In today’s Opera stability release, we have included a number of fixes and improvements. Here, you can find a selection of these, in no particular order:

  • The bug where the video popout was closed on a different page refresh has now been fixed.
  • Some other minor issues and crashes related to the video popout have been fixed too.
  • The weird animation which occurred during opening a tab with middle-click is no more happening.
  • There are a few Personal News fixes, including proper management of incomplete pages.
  • Also, Chromium has been updated to the 54.0.2840.87 version.

For more details, please take a look at the changelog.

Also, as this is probably the last time I have contact with you as the blog note author, I would like to thank you all for all your commitment to help us build a better product. Keep it up and live your lives as best as you can!

Installation links:

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  • Leonardo Gomes

    (A stupid comment just to be the first 🙂 )

  • Still get a garbled Window on first load, with 3 windows shown and 3 in dock

    macOS 10.12.1

    • Kornelia

      Hi Chas4. Is it that minimised windows are garbled? Like the thumbnail? Because I see them white for the first few seconds after the restart and then it shows some content, which is pretty much garbled itself as the Dock’s thumbnail are rather small 🙂

      • Nope all windows that are not minimized to the dock, they look like missingno but it is the entire window

        It will go away if I click on the window, seems like the rendering is broken, does not happen with any other app

      • Nope this are non minimized windows, the windows are garbled until I click on them

      • Nope, only the unminimized ones

  • x a

    Best wishes, Aneta!

  • Eugene B.

    Link to this blog post contains *-54 instead of *-56:
    Plus the same in changelog.

    • Wojciech Jaszcz

      We will fix it. Thanks 🙂

      • Aneta Reluga

        And, done. Thanks.

  • Regnas


  • nanana1

    Really thankful that this Opera Stable update does not introduce the security warning under its Properties for files downloaded with this Stable version :

    “This file came from another computer and might be blocked to help protect this computer.”

    The current Opera Beta and Developer versions have this naggy security warning for all files downloaded with them.

    • Юлия

      I have that security warning too for every file. You can disable it system-wide if you want to: Information about the Attachment Manager in Microsoft Windows (look after “Do not preserve zone information in file attachments”).
      Note that if you use the regedit way, SaveZoneInformation=1 means you actually disable this behaviour (I know, weird wording)

      You can also remove that information in batch using NirSoft AlternateStreamView

      • nanana1

        Thank you for your reply !

        I’ve applied the “SaveZoneInformation=1” using the regedit function to disable the security warning nag system wide but with the current Opera Beta and Developer versions, all files downloaded with them still have this security warning.

        Nirsoft AlternateStreamView is a good software to remove the security warning nag tags but it requires time and efforts to do them every time.

    • Ari

      It will be in when Beta and/or Dev versions get to Stable of course. This is 41, and those are 42 and 43

      • nanana1

        It’s correct that Opera 41 is safe from this security warning nag so far.

        The last Opera 42 version that is safe is 42.0.2374.0 and later 42 releases including Opera 43 all have the security warning on their downloaded files.

  • PlonPlon

    Hello Aneta, I have a computer that is still on Windows XP and I am looking for a direct link to download the latest Opera for this platform (was it 36?). Where should I go? In advance, thank you! (I tried to download from the stable link today, got the .exe file but then nothing happened once I double-clicked it — it said it was downloading Win XP something but nothing happened, that’s why I’m looking for a full .exe file.)

    • Aneta Reluga

      Here you are. The direct link is available e.g. from here:

      By the way, thanks for the heads-up. The downloader should work, so it is a bug.

      • PlonPlon

        Thank you very much!

      • PlonPlon

        Sorry, one more question: Will I be able to install Opera 36 and still keep my Opera 12 on the same computer? Should I install Opera 36 on a different folder? Thanks for your help 🙂

        • Юлия

          You can have both installed. They use different folders by default: one of them is “Opera” and the other is “Opera Software”

          • PlonPlon

            Thanks Opera Team, you’re the best!

          • Юлия

            Oh, I’m just a regular user 🙂 You’re welcome.

  • K. K. VinayKumar

    Thank you, Opera. You are the best.

  • Spideymang

    Thank you for the update you always rock!!!
    greetings from Mexico City 😎

  • yigido

    For you last words, where are you going Aneta? Are you leaving Opera ?

  • SteveX

    Hi, what about DNA-56356? I see that after long time the bug with mouse pointer is still present.

    • BK

      Hi, sorry, it’s not fixed yet. We have other important crashes to fix for the time being.

