Quite often, we start our blogposts with a description of the weather outside our offices. Well, it is bad out there today — dark, cold and rainy.

We love your feedback. Even the difficult kind. Because, your feedback, along with the data we gather, helps us make decisions about improving Opera. Yes, sometimes we will disagree with your opinion, but sometimes you are right, and we follow your suggestions.

In this spirit, we would like to know a little bit more about you and how you perceive this blog. So, we would appreciate if you could take a few minutes of your time to participate in a fully anonymous survey.

P.S. One recent example of how your input shapes our product regards tab preview, which will now be turned off by default.

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  • Pier O

    Just copy O12

    • plague

      I don’t think it’s necessary to copy the entirety of O12, but one thing that is painfully missing that Opera has _always_ been well known for is customizability. It’s fine to try and offer a simpler, intuitive browser that beginners and regular users can use without a steep learning curve, but don’t sacrifice experienced/advanced/power-users by doing so.
      O12 showed it’s perfectly possible to have both. It was simple and intuitive out of the box, yet it still had all the customizability of earlier versions.
      THAT’S what’s missing.

      • ahoj1234

        again, they do not (want to) hear it so sorry for a kinda spam here but…

        one thing that is painfully missing that Opera has _always_ been well known for is customizability.

        • A. R.

          One of Operas best strengths and what made it unique- I recently launched Opera 12 after a long lull (or it seemed) and I was like aaahw my lovely browser I miss u so much ah the things that could be done with it… PURE AMAZING.

      • András Ács

        Rather, O12 showed how to duct-tape together metric tons of features in a craptastic UI. It looked like a nice, clean carpet but with all the stuff hanging out on the sides that’s stuffed underneath it. *shudder*

        • Gloriam

          And funny enough, the interface still works smoother than most other browsers out there, other than the initial startup, which is a bit slow.

          • András Ács

            That’s true, but not on Linux, though.
            And it doesn’t make it more user friendly.

            (To be clear, I did like old Opera)

          • Gloriam

            Old opera definitely has it’s problems, didn’t know that it didn’t run well (interface wise) on Linux though.

          • András Ács

            It did run well, but it doesn’t on current desktops.

          • plague

            Yeah, but it’s old now, so ofcourse it has problems now.
            But it’s _still_ smaller than pretty much any other desktop browser while still packing loads more features for those who want them.
            And yet, for those who _doesn’t_ want those extra features, the default UI just hides them neatly, without taking up more diskspace or processing power than the competition.

            That’s not bloat, that’s ingenuity.

        • Vux777

          Presto (in my opinion) had the best UI of all browsers out there …old and current
          and by design and by features (customization)

          • András Ács

            The *tastic sentence was needlessly harsh, not sure now why I said it. O was indeed well put together, for all its quirkyness (especially 9.64 — I loved that).

      • Simpler, intuitive browsing was offered by Opera 12, but some people with mental issues would never get over the fact that options existed, even if disabled or not visible by default.

        You started using it and were progressively discovering hidden things, not confussing at all.

        • plague

          O12 showed that it’s perfectly possible to have both.

      • Herr Pietrus

        I think that we can’t avoid some sacrifice… but generally you are right, “It’s fine to try and offer a simpler, intuitive browser that beginners and regular users can use” – maybe it’s essential for survival of Opera – but they’ve sacrificed a bit too much.
        Of course now Opera slowly becomes better and better, but still, sometimes it’s hard not to doubt the final success…

        • plague

          I don’t mind changing some things up. But the identity of the browser should stay the same, and it simply isn’t.
          It’s nothing that can’t be fixed, but I’m starting to doubt it’ll happen.

    • DD64

      Just combine Opera 12’s smart features with the new, more efficient blink-engine.

      few small examples how you could improve usability:
      -last closed tab button
      -right-mouse-button + mouse-wheel: changing tabs
      -side preferences
      -open page with different browser dialog
      -tab stacking (although I think implementing would cost many time/resources, so maybe later)

      And let me point out one important fact: make it customizable. let people choose which feature they want to use and which not.

      • ahoj1234

        found you! 🙂 sorry but I have to point this out since it’s like nobody (wants) to heard us:

        …make it customizable. let people choose which feature they want to use and which not.”

