Another day, another update to Opera developer, with 30+ further fixes and improvements since the build we put out on Friday!

There are two nice highlights for this release. Firstly, the heart is now shown as disabled when bookmarks are moved to the trash via the “Remove” button in the bookmark popup. Secondly, we continue to add more “vibrancy” to the drop downs for our MacOS X 10.10 (Yosemite) users. The address field drop down has just been updated as well.

Thanks in advance for the testing and feedback!

Known issues

  • Opera crashes on startup for users of MacOS X 10.7 and 10.8. Here is a update
  • for users running on affected systems.

Changelog and download links

Full changelog

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  • Linux users on non-debian based distros:

    Arch (AUR)
    Fedora / openSUSE (more info)
    • Gentoo (use emerge directly)
    Other rpm-based distros
    Other non-rpm/deb distros

    • Liviu Vasut

      Many thanks from the rpm version!

    • Liviu Vasut

      is there a problem with the fedora 21 repo? I’m trying to install on a second computer and it’s not working.
      # yum install opera-developer

      No package opera-developer available.
      # yum repository-packages home_ruario_opera list

      Error: No matching Packages to list

      • It works for me.

      • If you keep having problems, perhaps download the rpm manually for now until you work out what the problem is. Assuming of course you can download it manually.

        • Liviu Vasut

          I tested the repo again from the first computer and it works. But not from the second… Strange. I downloaded manually, thanks.

  • Love that pace. Keep it up! 😉

  • beBoss

    Flash problems fix, when???

  • ChrisG

    OSX – Programatic “open tab in background” broken.
    Vimium, open link in background tab no longer works.

  • Dima S

    What a start in 2015! Good luck, Opera Team!

  • Lacedaemon

    Gj. Also reported in previous build: Can not select a shared folder.

    Also: “DNA-32544 Show all root level folders” phew…

  • Ralf Brinkmann

    Works. Boring.

    • Try enabling all flags at once. You might be “lucky” 😛

      • Carson Coyote

        It actually works better than I expected! 😀

    • Marcin Mitek

      Sorry 🙁

      • Ralf Brinkmann


  • SuperTommy

    Some nice bug fixes (selecting bookmarks from bottom) and changes (root folders). 🙂

    Edit: Is it on purpose that folders are having that gray color on them in list view?

    • Herr Pietrus

      I think it can e a bug.. I hope so! 🙂

  • BratetsVolk

    Please make that folder on the bookmarks bar is not closed when the user moves the links up and down. It always happens) This is very inconvenient and annoying. Deleting a link that does not happen. Only when you move above or below. I mean that when you move the links above or below you need to a folder on the bookmarks bar remained open and not closed. Or just block links from moving as it was in O12 – links can be sorted in a folder on the bar only through bookmarks, but not by itself bar.

  • x a

    You wouldn’t want to have console.logs trigger entries in the list of collected errors in the extension manager (dev view, #extensions-error-console)?

    • Logs should definitely be in there. This console is the only place to display those for event based extensions.
      Red background color is out of place though IMO (DNA-32703).

      • x a

        Is it? How that?

        The console is the place for – well – console output.

        Having the background process opened in the developers’ tools gives you access to all console output, certainly even that issued of event handlers (as they run in the bg process, which is re-loaded just for that in the case of non-persistence).

        • Event based extensions never shut down as long as a console is open. Thus you can’t properly debug them.

          • x a

            Actually they did shutdown in earliest Opium versions; glad, they don’t do that no more.

            Not being able to debug onSuspend has never been an issue to me. But thanks for your 2p on that..

          • Yeah, I remember that. But that’s fixed for quite some time. And I had to switch to Chrome for debugging more than once 😉

    • Offtopic: Did you give the extension that I replied to you on Twitter a run?

  • Cyro

    I like the new address field drop down. It doesn’t show all search engines I have. Only the first 10. Is this intentional?

    • PaulW

      How does one turn on this drop down feature??

      • Cyro

        It’s already enabled. If you start typing you will notice some search engine icons on the bottom right.

        • Lacedaemon

          uh that’s not it, it’s like that for many versions now…

          • Cyro

            Of course it is. But now it’s enabled by default. Here’s how to toggle it.

          • Lacedaemon

            So in Opera 26 where I can see my 10 search engines and where there is no flag it must be already enabled…

          • This is it. But AFAIR there are no visual changes (except for Mac’s vibrancy?). So if you’re on Windows or Linux, this experiment is a success if you see no difference at all.

        • Guest

          how to delete search engine?

        • PaulW

          Thanx for the info but I was expecting something like there was in Opera 12 where you just dropped down the address bar to see the last entries..

    • Dave-H

      The icons aren’t completely correct on my installation.
      The “Opera Web” icon is the same as the Yahoo! icon, and there’s three Google icons, one of which has no text associated with it, as well as one labelled “Google Search” and one labelled “Google”.

