This is a minor update for MacOS X 10.7 and 10.8 users, fixing a crash on startup issue. If you encountered this problem, you can use the Opera developer for Mac network installer to upgrade (autoupdate from the broken build will not work).

If you run Windows or Linux, you can continue to use yesterday’s build, as there are no new fixes or improvements for either of those platforms.

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  • Sorry to all the users affected by this!

    • L33t4opera

      Thanks for the update Ruarí. By the way: maybe you can update the h4 id for this update on the change log page, as well? 😉

    • Marko Koivuniemi

      That’s what we are here for. Thanks for quick fix.

      • You got the right spirit, @markokoivuniemi:disqus 🙂

    • Leon L

      Thanks for the quick fix. Now I’m back on the track again…

  • muttymartin

    I have not been able to discern the exact pattern yet, but clicking multiple times on the bookmark heart while sometimes also clicking in the address bar (so the text gets selected / deselected) crashes Opera. It takes between 5-10 clicks or so.

    • muttymartin

      Skip the address bar 🙂 Easiest is to just hammer the bookmark icon, but you can also hit it with a few well timed slow clicks. Three is my record 🙂

      • Thanks, we are looking into it. Seems to only happen on 10.10.

  • Dima S

    Seems to be only Opera related (26 and 28).

    On Mac, file saving menu goes max size despite being resized previously. This how it looks:

    • zmwangx

      I can confirm this. It seems to be Yosemite-specific. I haven’t been using Opera as my main browser for a while so I can’t say if this has been fixed in the last two releases.

  • Apocalypse

    Hello. Do you plan to do smthng with tabs overflow? Why we cant just have wrap to multiple lines?

  • Hi, why does the tab always crash when accessing to a FTP website? Mine is Windows 8.1 with Opera 27.0.1689.44. This has been lasting for a period of time and I’m also not able to access to your bug report wizard to report this issue!

    • Works for me when accessing

      Perhaps you can provide a sample URL that causes the crash?

      P.S. Not sure what has happened to the bug wizard but i’ll ask a colleague to look into it.

      • Sidney Moraes

        That link does not work for me in Opera stable and beta.

        • reesmichael1

          Not confirmed here on Arch Linux. It works fine on both the latest stable and beta.

      • Actually, the same thing happens to your official http://ftp…it crashes again…

    • Marcin Mitek

      Any extensions installed? Any flags changed? Disable all extensions please and reset all flags to their default state. I have 8.1 on my desk and it doesn’t crash on any FTP I try to load. Also, if you have time, make the USB (standalone) installation of the same build and see if it reproduces there. Thanks in advance.

      • I tried to disable all the exts and plugins with reseting all the flags, but it still didn’t work.

  • oic

    Have anyone seen Microsoft new spartan browser? They have tab preview done right, much like old opera

    • Keiv M. Salmon

      saw it and was immediately impressed. Everybody takes Opera’s (pre 15x) good ideas and ran away with them. meanwhile Opera lags in innovation now.

      • LookOut

        The VivaldiBrowser from Jon and Opera employees from past will come soon ^^ It will innovate the market.

        • Marko Koivuniemi

          I doubt that VivaldiBrowser could offer anything Opera AS cannot. Situation would be differenent if Presto code would be available to continue from that base. And discussion I find from VivaldiBrowser are quite old – have you recent information about that?
          But we will see what Opera will do. I think rumors about death (or lack of innovations) are greatly exaggerated.

  • Orig Pumu

    Waiting for synced Speeddail.

  • Marcos Previato

    Please Bring Back Tab Stacking i can’t wait anymore!

  • Footman

    I dont know if you know already but
    Bookmarks backend for Speed Dial does not work properly. I want to have the same preview images in speed dial like in bookmarks manager.

  • Michael Maier

    2 requests:
    – Make it possible to choose a thumbnail for a Speed Dial entry alike a Bookmark entry + the possibility to choose an own picture
    – Bring back an option to have a Side Bar for Tabs (and Bookmarks)

  • Anton Chelnokov

    Opera, FU!
    Block the service for 24 hours, please.
    Otherwise i will uninstall your browser forever!

    • Anton Chelnokov

      4 hours to left!

      • x a

        They are shivering with fear…

        By the way, what’s your complaint? Could you try to rephrase it, so it gets more understandable?

        • Anton Chelnokov

          On every tab change opera got request for sitecheck service with site hostname.

          they are spy for us!

          Evilbye opera XD

  • RX-3200

    please, wean Opera suspend pocess with tab opera://extensions/

    and please, add normal bookmarks tree to opera://bookmarks/

  • Alexander

    Why O takes so long/hard to coldboot, basically on every HDD?

    • Marko Koivuniemi

      No problems here. It takes a while but there are plenty of tabs in 3 windows so I understand it. It depends tabs, extensions and profile. And are you comparing to another browser and which one? And what system are you talking about. Amount of memory?

      • Alexander

        Win 8.1, 8 Gb RAM, HDD (1Tb), Core i7 2670QM, Nvidia 540 2 Gb.

        Cold start takes up to 15-17 sec…while Chrome/ IE start in 2-3 sec…

        I have 16 sites in speed dial, + 2 extensions in speed dial (yandex traffic and yandex weather).

        When I installed O on my brothers’ netbook – I thought that there will come smoke out of it, when it makes O cold start))

        • Marko Koivuniemi

          I have read earlier same kind of stories – but I haven’t tested. I have quite similar system (Dell laptop) but I changed HDD to SSD so that could be reason I’m satisfied.

  • Alexander

    When you gonna show us something worth in the change log?)

  • sounder

    Is the goal of Opera Browser just to be Google Chrome with a different skin?

    • x a


  • Nimix

    Vivaldi is online. I hope this will push the development of Opera into the right direction:

    • taneli

      Oh, my, after a quick test it looks quite amazing, and it’s only a technical preview.

  • x a

    With the new dev build I frequently get logged off Sync – it’s the NL ( server…

  • L33t4opera

    New Opera developer: 28.0.1750.5 (Windows/Mac/Linux), and the change log 😉

  • Tab Stacking must be back