today we’ve got a fresh update on the beta stream. What did we prepare for you?

  1. Many fixes to the video pop-out feature;
  2. Improved Network Installer on Mac;
  3. The VPN functionality now should work even after upgrading from the previous versions;
  4. A new bunch of translations has been integrated;
  5. Chromium update to version 54.0.2840.50.

Besides that, we would like to introduce the Opera Portable installer for Windows. Details below.

Opera Portable installer

It’s a new version of the Opera Network Installer, with the user interface better suited for portable installations.
The portable installer provides the stand-alone version selected by default (no need to dive into the Options section), detects portable drives automatically and suggests installation to these devices by default.

Portable Opera installer

The installer is available for download here. Please try it out and let us know in the comments if it works as expected!

The changelog is available here.

Installation links:

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