    • Marcin Mitek

      10 visible search engine tabs is intentional since the beginning. There are no visual changes to the addressfield, this task was about code refactoring.

  • Zik

    What does mean wp2 in ” [Win] Sound notification icon on tab – wp2″?

    And I just wonder when it will be beta. Thanks for update.

    • Nekomajin43

      Work package

      • SQL

        oops nothing

  • Sebastian Furdal

    What about ymp files? When I try to open them in opera-beta or opera-development it opens it as a txt file under Linux. The Firefox or chromium – they open a yast2 to install ymp files. In previous versions of opera 12.x there was a way to go around it – we could assign a program to open it. Is there a way to in new opera branch?

    I have to use firefox to install opera-beta :). I would like to do it with opera instead 🙂

    • we’ll look into it

      • taneli

        Just make O12-like download settings, that’d answer a thousand other requests at the same 🙂

        And by that, i mean “like” it, not the exact copy if you’re not going that road, but some more control over the downloadable files would be good, and very, very handy.

    • anonym

      as a workaround you could right-click and take “save as” on the links.

  • Gustav Ekner

    I can’t reach, and seems also to be down. Anyone else having this problem?

    • works for me

      • Gustav Ekner

        When i ping, this is all I get, and nothing more:

        PING ( 56(84) bytes of data.

        And it’s the same with just

        • Gustav Ekner

          Now I know, it’s my ISP provider. I read on their website and it turned out that they have problems. Excuse me 🙂

  • Marko Koivuniemi

    Crash loop – even with empty profile – Opera cannot start at all. Older Macbook Intel Core 2 Duo with OS X 10.7.5. (newer OS X cannot be installed) Maybe problem related with Intel GMA X3100 144 MB graphics?

    • Marko Koivuniemi

      Application Specific Information:

      *** Terminating app due to uncaught exception ‘NSInvalidArgumentException’, reason: ‘+[NSColor colorWithWhite:alpha:]: unrecognized selector sent to class 0x7fff787eac10’

    • We have put out a fixed build just for users such as yourself. Use the network installer to upgrade to this. Also thanks for the report.

  • Sidney Moraes

    What is the mean of this symbol ☣ in change log list?

    • read the last line of the changelog (at the very bottom). 😉

      • Sidney Moraes

        Thank you 🙂

  • xbqo

    When I try to open link in new tab while having too many tabs open (~60), Opera will just show a blank page.

    This bug have been their for several versions.

    • Alex

      I also have this problem. I sometimes have to try to load a page several times. Most of the times it works after the second or third try. It seems to get worse if I have opera running for a long time and all ways to open a link are affected (open link in new tab, open a new tab and enter a url, open url via “opera-developer “). It only occurs on new tabs, so if a tab has “started” once, browsing always works.

  • Habl

    Please take auto-hide bookmarks bar after click on bookmark on that or click on address bar.

  • x a

    Thanks for making the Hangouts Addon work. ☺ [As a quick extension ”code-review“ didn’t give me a clue why it was crashing when it still was crashing – I’m curious what the show stopper was there?]

    • Mike

      Seeing as it now works… it’d be nice if it looked like it does in Chrome or at least doesn’t have address bar / tab so theres less wasted space!

  • siamak

    Still sync not working fo me

  • Gloriam

    I’d like to report a bug on Opera Next and possibly the other versions too, when I’m using two monitors, I’d like to watch youtube or other flash players on one monitor (Main one since it’s bigger) and browse on the other, only problem is that the taskbar shows up below as soon as I click on anything outside the youtube/flash player. But if I switch it around, that doesn’t happen, only when the player is on the main monitor.

    I don’t have this issue with other browsers, but I don’t want to use multiple browsers as you can understand.

    Could this be looked into?

  • taneli

    Still slowness, when browsing images (one site has 5 images on a page, some are gifs), tab dies for 30-90 seconds before you can even start to try scrolling.
    Going through images, tab dies after some 15-20 images, won’t load anything anymore, need to close the tab and open a new one to keep going.
    Not happening in 26 stable.

    • Ralf Brinkmann

      Hardware acceleration?

      • taneli

        Yes, had that on, is that a problem these days?
        Edit: Also fast internets and RAID-0 SSD’s for Opera, so those shouldn’t impose a problem.

        • Ralf Brinkmann

          If you had it on, try to switch it off. On some systems there are problems.

          • taneli

            Yeah, that actually seems to have helped, nice, too bad though, i do need it for some webGL stuffs to be turned on.

          • taneli

            Okay, cancel that, it didn’t apparently help, it was probably the restart i did when turning off the HW acceleration, it’s again sluggish and slow as f*** to browse any image sites 🙂
            Well, back to restarting the browser every hour or so.

          • Ralf Brinkmann

            Have you tried to switch all extensions off or to make a clean test installation with a new profile into another folder?

          • taneli

            That i am too tired to do atm.
            But when you have a browser, where you need to use a shitton of extensions to get any functionality, you would expect it to work with extensions on 🙂
            Will have to take a look later though.

