Today, Opera 28 reached beta quality and is ready for wider testing and feedback. Opera beta 28 includes a number of interesting improvements, particularly regarding bookmarks. For example, you can now sync your bookmarks between computers and/or Android phones, and get bookmark suggestions when you type in the address field.

We made some nice Mac changes, such as significantly smaller installation packages and better integration with MacOS 10.10 (Yosemite).

In addition, we refreshed our bundled themes and updated Chromium to version 41.0.2272.35 for even better website compatibility.

Bookmarks, syncing and other improvements

You can share your bookmarks between multiple devices: any computer running Opera beta 28 or phones with Opera for Android beta 28. We have been working on this feature for some time in our developer channel. Today, the quality has earned the feature a “beta” label.

If you want to try syncing, click on the Opera account button (to the right of the address field) and sign into your Opera account. Do this on all your devices and you’ll see your bookmarks everywhere!

Sync bookmarks between Opera Desktop and Opera mobile for Android

Sync bookmarks between Opera for computers and Opera mobile for Android

We also made some small improvements to the bookmark manager. One frequent request was to incorporate bookmarks into the search suggestions in the combined search and address bar. We are glad to announce that this has now been implemented. Look for the heart icon next to suggested pages.

autocomplete bookmarks in address field drop down

Mac improvements

Our Mac team has been hard at work to better integrate Opera with the latest Mac OS release. In beta 28, they made significant strides towards saving you bandwidth during installation and update, as well as other Mac-y fixes:

  • Added “vibrancy” to the address field (see the screen shot above)
  • Improved Mac full-screen mode, making all toolbars and the menu bar visible at the same time
  • Compressed the heck out of installation and update packages (the file size for autoupdates and network installations is down by a quarter!)

New bundled themes

Opera beta 28 includes an update to the bundled themes, so you can have a fresh, new look for your start page. Check out the new themes and see if you can’t find one you like.

Adventure's call

If you have any thoughts and feedback on these new updates, please let us know in the comments section below.


The full list of fixes is available in the changelog.

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  • Кostadin

    Ook. 🙂

  • Apocalypse

    “New bundled themes” – wow thats what we were waiting for :-(.

    • Кostadin

      What were you expecting from a beta?

      • Apocalypse

        You should have asked: What were you expecting from Opera? 🙂

        • Кostadin

          Then write down your own answer under the next 29 dev blog post 🙂 If you practice negative criticism then comment the bookmark/manager improvements and what/why you don’t like them. Bests!

          • Apocalypse

            Oh. I like them, I really do. But they dont add new features so its my negative criticism…

          • Charles0815

            Do you want bookmark/manager improvments? 😉 Easy: 1. If you save a bookmark, let show the whole tree with folders and subfolders, to save it. 2. In bookmarkmanager there is no tree too. Then you cant change folders/subfolders easy. 3. You cant switch list display globally, but only for every folder/subfolder. 4. Bookmarkmanager in a panel

    • I would say the real highlights are syncing and (if you are a Mac user) the mac changes. I specifically mentioned themes as it is very visible and would be noticed anyway. Hence it would have been strange not to acknowledge it.

      • Apocalypse

        Agree. But is it necessary too waste dev time for new themes? Cmon everyone can download theme. No offence but its no need to put them in orbitrary…

        • The devs don’t make the themes and that is probably a good thing!

          • SuperTommy

            The only theme a dev knows is a dark theme. 🙂

          • Ralf Brinkmann

            White here. 🙂

          • SuperTommy

            You’re a rare breed!

          • L33t4opera

            @SuperTommy, this sounds a bit like one of the conversations about white and black hats 😉

          • Apocalypse

            Well somebody does :-).

        • Herr Pietrus

          Hmm.. the bigger problem is that the first set of photos was the best one! 🙂

    • Hecc-MA

      What do you have against the built-in photo viewer, I mean, Themes?

      • siamak


  • L33t4opera

    Thanks for the info Ruarí, and congrats to the Developers, due to the promotion of the Opera 28 to the beta channel 😉

  • Linux users on non-debian based distros:

    Arch (AUR)
    Fedora / openSUSE (more info)
    • Gentoo (use emerge directly)
    Other rpm-based distros
    Other non-rpm/deb distros

  • Thanks for new build.

