Unusual for a Thursday and unusual for the second time one week – we’ve got a developer update for you!

Recently, we started to get significantly more crashes on x86 builds. We are still trying to figure out cause for this sudden boost of crashes. That’s why the Windows 32-bit builds will, for now, come without PGO in order to to help us asses if optimization is to be blamed for this.

Besides that, there are plenty of ad blocker and narrow sidebar fixes for you to start testing this week.

Known issues:

Windows 7 users might notice that there is a crash notification after the update. We discovered that it does not cause further issues for Opera after the update and it will be fixed shortly.

Take a look at the changelog for more details.

See you soon!

Installation links:

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  • Kurt Zon

    Thanks for this pleasant surprise – downloading and testing..

  • Leonardo Gomes

    I was thinking we would see a beta. 🙂

  • gantonacci

    Please take a look at this:
    Hoping that It will be fixed in 45 version 😉

  • Afonso

    when you killed 12, I was happy to learn that at least the NOTEs on the sidebar had survived via V7 Notes, now it is gone again. Here to let you know that I have dozen of pre written emails + c.o details and that it would be a GREAT PITY to see that also killed 🙂

    • Vux777

      just tested it in this build x64 and notes are working fine…
      what kind of problems you are experiencing?..and pls write your system spec (os and opera build)

  • PakSae

    VPN still makes memory leak.

    • Vikruntasas

      This. The bug has returneth 🙁

      Please fixeth away ^^

  • Alexs

    Compositing bug is not fixed.

    please fix DNAWIZ-13537

    • Kornelia

      It’s been three days since you’ve reported this bug. Relax 🙂

  • pauloaguia

    It’s funny – I’m on Win7, 64 bits and upgraded earlier this week and never experienced a crash. After you posted this, my Opera browser crashed 4 times – it restarted every time but after the last one I completely lost my open tabs.
    I have just confirmed I’m upgraded to this build (can’t say for sure if that was the case before any of those crashes)

    • Kornelia

      Yes, this is the crash we’re aware of and it is possible that after the crash loop you lost you opened tabs. Sorry for that.

  • Shtorov

    Please, add ability add custom site/page to sidebar.Please!
    I wan’t add into sidebar Google Keep, VK.Com,(maybe) Yandex.Music, (maybe) Twitterб not just only three hardcoded messangers which I don’t use 🙁
    This opportunity is needed not only for me, i think.
    Sorry for bad English

  • ChinChin

    [ SOLVED ] video (Youtube, twitch, vimeo) playback choking
    After todays update, Opera Dev is using my amd R7 m260 GPU for rendering youtube videos.
    It’s a lot smooth ! I printed for you guys. AMD Graphic Card is full operational on videoplayback.
    I couldn’t find Opera on AMD Power Settings to see if it still saying ” To ensure compability, the application is blocked “. But when it appears i will post here.

    So, when i unplug the power source, it is configured to reduce power consumption, but the integrated graphic card keep running, and just when i close Opera (like a restart) and open again, it uses the Intel HD 5500 and “disable” the integrated. It’s working like a charm now.

  • novainc

    It seems a lot of people want to be able to add custom pages to the sidebar. I also support this request, since I think split view would make for a great feature overall.

    • Balcis

      let me add something. not only adding custom pages to sidebar but also having their notifications shown like whatsapp or telegram (or messenger).

  • Max

    Please always extract new version to static path. Currently, Opera exe is located in 45.0.2548.0 folder and every new version will add new entry in Windows Firewall!

    • Kornelia

      Sorry, but I don’t think there’s much we can do about this.

      • Max

        Add new Updater next to launcher? Currently running Opera process will extract new version. Instead, when we press RestartNow it will launch updater which will rename/delete old “current” folder and extract new version in new “current” folder?

  • Veles

    Need to add the sync extensions

  • Hi everyone 🙂
    Player.pl is not working on developer versions. Did you know about that ? I have an error:

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘needkey’ of null
    at b.value (player.js:3)
    at new b (player.js:3)
    at b.value (player.js:3)
    at player.js:3
    at a.value (player.js:3)
    at player.js:4
    at a.value (player.js:3)
    at XMLHttpRequest.g.onreadystatechange (player.js:3)

    • Kornelia

      What’s your operating system Paweł?

      • It’s Windows 10 v. 1607, OS Build 14393.953

        • Rafał Krupski

          Video playback on player.pl does not work with Chrome browser (beta, 58.0.3029.41) either, so it seems to be Chromium related issue. I reported that on bugs.chromium.org.

  • Forsythe Jones

    And since the new update cpu usage is through the roof (it tries to stay at 100% as much as possible). This is exactly why I migrated from Firefox so it’s disappointing to be back to the same old same old.

    • Marko Koivuniemi

      What os, any extensions? How many tabs? Cannot confirm here in my Windows 10 64-bit machine. Didn’t tested yet with my Macbook. I think I have over 100 tabs in both. But nowadays I use “The Great Suspender” which I like a lot when dealing with (too much) tabs.

      • Forsythe Jones

        Win 7 64bit, 2 tabs (one is YouTube, video content seems to be what’s spiking the hell out of the cpu usage though on one single page, no other tabs, without video content the cpu usage is still higher than it ought to be) with adblock plus.
        Not sure why the browser got all resource-hungry all of a sudden post-update but I hope it doesn’t stay that way.

        • L33t4opera

          Hi, please go to opera:flags#ignore-gpu-blacklist, and enable it, restart the Opera, and see if this helps in your case.