          • Ralf Brinkmann

            I understand you, but you should be aware, that this is a developer version. With your tests you can help to make it better and more stable and eliminate errors.

          • taneli

            I know, and i will try it out, with better time 🙂 (I don’t do this for work so i have quite loose hours when testing things ;D)

  • Radosław Kowalewski

    I can’t see option to change my speed dial to new, metro-ui like square theme that is present in current stable. Was it removed 🙁 ?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Well, it has changed and is still being changed.

      You can try enabling opera://flags/#experimental-start-page

  • Robert

    Anyone have problems with Login Data backup? I moved Login Data from my backup folder to Opera Developer folder in AppData but there is no password showing in the settings.Everything else is working except Login Data.

    • Same user/device? Cause AFAIK login data is encrypted and only works for the user who saved them.

      • RX-3200

        so, why Opera said “portable” in installer ?
        it should have been called “setup in single folder” …

        • @disqus_rzuVs1lrnV:disqus said he moved it into “AppData”. That’s no portable install.

          • RX-3200

            it was question to your post,
            not to Robert post

          • My answer was targeted to Robert’s question. Are you experiencing the same thing with a USB install?

          • RX-3200

            the location of my login data I have not changed, to check it out

            please, answer my question
            I repeat it for you:
            you said “login data is encrypted and only works for the user you saved them”
            so, why Opera said “portable” in installer ?
            it should have been called “setup in single folder” …
            if it realy “portable” – a user on another computer should be able to use own passwords

          • I don’t know if this applies to portable installs, too. I never actually tried to migrate saved passwords between them. I don’t think so.
            If you wanna know for sure, make two USB installs, save a password and copy it over.
            As I said: this applies to Robert’s situation and as I don’t know the answer to your question for sure, I wanted to know if you are experiencing an actual problem worth troubleshooting or just asking out of curiosity.

          • RX-3200

            Well, the discrepancy name and content – can be considered an actual problem, and can be considered as a curiosity

            PS: it’s just another “bug” than Robert posted

          • I guess there is no discrepancy…
            Anyway, I’m going to delete this extending offtopic conversation now.

      • Robert

        Oh i get it. I needed to reinstall my Windows and thats why I can’t backup password, because it is not the same user. I have stored my passwords using Last Pass and I store them again in the Opera. When you guys implement password sync, everything will be easy then.
        Btw, thank you guys for the new build. Keep it up good work!

        • Yes, password sync is needed indeed. 🙂

          • Robert

            Yes password sync is really needed because I use Opera on my Android, notebook and home PC. 😉

  • Still got the XP blue tab bar in Vista.

  • Herr Pietrus

    I know that this question has appeared already, but I still don’t know how to open experimental search bar… I’ve changed the flag but I see the same bar as in previous stable versions…

    BTW – I haven’t used a few previous developer versions and… well… as I can see we finally have thumbnails on the speed dial page! That’s great! But I see also that new bookmarks pop-up is awful…And it seems to be a bit…. “applish”.

    And one more thing… is it a “new secular tradition” (guys from Poland will understand it :P) to give us uglier and uglier themes? 🙂 Ok, some of them are quite tolerable, but the others…

  • Lacedaemon

    Steam Broadcasting is already there… Hurry!

  • Alex

    The disabling of the heart icon does only work the first time. If I add the same bookmark afterwards again and remove it, the heart icon is still active until I remove the bookmark again.

    • Thanks for reporting. Watch out for DNA-32786 😉

  • Dick

    The mirror redirected to from the download link does not work again. This also make the auto update failed. Stable and beta links in this mirror works perfect, but not developer.

    Download link:

    Mirror redirected to:

  • Azamat

    Still problem with fonts on some sites:

    1. Go to
    2. Scroll down till the end
    3. See how links on footer look (

    We have account on asana and when logged into account, all fonts look ugly like that.

    It broke form version ~26 I think, I don’t remember. I have reported about this earlier here, but looks like it’s still broken. I’m on Ubuntu 14.04.1.

    • Did you try change settings for antialiasing with opera://flags/#lcd-text-aa

      • Azamat

        Yes GwenDragon. You adviced me the same thing last time, I tried that all, no luck. It doesn’t look like antialising problem to me.

    • Azamat

      Another example:

      1. Go to
      2. Open inspector and change smallest icon’s font-size to 11px.

      It looks ugly (, but on Firefox for example, it looks good. Why so?
      We use at work ( and tho it is big company with great product, on opera it always has a problem. Before, it used to crash, I reported that already. But later, problems with icons (like I explained above) occured, it still is problem. There are 2 other bugs on, that are not found on other browsers including Chromium and Firefox.
      Could anyone pay an attention to those things? in the past, opera used to pay special attention to popular sites and even make fixes (browser.js).

