Opera developer 34.0.2023.0 update

Downloads in progress

Hi All,

During the last week, our developers, interaction designers and QA engineers spent a couple of days in France. We’ve attended the Engineering Seminar which focused on sharing knowledge and exchanging ideas. Now we are back and present you with the Opera developer update, in which we have a number of improvements, changes and bugfixes:

Linux proprietary codecs support

The Linux version of Opera developer is now able to detect whether the chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-extra package is installed. As long as this package is up-to-date (45.0.2454.x and newer), Opera can make use of the libraries in this package to provide support for some proprietary codecs for media elements, including H264 and MP3.

Download in progress warning dialog

As promised, we are currently testing the feature where Opera warns on exit when there are downloads in progress:

Download in progress

This feature is hidden behind the flag: #show-downloads-in-progress-warning (disabled by default). Please enable it via opera:flags if you want to see how it works.

NPAPI is back

The flag #disable-npapi is now disabled by default, which means that the access to NPAPI plugins has been restored. For now. However, bear in mind that PPAPI plugins are prioritized if present, so some amount of digging in the flags might be needed anyway.

MSE+MP3 on developer stream

MSE+MP3 on the developer stream is now available, which is controlled by the flag #mse-audio-mpeg-aac turned on by default.

New Opera branding

In this release, we present you also with the visual Opera developer rebranding:

eveloper Installer - Mac

developer Installer - Win

developer - branding

As easily noticed, the new Opera developer logo slightly reminds of the old Opera beta logo; as the rebranding gradually rolls out to the other streams, you will see the integrity of the whole change. Stay tuned.


– DNA-44658 Crash when adding or removing items from Speed Dial after synchronization has been fixed.
– DNA-44054 Crash on Mac when updating Opera and restarting with bookmarks bar enabled is fixed.
– DNA-44313 Crash on Ctrl+F in address bar when in opera:bookmarks has been fixed.
– DNA-44479 “Add to bookmarks” / “Edit bookmark” pop-up misses folder select dropdown – fixed.
– A number of Speed Dial glitches related to the #bookmarks-api-on-speed-dial flag has been fixed.
– DNA-41941 Icon for downloads in private mode is fixed.
– DNA-43138 Bookmark deduplication phase one has been implemented.
– DNA-44278 Blank suggestions in address bar popup have been fixed.

Known issues:

  • DNA-44543 Impossible to enter special characters in the address bar

Please find the full changelog and links to the builds below.


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