Opera developer 41.0.2349.0 update


Today we are releasing the weekly developer update. We are wrapping up O41 dev cycle, focusing on quality for newly developed features. You can expect beta 41 release next or following week.

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Personal news

This week we concentrated mostly on stuff that’s under the hood. That means bug fixes and improvements, mostly in the areas of web feeds handling. However there’s one visible change for users – little newspaper icon would appear in the address field if web feeds are detected.


Click on a feed and it opens in personal news where you can use option to subscribe. Please note that this is early stage of that feature, so it’s not polished. In case you’d like to keep your address field clean, you can turn it off in settings (Browser | User interface | Show available news feeds). We’re eager to hear your feedback.

Opera Portable installer

It’s a new version of the Opera Network Installer, with the user interface better suited for portable installations.
The portable installer provides the stand-alone version selected by default (no need to dive into the Options section), detects portable drives automatically and suggests installation to these devices by default.

Portable Opera Installer

The installer is available for download here. Please try it out and let us know in the comments if it works as expected!

Windows x64 build

Finally! After a longer break, we are able to deliver the 64-bit version of the Windows build. We really hope it meets your expectations, because we are planning to release this version in 41 Stable!

Known issues

Autoupdate for Windows 64-bit does not work at the moment – we are trying to fix it as soon as possible. For now, please download the manual installer if you are eager to get the newer x64 build earlier.

Installation links:

Please check out full changelog for details.

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