  • L33t4opera

    Thanks for the new build, fixes and improvement, Opera’s Developers!
    Friendly reminder/ request to add new features:
    – Export bookmarks to the HTML file,
    – The hotkey to hide/show the Bookmarks Bar.

    New, and expanded flags:
    – opera:flags#bookmark-sharing-dynamic-open-graph-images: Upload a dynamic Open Graph image containing the images of the bookmarks being shared. These images are mainly used on social networks like Facebook or VKontakt
    – opera:flags#experimental-addressbar (now also for Linux): Enables the experimental address bar.

    Nice to see the below improvements and fixes:
    – DNA-32544 Show all root level folders
    – DNA-32598 Disable red-Heart when bookmark is in trash
    – DNA-32651 Unable to Select Items by Clicking and Dragging from Bottom Up ☣
    – DNA-32695 [Win][Linux] Custom search engines do not show up when experimental-addressbar is enabled
    – DNA-32697 Add Linux as a supported platform for the exp. address field flag
    – DNA-32700 [Mac] Vibrancy in the address bar dropdown
    – The tab prievews in the tab menu are also nice (esp. in the full screen mode 😉

  • Lacedaemon

    My 2 cents about the current look of the SD. (By having Nav Bar on in the flags vs. off)
    When you are fat you wear vertical stripes so that you look thiner, when you are short you don’t wear horizontal stripes because it makes you look shorter, when you are tall & thin you wear horizontal stripes and bright colors so that you look wider.
    With your current “idea” you have created 4 very distinctive horizontal areas (1. tabs and address bar, 2. main page with background image and thumbnails, 3. Navigation block bar, 4. native OS taskbar) that make things look even wider and thus reducing dramatically the illusion of vertical space. This happened not with the previous way (flag off) since a) there was a blend of the aggressive white of the address bar with the skin (fade in of white into the wallpaper) b) 3 icons for SD, Bookmarks, Discover were integrated into the background image (theme) giving the impression of a whole.
    So not a good grade in that department to be honest.

  • Ralf Brinkmann

    The daily update only for Mac-Users today?

    • Read the known issues 😉

    • Yes because the known issue was so horrible (and completely broke autoupdate for those affected), that we needed to get a fix out for them ASAP.

  • Herr Pietrus

    Could someone post a screenshoot of the experimental address bar? I’d like to see how it looks but changing the flags doesn’t work for me. 🙂

    • Zik

      Yeah, I dont see any changes with enable flag for all verstions.

      • There aren’t any obvious changes (yet). Right now the experimental address bar is (and should be) pretty much the same as the original from your perspective.

        Basically it is a cleanup, with the code was rewritten so that it is cleaner, more extensible and with more common code (shared between platforms).

        The “feature” (a bit of a misnomer in this case) is actually about making future enhancements easier.

        So if you can’t see any changes and there are no new bugs, then it was a success! 😉

        Actually the implementation for this build (28.0.1747.0) was not an instant success as it completely broke on older Mac versions. Though thankfully we have already fixed that in build 28.0.1747.1.

        P.S. On Mac the “vibrancy” improvements for the address field drop down are based on this new code. Hence you only get the vibrancy effect when the experimental address bar is on (both are on be default in developer now).

        • Zik

          Thanks for reply, now it’s clear for me.

      • Herr Pietrus

        Och.. now I understand 🙂 Thanks!

  • lastcyrol

    An other version without keyboard customisation. And why is it not possible to change active tab with Ctrl+PageDown/PageUp as in every other program with tabs, Chrome for example? Also Ctrl+Shift+PageUp/PageDown does nothing instead of moving the active tab left or right.

    • NoName

      The last shortcut only seem to only work in Firefox.

      The first one works in both Firefox, Chrome and Sublime, but none of the Windows-only application with tabs that I got (Visual Studio, Programmers Notepad, mIRC).
      Are they some sort of standard on Mac/Linux perhaps?

      Edit: Just looked it up, it seem to be a standard for KDE/GNOME.

      • It is common in Linux apps. I might have it added as an alternative shortcut on Linux, where users might be expecting this.

    • We have had keyboard customization since Opera 15. There is just no UI font end to it. If you are willing to hand customise your Preferences file (certainly this is not for everyone) you can tweak the tab changing shortcuts as you see fit.

      P.S. We will consider your suggestion as to adding to the defaults to include Ctrl+PageDown/PageUp for switching tabs.

      • Zik

        Is it really hard to add shortcut for Task Manager? We have shortcuts (for “advanced” users) for Web Inspector, source code of page and still have no for task manager. 🙁
        I do not mind if it will be able only with Preferences file, it’s okay.

        • Lacedaemon

          Yes, considering there is “Ctrl+L, Ctrl+E, Alt+D and F8” for doing one thing, selecting the address bar…

          Also a shortcut for CloneTab is needed.
          For users using the Bookmark Bar one as well.

          Not to speak about further customizable mouse gestures -for reloading a tab for example-

          • Zik

            Ctrl+D is for bookmarks. You miss Ctrl+L.
            It’s no matter, because it can be edited.

