Opera beta recently updated to version 28, so Opera developer moves on to version 29. Today’s most visual updates are related to tabs. It is now possible to access your recently visited tabs from other devices (using sync technology) and we have also added sound notification to the tab favicon.

Sync open tabs between devices

As the next logical step in syncing, the recent tabs list now includes your other devices. You can just click an entry from another of your computers. Great for picking up where you left off, without the need to bookmark a page.

On Windows and Linux (non Unity) is accessible via “Opera menu → Recent tabs“.

Opera menu recent tabs

On Mac and Linux (Unity) you can find the list under “History → Recent tabs“.

History recent tabs

Sound notification icon on tabs

Videos and sound are ever more common on the internet. Although this is generally a good thing, sometimes it can be annoying, especially if one of your background tabs is playing something your don’t want to hear. Via a small animation over the favicon, you can now quickly locate any tab that is making a noise.

Sound notification on tabs

More to come

We have a several other interesting things lined up and will let you know more about them in future blog posts. In the mean time, please give us your thoughts and feedback on the 220+ fixes and improvements already included in the first Opera 29 changelog.

Changelog and download links

Full changelog

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  • nanana1

    Thanks, Ruarí, for this first Opera 29 Developer release with sync tabs feature !

  • L33t4opera

    Thanks Ruarí, congrats on the first Opera developer 29 build 😉

    • Herr Pietrus

      yeah, adding visual bookmarks only to make the space available for them smaller because of the half-baked, badly designed and completely unneeded toolbar….

  • Elzo Lubbers

    Nice find on putting the indication on the icon so it doesn’t take up tab space.

  • dzek

    >We have a several other interesting things lined up

    Looks like somebody saw Vivaldi. “New Opera” is feature-frozen since beginning, and that’s sad. Bookmarks (and now sound notification) are the only features added since then.

  • Adoxographist

    No Speed dial sync?

    • We are working on it.

      • RDS

        Have you ever do that thumbnails are not updated after each run. Infuriates already, you do not see that?
        Last normal release without this problem 26.0.1656.60

        • The Solutor

          No. Thumbnails should be updated automatically just on demand, or by an option.

          One of the things that made great Opera was the low and controllable data consumption.
          This is why was chosen by the people on cellular connection, with limited bundle of data and/or limited bandwidth.

          Now 3G connections are widespread, and even windows itself has options to spare data/bandwidth on 3/4G connections to protect the users, while Opera forgot about them.

          Please don’t suggest to make it worse.

          • bwat47

            also unrelated to data consumptions, some sites are a pia to get a thumbnail created (such as sites that require you to login before they will display). Once I get a thumbnail for one of these sites I’d prefer opera never try and refresh it on its own because it will usually result in a blank thumbnail

      • Bookmarks bar as well?

        • This will come along with bookmarks. The bookmarks bar is a special-purpose folder of bookmarks.

  • Martin

    Nice to see my phone appear in the activity UI, it will be a useful function for me when tabs are synchronised in the future.

  • Kurt Zon

    Great stuff Opera guys and gals – thanks

  • Sidney Guioy

    Yeah ! Thanks for the release !
    many new flags !! :

    removed :

    • Ralf Brinkmann

      Yes. Any idea, how I can get the webui-navigation-bar (speed dial, bookmarks and discover button) to the top of the speed dial page/start page again?

      • Lacedaemon

        And most importantly, how can I completely disable it?

        ☣Taking space for nothing.
        ☣ Not needed since I can have Bookmarks in my SD as a thumbnail, by adding opera://bookmarks,
        ☣ Needing to travel kilometers from top to bottom with the mouse is not what I call functional and ergonomic design anyway.
        ☣ Messes up with my program shortcuts of my OS taskbar and brings up the taskbar in case it’s auto-hidden when I don’t want to.

        Wait a tick, there is a way, it’s called Vivaldi I’ve heard?

        • There could be more things added down on that bar … .