  • alexandrep56

    I really like the new Reborn UI and new stuffs, really you’ve done a good job ! 🙂
    But i’m still waiting for emojis integration for the TouchBar on the new MacBook Pro ! 😉

  • BlB

    Dear devs I’ll again ask you what is going on with bookmarks extraction in an external file? Is it possible this to be done within Opera 45?

    Could you add to side panel wire messenger – it is open source and secure.

  • Loysek

    Speaking of dark theme (in this developer build) or addition to it – when loading a web page there is a blank white screen for a brief time (before the page is loaded). Is it possible for that blank screen to be dark gray?

    Something like you did (I think it was with the latest stable version) with opening an image or gif – the background is now dark gray (it was white before).

    Nothing crucial – I’m just curious.

  • Azamat

    How can I disable auto update? It’s useless on Linux.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      On Windows you could try renaming the auto updater executable file. Maybe you can do the same on Linux.

  • oldq

    Removed the white bar at the bottom of the express panel when the browser was opened – now it needs to be done in a stable version

  • filbo

    Solved: recent builds of opera-developer have been lagging like crazy. I finally noticed that it had 60+ processes running, corresponding to my 60+ open tabs. Why do I have 60 tabs open? Irrelevant.

    I *had* tuned Opera to only run processes for tabs which I had interacted with since restart. Some recent update changed either my settings or Opera’s interpretation of those settings.

    An hour ago I had these settings, and Opera started a process for every tab:

    In opera://flags/,

    Background tab throttling
    “Throttle timers in background tabs”
    ==> Default (enabled)

    Only auto-reload visible tabs
    “Pages that fail to load while the browser is offline will only be auto-reloaded if their tab is visible.”
    ==> Enabled

    Extended lazy session loading
    “Changes mode of operation of lazy session loading so that all tabs are gradually loaded in the background.”
    ==> Disabled

    Lazy session loading enabled by default
    “Enables the ‘Delay loading of background tabs’ setting by default.”
    ==> Disabled

    In opera://settings/,

    [x] Show advanced settings

    On startup
    [x] Delay loading of background tabs


    This is either the configuration that has been working for me for months, and is being interpreted differently; or Opera changed one of those settings without my telling it to do so.

    Today I needed to change the last of the flags settings, i.e.:

    Lazy session loading enabled by default
    “Enables the ‘Delay loading of background tabs’ setting by default.”
    ==> Enabled

    I would expect this to have no effect when I had it turned on in Settings, but it did.

    Now I am back to a sane 15-20 tabs; memory is no longer overwhelmed, machine is no longer swapping. Whew.

    • filbo

      IF YOU WANT THE SAME (that is: when Opera starts up with a many-tab session, don’t load tabs until you visit them):

      1. Open opera://flags/?search=tabs; set the first four to:

      #background-tab-throttling “Default (enabled)”
      (probably just “Enabled” is better, but I am documenting exactly what I have tested successfully)
      #offline-auto-reload-visible-only “Enabled”
      #extended-lazy-session-loading “Disabled”
      #lazy-session-loading-default-enabled “Enabled”

      2. Open opera://settings/?search=tabs; if “Show advanced settings” is not turned on (lower left), turn it on; then:

      [x] Delay loading of background tabs

      • filbo

        And of course this whole thing only makes sense if setting “On startup … Continue where I left off” is enabled. (Or, I suppose, “Open a specific page or set of pages”, with a large set of pages.)

  • yigido

    You told crash problem about browser but I see opera_updater.exe crashes at every start.
    After this error message from Windows, I can continue to use browser with no problem.
    Screenshot: https://vgy.me/p75AdA.jpg

  • Remi Flores

    is it possible to make opera developer my default browser ?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Yes, you can do it on Settings.

  • Tratsing

    Why Opera address bar suggests unbookmarked link? If It is removed from bookmarks and browsing history/cache is emptied, then it should not appear anymore?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Did you empty the trash?

      • Tratsing

        Now I did it. I didn’t know that feature before 😀
        Is it possible to delete the Trash list automatically? Perhaps via CCleaner?

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Not that i know.

  • Balcis

    hi, after full screen on youtube than regular size makes this on os x. https://imgur.com/a/0WRVr

    • Kornelia

      Is it reproducible every time? I cannot see this problem.

  • Dmitriy

    The blue dot does not disappear, so it should be? Win8.1×64 (Opera 45.0.2548)

    • Kornelia

      It should disappear once you click the icon.

      • Dmitriy

        When you press on top of the left automatically disappears point and do not need to press left. And if you press the left, the point does not automatically disappear at the top!

  • Ariane Lu

    My both Opera installation freeze about every minute, then restore after about half minute, repeat.
    Not “no response”, just freeze… I’m using latest Windows 10 with O Stable and O Dev, one is fresh install without any plugin.
    Is this a known issue or it’s caused by some other software on my system?

  • Matheus Bitencourt

    When will they implement the TABs STACKING again? (like the Opera 11)
    In every post, I see people asking for this feature in the comments

  • Vlad

    The Opera does not work correctly in Windows 10 Creators Update х32. Is there an update planned for the new OS version?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      What doesn’t work?

      • Vlad

        Do not open the extension window, the synchronization window, the window for viewing site security information and the messenger window

  • Kay S

    Updated Opera Beta (Windows 10, 64 bit), and now unable to play video on any platform other than YouTube. I get various errors, depending on the platform, including “unsupported media”, “unexpected error”, and, on Amazon Video, error 7031. Yes, I know that’s a connection error, but my speeds are 220Mbps down, 12Mbps up, ping 15ms. Any suggestions?

  • Vux777
  • disqus_txter

    i cant load pages like http://fb.me/2vJ8pCvJ9

  • Sergey Kushnarev

    Sorry but i couldnt switch off autoupdating. i prefer to do it by hand