      • Philip

        would really like mouse-wheel to change tabs like in O12, used it a lot.

        • plague

          yuck, I hated that.. 😉
          right mouse + scroll wheel to change tabs often caused unwanted tab changes for me, when I acidentally happened to not release the right mouse button quickly enough before starting to scroll on a page..
          So I just turned that sucker off and happily went on with my browsing.
          Customizability, what a wonderful concept.. 😉

          • Кostadin

            Maybe it will be harder to miss the tab with the new tab preview 🙂
            Otherwise I am all for Tab Stacking.
            Also, open new tab next to the active one.
            Edit: Create follower tab option

          • plague

            I wasn’t talking about hitting the tabs by mistake.
            I was talking about the “right mouse click + scroll wheel” tab switching feature in O12. Very different things.

          • Anonimo

            And this is what we’re talking about! Customization, if you don’t like something uncheck the friggin’ checkbox and you are good to go 🙂

      • plague

        Just to add to that:
        Let people customize the UI!


    You already know… a working Link, side bookmarks, etcetera…

    • A. R.

      anything sidebar’ish. Stash -> Notes 🙂

  • Bryan Garber da Silva

    Is there a possibility on making a 32-bit build of Opera developer available? Also, there is one feature that I’m missing a lot: tab grouping. Please, please, please, bring tab grouping back!

    • A. R.

      It been months that users have been graving this simple, yet powerful feature, the roar seems to get bigger and bigger. And it is true, Opera has a keep or ditch test at mark O30.

  • Joe438

    If possible it would be good to hear what the results are of this survey.

    • The full report would way too boring, but we will try to cover a few highlights.

  • escruting

    This type of survey is much better and much more useful than the others you made, congratulations and please follow this path, and please implement what the majority of the users here want. Because the users that visit this blog are the ones that dont have enough with Opera how it is now, the ones that dont visit this blog probably are a lot happier and have their necessities already fulfilled since Opera 15.

    • Thanks a lot for your comment. I will let know the person, who created it.

  • ayespy

    I view the blog as part news, part communication and part exercise in futility.

    As to substance, I love getting development news, love being able to provide feedback, like the opportunity to help people who are still finding their feet with new versions if I know about something they haven’t found yet, etc. I know for sure that on at least a couple of occasions I have been able to help developers improve the product, and that means more to me than anything. It is, in fact, interaction like this that is entirely responsible for Opera still being my default browser and Opera mail still being my default email client, in spite of other annoyances.

    If I could wave a magic wand and improve anything about the blog it would be for it to have more two-way communication – more actual responses from developers, etc.

    As to format, I liked it better when we could see the number of comments on a blog post, because that told me whether to check in on the post or not.

    Further, I like threaded discussions, but I also really value the ability to float the threads with the very latest responses to the top – something which Discus apparently cannot do.

    As to whether the blog is entirely worthwhile, I suppose that ultimately is a function of management style in Opera ASA. I personally feel you do need to have a development strategy to follow, which is going to be internally generated, but I also feel it would result in a better product and more fruitful discussions if a) user feedback were a little more heavily weighted in development decisions and b) if developers were a little less tight-lipped about what direction the browser is taking, and what part technical challenges play in shaping that direction. To this day, I still don’t know if 12.X-style side tabs and fully movable toolbars (to any edge of the UI) are even POSSIBLE, so I continue to hold out hope they could someday appear in Opera again, thus pretty much perfecting the user experience.

    I don’t really understand the business or technical advantage that is created by keeping what you CAN do, and generally what you think you MIGHT do, hidden like state secrets under lock and key.

    • @ayespy:disqus thank you very much for such a long comment. As you can see, it is 2-way communication.

      • ayespy


      • Deus Ex Vino

        That is customer service the QuickEMarkt way. “Thank you and come again”

      • plague

        I guess you missed the “part exercise in futility”..
        Yes, it is SUPPOSED to be a 2-way communication, but you’re not doing your part.

  • Sync should be a priority and also importing bookmarks from other sources. Also, there’s this problem with the web version of Twitter, specifically the ‘More user actions’ button. Trying to add to lists sometimes closes the pop up window which shouldn’t close on its own.