          • Herr Pietrus

            So what? They can be added on the top as well.
            It seems that Opera 28 will be my last Opera build…

          • Lacedaemon

            What you are saying isn’t helping, it makes things even worse since even more shortcut icons can be involved in misclicking down there. Also as I ‘ve said I can have everything I would imagine to in a beautiful thumbnail/icon in my SD (like opera://history – your next move I bet), so this purely -let’s be honest- “cosmetic bar” is really redundant and there has to be a way to disable it.
            Bars like that make only sense if they are permanently docked (in a side panel for example) so that they can be used from anywhere as an alternative of using shortcuts or the O-menu, with your current bad implementation it can only be used from SDBookmarksDiscover which is totally worthless.

      • sbs73000

        Turn your screen over… 😉

        I hope the disappearance of the #webui-navigation-bar flag doesn’t mean that the navbar will definitively stay at the bottom. Since it’s there, I don’t use Discover anymore and I use the O-menu to access to the bookmark manager.

        • Herr Pietrus

          If it stay there, I’ll probably switch to Chrome. The only thing I’ll have to find then will be the SD and mouse gestures extension, AdGuard and Disconnect works on Chrome… I’ll miss Smart RSS but perhaps RSS Aggregator will replace it… 🙁

    • Lacedaemon

      – Sharing individual bookmarks and new ticking icons and color
      – Clicking on Bookmarks the cursor finally goes to the search textfield (as expected from day-1)
      – “Developer tools” renamed to “Developer”
      – “Protected content” added to settings
      – Some refinements like “Changed” and “Unchanged” Experiments

      DNA-32597 Animate trashing of items
      DNA-32840 Add “Empty trash” action button in the trash folder
      DNA-32914 Use the images of the bookmark model for the speed dials WP4 – Capitalize Info in favorites.onBookmarkMetainfoChanged
      DNA-33228 Remove WebuiNavigationBar flag
      DNA-33337 [WP2] Improve startup on slow hdd
      DNA-33496 Merge #actionbar into #toolbar WP1
      DNA-33805 Use the images of the bookmark model for the speed dials WP5

  • SuperTommy

    When you add a speed dial via bookmarks popup, then remove the speed dial via homepage, and then right click on the webpage to get context menu up – it still says “remove from speed dial”, and clicking on it doesn’t change the state.

    Edit: I disabled “Bookmarks backend for Speed Dial” flag, which fixed it. Too many experiments I try out and forget is enabled… They do indeed bite.

  • Vux777

    I had experimental start page flag enabled before update, and all my Speed Dials are now folders with one dial in it. If I drag dial out of the folder, empty folder can’t be deleted

    • Vux777

      *empty folder is gone after Opera restart

    • Did you have opera://flags/#favorites-bookmark-backend enabled as well? That could have caused this.

      • Vux777

        yes, it’s still enabled in upgraded version

  • HellBrick

    Tab synchronization is definitely a nice thing to have 😉 I just have one additional request for it: some way to open *all* tabs that are currently opened on a different machine. The reason is simple: browsing session rarely consists of just one tab, it’s usually a bunch of logically grouped tabs (google search + a bunch of tabs with results, or some item description + a bunch of shops where it can be bought, etc.).

    But this idea can be pushed even further. If user has multiple windows opened on a different machine, it’s most likely that the tabs are logically organized between them, so it may be very intuitive and useful to display them as a tree and provide a way to open all tabs that are opened in one of the windows.

    • Martin Fiala

      This, so much this. It never ceases to amaze me that in this day and age when there’s cloud storage and on-the-fly sync of everything everywhere, there’s STILL no in-browser solution for an easy way to keep an entire browsing session in sync on multiple devices. No browser and no extension does offer such feature, as far as I’m aware.

  • Utkarsh Sharma

    crash on startup, windows 8.1.

    • x a

      Same here on first and third startup – typing from 4th session. Now certain tabs crash – presumably not related to content, but job.
      (Exception c0000005 at twice the same offset 00e2d973.)

    • Marko Koivuniemi

      Same happens me too (8.1, 64-bit). I did my normal procedure – copied Opera Next profile contend to Developer profile folder. Opera starts normally with all the tabs. Then I updated Developer to this newest version and after that Opera tries to start but crash and empties my session (3 windows and a lot of tabs)

      • Marko Koivuniemi

        And this was caused by my laziness – when copying just bookmarks and sessions Opera started just fine. (Something in the old profile folder crashes when copied.) At first I started to one-by-one enabling extensions but didn’t get Developer to crash. But now I can really start using this precious.