          • Lacedaemon

            Mistype of the second dude, relax 🙂

            Also pay attention to what it is written here not what your instant notification says… because instant notification does not auto-correct mistyping.

      • lastcyrol

        Thank you for the link. I have checked it. That gave me the solution as to how to change the active tab setting Ctrl+Page* to CycleTo(Previous/Next)Tab. But as far as I am aware, I need to do so for SwitchTo(Left/Right)Tab as the former will be used for cycling in recently used order if that option is enabled. But Ctrl+Page* is not accepted as shortcut for the SwitchTo(Left/Right)Tab action. Also I have not found the name of the action for moving the tab left or right. And that is implemented in Chrome/Chromium, so I suppose it should not be hard such action to be available in Opera too.

        To correct myself. Apparently switching the active tab is succeedful in all orders, I only had to free Ctrl+PageUp from an other action first.

  • Goran

    Any news for Opera Mail? I would really like to see it integrated with Opera.

    p.s. don’t like new start page at opera developer.

    • No plans to integrate it with Opera again.

      • Herr Pietrus

        any plans about some improvements, future development (as a standalone app)?

        • Patata

          No they wont. Opera Mail 1.0 was the first and only release

      • Patata

        As usual… Never add what your userbase asks for…

        • Indeed we do not add all requested features. I think you will find that no software vendor does.

          Even though there are a handful of people requesting this here on our blog and in the forums, don’t be fooling into thinking this is a common request when comparing against the complete user base, which encompasses tens of millions on desktop alone.

          • Patata

            Opera ASA used to do this, back in the days when they still had a great product and community. Nowadays even MS’s new browser looks more promising than any Opera release.

          • I have been here long enough to know that we did not add every feature that was requested.

          • Lacedaemon

            don’t be fooling into thinking this is a common request when comparing against the complete user base, which encompasses tens of millions on desktop alone.

            what is this logic, if you don’t give them features or ask their opinion of course they will not use them or tell you what they need…

          • Yes we want opinions and feedback my point was that not every single requested feature will be added.

          • Lacedaemon

            I was talking about those other tens of millions desktop users you were referring to that have no voice and can’t request anything if they don’t use a blog, a forum or a new feature of yours.

          • There are other sources of information in addition to the forum and the blog that we use. For example, we conduct user studies, put out polls, and feedback forums, look at our bug tracker, capture (opt-in) usage stats, etc.

            The forum and blog, attract a very specific type of user who does not appear to be entirely representative of our user base. That is not to say that the feedback we get here isn’t helpful, it often is, particularly when it comes to narrowing down issues but we we would not design our product based exclusively on the requests found here and on the forums.

            Indeed many (perhaps most) of those who complain the loudest here will often state point blank that they do not run modern versions of Opera and would not consider it.

          • Lacedaemon

            -I haven’t seen user studies and polls affecting the tens of millions of users you are referring to, since many people in my circle (friends, colleagues, family members) would have told me about them.
            -Your tracker does not tell anything since if you don’t have a feature you won’t get any feedback or request about it in the first place.
            -Your sayings contradict the need of the browser for extensions and your urge to the users to find there whatever they need. If there was no demand for features, extensions would not exist.

    • taneli

      Your best bet is to wish for Opera to add some sockets API and hope that someone will make an extension for email (someone WOULD do it, if they had the API, i’m sure).

  • Denyer

    * Some easy way to refresh the Speedial thumbnails, f5 to reload all? O12 style.
    * Side tabs. Come on. You know you want to. Help me put down O12 and walk away.
    * Mail client, so I can actually put down O12 and walk away 😉

  • mb

    Bug: Speed dial entries on the pinned icon on the taskbar do nothing, it stopped working on this update. Windows 8.1 x86

    • Let me guess, they lost their icons, too?
      That happens about every second update. It fixes itself again, it breaks again. *sigh*

      • mb

        icons stayed but it started working again after I added a new speed dial entry.

        • Dmitry Kirin

          They don’t work here even if I add a new SD item. The adding itself does not work properly: it looks like nothing happens, the adding dialog overlay doesn’t disappear, though items are added.

          • That’s caused by speed dial’s bookmarks backend.

  • Marc

    Bookmark folders in list view look weird:

  • taneli

    HTML5 videos seem to have no AA, at least on youtube.

    Looks pretty bad in motion too.

  • aaa839

    Still cannot be autoupdate from Hong Kong

    when I check on

    I checked my Avira Web Protection Log,which logs opera try to connect the below link to download the update
    Using NSLOOKUP was this IP>
    From Whois was your forked chinese partner website
    Why you guys need to doing that!?

    How many times and complain which could lead your company take an action
    for no redirect all Hong Kong Users IP to Your Chinese Partner server!
    This was completely unacceptable!