  • Deus Ex Vino

    I don’t think you “automatic usage collection” is trustworthy. If someone misses a feature, he will not use the browser entirely – i am still on O12 as main browser, and this is not going to change until Opera is more than “ChromeLight”. I am testing every new release for some time but it feels like early days of internet. O8 felt quite similar in retrospect.

    • It is one of the tools we use to make decisions. You need to combine results from qualitative and quantitative research, and quite often just make a decision.

      • plague

        Well, you failed.
        Simply turning off the previews by default was the wrong decision.
        Not communicating with your users/customers is a very wrong decision.

        I know you are frustrated by the negative comments on this blog (mine included).
        You know how you can avoid them? Start communicating with us about those issues. It really is as simple as that.

      • floief

        Spoken like a true geek….not a bad thing really, but, you said it yourself…”automatic usage collection” is a “TOOL”. It’s only part of the research. In this case more weight needs to be given to the qualitative side because you’re dealing with human clients (users). It’s the human user that will make or break the project as a whole. More emphasis on human interaction THEN application of the numbers, in context, should cause a decision with a more positive result.

  • icetom

    “P.S. One recent example of how your input shapes our product regards tab preview, which will now be turned off by default.”

    one example how you misunderstood the feedback and took weird conclusions. instead of making the previews smaller like so many people suggested, you turn them off default.

    • ayespy

      I guess turning them off was easy, and making them smaller was hard.

      • icetom

        that is the other explanation

      • ghjkl

        Or “if the explanation had been “exposing PPD features is too hard, we
        need developer manpower”, I’d have understood. Not “powerful interfaces might confuse users and not
        look nice”.” https://mail.gnome.org/archives/usability/2005-December/msg00022.html

        • plague

          Excellent link!
          It absolutely seems like the kind of illness that has befallen Opera.

          This dumbing down nonsense has got to stop.
          People aren’t getting _worse_ at technology. If anything they’re getting _better_ since younger generations are born with a computer in their hand.

          Fine, dumb down the interface for beginners, but don’t sacrifice the experienced/tech savvy users by doing so. Don’t remove features or settings just so some users won’t be confused.

          Opera lied to us from the very beginning of the WebKit change by claiming it would be “primarily an under the hood change”. That was obviously complete bullshit.

          Don’t want pissed off users/customers? Then start communicating and stop treating us like idiots.
          Start by properly explaining that tiny little lie.
          And don’t give me the bullshit that it _is_ primarily an under the hood change, because you switched the entire car from James Bonds tricked out Aston Martin to a stock Volvo S60, kept nothing but the badge from the old car and duct taped that badge onto the Volvo, put on a new coat of paint and hoped no one would notice the difference.

          If you _are_ planning on tricking out the Volvo with insane gadgets, put on dual turbo chargers and shed weight by replacing the interior dashboard with carbon fiber, then I’m very sorry and I will patiently wait for it to happen. But it’s been a while now and not a single tricked out gadget in sight, so I’m getting the feeling it’s not gonna happen.
          Feel free to prove me wrong.

          • Herr Pietrus

            Nice comparison 🙁

          • plague

            I got a bit carried away, sorry for that. 😉
            But all in all, the comparison isn’t that far off.

    • plague

      Well, I for one like the large previews.
      But a sizing option would naturally be a better solution than just turning them off.
      Especially since they didn’t even explain WHY they turned them off by default, except by saying they listened to input. What input? Whose input? How many users wanted them turned off completely?
      Where are the numbers supporting their claim? We never got to see _any_ result of their survey. Nothing.

      Communication, an age old invention that Opera just might wanna look into.

    • Herr Pietrus

      I don’t want smaller previews, so I’d like to have a choice between small and large… and what now?

  • Cryio

    I like long, detailed posts, with pictures and lots of technical info and explications for how things work.

    Those are the best posts :D.

  • rafaeljvieira
    • zmwangx

      They partnered with 0pera, not Opera.

  • pseudo555

    Got redirected to opera russia blog once the poll is over…

    • ahoj1234

      yeah, I experienced this after “ctrl+F5″… it’s still not solved with the redirections… (and I’m surely not connected with russians, not even history should contain some russian websites)

      • zmwangx

        Now your history contains Russian websites. More are on the way.