        • Utkarsh Sharma

          I did usb-installation, always do. so everything afresh.

          • Marko Koivuniemi

            Of course that is recommended and wise thing to do. I’m just used to copy whole profile folder because my main browser is always either Next or Developer. (And program should not got stuck in crash loop in any case.)

          • Utkarsh Sharma

            I had deleted temporary files on my pc. I tried to reproduce the problem, but no problem occurred.

          • Jakub Ryć

            Thanks for reply, we will keep an eye if it will happen again.

          • Utkarsh Sharma

            crash reporter sends them automatically, innit?

      • Marcin Mitek

        Well, if you copied Next profile to the Developer profile than we can do nothing about it. We do not encourage it.

        • Utkarsh Sharma

          I did’nt do that.

          • Marcin Mitek

            I responded to Marko and his case. Not sure what happened in yours. With the clean installation, without reusing old/messed up profile should install without any problems.

        • x a

          Whether you encourage that or not: in the end you have to smoothly evolve an existing (stable) profile setup to a new (stable) version, anyway.

          So even if what you suggest was the reason for a crash, the report should be somehow treated as valuable.

          • Marcin Mitek

            Stable updates from previous stable profile, not from beta. There is a reason why we keep them apart. Same applies to developer stream.

        • Utkarsh Sharma

          what about the opposite?

          • Marcin Mitek

            Same rules applies. Some parts of it are pretty harmless to move (session, bookmarks, SDs). But moving whole profile across the streams is something we do not and cannot support, mainly beacuse of differences between the builds. So from time to time, e.g. after branching off and when there aren’t many differences between mainline and stabilization branch this might even work. But most of the time it will fail as builds start to differ. A lot.

      • Utkarsh Sharma


  • Utkarsh Sharma

    crash on startup,win8.1

  • SQL

    A quick question; does #enable-platform-accelerated-video-decoding have anything to do with supporting new formats, what’s the story of this? :p

  • ChrisG

    Does not work on OSX. Starts, but no tabs finish loading. Force Quit required.

    • rrzepecki

      what version of OSX?

      • ChrisG

        10.10.2 (14C109)
        If I rename
        Library/Application Support/com.operasoftware.OperaDeveloper

        and start afresh Opera starts, but I’m obviously reluctant to lose all my state.

        • Could you please help us narrow down what file in your profile is causing this? (Copy them over one at a time.) You can send it to us for analysis. This would help us narrow it down and squash it quickly.

          • ChrisG

            I can try. Here’s what I did so far. Please suggest which other files I should try.
            I removed each directory individually, then restarted. So far none of these make a difference.
            * Application Cache
            * Extensions
            * GPUCache
            * Local Storage
            * Storage

            I diffed the original folder and the fresh folder, but there are a lot of differences.

          • I was facing a similar issue on Windows, I fixed the following way:
            – make a backup of session.db
            – Delete session.db
            – Open Opera and go to opera://flags
            – Check your changed flags and write them down somewhere to re-activate them later
            – Click the button to restore all flags to default
            – Restart Opera
            – Close Opera
            – Restore your session.db backup
            – Everything will get back working and your last tabs as well

          • ChrisG

            I narrowed it down to my 2.2 MB session.db, which I see is a SQLite db. Anything useful to look at from a troubleshooting point of view? Otherwise, I’m included to extract my open tabs and move on.

  • _artem_

    please add NEW badge to new flags so it becomes easy to see what’s really new in the latest build

    • We don’t announce them until they’re enabled by default. Just read the comments. Some of the first comments always contains the list of new flags. New flags are only introduced in Developer releases.

      • siamak

        why not?

        • Veger

          Because they are experimentations by Opera, and Opera does not want to focus to much on them as they might break the browser.
          So only advanced users (who are able to find them without help) are likely to try them out. These users do not mind (as much) that it might break their browser (because they know what to do in such situations).

          • Marcin Mitek

            Exactly. Some things are not finished (sometimes development barely started) and enabling them by default would be pointless. If something new pops up in the flags and it’s turned off by default – which is quite often – it means it’s not ready. Yet.

