today we’ve got a fresh update on the beta stream. What did we prepare for you?

  1. Many fixes to the video pop-out feature;
  2. Improved Network Installer on Mac;
  3. The VPN functionality now should work even after upgrading from the previous versions;
  4. A new bunch of translations has been integrated;
  5. Chromium update to version 54.0.2840.50.

Besides that, we would like to introduce the Opera Portable installer for Windows. Details below.

Opera Portable installer

It’s a new version of the Opera Network Installer, with the user interface better suited for portable installations.
The portable installer provides the stand-alone version selected by default (no need to dive into the Options section), detects portable drives automatically and suggests installation to these devices by default.

Portable Opera installer

The installer is available for download here. Please try it out and let us know in the comments if it works as expected!

The changelog is available here.

Installation links:

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  • DMCA

    got it )

  • Enoch

    The above installer link is “404 – Not found”.

    • Aneta Reluga

      Thanks for the alert. Sent for investigation now.

  • Ari

    Working great so far. Still I don’t get the idea of pop-up video. When I tried it I had to keep the original tab, not being able to close it, and it consumes double CPU since both original tab video and popup video are played :/

    PS. Disqus is lighting fast now 🙂 That wasn’t on the changelog
    PS2. Are you planning to add a fullscreen button on the video popup window?
    PS3. Is there any reason why Opera should feel snappier by disabling this flag chrome://flags/?search=theme#submodule-native-theme-alt ? I have disabled it on 3 laptops I have and it feels a bit quicker.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Video pop-out allows you to watch a video while doing something else like reading a article, post on social networks and so on.

      • Ari

        Right, I guessed that, but at the cost of more CPU consumption.

  • RussianNeuroMancer
    • Angry Penguin

      Not sure about touchscreen (can’t test it) but agree with GPU video decoding. Also we have enabled GPU video decoding in Chromium DEV in custom PPA for Ubuntu from here: https://launchpad.net/~saiarcot895/+archive/ubuntu/chromium-dev

      and working fine for me 😀

      So is time to build it inside Opera 😀

  • EchoFromSpace

    My speed dial extensions only show blank speed dials since version 41.

    • Kornelia

      We’re aware of this issue and it’s already solved on developer stream so we will update you asap.

  • Vikruntasas

    The VPN will connect and reconnect multiple times after restarting the browser. Clearing cache doesn’t help.

    Win7 x64. Opera latest beta x64.

    • Kornelia

      What about cleaning Third party services and data?

      • Vikruntasas

        That’s what I meant by clearing the “cache” Sorry for the confusion.
        The only fix is to disable VPN, then enable it again and while it connects, choose a location. Then it works perfectly until I close the browser.

  • Andrey

    > The VPN functionality now should work even after upgrading from the previous versions;
    Not working (upgrade version .10 -> .23 x32)…, again helped cleaning “Third party services data”

    • Wojciech Jaszcz

      We are investigating your particular case.

  • Dask

    I still miss the old newsfeed in the speeddial tab.

  • PaulW

    Many thanx for this. It fixed one problem I was having 🙂

  • Ralf Brinkmann

    This beta runs very good here. Some old problems are gone. Disqus reloads the page at once and also swr3 shows the page content at once. VPN is working here (Germany) properly. Good. Only the embedded video problem in Facebook is still there. Sometimes.
    Opera x64
    uBlock Origin

    • BK

      As usual, we can count on your detailed report ! Thanks 🙂

  • Eugene B.

    No dev build this week? 🙁

    • Leonardo Gomes

      I guess the one scheduled for this week needed to be released earlier because of some issue with previous release.

      But there is still Friday. 🙂

      • Kornelia

        Sorry Guys, no release today. C’mon – it’s Friday 🙂

        • Vikruntasas


  • Hadley Zedras

    Beta update : i have zero response with speedials, VPN conection or anything internet related for that matter…..Stable is working fine ??

    • Kornelia

      I assume it’s not a clear profile? And do you have any speed dial extensions installed maybe? Can you check if this problem occurs on a clean installation too and let me know? And what is your operating system? Thanks.

      • Hadley Zedras

        Windows 10 x 64, no speedial extensions just the basic right click save as speedial. Clean profile? not sure the meaning of this otherwise I will run a clean install tomorrow for a new test and give the feedback as it happens, cheers

        • Ralf Brinkmann

          You can simply close Opera, rename the profile folder and restart Opera. Then Opera will create a new, virgin profile and you can test it. Later you can rename the old profile folder back or copy single items to the new, working folder. For finding the profile folder have a look at opera:about.