  • Zik

    Well, finally. Thanks for 28 beta. 🙂

  • SuperTommy

    I use beta as my primary browser, so I appreciate getting Bing back. And of course sync and bookmarks suggestions, but that is pretty obvious. 🙂

  • firuz_u7

    Thank you very much for Opera 28 beta and sync bookmarks synchronization hope will develop and adhere to it themes expansion history and passwords express panel I’m so looking forward for earlier thanks

  • loxiw

    Finally sync, ty =)

    Pls the navbar position… we don’t want to suffer for another month and a half xd

  • Elwetana

    Thank you for the new build, I am happy to see the development is going forward. Are there plans to make download work like it did in the old Opera (and as it does in IE)? Click on the download link gives you two options: Open/Run and Save, if you choose the former, the file is saved to a temp folder, opened/run, and deleted when user exits Opera.

    The current Chrome/Firefox way of doing things turns my Download folder to a def facto temp folder, only I have to make sure I don’t accidentally delete a file I would like to keep.

  • Philip

    When trying to create an opera account from the browser, my (perfectly valid) email address gets rejected as invalid. Don’t want to post my address openly here, can an opera employee contact me? Or how should I proceed otherwise?

  • Dark Magician

    Does sync work with the old account of Opera?
    I can’t login, so I’m wondering did I forget the password or…

    • Yes, should work.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      I use my old account that I have since years ago, so I guess yours should work too.

  • Johan Tell

    What happened to the coast-like speed dial?

  • ruduh

    Thank you a lot Ruari, testing right now on my Ubuntu. 😉

  • Gabriel Castro

    If I choose to use Sync with my old Opera Account, what will happen with my Opera 12.17 bookmarks? Will they be imported, deleted or overwrote?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      None of the above.

  • where is the sync for speed dial?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Enable bookmarks backend for speed dial in opera:flags.
      Note that this is very experimental therefore may not work and cause serious issues, including data loss.

  • Sierra

    This beta forces mobile version of

    • Ralf Brinkmann

      No, sorry, not here (W7x64, stand-alone installation).
      To which URL does it lead on your machine?

      • Sierra
        • Ralf Brinkmann

          Ok, now I understand. Then I have to confirm the bug. I see also the big image like in your 028-link. I thought this the normal view, because here mobile versions usually start with www://m….

    • Lumpy

      same happens with or , they got redirected to the mobile version…

    • Helge Andre Gjølme

      It’s the sites themselves that sends Opera to the mobile version by UA sniffing.

      If you install the “User-Agent Switcher” extension you can try this out as well. Note that you might have to clear some cookies before you get the full website.

      Thanks for letting us know tho, I’ve reported this in our bug tracker and we’ll contact the sites in question and ask them to fix their sniffing.

  • VfBFan

    Please give us a option to change the order of the elements in the address bar before Opera 28 goes stable.
    I don’t like that every accidentally unimportant visited page is listed above the bookmarks. 🙂

    • Nekomajin43

      Good point!

    • I thought so, too. I filed DNA-29920 in November…

    • SuperTommy

      In my opinion history should come after bookmarks and Speed Dial, so I support this.

      • Lacedaemon

        The way Vivaldi did it is fantastic. It’s on top (where it should always be), it has multiple Speed Dials, Bookmarks and History.

  • Zik

    I lost all pictures on my speeddial and cant update them.
    On screenshot context menu: “Изменить” – Change. “Удалить” – Delete.

    • Display of apple/fav-icons was experimental and is gone now.

    • Wando Schneider

      If you enabled bookmarks backend for speed dial in opera:flags, this is the cause 🙂

  • Youngtraktor

    Is it possible to export my bookmarks?

  • Charles0815

    And i say it again: The new themes are ugly. The old themes were better.

    • Ralf Brinkmann

      I don’t see any themes, because I look at the content of my open tabs. And I don’t look at the colour of my loudspeaker, because I want to hear the best possible music enjoyment.

      • Charles0815

        Wrong – if you use speeddial. Then you see themes (wallpaper). and if you only have a white theme (wallpaper), you see it anyway.
        And no – i dont like pink loudspeakers.

    • Wando Schneider

      I Like the new ones. Its a matter of opinion. There are thousands of themes here 🙂

    • Hecc-MA

      1. Right click any pic in your HDD collection, open with Opera, right click again, use as theme, stop complaining.

      2. Download previous versions of Opera,

      Install those with the Themes you used to like, browse to the profile folder, make a copy of the themes to a central location of yours.