    • Krasen Ivanov

      confirmed 🙂 as I experienced it too.

    • SQL

      Yeah i’ve been redirected there many times during the last few days too. And once again i’m not living in russia.. Daniel you want to tell us you’ve already identified another problem with the redirection or..? :p

  • Nikit3230

    I’ve always loved Opera for its mouse gestures, and now they’re almost gone. I’ve tried all those third-party extensions for Chrome, but it would be a joke trying to compare them to O12’s native gestures. And what we have now in ‘modern’ Opera is just a pathetic copy of a former majesty.
    Only one question: why?

  • Alexander


    1) Issue with opening torrent* files through “save” procedure..

    2) Make bookmarks page opening in speed dial page, not like new “bookmarks page” with different interface. And on top of this page must be always visible 3 buttons: speed dial, bookmarks, discover.

    3) I loved in O12 feature when you press F5 on speed dial page – all speed dial previews reloaded at same time, So I could see whats going on on this 18 pages (speed dial preview).

    4. RETURN possibility to view images properties with exif data. I realy miss this, as Im working a lot with images/ photo..

    5. How I can make hot key “Shift + click on the link” to open it in new tab?..

    6. Im very disappointed with your synchronization feature!! Three days ago I reinstalled Windows + all soft (HDD failure)..and what I got when I installed new O and logged-in in synchronization? Only speed dials..and HOW ABOUT PASSWORDS, history and so on..

    7. And if its possible – optimize cold start-up..because something terrible is going on (looking at HDD light) when O makes cold start)..

    • zmwangx

      Do you really want to sync your PASSWORDS over the CLOUD? In principle you shouldn’t even let your browser remember your passwords; use a password manager instead, like 1Password. Full history syncing should be an opt-in (I think Chrome syncs the omnibox data, i.e., the autocomplete data, but not the full history, which is pretty useful).

      If you want all your settings, extensions, bookmarks, history, passwords, cookies, whatever, why don’t you back up your profile?

  • SQL

    I check the blog at least 10 times a day to make sure i won’t miss out on new builds 😀 Changelogs are really good, please don’t change that.

  • You’re Lame

    You are lying.
    You keep deleting comments not favorable to you.

    • zmwangx

      I didn’t see that happening, there are a lot of critical discussions around here. Maybe they deleted some insulting remarks, I don’t know — it’s their blog, it’s their right to filter things out. Read http://blog.codinghorror.com/your-community-door/

      • Helge Andre Gjølme

        That’s more or less correct. We don’t have any problems with criticism. But personal insults or attacks do not serve any good and are dealt with accordingly.

  • Izer0

    Feedback, feedback – DNA-28034 still no fixed (Processes is never closed when tab is closed, number of unused processes and memory grow rapidly?).

  • ahoj1234

    well, good survey but… ok, let’s hope that you will not misunderstand us this time 🙂

    for me: options, options, options… I really HATE

    • ahoj1234

      (someone can/please delete this and my comment, I tried to delete it after “ctrl+F5″… I sent it sooner than I finished it)

  • zmwangx

    When I saw the title in my RSS client I thought you’re asking for feedback about the browser… Turns out that it’s about the blog.

  • ahoj1234

    well, good survey with a bad area of interest.

    stop looking for option how to do your job better on this blog… I could live with a simple FTP server where I will always find update and changelog beside of it. It’s not about how you interpret it HERE (not speaking about advertising and so on, but this blog is kinda small more or less loyal community)

    and for a feedback:
    WHY ARE YOU STILL DELETING FLAGS? I would like to configure my browser. NOT all flags are transmitted to settings. these (and not only these options) should be saved somewhere else… like some “opera:flags#all” when will be setting for the WHOLE browser… sure, we can f*ck up something etc… but firefox has something like that ( about:config ) and I can’t remember that some users were complaining or changing browser because of it.

    but you are instead of giving us options removing them… just “because it’s stable now”… so place it elsewhere if “opera:flags” are not good enough for it… at least thing about it tomorrow or day after that. (and do not tell me that I am the only one who want it! I can see tons of comments about that you should give us more abilities to customise Opera)

    • ghjkl

      Opera had opera:config in the past.