  • Leo Liu

    Thanks for the window size fixed on Linux (DNA-32881)!

  • Oskar

    A great update, soon I can use Opera as my main browser again, looking forward to it!

    • siamak

      not very soon for me and many other!!! atleast until they add sidebar panel!

  • Nekomajin43

    Nice update. I am curious about this activity page. 🙂

    Anyway, is it possible to apply the click-to-play option to the element too? I don’t like when a video is set to autoplay by the author of the page.

  • PATCH-1193 for Fox.com ?

  • Andres


    … At loggin Sync must add:
    – Add-Ons
    – Settings
    – and Speed Dial

    • SuperTommy

      Speed dial sync is getting worked on and can be enabled in flags, settings and extension I assume will come later.

      • Sn3ipen

        How do i enable it? I tried to search for it but couldn’t find it in any of the flags.

        • SuperTommy


          • Sn3ipen


  • Cyrris

    Win7x64, using Youtube with Flash or HTML5 video:

    The animated sound icon freezes after a few seconds. Animation resumes if I hover to highlight the tab (or the tab is highlighted, moving my mouse away).

    • Cyrris

      I should just add, having played around on Vimeo, I can actually hover over *any* tab in the tab bar for the animation to unfreeze.

      • Marcin Mitek

        Let’s call it a bug. It was fixed, but one of the ideas was to suspend the animation (so it’s less distracting) and resume it on tab bar hover, so you could spot the tab that’s playing music or any kind of sound. Next dev builds should have animation active all the time.

        • Cyrris

          Gotcha. That makes sense in a way, but I can understand why it was already changed (or ‘fixed’) internally before anyone even mentioned it here.

          To most users I think it would appear as a minor malfunction, rather than an intention.

          • Marcin Mitek

            It’s a developer branch, we allow ourselves to tweak such things on a daily basis.

    • SuperTommy

      Happens here as well.

    • yep, we have a fix for this internally

    • taneli

      That looks like an answer for some of my *krhm* whines :p
      Indeed, pages with lots of images/gifs now perform a lot better.

      Still one thing though, (not sure if Opera of Flash problem), Flash addon just keeps leaking memory, untill it reaches 4k, then the whole browser will start to slack a bit.
      Happens with stable and beta PPAPI Flash, haven’t noticed this on other browsers, the only tab having Flash content i have open, is Facebook, and i don’t even watch the videos/stuff in there, Flash just keeps eating up memory no matter if i watch Flash content or not.
      But yeah, might be Flash’s problem too.

    • Gustav Ekner

      What Desktop environment are you using Ruarí?

      • L33t4opera

        Hi Gustav,
        “One of my machines at work runs Fedora but I must admit it is a secondary machine. My main machine at work runs Ubuntu and at home I only use Slackware these days.” – the source link.

        Maybe a little more, than you asked for, but I just thought, you might be interested in reading this, as well: “I have used Linux for over a decade and as my primary OS for the last 5 years (alongside some work on MacOS in the last year and a half). I am fairly active on various Linux forums, most noteably on the Slackware forums. Additionally I have contributed a couple of articles to the Slackware documentation wiki, on topics such as UEFI and GPT, and some thoughts on manual dependency management. I also maintain a few packages on slackbuilds.org. At work I am currently running Ubuntu and (as you might expect) at home I use Slackware. Previously I used Arch (and mainatined Opera packages for Opera and Opera Next on the Arch User Repository) and before that I used Mandriva and OpenSUSE. I have dabbled with numerous other distros and always have a bunch installed in Virtual Machines, primarily for testing Opera but also just for playing around.” – the source link.

      • Unity at work. Kde at home. For a long time I only used fluxbox.

  • firuz_u7

    Thanks for Ruarí Opera developer 29, hopefully soon expand, themes and express panel history and passwords are synchronized, and can we hope for an integrated translator pages like google and Yandex thanks in advance

  • Deus Ex Vino

    What exatcly is part of “data sharing to improve” opera? You should add link to options.

  • Deus Ex Vino

    “Tab with sound” marker does NOT work – e.g. on YouTube. I assuem it wont work on any annoying Ad using same technology?

    • Native video or plug-ins (Flash) based?