      Uninstall, install the latest version.

      Browser again to the profile folder, copy there all those themes you copied before.

      This is a one time process you will perform only when you do a fresh install.

      • Charles0815

        That’s ok too. I have a new theme. The new themes in opera, however, are still ugly. it still nothing changes. And this is my opinion.

        • Hecc-MA

          Meaning what?

          Nothing changes: means you’re doing it wrong, or not trying.

          Changes nothing: Well, it’s not going to change in general, but you can change it for yourself.

          • Charles0815

            I have a new theme. Thats not the problem. I meaning the standard themes.

  • When will Speed Dial be syncable?

  • No

    – It never auto-updates – there is always an unspecified “error”, after minutes and minutes of “searching for updates”;
    – a lot of pages don´t open; mysterious problems with the websites, according to Opera – but all is fine and quick in Firefox.

    What else is worth talking about? Themes and stuff? This so-called browser doesn’t browse the Internet, people.

    • Sidney Moraes

      are you sure you are using the lastest version?

  • ktxgio


  • ryanromanov

    I noticed that the new speed dial page is gone, and I’m back to the old one. Is there any way to switch to the new one, or is it gone for now?

    • Sidney Moraes

      Enable in flags: experimental start page.

  • Very nice! Bookmark sync and suggestions and Bing returns! =)

    Still wish I could change the keyword on default search engines, though. Yahoo and DuckDuckGo are messing up my YouTube and Dictionary searches.

  • So long syncing not working…. I no longer needed her;) LastPass thanks.

  • SQL

    Could you force Youtube to use HTML5 in private windows through browserjs? Or is there an alternative fix, since private mode doesn’t log you in youtube and Opera doesn’t support MSE&H264, which means that youtube will always use Flash player in private mode.

    • Sidney Moraes

      If you enable HTML5 player in, youtube will use it. you just have to enable in private mode. (you don’t to be logged in yourube to that).

      • SQL

        Yes, but youtube forgets that i’ve chosen to use HTML5 after i close the private window, and it’s not worth it for me to go turn it on every time i want to use youtube.

    • Two comments on this:

      1. MSE&H264 is being looked into. No promises though.
      2. Try (don’t forget to enable it for private windows in extension manager) 😉

      • SQL

        Will definitely use that for now, thanks (even though i already have way too many extensions and they seem to take more memory than the browser itself). Opera uses some system level stuff to handle H264, is it possible to combine that with the native MSE support in Chromium? (Just wondering)

        • Chromium uses FFmpeg which Opera can’t for some legal reasons that I don’t possess any knowledge of. There are alternatives, but I’m not allowed to talk about this kind of internal stuff. You just need to hang tight for now. 😉

          • bwat47

            Even firefox is supporting h.264 now (afaik they are using system libraries for this on each os so licensing isn’t an issue)

          • Opera does have h.264 support. That’s not an issue.

  • andol

    Please compare the appearane of Opera 27 and Opera 28 running on Windows Vista:

    • Chromium unified Win XP and Vista… and for some strange reason they made Vista look like (dead) XP instead of the other way round.

      • mikemanger

        Could be to do with what it says on this page:

        “On Windows Vista, we only use the glass mode when desktop compositing is enabled; in Classic or Vista Basic modes we use the XP Luna mode.”

  • Robert

    Where did the new tiled express panel? Even not turn over opera://flags/ (Experimental start page)

  • Michal

    Why has the icons and folders in my SpeedDial turned white? It’s super ugly with my custom theme.

  • Hecc-MA

    BMs in address field, you’re starting to listen!!

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Being there since november afaik. Probably just not enabled by default.

  • Meelis Rommot

    Where is the speed dial that was available in beta 27? The squares with no thumbnail.

    • Sidney Moraes

      Enable it in flags: experimental start page.

      • Meelis Rommot

        Thanks. I was looking for the flag, couldn’t find it.

      • Meelis Rommot

        Thanks! Although that’s not really how it was before, but better than the normal speed dial. Before it used to be like the ones in Opera Coast. I paste the link at the end of this post, if it doesn’t work you can google it. Thank you!