      • firuz_u7

        I hope soon fix thank you for your work

  • John A.

    Please minimize the sizes of bars, or add an option to do it.
    And it coulld be good that adding a ‘zoom bar’.

  • Kai Ockendorf

    Dear Aneta! After I’ve read a sad tweet on Twitter from Ruari today mentioned Opera Oslo I thought: oh no what’s up there & now you write about “probably the last time I have contact with you” 🙁 do you have to leave because of this Chinese takeover?? I’m so sorry for you & head up!! We will miss you here!! All the best for you & your future 🙂

  • firuz_u7

    constantly loaded cursor around, I noticed in the Task Manager process is one that appears and disappears at the moment around the cursor download progress bar appears, and it is constant
    вот он: Расширение: Background worker

    постоянно грузиться около курсора, я заметил в диспетчере задач один процесс то появляется то пропадает и в тот момент около курсора появляется индикатор загрузки и это постоянна
    вот он: Extension: Background worker

  • firuz_u7

    изображения не сохраняться в bookmarks Opera stable 41.0.2353.46

    images are not saved to bookmarks Opera stable 41.0.2353.46

    • Leonardo Gomes

      What do you mean?

      • KAYOver

        I thought he mean thumbnails.

        • firuz_u7

          Yes can not be changed thumbnails in the bookmarks manager

          Да нельзя поменять эскиз в менеджере закладок

          • Leonardo Gomes

            It’s working here.

          • firuz_u7

            but I, too, sometimes 1-2 Sketch change but then again the rest of the default thumbnails are stored

            да у меня тоже иногда 1-2 эскиза меняются но потом опять остальные по умолчанию эскизах сохраняются

  • Jozef Pistej

    Gifs are not loading, Win 10 x64, O.41 Stable,

  • @anet_qa:disqus I have avoided writing on this blog (for obvious reasons) but just wanted to say that you have done a fantastic job with it since I left. Well done!!! And good luck to you and all the rest in Warsaw. Also those who went in Oslo and those few in Wroclaw who left a bit earlier.

    • I don’t know what happened but I wish you all the best.

      • Now I know something… I’m really sorry.

  • Regnas

    Hi Opera…
    Can we have an option to copy the link address from the bookmarks bar/pop-up? See an example:
    I do this operation a lot, so an option right there would be a time saver..

  • KAYOver

    Sad, it was a good browser… And I just wanted to go back to Opera and delete Chrome, before read latest news…
    R.I.P Opera
    1995 – 2017

    • Leonardo Gomes

      What latest news?

      • KAYOver

        If you know russian language go here (, or you can google it for yourself

        • Leonardo Gomes

          About Opera’s acquisition by the Chinese group? This is old news.

  • Cobalt
  • Facebook live videos are not playing (might be clicktoplay bug breaking the video player with a Facebook bug)– Takes a very long time to load (still strange)

    macOS 10.12.1

    • Kornelia

      I’m watching CNN live via Facebook right now and it’s working fine here.

      • No embedded videos, this is directly on Facebook

  • Sebastián Lalaurette

    You were laid off? Oh, that’s sad… but you’ll find success wherever you go, you’ll see. Your kindness and eagerness to help always shone in these pages. 🙂

  • Harry

    Can we assume at this point that Opera will never have a proper built-in sidebar bookmarks manager?

    • BK

      No 🙂 Regarding sidebar, some changes might be incoming in O44.

      • Nekomajin43

        Any hints?

  • Thank you, Opera. You are the best.

  • Marko Koivuniemi

    I was having situation that I have Opera and Opera Next in 32-bit (at least in Program Files (x86) folder and Opera Developer in Program Files- folder. Today (happened earlier) I think some update were installed and Opera Next (my main browser stopped working) just blank tabs and Opera’s process manager shows nothing but just Opera process. I downloaded recent Opera Next 64 manually. It offers to upgrade Opera in x86-folder. I didn’t do that but installed it in Program files-folder and then everything worked just fine. I think this happened earlier too in Developer stream.
    (And I wait something concrete and official announcement about Opera browser. where are browser developers now and in the near future if everyone is thrown away? )

    • Przemek Kudła

      Please let me clarify this.
      The situation was that your Opera Beta (former Next) stopped working. You suspect that it happened after an update. Am I correct?

      Manual installation recover from the situation, in fact, you installed a new software, so it seems not related to the problem.