      • Deus Ex Vino

        Flash-based. Which is the most common for “screaming ads” – so would be msot important to work.

    • Mateusz Madej

      It’ll not work if you’re using NPAPI flash, You should update your flash 🙂

  • xbqo

    HiDPI is broken on linux.

    • Łukasz Jagielski

      Yeah, we’re aware of this (DNA-34073). However, only autodetection is broken, so you are still able to set it manually with –alt-high-dpi-setting= (96 is default, I suggest trying 120, 144,192)

      • xbqo

        That works. Thanks!

  • SiMcarD

    I think that the animated icon should stay animated until I open its tab.

  • Michael Maier

    Little Bug:
    Drag a pinned tab to open a new window.
    This tab shows that it has sound whatever it has sound or not.

    • Michael Maier

      To native english speakers:
      ‘Small bug’ or ‘little bug’ or something else?

      • bwat47

        I’d probably say small bug, but either one works. ‘Minor bug’ would also work

      • Marcin Mitek

        Little bug is cute. 🙂

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Happens here also, on Win10.

    • Lacedaemon

      LOL, that could easily be considered an easter egg 🙂

    • Mateusz Madej

      Thanks for that bug report 🙂

  • anh

    Hello, request new feature: set custom default search. Actually I live in Belgium but I want to set Vietnamese google as default search engine instead of Google.be as default search. I wonder when it will be possible (I can do that with Google Chrome since a long time)

    And why you change bookmark manager in Chromium, I think what works well should be untouched?

  • Fallon

    Quote: ‘We have a several other interesting things lined up…’ ENDofQuote.

    How about something simple and useful, like switch back to the last selected tab when clicking current one (toggle between Tabs).

    • Marcin Mitek

      Not sure if I understood correctly, but have you tried opera://flags/#activation-order-tab-cycling ?

      • Mike

        I believe he means the equivalent of “Minimise tab” in the old Opera. So you can click on a tab to view it, then click on it again and it’ll hide again. Kinda like the preview feature but live…

        • Marcin Mitek

          Yup, that’s it.

      • taneli

        Click active tab to activate the last active tab, easy to keep your mouse in place and click on 1 tab to compare 2 sites.

        • Marcin Mitek

          Ah I get it now, I still need more coffee. Not sure how to solve it with mouse only… You could double click it, but then what? 🙂

          • taneli

            Double clicking the tab might work as “clone tab”, i dunno, or double clicking could do nothing, we just want to click it once to activate the last active tab ;D

          • Vux777

            if (!active) make active
            if (active) make previous active
            if (e.detail === 2) close tab/ whatever

  • Zin

    since you asked for our thoughts i’ll tell you mine: i’m disappointed embedded IRC isnt back on opera… :/

  • John Smith

    Some sites including this one are super zoomed out. This is on Yosemite.
    If I open developer tool and check ‘Emulate screen resolution’ I see that scaling is set to 0.3, when scaling back to 1 site looks normal.

    • Command–0.

      The zoom can sometimes be accidentally changed if you hold Control while you scroll.

      Zoom levels are remembered per domain.

      • ahoj1234

        that’s probably not what John Smith meant 🙂

        I’m experiencing this as well and I am pretty sure that it’s a bug. It started with this build.
        where it occures: some site with videos or just some /simple/ photos (not sure if .jpeg or .png etc.) are zoomed out as well (as default with 100% zoom setting on NON HiDPI or whatever device).
        so ctrl+0 or manual 100% zoom does not solve it at all (since it’s 100% zoomed) and zoomed it more than 100% to get the proper size WILL mess up other function on the web (like audio adjustment in the video stays small – can be barelly seen)
        Will add some specific sites ASAP I get home to my browser.
        happens under W8.1 x64 with this build

      • John Smith

        That doesn’t work. I can zoom it with CMD-+ but the rendering area doesn’t get bigger. It’s like I had selected some small screen size in developer tools.

      • ahoj1234

        as @disqus_Uk4mbCCLUE:disqus said. Even this page is messed up.
        for example this page as well:

        and the list is far longer. Trust him, I will not use bug tracker (sorry) but it makes pages unusable at all so this should be a priority.
        (not tested with a clean profile)

      • John Smith

        That is totally not because of zoom and it happens on sites I have never visited and even in private window. CMD-0 does nothing as it is already at 100%. As I said – opening developer tools and setting device to something like Notebook HDPI makes sites look ok. I can get the same effect for sites that work by setting device Notebook HDPI and scaling down to 0.3.