          • Hadley Zedras

            Thanks Ralf, the process reads nice and straight forward I’ll get onto that at the first opportunity with feedback to follow, cheers

          • Hadley Zedras

            Went for fresh install, all is ok. Cheers

      • Hadley Zedras

        Kornelia, the fresh install did the trick, im back in the Opera Beta business again, Only i’ve never had to run a fresh install with updates before?

  • Michael A. Puls II

    The portable installer works great. Defaulting to standalone installation and folder on desktop is perfect.

  • Cobalt

    Wrong behavior of the search field on some internal pages when you click on it with the mouse

    Incorrect behavior (blue selection should only be the case when we press Ctrl+F and not click the mouse inside the field):
    Bookmarks: http://jpegshare.net/18/66/1866f4d578f6d4ddba18178306373117.png.html
    History: http://jpegshare.net/02/4a/024ab83ee48cb0a4a242dbeb973ee020.png.html
    Extensions (does not work Ctrl+F): http://jpegshare.net/f9/86/f9860d903a05452ca53b3185000caabf.png.html
    Downloads: http://jpegshare.net/46/b4/46b4f020a7204be4589527d07855ca43.png.html

    Correct behavior:
    Settings: http://jpegshare.net/08/a5/08a599d8ba06dff93ed125821089cb3f.png.html
    Experiments: http://jpegshare.net/76/65/7665584aec3bcfbd248bcaf0509fca33.png.html
    Plug-ins: http://jpegshare.net/1e/1c/1e1c8a2a8bfbcac022675218ed49fcad.png.html


  • Heinz Witt

    I am currently using Arch Linux with KDE Plasma 5.
    But I can not use Opera’s current beta.
    Every time I click in the bookmark bar I get this message:

    KWin window manager
    Workspace effects have been restarted due to the resetted graphic.

  • Cobalt

    A large distance between the elements on the page “Extensions”

    Version 40: http://jpegshare.net/af/f5/aff53d87718ee32d6f0d346e838c4713.png.html
    Version 42: http://jpegshare.net/9d/e0/9de060c681ef63722aa0c39e784bc0f1.png.html


    • Leonardo Gomes

      Serious, is this really relevant?

    • yigido

      Good find and opera://extensions doesn’t written in address bar

  • Cobalt

    Incorrect behavior when clicking on any checkbox on the “Extensions” page

    Actual result: After clicking on any checkbox, it will be highlighted (blue highlight): http://jpegshare.net/9b/74/9b7424d21cf5cc156de582314f450279.png.html

    Expected result: After clicking on any checkbox with the mouse, there should be no highlight!


    • Ralf Brinkmann

      Works here correctly.
      Opera x64

    • Ari

      Why is that a bug? I don’t get what’s wrong with that

      • Cobalt

        Look at the behavior with the checkboxes on other internal pages and compare it with this.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Not saying that this may not be a issue but Extensions and History are kinda different from other internal pages.

  • Windows store support pls!

    • Aneta Reluga

      It is being evaluated. Thanks for feedback.

  • Raylan Givens

    Any chance we can manage and change the mouse gestures in the future? I really don’t like the default ones and can’t come into terms with getting used to of how you close a tab, for example.

    • BK

      Yes, we will look into this, no defined time though.

      • Raylan Givens

        Nice, thank you! Microsoft’s Edge Mouse Gestures extension approach is fine. Also, videos don’t play on CNN. They supposed to start automatically as it happens on Edge… Is it known bug or something?

      • Kai Ockendorf

        To give mouse gestures some love is really a good thing! Even if it takes some time, I’m really looking forward to it 🙂 Thank you!!

  • yigido

    Enabled VPN
    VPN cannot connect (it says wait some)
    and see this: https://s11.postimg.org/l5cm079oz/screenshot.png
    it is not normal..a CPU hog!!

  • run_doom_run

    VPN is down at the moment.

    • Ralf Brinkmann

      Runs here in Germany.

  • Ralf Brinkmann

    Where are my synchronized tabs?
    I am logged in for synchronisation here on my desktop Opera with all possibilities selected and also on my smartphone with Opera Beta 37.x (the newest one).
    Usually I can see all my open tabs of the deskotp pc also on my smartphone. But there is nothing. Empty.
    There is no point in asking in the mobile group (blog), because you never get an answer and it seems unwanted to ask something there.

  • L33t4opera

    New build – Opera beta 41.0.2353.30 😉