • novainc

      Having a stable, working browser is obviously higher in the priority list, since it’s expected and it’s usually what we get with the stable releases, but cosmetics should NOT be neglected even in the developer channel, since they need feedback on what’s going to be seen by a large amount of existing and potentially new users whenever it reaches stable. It’s like making a delicious cake that looks like crap… no one is gonna want to give it a try.

  • Balcis

    this dev version is great and also reborn idea is another one for the people who likes to try new things. thank you for both (dev4reborn) and also you’ll always have requests (like addon sync 😉 ).

    good work.

    • Request are fine. They help us shaping the product. Unfortunately we can’t implement them all.

      Enjoy the new build!

  • Der Herr Nick

    Nice work, folks!
    But icons on sidebar and addon icons are still quite not-so-well-aligned on HiDPI.

    • x a

      Same goes for standardDPI (Win10).

    • To be fixed!

      • Der Herr Nick


  • x a

    Hangouts extension does not work for me on Windows 10 as well as on Linux since last dev version: the popup window content does not progress beyond the “-bubble after login.

    Also since last dev version, the Google Chromecast extension does not successfully initiate streaming of YouTube videos anymore (didn’t work in earlier versions of Opera/dev, but in at least the two builds before the last build).

    • Kornelia

      I’ll report this issue, thanks.

  • beBoss

    the adblock still doesn’t block ads at all:

    check the site carefully and test your blocker. Poping windws all the time, ads every where.
    P.s. i am using ublock too, and both cant block poping windows and some ads, so yeah…

    • Kornelia

      I’ve checked this site and looks good to me. I can see a difference between adblock on/off mode…

    • Leonardo Gomes

      It’s probably a 10+ year old issue. Opera’s pop-up blocker was never really able to block pop-ups generated by a click on a link.

  • Oskar

    Looking forward to test this! But I really loved the speed dial animation!
    Also, please fix synching of passwords between pc and android. Seriously, we’re well into 2017 here, this should not be an issue.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Password sync wasn’t implemented in Opera for Android yet. In fact, it wasn’t in any Opera for mobile devices.

      • Oskar

        Yeah, by fix it I mean implement it. Feels like it should be a priority for Opera to be able to call themselves a modern browser. Sure you could use lastpass or something, but that is not the point. It should be seamless to switch between desktop and mobile.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Well, you can ask the mobile team:

          • beBoss

            mobile team sucks, they haven updated Opera mini for iOS for one year already…

          • Leonardo Gomes

            Well, they are the ones that can implement passwords sync in Opera for mobile OSs.

  • Singgih

    After updated to the latest verstion of Opera Developer, I cannot access my localhost, it said “connection refused”
    why this happen? please fix it.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Try disabling Turbo.

      • Singgih

        Wow.. it works.. thankyou!

  • Tratsing

    Opera right-click menu from Windows 10 64-bit taskbar is showing this time white icons in front of items and clicking on these items have no effect. Previous version was ok. But antepenultimate version had the same problem but small icons were with different color. I can open Opera from taskbar only in normal mode with left-click.

    • Kornelia

      This looks like an installation issue (some items, like icons were not installed properly). Could you remove Opera and try to install it again?

      • Tratsing

        Does this remove all Opera settings and my bookmarks?

        • Kornelia

          `Delete my Opera user data` DO NOT CHECK THIS ONE while uninstalling. Then in this path C:Users[username]AppDataRoamingOpera Software you’ll find all your profile.

      • Max

        Or the problem could be non-default install path? Task for new window should work? In x86 build there is no such list! In x64 build there is huge mem. leak of 1.5 GiB for 4 tabs!

        • Tratsing

          Task for new window works but it is annoying to do 2 clicks instead 1.

  • _artem_

    why you still don’t allow us to rearrange extension icons?

    • Nekomajin43


  • Nashuim

    Been getting this every time I open Slack. Doesn’t happen with Chrome, anyone knows what’s up?

    • Kornelia

      Seems that Slack decided not to support some browsers. We’re in contact with @SlackHQ to find a solution to this problem.

      • Nashuim

        Hope you get a positive response!

        I asked them as well and they said that they’ll only support “the latest and most popular browsers”.