      • Marko Koivuniemi

        I started my computer after a couple of days – I think my recent usage was with previous build. When starting my computer I see Opera Developer’s update trying to connect (F-Secure gives warning) – I allowed it. (That could be unrelated but it could be that at the same time also Opera Beta’s updater worked.) After a while I opened Opera Beta and it opened my session (2 windows and a lot of tabs) but without loadin tabs content – just blank ones. I tried to close Opera and start again – I waited but nothing happened. Then I tried to install Beta to right directory and it works with this old profile/session.
        So I didn’t manually to anything to this old installation – it just didn’t start normally after normal closing.

        • Przemek Kudła

          I guess you can not reproduce the problem, it will be difficult to spot a root-cause. We test every update, and didn’t notice such issue, so there must be something more that just the update.
          What system do you use?

          • Marko Koivuniemi

            I will try. I have Windows 10 64-bit. But this similar problem (Opera with blank tabs) has happened before in developer stream with someone else too. But it is possible that it’s just my messed up system because I always install all 3 streams and sometimes with autoupdate and sometimes with manual update.

  • Kai Ockendorf

    I’m sorry, but this is not the best build to be honest!! It has some random issues with loading pages…sometimes super fast & sometimes if you click on a Speeddial it takes longer to load or even to react! Didn’t happen with previous version! Also, it takes unusually long to reload the browser…so it is definitely something wrong. It reminds me of this strange behavior I mentioned on the Beta post!


    • I can confirm this. Immediately noticed these slowdowns after the update.

      • Kai Ockendorf

        I think the devs should have a deeper look at this!! O-Next & O-Dev also have these strange behaviors :/

    • Wojciech Jaszcz

      We will investigate it of course. Thanks for feedback!

      • Kai Ockendorf

        You are welcome & thanks for the reply!

      • Kai Ockendorf

        Can you please have a look at the Next & Dev branch as well?!! It’s even worse there & I believe it is related to it! Also please check this flag:


        if you turn it off, pages load faster & the Windows loading circle isn’t shown up that often! The browser responds more fluid…don’t really know why it is so!!


  • helsten2

    From (google translate):

    Friday last week Opera Software sent a stock exchange announcement that the sale of the consumer part of the company for $ 575 million is finalized.
    The Norwegian technology company is, in effect split into two. A few days later, it is clear that many employees are pushed out in the cold.
    Approximately 85 employees, of which about 50 people at the headquarters in Nydalen in Oslo have been notified that their jobs disappear.
    The staff got the sad message yesterday.
    The cuts happening in the browser company Opera AS, ie the part that now has Chinese owners.

    Hardest hit is the Oslo branch, but also the development offices in Poland will feel the cuts. In addition to some global positions…

  • duser2011

    Any website reputation extension similar to (Web Of Trust (WOT) can be used by Opera ?
    You removed it from store.

  • imspambot

    In macOS 10.12 fullscreen mode popout videos are still opening fullscreen on another desktop

    • Kornelia

      Popout video will always open on your main desktop. When your browser is on the second desktop, then poput wideo will be on the other. It’s by design but I will check it with our Devs ones again. Thanks.

  • Bali505

    Thanks for all, Good Luck & keep rocking, Aneta! <3

  • mess radical

    Opera has bug with music on when using html5 (Win10x64).
    When you playing first track there are no problems, but on next tracks there are always two backward jumps during play.
    This bug appeared in august when starts using html5 instead of flash (but not at all OS). At Win7x64 still uses flash.

    • Wojciech Jaszcz

      This issue is under investigation. Thank you for feedback.

  • Willian Holtz

    Still error with video/gifs/ and others medias – Arch Linux version

  • catup

    Why did my speed dial links go alway? I did not delete them….

    • Leonardo Gomes

      It’s difficult to even try to guess without almost no information.

  • Kai Ockendorf

    Just made an experiment! I’ve disabled the Windows 10 theme under flags & the whole browser runs more fluid & faster…strange!! Or is it only imagination?


    • Ari

      Wow man! I don’t know if it’s a placebo or what but I did the same and it’s really faster LOL

      • Kai Ockendorf

        Strange!! So the Devs should have a look at it 😉

  • Igor Ferreira

    About 2 updates ago, my popout videos start to have different behavior. When I open popout I can change the size of the window for the size I want. But if I resize the popout for a small size and then close and open again it will always open with a minimum size. I think it is not clear enough to understand so I will give example:
    Let’s say I resize the popout for a fictitious size 10×10. If I close and reopen, it will open as 10×10. If I choose a smaller size, like 7×7, close and reopen it will open as 10×10. If I choose a bigger size 15×15, it will reopen as 15×15 (no problem in this case).
    Well, I don’t know if this was intentionally designed like that but I think it is a little bit boring to resize the popout every time. As this minimum size is to big for me. Would be glad if this could be fixed.
    Sorry If I did not make myself clear enough.