        • L33t4opera

          Hi, this is another experiment, and work in progress on a new Speed Dial page, though it shows already, the coast-like tiles for links to the main pages, e.g., or, but not for the sub-links. It looks quite similar to the previous, experimental SD, except for the titles, which are displayed constantly, and not like it was before, on mouse over.

          • goomStar

            I dont get this forward-backward improvement. Why cant I just stick to the new tiles, that appeared in v27? They were so easy to recognize. Now I can only have tiles for domains like … every slightly advancing link gets just a screenshotted thumbnail… thats not what I want to see :'(

            I really wish the unicolored tiles are going to come back.

          • Herr Pietrus

            Damn, so that works in this way?!

            They were supposed to give us choice between the tiles and thumbnails for every kind of URL!
            What a mess…

  • The address bar seems to be a bit narrower than the previous version?…emm that’s ok but I still prefer the previous one, for the height of the bar made me feel comfortable.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Hmm, i didn’t notice any difference. At least on Windows.

  • Keiv M. Salmon

    will you guys at Opera ever allow for speed dial extensions again, or is that no longer supported? miss my gmail and speeddial extensions

    • L33t4opera

      Hi, I just checked the “Speed Dial for Gmail“, and the “ Speed Dial“, and both of them work without problems here. Please make sure, that the opera:flags#experimental-start-page is disabled (it should be by default), and if not, then turn it off, and restart the Opera, and see if this helps.

  • Илья Найдов

    An option to exclude certain folders from syncing is crucial for me… There are links I need only at home, links I need only at work and some links I, ahem, don’t want to store anywhere in the cloud for someone to see accidently…

    • Nothing like this at the moment but it’s worth to discuss. Thanks for sharing.

    • you bookmark pr0n? ^^

      • Илья Найдов

        Don’t everyone does that?..

        • No, Darling — not me!!!

        • I don’t think so. I expect least people to have a personal collection of those sites in their bookmarks… ^^

      • Herr Pietrus

        So you think that porn sites are the only sites that are unneeded on my mobile phone? I’ve got about 300-400 bookmarks in about 15 folders and I’d like to sync at least 2-5 folders…

        • I didn’t question the need to be able to select which folders should be synced. 😉

    • ahoj1234

      yeah, I was asking for not to du.. more wise sync even it has not been introduced… sadly, it’s not here yet.

      it would be nice to select what to sync TO servers and what to sync FROM servers (not speaking only about bookmarks, about other stuff at least be able to set “now sync” or “do not sync till I tell you”)

  • Zin

    Well, good you arrived on beta, now bring back embedded IRC from Opera 12 so i can try Opera again.

    • Zik

      IRC will never come back again.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      It won’t happen.

    • Wando Schneider

      Forget about it.

  • abobobilly

    Are those latest “Speed Dials” remove in this update? Because i am unable to see them anywhere :S

  • gralt

    where dissapear new start page? i dont like these huge squares..and my button to switch between new/old seems to vanish..

    • SuperTommy

      They are working on a new one, can be enabled in flags at #experimental-start-page

      • goomStar

        A “new” one, that also is just capable of showing website screenshots/thumbnails. I was wondering how they came to “Hey, lets just drop the ergonomic, fast to recognize, unicolored tile-system on our SpeedDial”…

        • Herr Pietrus

          because it isn’t ergonomic and fast to recognize? 😀
          but don’t worry, it seems that also these stupid tile will be available, because all types of graphics from the BM should be displayed in SD in final release

          • goomStar

            I imagine a far, far away future, where you can even _chose_ xD

  • Turo Orvel

    *Tries to drag tab over another*


  • Sidney Moraes

    Devs, update the download page of [Opera beta]( It has information about Stash which does not exist anymore. Also update the favicon of Opera forums!

  • Sync!! Finally! Now you just need to add support for more stuff (opened tabs, history, passwords, extensions, etc.) and I’m sold. I’ll finally be able to switch from Chrome to Opera. Until then you are on my watch list but I’m just unable to replace Chrome since I use it on my Dual Boot Setup, Smartphone and Tablet to keep everything in sync and Opera is unable to do that.

  • bwat47

    Really glad to see multidrag in the bookmarks manager, bookmarks manager is finally usable now 🙂 Really happy to see sync as well!