  • Gábor Kovács

    Hello! How can I move the full (stable) opera settings to another machine? With plugins, dbs, everything? Is there any program that will help me? Like Firefox and MozBackup. Thank you!

    • Kornelia

      Hi, in profile folder you can find preferences file which you can copy to other opera profile folder. Sync can synchronise most of main settings except ad block or themes settings. Before you make any profile changes please make profile folder backup.

  • kamiszczu

    I suggest to unify and make similar icons for telegram, messenger and whatsapp

  • Denyer

    How are those side-tabs coming along?

  • iPristy

    So skin is finally unified for both Win7 and 10, if i’m not mistaken, that’s about time.
    Maybe more colors for/as dark theme and main menu too. If i don’t use speed dial or is empty maybe get smart dials by most visited pages. Sometimes i like this warm water exploration like Opera is doing but i’m mostly Chrome user for now.

  • cr2004

    Please resign from the “moving sidebar” and make new buttons (“Messenger”, “Whatsapp”…) work like old buttons (“Speed Dial”, “Bookmarks”….).

    Resign from this functionality: “Pin Sidebar” please 🙂

    Which means it would be better if a new Opera will look like in the link below:

    A scrren from that link shows the moment when you open FB Messenger…

    In my opinion in the present layout of the developer updates there is a “lack of consistency” 🙁

    One good thing that you already resign from the “moving&jumping” tiles of “Speed Dial”

    Best of luck…

    • cr2004

      …..”already resigned”….

    • Nekomajin43

      +1 for moving the sidebar under the toolbar

    • x a

      I consider the left hand band (other than in the screenshot the side bar has a dark background over here even with the light theme) (a) modern looking and (b) a good, calm, rather static reference point for the eye.

  • Patrick F

    is there a way to install the chromecast extension as it can’t be found on the chrome extension store anymore 🙁

    • Artex

      you won’t need chrome cast for youtube and a few other browsers, since its integrated into the browser, chrome and opera. there should be on youtube or some other side a cast button

      • Patrick F

        i can’t find a cast button in youtube videos, on netflix ecc … at least not in opera v44 …

        • Artex

          you should be looking for this icon
          If you don’t see it then it’s coming in version 45, as I’m on the dev build and can find it.

          • Patrick F

            yep i know that icon, it was there until i removed the chrome extension, but it does not appear without it 🙂
            ok, let’s wait for v45 final, … thanks 🙂

          • Leonardo Gomes

            Chromecast isn’t working in Opera by now and based on some comments I’ve read I guess it will take a time to starting working due to legal reasons.

  • Herr Pietrus

    new icons are really nice!
    support for Aero is what we asked for and it’s great that it’s a real support not the imitation of the native theme!

    great news and really good work!

    but new sidebar still looks a bit odd because the application window has not only the aero frame but also some strange tiny white border on the bottom and on the right edge 🙂

    what do you think about using the selected windows UI color for the sidebar – as I understand title bar will be gray or dark gray on windows 10 so perhaps the sidebar should be less boring?

    • Vux777

      but new sidebar still looks a bit odd…

      wait… just “odd”, not “ugly” ?! ๏̯͡๏


      • Herr Pietrus

        yeah, just odd!
        you see, I’m able to like many nice things 🙂

      • Artex

        The new sidebar looks way better than the old one as well as Vivaldi’s sidebar. Which is awesome.

    • _artem_

      don’t even try to activate dark theme… you eyes gonna drip out

      • Herr Pietrus

        They should at least switch the colors of the window and the address field. But still I don’t understand why the difference between them must be so distinct. In the normal theme light gray, which is the color of the window, doesn’t differ so much from the address field background.

  • Dany Gee

    The speeddial animation was dope. I vote to bring it back.
    Rest of this update is OK!

    • sasa 117

      They Shuold add a Button to trun it On or Off

      • Artex


  • Opera Stable 44 (not sure of version as I went back to 43!) magnet links will not download?
    Opera Developer 45.0.2545.0 (PGO) magnet links will not download?
    Opera Stable 43.0.2442.1144 (PGO) magnet links download! 🙂
    ( But constant “Out of Memory issues in 43? – Like really bad OOM issues!!!)