  • ayespy

    So I have new speed dial back end enabled for both O28 and O29, synced them, and now it I try to type in the address bar of either one, it immediately crashes the whole browser after two characters. What’s up with that?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      It’s known. Bookmarks backend for Speed Dial is very experimental yet and may lead to serious issues like this one.

      • ayespy

        Yeah. I cut/pasted opera://flags into the address bar so I could reset all flags to default and disabled all my extensions, and the problem went away. Now I can turn things on again one item at a time to experiment, but I suspected it might be the bookmarks backend for speed dial.

  • RX-3200

    search in settings bug

  • ncc50446

    Does this mean that password sync is close as well? It’s really the only thing keeping me from using Opera…I need bookmark and password sync to use a browser..(Without using an extension for passwords). One down, one to go..

  • Footman

    – matching site colors for bookmarksfields
    – tabstacking
    – tabcolors
    – notes
    – CPU usage improvements on Mac
    and I love you 🙂

    Thanks for bookmarks backend for speeddeal

  • oic

    could we have a feature to only have one video/audio tab playing at a time. One of the problems I have with youtube is that when I open too many channels at once, I have all them all playing video/audio at the same time which is annoying. It should only play the audio/video that I have my tab focused on

  • Guest

    In 3 weeks, Vivaldi did what Opera is trying During 1 or 2 years. Well, comparing the updates of Developer versions, the Vivaldi take on average one week, but at least have the improvements that we require. In Opera, take a few days with a new version of Chromium

    I hope with Vivaldi, Opera fear and start improving the browser, I want big changes, new animations, new things, hey! We are using the Developer version, what’s wrong about that? We are here to test, we want something new, and unfortunately the Opera is not doing it. I like the Opera, but long ago that I do not see progress, and I hope they come back, because if it continues the way it is, goodbye my old friend

    • ayespy

      To be fair, Vivaldi has been under development, it looks like, for over a year. We just now got our first peek at it after all this time.

      I’m not sure one can say one browser is BETTER than the other at this point – just that the focus of each is different from the other. Vivaldi specifically went after features like in old 12.17 and prior, such as side tabs, movable toolbars, notes, tab trashcan, etc. – so it shows things not seen in other browsers. That said, it’s obviously still pretty immature, and the deficiencies it still has show through the cracks. It also has a smaller development team, so I don’t think people should expect FASTER development than with Opera – just DIFFERENT.

      And that’s what it’s going to come down to – people will select one or the other according to their various preferences, not because one is “better” than the other.

    • Footman

      There is forum for this. Not developer update comment section.

      • Jedy

        Well, now the ‘saviour’ browser is here (even though still in development), I guess any opportunity to brag about it in the Opera Blogs will continue. Also I agree with ayespy’s comment above.

    • Deus Ex Vino

      Didnt hear of Vivaldi to this point, thank you – looks incredibly promising. Also – i think Vivaldis team is bigger than Operas, at least what concerns developers.

    • dddd

      Otter browser will RULE!

  • Azamat

    Still can’t play video on laracasts and need to use another browser just for this: https://laracasts.com/series/laravel-5-fundamentals/episodes/24

    • Ralf Brinkmann

      Works here without problems. W7x64, Opera portable install, PPAPI.

    • Azamat

      I’m on Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS (x86_64; Unity). Opera version: 29.0.1770.1. Youtube (both flash and HTML5) works fine.

    • Azamat

      I’m on Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS (x86_64; Unity). Opera version: 29.0.1770.1. Youtube (both flash and HTML5) works fine.

  • Footman

    npapi flash does not work in fullscreen on mac anymore

    • Arjan van Leeuwen

      Please install PPAPI Flash, NPAPI Flash support on Mac is basically deprecated. This is also why it keeps giving you a message to update :).

      If you have any problems with PPAPI Flash on Mac, let us know as well.