  • anarbeh

    I think tab management improvements would be great for future builds. I really love Opera and have used almost all other browsers (including Vivaldi!!). I really love for Opera to have a similar feature to Firefox’s “tab groups”, as well as tab stacking! (bring that one back please.

    I love the speed dial page as it is, but if the navigation area was moved to the top, and the darker area surrounding it would be taken out, then I think it would look much better and be more functional, especially for users with bigger screens.

    Also, The PDF viewer has issues on some websites. Maybe that is because of my settings (blocking third party cookies …), but the PDF extension (from Firefox) works flawlessly. With the built-in PDF viewer, the file is downloded, but the first time it’s downloaded it is not viewable, either back in Opera or another PDF viewer/editor (tried Foxit reader and Sumatra PDF). An investigation of this bug (unless it’s just me) would also be great.


    • L33t4opera

      but if the navigation area was moved to the top, and the darker area surrounding it would be taken out, then I think it would look much better and be more functional

      Hi, go to the address bar, and type opera:flags#webui-navigation-bar, press enter, select “Disabled” from the drop-down, and restart the Opera 😉

      • anarbeh

        Yes that’s perfect thank you! What do you think can be some tab management improvements? I think if tab stacks can then be turned into tab groups if bigger than 4-5….. that would be amazing!!

  • Tomáš Pavlík

    Well, about time. YYou finally did something useful for your user base. Dont take me wrong, its a good thing, but came a little late. You could do this primarily, instead of discover and other useless things.

  • mdfier

    The old & experimental start pages suck. I much prefer the “coast-like” tiles. I don’t want to search through tiny website screenshots.

    • goomStar


  • Herr Pietrus

    toolbar on the bootom of the SD/Discover/BM isn’t fixed, am I right?
    Ok, so no more questions and suggestions…

  • SuperTommy

    In Settings > Browser, if you click “Dictionaries” or “Preferred languages” the list is empty. The languages you’ve previously added reappear after you add a new language. Happens on two systems, W7 and W8.1.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Confirmed also on Win10.

      • Marcin Mitek

        Already fixed internally.

    • Ralf Brinkmann

      Yes, the same mistake in three versions now.

  • あれい

    Crash page with use Evernote extension

  • Goran

    I think sub-folder is must to have in bookmarks.

    • Nekomajin43

      You can create subfolders. Just move any folder into any other.

      • Goran

        I tried that and did not work for me. I am on win8.1 and have Opera stabile, beta, and developer. Does not work on any version.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          You may need to be on “my folders”. It won’t work on the left side list.

        • Nekomajin43

          Well, it works on Win7. Just use the right panel of the BM manager.

          • Goran

            Yes, it works for the right panel. That means UI is not so intuitive. It was so hard for me to create subfolder. Also when I create subfolder, is not listed on the right side!

            It would be good to add just few bookmark features, it would be much easier to maintain.

          • Sidney Moraes

            Are you sure you go into the folder where sub folder is?

          • Nekomajin43

            I agree, but for the time being…

    • L33t4opera

      Hi, please have a look here 😉

      • Goran

        Not intuitive at all. UX = zerro!

  • Fulerenic

    Dear Opera staff, you finally made it – you forced me to install Chrome! I have been using Opera from version 9 as main browser. Opera 12.17 is still my browser, I used also O Next for Facebook and another modern sites. But sorry after 1,5 year since O 15 was released you have still less features than Vivaldi first tech demo made by very small team. What’s even worse, Chropera has less features than your idol Chrome. Chropera Flash (and overall) performance is poor and Chrome has also more comfortable GUI. So actual situation on my side is following – Opera on smartphone is good, I will continue to use it. On Desktop I will combine Chrome and O 12.17 and I’m really looking forward for Vivaldi. Hope you are not going to f**k up also Opera for Android. It’s a bit sad ending after 9 years of my “marriage” with Opera 🙁

    • bwat47

      flash performs the same in chropera as it does in chrome here… did you make sure to install the ppapi flash?

    • Herr Pietrus

      I can say many bad things about new Opera, but “Chropera has less features than your idol Chrome”?! No, definitely not… It has not much more than chrome (SD and basic mouse gestures) but still…

  • Katakylsm

    What about subfolders in bookmarks? I got them if i import my old bookmarks, but whatever i do i fail to create new ones. (beside on top level) When will it be added?

    • Nekomajin43

      Just move any folder into any other.