    Also, with version(s) 43 PGO upwards – Plug-In’s menu is gone (cannot disable News feed handler or PDF reader as of 43?) – Iobit calls it ad-ware?

    Yes I know this is a Chrome “thing” – but why is there no way to “disable/remove” the News Feed Handler or PDF reader plug ins?

    Love the new look and things you are adding – but please fix old issues and stop breaking things that used to work.

    Also “Windows 7 native look and feel” updates are stunning and the “Dark theme” is something I cannot do without now!!
    Love that “dark” option so darn much!!!


    Leonardo Gomes – Pls stay away from my posts – thanks

    • sasa 117

      +1 Those issues is annoying

    • Artex

      As far as i know i can open magnet links with opera which causes the torrent app to open, like on any other browser. The news feed is not an extension by any means, so whats popping up there isnt the opera news feed. Or at least it shouldnt be.

      • Thanks Artex – magnet links work in Opera Stable 43.0.2442.1144 (PGO) as they should!
        Also Firefox, and Vivaldi have no issue opening them either!
        So it’s not an app or client issue, same with v43 of opera. works great.

        Did a fresh install of 44, stable and 45 developer – notification window pops up – but will not open in torrent client?

        Deleted all info in:
        Install: C:Program FilesOpera
        Profile: C:UsersOwnerAppDataRoamingOpera SoftwareOpera Stable
        Cache: C:UsersOwnerAppDataLocalOpera SoftwareOpera Stable

        Still not downloading (loading) as they should?!

        ” The news feed is not an extension” – correct its a plug in that cannot be removed or disabled anymore?

    • ChinChin

      It’s working fine here with opera 45 dev and uTorrent Beta
      Even with uTorrent closed, when click magnet link, uTorrent open with the download file view normally.

      • Its driving me nuts – cannot figure that one out?

        Somehow my Opera dev 45 won’t open magnet links in uTorrent on Windows 7.

        I Associated torrent files in uTorrent. (Options>Preferences>General).

        I have tried un / reinstalling Opera and utorrent.

        When I first tried to download a magnet link – a pop up asked if I wish to download – yes!
        Associate file with utorrent – yes!
        But then nothing???
        Click the magnet file again – just asks if I want to continue download???

        Torrent and magnet links are associated with utorrent in both Firefox and Vivaldi , and work perfectly!!!

        I have tried editing in regedit. Not needed as “magnet” is associated with utorrent already!
        “C:UsersOwnerAppDataRoaminguTorrentuTorrent.exe” “%1” /SHELLASSOC

        Closed Opera and – I have tried editing the “local state” file so it says: “magnet”:false and removed that line so it asks me to launch application where I click “launch application”

        Renamed both local state and preferences to xxxx.bak – and restarted Opera – tried again – nope? Still won’t work???

        I tried to add utorrent for magnet links in the content settings in Opera but I can’t select it. Only malto is listed?

        I tried setting the default program for torrent files in Windows 7 default programs settings, but I can’t find utorrent in the list of available programs.

        Am I missing something?

        • ChinChin

          Maybe the .torrent not assigned with uTorrent is the problem ?
          I just checked mine and it is right.

          I had a downgrade version of Standard uTorrent yesterday,
          and the Magnet didn’t work, it did not recognize any program to open it.

          I tried to uninstall uTorrent, and I just couldn’t do it, it does come out from the list of programs, but if I searched with Windows + S and typed uTorrent it appears there and I could open it normally,

          What i did was use Geek to Force uninstall and delete registry of uTorrent, although i needed to delete the uTorrent in ProgramFiles manually.

          Then i installed the Beta uTorrent and it recognize with the 2 pop ups you said.

          That’s my case, the difference with yours is the set of uTorrent as .torrent default program.

          Try to use Geek like i did. Maybe it help.

  • Night Man

    if There was a Thing Like that :
    Too Many People will be happy
    it will be Cool if that going on opera Soon

    if you Like it Reply to me

    • AlyomMuseder Als

      its look good

    • sasa 117

      Lit it wOHA

    • Spidersim

      it is real ??