    • L33t4opera

      You can try this: launch a Flash video, right-click on the video and choose Settings, click the left-most tab, uncheck “Enable hardware acceleration”, refresh the page, and then try full-screen mode – the source link.

      Alternatively, go to the opera:flags#disable-accelerated-video-decode, click “Enable” button, and restart the Opera.

  • saudiqbal

    Please fix the address bar, give us an option to disable the annoying auto complete, also bring back drop down button in the address bar.

  • Actually, all these new features should be appeared in a Beta channel, but not in a Developer channel – they are just not so ‘advanced’ to be there as developing functions

  • siamak

    Please Fix sync issue with NL server. Us is fine.

    • Working on it – SYNC-812

      • siamak

        Still not working for me with NL server

        • How do you force connection to particular datacenter (NL or US)?

          • siamak

            I have 2 seperate internet connction, in one server is NL the other is US 😀
            with us sync is fine but with nl sync always fail

          • How do you set these connections up?

          • siamak

            2 adsl moden , 2 lan cable, 1 network adapter, at the same time i use one of them, simple as i say 🙂

          • how are you forcing connection either to NL or US? Normally you should use closest datacenter based on your location (IP).

  • kapsi

    Seems to me you guys are just copying Chrome features.

  • Nagora

    Oh, I see: “Recent tabs” means “recently *closed* tabs”. That’s great – I’d been missing this a lot – but the name isn’t very clear, IMO.

    • Perhaps it isn’t clear. We’ll have a think about this. Maybe we can do it better. Anyway, glad you found it now.

      • SuperTommy

        Thought about putting synchronized tabs in the Tab Menu? Like on the bottom with a padding and the other computers/mobiles name.

        Edit: Perhaps more clumsy than intuitive.

        • Actually we have considered something like this.

          • SuperTommy

            Great minds think alike, my friend.

  • Reinhard V Lohengramm

    The experimental navigation flag is now missing. Is there now no way to move the speed dial bar to the top?

  • Do Remi

    I’m interested if you ever going to let opera users choose either disable “fishing and malware protection” and “safebrowsing” features or not.
    it really botheres me. I even saw somebody opened a theme on your forum sometime ago link – https://forums.opera.com/discussion/1836521/security-concern-opera-fraud-check-requests/p1
    EVERY chromium based browser gives it’s user a choise except yours, any reason for that?I frequently read changelog’s and comments in all three trees, and noticed that it concerns not only me. I hope you’l read this and do something about it
    I also forget to mention, that i really like new opera and want to support it, but the thing that i wrote above is crucial, and unfortunutely i’m not going back unless something changes, ty

    • What is your concern about the feature that makes you want to turn it off?

      If you really want to turn it off, you can block sitecheck2.opera.com in your firewall or “hosts-file”.

      • myoperaexile

        Hi Daniel,

        Here are my concerns:

        1) I don’t want anyone in Norway knowing which sites I’m visiting _unless I actually visit that site in Norway_.

        It’s as simple as that. I care how secure or insecure the requests are too, but most of all, I care that I can turn them off so that you (i.e. Norway, Opera, and staff within Opera) don’t know which sites I am visiting. That seems like a fair thing to ask for. We have to assume that Opera are using the data in some way, e.g. to understand which sites people visit on a daily basis so they can monetise ad revenue and/or prioritise support for those sites. That may be untrue but there is simply no way for you to prove this to us, therefore we cannot trust it.

        Regarding your statement about turning it off by blocking, that is true, but is inconvenient because:

        1) I prefer to block by firewall rule rather than /etc/hosts -> because sometimes I have an HTTP server listening on my localhost. I don’t want to accidentally create a security hole whereby visiting sitecheck2.opera.com returns data from my local host.

        2) The sitecheck2.opera.com IP address changes every few months, probably due to infrastructure reasons but still, there is no notice. I now have four IP addresses and growing in my firewall rules to block:,, and How many more changes will I have to catch and why should I have to keep on top of this?

        Why not just give us an option? Wouldn’t it be simpler for your users? Are the Norwegian government asking you to leave this on for all users perhaps? If so, I can understand why you’re not allowed to talk about it nor turn it off and there really is no solution but for us to block.

        I understand that the prime motive for this might be to prevent fraud and virus propagation. Those are noble desires but for some tech savvy users, not needed/wanted. I’d rather catch the virus, thank you!