      • Katakylsm

        Doesnt work for me. I can just change the order of them. I mean this favorites on the side bar (not those in the window)

        • L33t4opera

          Hi, go to the folder, in which you want to add a new subfolder, and simply right click on the free space in the main area of the page, and select “New Folder” from the context menu.

          You can also click on “My Folders”, and on the right in the main page area, drag one folder and drop it into another one, or select folder(s) which you want to move (to select all items in the current folder, press Ctrl+A), and press Ctrl+X, navigate to the destination folder, and press Ctrl+V.

          Alternatively, you can also click on “My Folders”, and on the right drag one folder and drop it onto another folder’s name on the side bar, under “My Folders” 😉

          • Katakylsm

            Thanks for the help, but are we really talking about the same thing? Cause all of this doesnt work for me. I talk about this area:

          • Dmitry Kirin

            That’s strange. If I right-click the main area of the page, the context menu appears, with the New Folder button. Moving folders from the left column to the main area is not working though.

          • L33t4opera

            You need to click on “Meine Ordner”, and then in the main page area (on the right side), drag the “Neuer Ordner” and drop it onto the “Isaac” (also on the right in the main area, or on the left onto the “Issac” on the side bar – it works in both cases here).

            Regarding the context menu, you need to right click on the free space below the horizontal line – it will not work, if you click above it, or on the folder’s/bookmark’s name 😉

          • Katakylsm

            still all of this doesnt work. 🙁

            i will try on a fresh pc with new opera installation (i always upgraded since 12.00, so maybe some bug is from some old settings)

          • L33t4opera

            Are you pretty sure, that you use the latest Opera beta: 28.0.1750.15? You can check it in the Opera’s menu > About Opera.

          • Katakylsm

            and thank you very much

  • You are asking your users to rely a 20*20 pixel icon, on a screen with hundreds of times more space available, to differentiate between bookmarks, history, speed dials and suggestions in the address field. I’m glad that this improvement has happened and that we now have this possibility at all, but what about taking the idea further?

    Perhaps, by adding Speed Dial icons to the field? Safari’s solution is a super convenient time saver, cross-platform.
    Or introducing more visual hierarchy? Separating the different results using structure and layout?
    Or, Opera’s made a big and welcome push towards visual bookmarks, why do we suddenly abandon this idea at the address field?
    Or… ?

    The address field is a function where a huge part of the user-browser interaction takes place. It’s 2015, perhaps it’s time to improve upon the decades old drop-down list concept?

  • One question:
    Where is the modern homepage?

  • Stephen

    Opera in v.28 removed Montenegrin language (me / Crnogorski)! Why??? It still has me.pak file, but Montenegrin is not listed. I appeal, please return Montenegrin to Opera!!!

  • great integration of notifications using pushbullet in w10 build 9926

  • twm


  • Am I right that synchronizing my bookmarks with Opera Link does not work in Opera 27 stable yet, although I can already see it in the Tools menu? When I log in on the Link page, I can see that the login was successful for a moment, then I am automatically thrown back to the login screen.

    • ayespy

      Opera Link will never work in the new Opera. The new sync function appears, to all intents and purposes, to work in all versions of the current iteration of Opera.

      One should not confuse Link (which is being abandoned) with sync, which is still in development (doesn’t sync speed dials, history, tabs or passwords yet).

      • OK, I meant Sync which obviously is only visible in Opera 27’s “other tools” menu, but not functional yet. All this bookmark mess finally made me review my saved bookmarks and clean them up, then exported them to HTML with an extension and imported them in Firefox which had outdated bookmarks as well. But now I can use the new bookmarks with the Firefox Sync option, and it seems to works fine.

        • ayespy

          I see. I’m afraid it wasn’t obvious you meant “sync” when you said “link” because there have been a number of queries about when Opera was going to sync with the Link database – ie the Link web page, which you mentioned (which is never). Actually bookmark sync does work in Stable 27, but only with versions of modern opera, not Opera 12 and earlier.

  • YouTube 60fps feature, it works in previous version Opera, but now it doesn’t work in this version… 🙁

  • plague

    Here is an actual live-world bookmarks-related bugreport/annoyance/feature request:
    Bookmark this page:
    Your bookmark system will choose the animated _ad_ on the page as the bookmark image, and _only_ the animated ad, despite the fact that their logo is clearly available right there at the top, and several other places.
    Now, why am I not allowed to choose _any_ other image than the animated ad for my bookmark?

