Opera 34: The technology to help you

We launched Opera 34 today, which includes our newest improvements to Opera Turbo. Opera Turbo speeds up slow connections and can help you save data.


Why do we care about Opera Turbo? Well, let me tell you a story about a guy I met a few days ago. Let’s call him Darek. He is a construction engineer and he lives and breathes construction work: how the ground should be prepared, how walls are built and many other difficult concepts I am not capable of fully understanding.


Darek is the guy who, regardless of the weather conditions, makes sure that thousands of things on his building sites are done with flawless craftsmanship. To do that, he uses his laptop, intensively. He is always online to download documentation, check details with architects, chat with clients, the works. And, there’s one small problem with this. There is no cable connection at the construction site. So, Darek needs to use a mobile network.

Despite the fact he has an enormous data plan of 32 GB, it is never enough. So, he needs data compression to squeeze as much as possible out of those 32 GB. I was happy to hear that he uses the full portfolio of our data-compression software: Opera Mini, Opera Max and the Opera Turbo feature in Opera for computers.

A new version of Opera Turbo

And now, Opera 34 for computers makes his life even easier because it has the next generation of our Opera Turbo compression. It’s faster and more reliable, especially if the network has very low bandwidth and high latency.


I could have written many technical details about the technology of our servers, sophisticated algorithms to predict what resources will be sent or benchmarks we test against. But, we know you’re not interested in the technical details and we’re not either.

We’re interested in how technology makes your life easier, how it helps you get more done.

So, if you’re like Darek and you need a little speed boost or just want pages to load when you’re not on a nice, wired connection, try out Opera 34 and let us know how we can help you do a little more.

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