  • Sn3ipen

    Nice update. One thing that keeps me from using Opera as standard is the lack of ‘Right click and scroll’ to change tabs. It gets to me every time i am using Opera and i end up with a context menu instead of changing the tab.

  • anarbeh

    Thanks for this update.

    I would like to add to possible new features: tab management improvements: tab stacking that turns to “tab groups” if bigger than 5-6 tabs, or simply two different tools, one to manage a lot of tabs, the other for research or grouping.

  • ayespy

    Weird. I updated Dev version on three different devices, had them all on at once, and connected to the internet, sync enabled, and NONE of my tabs synced.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Have you checked Recent Tabs menu?

      • ayespy

        Well, when I turned everything on today, it worked. I could not guess what happened before.

  • Denyer

    I still can’t sync my tabs to the side…

  • ayespy

    Tabs simply do. not. sync. between my Win 8.1 machine and my Win 7 machine. What am I doing wrong?

  • Lacedaemon

    Can’t play anything (or crash) from https://vine.co/ ?

    • Ralf Brinkmann

      I can. OMJeia is cute.

      • Lacedaemon

        update: ok it was the flag “Platform hardware accelerated video decoding” that I ‘ve forgotten reverting it to default. Thx.

        • Ralf Brinkmann

          Maybe an extension or the lack of an extension (adblocker)?
          What about opera://flags/#enable-platform-accelerated-video-decoding (not activated here)
          opera://flags/#proprietary-media-types-playback (activated here)?

          • Lacedaemon

            Yeah I found it out previously, check the edited lines above 🙂

  • Flavoi

    Any chance to sync Opera Coast with Opera Desktop anytime in the future?

  • MikeGav

    rpm package still absent 🙁

    • L33t4opera

      Hi, please have a look here 😉

      • MikeGav

        Thanks, it works. But I would be happy if it would be official supported version.

        P.S. What about i686 build?

        • L33t4opera

          Regarding i686 build: “Will you support more architectures and package types in future?

          We’ll keep up with the changes to the Linux landscape and may support more architectures and distributions, if they are deemed appropriate.” – the source link.

          “Are there any technical “blockers”, or is it purely to lower maintenance on the Linux builds?”
          “This is the primary reason. We’ll see how things pan out. We may release 32-Bit as I said in the main post but I am not going to promise it” – the source link.

          “I hope we can shift some focus to 32-Bit Linux but I am not going to over promise. This will not be a priority in the short term.” – the source link.

          “Adding another architecture adds work in terms of testing and bug fixing. Our resources on Linux are still fairly thin. We can perhaps commit to 32-Bit when it does not risk damaging or delaying our efforts for 64-bit Linux users.” – the source link.

        • L33t4opera

          Update: “We know you want 32-Bit Linux and indeed we have produce 32-Bit builds internally. Further work would be needed before we could make such builds public and we are still accessing if the (very small) increase in potential users justifies the extra work in testing and maintaining the build going forward.

          We have not yet decided either way.” – the source link.

  • Dmitry Kirin

    Thanks for the new version!
    The strange bug I’ve had with javascript is gone.

    The font used in the bookmark bar seems to become bolder for folders. I like that. I’m not sure if it’s not my imagination though.

  • RX-3200

    SD bugs:
    – no content on right side in thumbnail
    – right-click-menu under scroll-bar

    PS: still DNA-32755 click on opera://* link – open about:blank page
    and still DNA-17250 ….

  • L33t4opera

    New Opera developer 29.0.1773.0, the change log, and the announcement 😉

  • Robert

    How do you change the cache directory on Opera Beta 28.0?

    • Lacedaemon

      Create a symbolic link to the directory you desire, or if you are on Windows add this –disk-cache-dir=”your destination here” to the target path in the shortcut.

  • Roberto Morales Vega

    Nice update, but what about the option to group tabs ?
    Also, go back or let the user choose between the speed dials with names in black or white (with the corresponding black or white background).
    And an option to re-acomodte the ribbon that has the “Speed Dial BookMarks Discover”, to hidde or move the options to our liking.
    Thanks for the hard work on the best web browser ever !!!