  • Greg Zeng

    192 comments to read ….

    WHEN WILL OPERA ever be as good as version 12.7 ….


    The comments below do not ever mention ADD-ONS nor EXTENSIONS.

    OPERA 12.x has the best set of thes ever. Much better then CHROPERA.

    I signed this with my real name. See my Web site, or real YouTube channel, if I ever get it launched properly. Otherwise Google “gregzeng”, to find about me, and my interests of you want to.

    The real point is, OPERA 12.x, is the best ever Internet browser ever, at the moment.

    • Lacedaemon

      Your only hope is to keep an eye on the Vivaldi browser (is being made by the original Opera members who got laid off, including the founder of Opera, currently in technical preview/developer edition)

    • Yeah, you obviously didn’t spend much time in here…
      This is not feedback for this build and hence off-topic. If you want to bug people about it, visit the forums (there are numerous threads about this, don’t dare to start another one! ^^).
      And don’t WRITE ALL-CAPS. It’s annoying.

  • Hello, Really found your article very cool and interesting and would really appreciate your work and I will definitely share and personally recommend to my friends and relatives.


    Regards :-

  • Ralf Brinkmann
    • Wando Schneider

      Changelog: (here goes the text) 🙂
      Edit: I know, it is a work in progress!

    • Lacedaemon

      – Sharing individual bookmarks and new ticking icons and color
      – Clicking on Bookmarks the cursor finally goes to the search textfield. (as expected from day-1)
      – “Developer tools” renamed to “Developer”
      – Some new flags like “Platform hardware accelerated video decoding”, “Disable NPAPI”, “Activity WebUI”, “Upload bookmark thumbnails directly”, “Extended search statistics…”, ” win32k renderer lockdown” etc..
      – “Protected content” added to settings
      – Some refinements like “Changed” and “Unchanged” Experiments

      Minor things and under the hood mostly. I’m experiencing a better flash performance (ex. 60fps) and better tab responsiveness though which is a good thing.

      • Wando Schneider

        There’s something new on stored passwords too.

      • Wando Schneider

        I don’t know if its new, but there’s some cool animations on BM.

        • Lacedaemon

          Probably, like deleting a bookmark to trash.

      • Ralf Brinkmann

        Now the buttons for speed dial, bookmarks and discover are on the bottom of the speed dial page again. The experimental startpage is not activated here. I did not change anything.

        • L33t4opera

          Yes Ralf, “DNA-33228 Remove WebuiNavigationBar flag”, and therefore the users, who don’t like the bar permanently placed at the bottom, should not update to this version 😉

          • Ralf Brinkmann

            Thank you. I did not read the whole “War and Peace” epos changelog. The entry must have been one line under the last line I have been reading. 🙂

          • L33t4opera

            You’re welcome, I mentioned about, because I noticed it, before the changelog has been published, and now I saw this info in the change log 😉

  • RX-3200
  • Opera and Flash player don’t work well together. Hopefully you fix that soon…

  • mdfier

    It’s a little late to ask this but is it only the bookmarks that are being synced currently? I ask this because for me the start page tiles aren’t being synced.

  • L33t4opera

    New update – Opera beta 28.0.1750.21, and the change log 😉

  • xoex

    Bring back Notes,
    And change proxy settings to be exclusive (like lovely opera & firefox), not like ugly chrome and IE.

  • 7thGear

    What are “bundled themes”?

    • Lacedaemon

      Default wallpapers included in the installer that can be used as background images. They call them “themes” when they are not though. You can access them by going to Opera -> Themes.

      • 7thGear


    • Leonardo Gomes

      Those are the ones that already come with the browser.

      • 7thGear

        thx, now i get it. I couldn’t see a difference, except the file format.

  • Sergio Ramon

    Hi, will it be possible to synchonize (or at least save) the speed dial too?

  • Sergio Ramon

    Hi, can anybody tell me if it is possible to synchonize the speed dial too, or at least save them. I have not been able to localize the the speed dial file. Thank you

  • Kaveh Abbasi

    Still no sync link ? ?????

    • Leonardo Gomes

      What do you call “sync kink”?

  • Mullapati Kavitha