    As an Opera users for many years,
    I’m quite angry and feel disappointed about your current action and company policy for Hong Kong users.Your company didn’t pay attention and respect for Hong Kong as a special place/region which not really belong to CHINA!Your action is just unacceptable for all Hongkonger

    we want a workable download same as other international users except users in China,

    I repeat donot just move us to china.we are not Chinese or a just a city in china,We are Hongkongese and just Hong Kong!

    I have been complain about this problem last time,but your company didn’t take an action until now,We request noredirect all Hong Kong Base Users to your Fuxking Chinese Partnered web server

    Last time you just post a option,I could download the update from FTP

    but I want a final solution,no redirect to your chinese fork server,please bring back us to your international CDN to download the package correctly!

    Please make a statement or respond ASAP if you guys still respecting those users from Hong Kong!

  • taneli

    Gmail inbox tab eats about 1gig of memory and is laggy as heck :/
    Pleeease give sockets API so i don’t have to keep that open all the time.

    • This is being investigated already. Looks like there’s a memory leak on some machines/operating systems/extension combinations…

      • taneli

        Win8.1 x64 btw.

  • Mike

    Getting a crash when attempting to move a tab to another window. Crashes before the space where tab will go shows…

    I can move a tab to a *new* window fine – it’s just moving the tab to an existing one.

  • Zik

    I’m noted you still not fix problem with hibernate and preview tabs.

    If I open picture in tab, it takes ~10 Mb of RAM. I switch to another tab, and after few seconds tab with picture will take ~4 Kb of RAM. It’s really wonderful.

    But if I will hover mouse on this tab, it will take 10 Mb again with no return to 4 Kb. It’s really sad.

    I have about 40 tabs. During the day I hover mouse almost all of them, and tabs cease to hibernate until I open it.

    I hope you pay attention on this.

  • georg

    In settings > browser > preferred languages… and in
    settings > browser > dictionaries… , all entries are gone.

    Using 32 bit Vista SP1 with classic GUI, Intel GMA X3100, latest Lenovo issued driver, XGA resolution.

    • Can confirm this on Win 7.

      • Guest

        Using 32-bit Vista SP1, classical GUI, Intel GMA X3100, latest Lenovo issued driver, XGA panel.

    • Ralf Brinkmann

      Oh, really. Here (W7x64) the preferred languages are still there, but the dicitionaries are gone. You have to select them again. But there is only “Deutsch (Österreich)” and “Deutsch (Schweiz)”, no “Deutsch (Deutschland)”.
      English: Only “German (Austria)” and “German (Switzerland)” existing, no “German (Germany)”.

      • They are not listed, but active.
        If you add Africaans to preferred langs or an other dictionary you see the already activated ones.
        Strange bug.

  • Lacedaemon

    Shift+Delete & Enter to delete a Bookmark from the Bookmark Manager creates this:
    ” This webpage is not available
    The webpage at opera://bookmarks/ might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.”

    Also what is the …real use of the tick box “Prevent this page from creating additional dialogs”? Delete key doesn’t work with it, Shift+Delete works, as well as deleting by clicking on “X”.

    Additional using Ctrl+X and Ctrl+V for many items takes a really looong time. I guess these are the benefits of “new technologies”?

  • Wanja Gayk

    Still no sidebar, still no integrated RSS+Mail client, no tab grouping, no custom search and no site preferences? If so: useless, sorry.

    • Vlavv

      No private tabs, no custom shortcuts, no way to open a file instead of dowloading it (using a temp folder), no way to choose what to do with a file given its mime-type, no source code validation… 2 years later, I still have to use Opera 12 for all this.

    • Patata

      Yep. But they dont care about us anyway.

  • Wando Schneider

    @ruario:disqus, i know its off topic, but i want to comment anyway. Microsoft has presented Today a new browser, codename “Spartan”. I see a lot of opera 12x on Spartan. 🙂

    • taneli

      Yeah i was checking stuff about Spartan last week, seemed to have quite a lot of interesting stuff going for it, like tab stacking etc. They’ve made huge improvements with security & performance in the last couple versions of IE, it just might become a good browser.

    • NoName

      Yea, I had the same thing in mind.

      The tab preview and thumbnail tabs are there.
      Sidebar with “Read later” stuff in it.

    • Zik

      I see a lot of Maxthon.

    • Lacedaemon

      Looks impressive, I think it will take the crown easily.

    • SuperTommy

      I have high hopes for Spartan. It had Opera 12 tab previews and everything. And if it’s true it has tab stacking then it’s amazing.

    • L33t4opera

      Forget about Spartan, it’s just a scratch on the entire surface, it’s almost nothing comparing to the HoloLens technology 😉

      • Wando Schneider

        Its very interesting, but here we talk about browsers :).

        • L33t4opera

          In that case I’m sorry, but it looked like it’s a little off topic discussion in general, on this blog 😉

          • Wando Schneider


      • Dmitry Kirin

        Awesome trailer. Thanks! =)

  • taneli

    Not sure what happened, but i tried to watch this clip with the HTML5 player:
    And it totally screwed up my system’s sounds, everything went haywire, restarted PC, tried winamp, worked fine, tried another video on youtube, worked fine, tried that clip again, poof, everything gone to s**t, new restart.