      • ahoj1234

        I know it, no doubt about it 😀 … but I like more the way as firefox has it… it seems more “dirty” and if it’s dangerous are it’s should be dirty… anyway, I would love and live with the old but gold Opera’s 12 config. but blinkopera do not have anything like that…

    • Leonardo Gomes

      It seems that you didn’t understand what flags are.

      They are experiments that may or may not be integrated

      • ahoj1234

        well, I kind of can’t agree with you there… I was told what these flags are. also I think that I understand and you are just copying the one idea.

        BUT my question is not why features do not hit stable (flags may or may not be integrated as you also pointed out) but why flags (options or whatever you will call it, maybe I should not use “flags”) for disabling the feature (in stable) get lost and not transmitted somewhere (like “old flags”, some super power extreme config etc…).

        • Leonardo Gomes

          As i said, flags are experiments and experiments end at some point. And it turning into something depends on the results and other factors.

          So it seems that you want something like the old opera:config, that’s right ?

          Would be good but the problem with this is the risk of people starting to mess with things without knowing what they are doing.

          It used to happen a lot during Presto times.

          • ahoj1234

            It used to happen a lot during Presto times.

            evidences? proofs? none… just speculations…

            so yes, I want something similar to OLD opera:config. Firefox has it and it’s browser of many choices (IE is forced by installation of WIN, chrome is forced by advertising… but CUSTOMISED firefox is just… “forced” by community). no one give a **** that you can mess up something… so why it should be problem with Opera? it’s 21st century, we need freedom and options before history will repeat and we will stuck in totality/communism/dictatorship again. (and you bettter bet that it will happen one day)

          • Leonardo Gomes

            Not speculation but the observations of someone that is following Opera’s development since version 3.5x and has been following users discussions since even before blogs or forums even exist.

          • ahoj1234

            so we agree that we disagree 🙂 I’m Opera user since version 8 (so you use it for a bit longer) but still. can’t remember users who don’t know how to solve it/reverse it. everyone knew it or these who don’t usually did not change these settings. But can remember happy users that could configure the browser.

            and do not argue with me about this… it’s clearly easier to do not offer customization but it’s also clear that more users would profit that lose with that even since a few of them do not read warnings.

          • Leonardo Gomes

            Well, regarding customization, it wasn’t unusual to see people complaining that they couldn’t see some menu option or some icons and, after a while, find out that they were using a custom menu and/or toolbar and just forgot about it.

          • floief

            Right! Plus, there is nothing you can do in config that cannot be undone. When I change a config setting in FF I make a note in “Scrapbook” add-on (just like the old Opera Notes) of date and reason. I have, simply, never heard of anyone complaining because of too much advanced customization. (aside: when FF came out with version 30 (ChromyFox LOL) it took me exactly 3 add-ons and a couple config settings to make it look and act like “my” Firefox 28.)

          • plague

            Soo in your opinion, they should sacrifice advanced, hidden, functionality just because some beginners might mess up?
            I completely disagree.

          • Leonardo Gomes

            Not only the beginners (in fact these ones probably will not mess with advenced settings) but also those ones that like to ask for more and more options and, sooner or later, will start complaining about something not working (in Opera) just to realize that the problem is being caused by a setting they had changed six months ago. 🙂

            But no, i’m not against advanced options, i just think they should not be easily accessed.

  • full featured sync include extension, ablitiy to hide extension icon, move extension icon feature, closed tabs icon like o12, safari or yandex browser style minimal speed dial and of course something different chrome.

    • > * full featured sync include extension,


      A thousand times no!

      Why would anyone want this?

      Must I have the same set of extensions at home and at work? If I choose to sync them, what about I want to keep one secret, at home, while I need all the others to be common? What if my work computer is too slow to run some extensions but they work fine in my personal PC? What would happen if I try to sync extensions that might be forbidden at work, like Hola, and the sync fails? Will they be deleted from my home computer as well?

      Too many issues to consider, too many points of confusion, and too many potentially damaging (even career-damaging) risks.

      • Just make the user select what to sync on login and it’s fixed.

