this Opera beta release contains some fixes for the copy/search popup and improvements in the browser stability. Please find more details in the changelog.

Known issues:

– Adblocker information on power saver popup missing when battery saver mode is on.
– Blank suggestion is shown in the address field.
– With Disqus plugins, scroll to the comment using the id tag does not work.

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  • L33t4opera

    So I will delete my comment, and maybe you delete yours, to not make it look weird? 😉

    • Kornelia

      Thanks and sorry. Fixed now.

      • KarenArzumanyan

        When the stable version 39 planned, after a week?

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Since first 38 stable was released in June, i would guess O39 stable should be released in August.

  • iG0Lka

    Please repair the DNA- 55627

    I am forced to sit still on version 36 .

  • iPristy

    VPN it’s not connecting automatically, it must be set manually with location.
    Linux Mint 18

    • A. R.

      It hasn’t ever connected auto.

      • iPristy

        OK, i will rephrase, after attempting to use VPN, i won’t connect it just says connecting and it’s not connected ever, than i must pick some server to get VPN working.

  • Davide Repetto

    Where is nanana? How could Opera go on without? 😉

    • Kornelia

      Everybody needs vacation. We’ll try to stay strong without him 🙂

  • sgrandin

    Two questions:
    1) I have the desktop icon using the “–alt-high-dpi-setting=96 –disable-update” setting. Why doesn’t the pinned version of that recognize the command? It hasn’t ever, whether in Win 8/8.1 or 10.

    2) To keep things simple, I install betas only. Why do the betas install subsequent versions without uninstalling the previous beta? Right now, betas are accumulating in the CP’s Programs & Features.

    • A. R.

      Funny – for me switches do work with every icon/tile, and has always worked on Win 10.

      Right click taskbar icon, right click on “Opera beta”, choose properties and set the switches you want.

      For start menu tiles one needs to “open file location” and set the switches there.

  • Jan Zakrzewski

    Have you changed anything connected with mouse gestures? I find them hard to use after the update.

  • iG0Lka

    the past few days are very long delays ( lags ) play video on youtube, as HD.
    Tried different versions of Opera.
    In Vivaldi and Chrome – play very good .

    My Internet connection – 200 Mbt

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Youtube videos are playing fine here.

      • iG0Lka

        I tested it on two different computers .
        one win10, the second win7 and it is located in another city .
        both youtube video stumbles badly .
        I am glad that you are all well , but I have a real problem – to view youtube videos , I have to run Vivaldi.

        • NoName

          Do you have VPN or Power saving enabled?

  • redfox

    Please, add the context menu item “Go to web address in new tab”. Using the current tab is not much convenient.

  • sgrandin

    The following page’s calendar doesn’t load with Opera new or old: http://www.bozemanlibrary.org/news/calendar/index.php. I thought it was AdBlock or Opera’s blocker, but the one time it loaded when I turned off AdBlock appears to be coincidental.

    • jho

      is working for me. On this site there is not much to be blocked by an adblocker. I am using ublock origin by the way.

      • sgrandin

        Not sure what you mean by not much to be blocked. The central piece of the page, roughly 75-80%, is being blocked here – and only with Opera.

        • jho

          I meant that on that page there is only google analytics and gstatic scripts. And then the script from the site.

          I can see the whole calendar. E.g. on monday there is a LEGO club. I can click on it and see the details.

          can you upload a picture somewhere? How it is looking for you?