  • sssas

    The new bookmark suggestions has series problem with Chinese Input Methods, Simplified Chinese input methods using PINYIN (which use English letters) to input Chinese words. and when I want search something with Chinese in addressbar, the first two or three letters aways auto converted into English (which I want input Chinese) and suggest me a bookmark or search engine, and I find it is a big trouble when someone use a Input Method especially when this method use English letters.

  • Milad Ebadi


    Bookmark problems opera is not over :)))

    bookmarkbar last section have problem…. this seris bookmark dont movable from laste section too bookmarkbar first section

    pleas viwe this image to undrstand :

    and…. i want to bookmarked new page with drage droup to first section bookmarkbar but new page bookmarked saved in last section bookmarkbar.

    • bookmarkbar last section have problem…. this seris bookmark dont movable from laste section too bookmarkbar first section

      Yes, i can confirm this. The bookmark from dropdown list (at right side) is not draggable to start of bookmarkbar.

  • There’s a bug: You can’t see cookies, the list is completely empty. The cookies are safe, not being deleted.

    • Yes, can confirm this.

      You can view the cookies if you go into search field of cookies, hit space key and hit backspace.

  • taneli

    Are the icons/tiles coming back to Speed Dial anymore or? You already nailed them when they arrived, then you screwed them up, the colors were all silly and all, but i’d like them back anyways, now i got tons of websites on SD that all look like small images of rubbish you can’t really make anything out of, the big colored tiles were a bit more intuitive to go for (if you could get them colors correct like you already had when you introduced the whole thing, eg. This Opera Blog used to have a red background, then it just changed to yellow in later versions, red is more opera than yellow tbh. and another site that is totally blue schemed, changed to red, when it has about 1 pixel of red in the frontpage).
    Anyways, hope those tiles/coast-like things come back at some point.

  • Please release stable Opera 27 soon. It’s been 2 months since the buggy Opera 26 released…

    • SQL

      They try to follow Chrome (Chromium) release cycles.

      • If I’m not wrong Google Chrome browser release new version every 6 weeks. We are stuck at 26 for almost 2 months now. I can’t wait for an update because the current version really has bad compatibility issues…

        • Leonardo Gomes

          You need to take the holidays in consideration.

          • I have 4 browser on my PC. Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Opera. IE and FF updated once and Chrome twice already in the same period. Don’t get me wrong I love Opera but it still has it own flaws…

          • Leonardo Gomes

            Well, at Opera they usually do a holidays break, don’t know about the others.

            Based on, they are on schedule. 🙂

  • saudiqbal

    Please give us an option to disable autocomplete in address bar, its really annoying. Also give us an option to use dropdown in address bar so that we can open recently typed urls.

    • SQL

      Isn’t there a flag that disables autocompletion? I think there’s one that disables the google suggestions.

  • Vague Rant

    Guys, I butted up after a crash (tried to drag a tab to create a new window and Opera crashed); when Opera restarted I accidentally hit “Don’t ask again” on the prompt for details on the crash. I do usually add some details if I think I have something relevant to note, so I’d like to opt back in, but I couldn’t find this setting in opera://settings, flags or in the wild over in the Preferences file. Help?

    • L33t4opera

      Hi, go to the Opera’s menu > About Opera, and copy the path to the profile, close the Opera. Open Windows Explorer, and paste the path into the address bar, find the “Local State” file, and open it in your text editor, search for the line, which contains "crash_notification_enabled": false, and replace “false” with “true”, save the changes, and close the file, launch the Opera 😉

      • Vague Rant

        Fantastic, thank you so much for that.

  • still no site -specific settings :S

  • Azamat

    Why Opera doesn’t play video from here: ? Always need to use another browser to watch casts. Is it problem with website or opera?

    • Lacedaemon

      Playing here on W7x64,
      however this here has no picture (in O26 as well), only audio (unless you go fullscreen):

      Playing fine in 12.17 and Chrome (original flash)

      edit: reported

  • Lacedaemon

    Not working right:
    Shift+Delete on Bookmarks brings up the pop-up: “Do you really want to delete the selected items?” Clicking on Cancel deletes them nevertheless…

    • This is a known issue. Thanks. Will be fixed soon.

  • @Opera Developers
    I need the ability of backup/restore of password database after new Windows!

    I need Sync for password database between devices!

    Please give us the ability for safe and local backup of our complete Opera profile data!

    • Vux777

      practically, there is no official solution if user wants to reinstal Windows…all Opera passwords are gone
      there are tricks with chrome and sync but using other solutions (competition) is …lame at least

    • Ralf Brinkmann

      I give you ten points for this wish!