      • cand alovers

        no its not but i hope so

      • Night Man

        It’s a modified image only

  • Idaham Cooper

    There is a glitch, maybe someone else has seen it. When accessing the VPN toggle, the browser freezes. As I tried the settings route to disable the VPN, I could not deselect the check box for VPN enable. Anyone else suffered with this? Opera Dev 45.0.2545.0; Win10 Pro

    • Artex

      I do not have this issue…

    • Ralf Brinkmann

      No, not here.

  • Not the issue – Like I said it’s the NEW opera versions both stable and developer from 44+ stable (45 developer) that do not open magnet links! Period!!!
    43, 42, 41 …… all worked and “Still” work as intended!
    Same with Firefox, and Vivaldi
    Torrent client is NOT the issue – it’s what ever changed in the newest versions.
    Also not an extension or profile issue as I used both an import of my old profile data and a fresh “blank” profile – still just a pop up – then nothing!!!

    • Artex

      I am using the newest Opera 45 dev and I can download magnets like every other browser, so I don’t think its the browser’s issue, sorry but I don’t know why cannot download magnets properly. I can even show you if you want that everything is working properly for me and that no plug ins in Opera like the one you showed…at least for the devs

      • Weird – for sure – wish I knew how to fix it then?
        All I get in 45 dev is a “confirm you download” pop up then nothing….or nothing at all – meaning the “magnet icon” does absolutely nothing at all.
        But works perfectly in 43 stable?
        Tried a new profile (blank) in 45 dev and also tried importing my 43 stable profile – still nada?
        I am stuck and confused now then?

        Thanks so much for the info Artex 🙂
        Just wish I had a clue how to fix it on my end?

        • Artex

          There is a work around for getting magnet links even if it doesn’t open the application.
          Right click on the magnet link and open in new tab, then copy url and go to your torrent client. Click on the add magnet link and paste the link.
          Sorry I couldn’t help ☹Hopefully this work around is good enough for the time being.

          • Only works if the tracker list is small – too long it will not load?
            (Yes I can delete trackers but?)
            Also – if i “disable notifications on this page” – how do I get them to show up again?

          • C3bulA

            This is great! Thank you for that man. After opening in the new tab the popup to open magnets in opera as default opened and now i can click on magnet links like before. I think something is preventing associations to be added during installation somehow…. or it is another issue. Anyway workaround is perfect.

          • Artex

            Glad to be of help

  • Vlad T

    Is there any way to fix bad fonts visibility? It seems that it is Chromium engines problem (there are no problems with Firefox and Edge browsers).
    I see this issues for some sites (for example only using my laptop with 1366×768 screen resolution.

    Issue example (Opera | Edge)

  • redfox

    LOL, Opera 12.18 not supported here on Opera blog 🙂
    “Sorry, the browser you are using is not currently supported. Disqus actively supports the following browsers: Firefox
    Internet Explorer 11+

    • Leonardo Gomes

      And why should it be? It’s an old browser.

  • Spiryts

    After updating opera i got problem with youtube, when i watch 720p 60, video is choking, video without 60 fps and 1080p 60 don’t have that problem.

    • ChinChin

      Same here with Dell 5548, the solution is enable the #ignore-gpu-blacklist, even thought it increases a lot the use of the Graphic Card, around 60% usage more or less with 100% jumps. Already report that.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Any example videos?

      • Spiryts

        I did not check too many videos, I noticed that in a few yutube video I watch, it was a little irritating, so I just change yutube video to 480 or 1080.

      • ChinChin

        This one for example with #ignore-gpu-blacklist disable is impossible to watch in 1080p 60 fps.


        • Leonardo Gomes

          That video plays fine here on a PC with I5-4590 and HD Graphics 4600.

  • Great!!!! It keeps looking Good! Opera is The One.


  • Matheus Bitencourt

    i know this is not the place, but I think here someone can answer me this:

    Why the hell is FIREFOX so sluggish and slow? It takes seconds sometime to open a single tab, and it’s really slow after 5 tabs openned. I tried in several machines, and it’s always SLOW despite the OS.

    I tried to ask this at the Firefox community, but they blamed (as always) my machine. That’s why I’m asking here, where I could find people with technical knowledge. Chrome/Opera/Edge runs SUPER-FAST on my machine. It’s a good machine indeed.