    • Ari

      Yes that’s already reported on Beta and Dev

  • causes a CPU spike in Opera

    macOS 10.12.1

  • xirit64

    Problem: Can’t set Opera as the default browser in a standard user account on Windows 7 x64 when installing it to the user path C:UsersusernameAppDataLocalProgramsOpera (not as a standalone USB)

  • Naidek L

    I have this bug where I lose all my tabs from a previous session when I reopen Opera. The websites aren’t even showing on the history.

  • xcfzxdsc

    Since the update I can’t launch incognito mode, open opera in new window or open a new tab when I rightclick opera logo like this :

  • Public No

    It have become impossible for me to watch any Youtube video on MacPro:10.11.6
    I get the message “Experiencing interruptions?” it loads, but does not play. The same goes for or for that matter?!?

    • dick_c

      I have found similar problems like that to be more related to issues with my ISP.

  • Arsenii Mitianin

    For some reason after playing YouTube videos for 15-20 minutes my laptop’s screen starts scrambling: There were no issues on Chrome and Firefox, though. I have the latest graphics driver installed, but the problem didn’t go away.

    The processor is i7-7500U with Intel HD Graphics 620, if it helps.

  • LoverOfLife

    I recieve this message: “The extension upgrade requires additional permissions. Go to the extension manager to accept the upgrade” I go to the extensions and nothing happens, why ??

    • Beast MC

      Hi, Have you solved this problem ?

      • LoverOfLife

        Yes. In extension manager in the left side you’ll see “updates”. Click to see which extension(s) needs to update.

  • I just had a power outage and upon starting Opera I find I have no extensions installed and no Speed Dial entries (only suggestions). Bookmarks are there but the bookmark bar was hidden as the browser seems to have rolled back to a “default” state.

    How can I repair my profile and recover my extensions and Speed Dial? Some extensions hold valuable data such as notes.

  • Cqoicebordel

    Where are the source codes for Opera 39, Opera 40 and Opera 41 ?

  • epigastrium

    There remains various residuals in cache/history (profile/data/Cache), performing “chrome://settings/clearBrowserData”, every time, every session.
    It’s only opera. No slimjet, no Iron, iridium, chrome!
    This bug is active since month, superfluous!
    => correct it, thx.

  • B.Cord Edleman Jr

    As of @ 10 days ago My Opera has stopped displaying any pictures except the Headline slider on My home page of MSN. I don’t know about others but the sites I visit everyday are acting up now as well…IE. Refused connection for one of my survey sites or a blank page or worse a redirect to some BS I’ve never been to before.And no my PC is not infected!
    My other TWO browsers work fine,including Chrome which UPDATES like it should,OPERA will not update automaticaly even though when I first installed it Years ago,I ticked auto update!.Now there is nowhere to click auto update in spite of what you say,at least on my browser,I have to update it manually every time!!!
    I just downloaded the latest version and about to install it,hopefully this will fix my problems.
    The only problem with doing this is I have to uninstall Opera or I’ll have 2 versions on my PC JUST LIKE THE LAST TIME!Which means I’ll have to reinstall my extensions and theme again…what a pant load! :/
    HA! I just went to uninstall OPERA so I could install the latest version,guess what I found inn the registry!??? OPERA Scheduled update 1477356349.Now why hasn’t the damn thing updated in 4 versions??? I’ve had to manually download and reinstall it the last 5 times! 🙁

    • Try clearing the browser cache

  • L33t4opera

    New build – Opera stable 41.0.2353.69 😉

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  • Mac Hak

    Why Chromecast extension doesn’t work anymore?No option for video streaming on YouTube?

  • computer repair in istanbul Avcılar notebook tamiri

  • Mike Robinson

    This version of Opera on Ubuntu reports having an invalid SSL certificate, however it doesn’t give the reason *why* it’s invalid. There should be something in the certificate detail page that highlights what’s wrong with it (e.g. using an insecure algorithm, expired, wrong domain, incomplete chain, etc). The site works fine for Chrome and both digicert and sslshopper both show the certificate passes verification.