    • That’s why I requested to use Windows’ credential storage to store data. It would get synced automatically to all your Windows devices then without the need to implement secure synchronization by Opera itself, which will take its time… (DNA-26229)

      (Opera can import passwords from this credential manager so they already have the code to read it…)

    • L33t4opera

      ability of backup/restore of password database

      Hi, for that purpose you can check the ChromePass by Pepak – free tool to export, and import Chrome/Opera passwords 😉

  • feamoignargfaionakfj9ajfopamjv

    When will be works Opera Link in stable wersion? Like on Opera stable for Linux?

  • Vivaldi

    Vivaldi Browser is on the way, hooooray ^^

    • Lacedaemon


    • Wrong! This ViWaldo software was announced about 18 months ago and did not come up.
      So your post is more of spam.

  • Patata

    Still nothing impressiv. I still try Opera builds from time to time with the hope that someday Opera will get unique and usefull again. Still its just a bad Chromium Fork. Weak compared to Presto and weak compared to Chrome. Even the Opera Blog, mainly the News blog seems to be dead as well. Rarely any news and all of them are flooded with spam posts with no mod taking care of them. Guess Opera ASA thinks that no one cares about their news anyway.
    Even on Developer Blog there used to be more different Developers who posted Snaptshots and replied to comments… Or is it the new mantra of Opera “if our users dont like what we are doing, just dont care about them” ?

  • GoodOmens

    opera could’y load plug-in on youtube…this start tonight and i can’t figure why? with maxthon everthing is ok.

  • GoodOmens

    i really can’t understad what happend because now is ok. the probelm is gone.

    • May be the autoupdate procedure of your Flash Player was the problem.

  • Petar Pavlov

    When are you planning to implement native touch interface. It seems to me that today Opera only supports scroll and tap from touch gestures. Zoom or anything else do not seem to be working.

    • Mike

      Zoom is working fine here…?

  • myoperaexile

    Peeps, unfortunately the private address bar bug has now spread from Dev to Stable version too (both experimental and non-experimental address bar). Below is the bug report in full:


    Summary: Custom search in address bar after immediately opening a private window reverts to Google search

    Steps to reproduce
    1) Ctrl+Alt+N to open a new private window.
    2) Quickly type, e.g. “w test”.
    3) Wait a second or two. Once the private sunglasses picture is drawn, the search provider changes from Wikipedia to Google and “g test” appears instead.
    4) Press Enter and the Google search will be carried out.

    Expected result
    “w test” should not be changed to “g test” and final search should be carried out by user-specified search provider.

    Actual result
    Opera overwrites the user-provided “w” search provider with “g” and this changes the search from being done with Wikipedia to being done with Google.

    This was confirmed by another user when I posted it last month in the OperaDeveloper blog:

    • Confirmed and on Opera BT.

    • ma_t14

      I had this happen a couple of times even without opening a private window, unfortunately I can’t find a reliable way to reproduce it

  • Alexander

    Win 8.1, 8 Gb RAM, HDD (1Tb), Core i7 2670QM, Nvidia 540 2 Gb.

    Cold start takes up to 15-17 sec…while Chrome/ IE start in 2-3 sec…

    I have 16 sites in speed dial, + 2 extensions in speed dial (yandex traffic and yandex weather).

    When I installed O on my brothers’ netbook – I thought that there will come smoke out of it, when it makes O cold start)

  • senna_4ever

    my Odev is with problems, it’s i am losing my session always when I start the Opera (and crash it)

  • taneli

    Still the same, browse for a while, memusage up the roof, everything starts lagging, it won’t even load the pics anymore. Close tab and open a new one is the only way to go.
    If you are making a browser for general internet users (not advanced browsers), who browse stuff like imgur, reddit, etc. that would work for even for those simple tasks, as browsing a website.

  • Milad Ebadi

    i am tested Opera.27.0.Build.1689.54 , opera is bookmark bar work very good this version ! but i think this is only one problem , pleas delet popup confirm bookmarked ( ok or cancel message)…. but 28.0.1747.0 version very bug. pleas back 27 and fix one problem in 27 version to good opera bookmarkbar.

  • georg

    Please change Opera’s tab bar colour in Windows Vista classic GUI. It now overrides Windows settings and is an plug-ugly cornflower blue. Dark blue would be OK, i suppose the colour you’re using for private windows would also be acceptable. Light grey – as in Opera 12.17 – would be OK. Windows classic GUI default settings – gradually changing from dark blue to a pale light blue – would probably also be acceptable. I understand that tastes vary, but if you want to use extreme cornflower blue, please give users an option to switch to another colour.

    And please remove the light blue hue from the Opera menu button, it’s also plug ugly. What’s wrong with the grey Opera menu button in Opera 12.17 (Win Vista classic GUI)?

    And while you’re at it, please remove the red from the button used to close Opera under Vista classic GUI.

  • Ralf Brinkmann
  • Saeed

    Hey there! Opera can’t detect Windows 10 TP Build 9926 & saying it’s Windows 8.1 !! Opera://about