    Someone has a guess? A technical opinion?

    • Wando Schneider

      A really old codebase that doesn’t deal with multi process.
      Edited: I forgot to mention: They are creating a new programing language to rewrite firefox’s codebase, it’s called Rust, and they are trying to deliver more speed to the browser with it.

      • Ari

        And also a really stupid race Firefox devs are running for pumping up version number, without even knowing what changing a whole version number means.

      • Matheus Bitencourt

        Could you be more specific?
        Firefox has electrolysis already, but it doesn’t show improvements on my machine.

        • Wando Schneider

          Electrolysis on Gecko it’s a poor attempt (They only split into 2 processes; browser’s chrome and web content). Gecko is really old and it can’t use all the power of modern hardware. Now, they are working on a New engine called SERVO, developed using a brand new language – RUST – to revamp the browser core, in order to handle better these powerfull hardware.

      • MrAdminus

        Yes I’m sure it would be fine for Firefox when it’s done.. in about 5 years or so, unfortunately users don’t wait!
        Ex Firefox user, it’s just to slow today..

  • bratpit


    Sub-menu after expand is visable /expandable/ only once.
    After that.
    You must colapse main menu to expand sub-menu again.

    • Ewa Mieżejewska

      Thanks, reported

  • Simon Zhu

    could add twitter clinet on sidebar??

  • Ariane Lu

    It’s possible to support different scale on two screen? I have one screen with 100% scale, another is 125% (default screen), When i drag Opera from default screen to another, it was blurred.

  • MrAdminus

    Afraid that Opera is trying to do to much at the same time, except for us nerds normal users hate changes. I Wish Opera had one main stabil version across all platforms. Beta versions should be for beta testers. Me..? -I just love Opera, use it on all my platforms.

  • cr2004

    I don’t understand why my last coment was recognized as a spam?

    “You decided to combine those new buttons (“FB Messenger”, “Whatsapp”…) with existing buttons of Speed Dial Page (like “Settings”, “Bookmarks”).
    First, the new buttons look different (they have their own icons, that do not fit to your new icons of the buttons of this new Opera).
    Second, those new buttons, do not work like the old buttons… Therefore my suggestion was to resign from this new functionality.
    I propose that this new sidebar would be good to separate from those old-speed-dial buttons, or, if it is possible make those new buttons work like the old ones…. see the link below:
    If you separate new sidebar and old speed dial buttons you would at least preserve some kind of consistency in that layout….”

    let see…

  • Alexandr Kucherenko

    Guys, please add messages in your new panel!

  • Whipme

    Bring back sections for News, you amateurs! :S

  • Lizon Nn

    We can’t add extensions in the sidebar?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Nope, only in the extensions sidebar.

  • Lutero Skepta

    good one Mp3 Download

  • Njoku George Chigozie
  • faith
  • faith
  • faith

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  • CC

    it cannot play videos; crashes all the time. Can I roll back to the older version until you fix this one?

  • Ovidiu Alba

    ….. and to be honest ,is worst interface ever , opera 42 was good looking interface but this….a big step back guys ,revers it to opera 42

  • Daniel Rios

    There are some bugs on Linux version, on of them is the error to sync passwords

  • Дмитрий 1A343

    Oh no. Opera after 42 version is piece of shit with bugs, and now with shitty interface.

  • Can Tezcan

    system color on top bar option doesnt work anymore and when you turn on night mode,bookmark tabs and even opera menu tabs are still white color. Also did you erased Opera menu Download,history etc folders icons?

  • Bun-Bun

    Is there an option to go back to the old UI? Or force the windows 7 version? I am on Windows 8.1 and the new UI looks god awful. The contrast between tabs and UI elements is non existent and everything looks like windows 10 which I hate.

  • Mastermind

    is it me or do things load just a bit faster?

  • angie Smith

    since the new update opera wont let me click on certain links on the BBC IPlayer page, like channels and categories, i have to use firefox to use it 🙁

  • Extension icons in the toolbar are displayed improperly. See screenshot
    it’s like they’re shifted to the bottom

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  • nsbox nsns

    And still no bookmarks export option.. thats quite not serious..

  • Entplanet_media
  • ayo adekola

    Love opera mini