        • I feel like you’re not paying attention. Let me break down what I’ve wrote before:

          1. Must I have the same set of extensions at home and at work?

          OK, giving the user the possibility to select what s/he wants synced gives a primitive answer (yes/no) to this. BUT:

          2. If I choose to sync them, what about I want to keep one secret, at home, while I need all the others to be common?

          Here, you’d need to not only let the user select whether s/he wants extensions synced or not, but also let him/her select individual extensions to include or take out. This is VERY error prone and no browser that I know of has ever done such a thing with bookmarks, for example. Even Xmarks, the specialized extension for bookmark syncing that’s been around for years, only lets you select individual FOLDERS, not bookmarks, to sync.

          3. What if my work computer is too slow to run some extensions but they work fine in my personal PC?

          Again, this would entail letting the user “just” select individual extensions to sync. Too error prone.

          4. What would happen if I try to sync extensions that might be forbidden at work, like Hola, and the sync fails? Will they be deleted from my home computer as well?

          Your proposal says nothing about this. A user might be surprised to find one of his/her extensions deleted from the home computer without any warning, or even worse, a forbidden extension installed at work without him or her realizing that would happen. Not worth the risk of being fired.

          5. Too many issues to consider, too many points of confusion

          What you are asking for would only be marginally useful for power users, and very risky and confusing for everyone else. It’s not worth it.

          6. and too many potentially damaging (even career-damaging) risks.

          See above for the “forbidden extension” case.

          I understand you don’t like having to install a bunch of extensions twice or thrice. It gets tiring. I get it. But it’s something you only have to do occasionally (how many extensions will you install?) and it’s done.

          Ah, but I need to remember which extensions I want to install on every browser!, you say. How can I do that efficiently if I can’t sync them?


          Really, you’re asking for trouble here.

          • zmwangx

            I’m against syncing everything (especially extensions), too, but from your comment— no bookmarks, no extensions, no speeddial (you didn’t say that, but “what if I have a porn site there?”), etc. Then what exactly do you want from syncing? It seems to me that everything is shut out. Maybe you only want to sync settings? But that’s not even cross-platform. (And within the same platform you just copy the plist — whatever that’s called on Windows — and be happy.)

            To me, syncing bookmarks is very reasonable.

          • As you point out, I never said there shouldn’t be bookmark sync. My objection refers purely to extensions.

            You raise a very reasonable point, though (what if I have bookmarked a porn site?). But it’s not the same thing. When you bookmark a porn site, you are fully aware what you are doing and what it means; if you have enabled syncing, it would be hard to forget it (and if you do, well, you deserve your fate). 😉

            When you install an extension, you cannot always be aware of everything it entails, particularly because it might be forbidden or otherwise frowned upon for reasons you ignore. Extensions are programs, not webpages, and they are obscure to the user by definition.

            Also, with Xmarks for example, you can set some folders to NOT be synced and then put all your midget porn there. Extensions are not put in folders. You’d need to be constantly checking which extensions you are syncing and which you are not (and rechecking for every update!).

            Just not worth it for the limited number of times you’ll be doing it. You may have thousands of bookmarks, but you’ll hardly install more than a couple dozens of extensions.

          • zmwangx

            Sorry, I read the bookmark example in your comment and forgot the context.

          • Pedro Coimbra

            2) You are making this more complicated than it is. A “secret” extension at home? whatever. Just choose -if they implement it- to exclude extensions in synching and install them by hand. That’s what you would do if there wasn’t any ext sync anyway.

            3) That’s your problem. Nobody wants a half-baked sync just because one of your pc is too slow. Use another browser.

            4) Now they block not just websites, but extensions at work?

            5) & 6) LOL

            Seriously, if they implement what to sync, you just disable extension sincing and install what you want in each pc, and all your life threatning problems are solved, no need to panic.

          • Of course they block extensions. Extensions are programs. Some of them can royally fuck up your browser. I won’t reply to the rest of your points because it’s painfully evident you don’t understand what I said, or are delusional about what real world people can or cannot do with computers at work on in their general life.

          • Pedro Coimbra

            Dude, seriously, you either:

            – Use another browser at work, so no “contamination” between home and work browsers happen.
            – Just don’t use the ones that “can fuck up your browser”, specially at work.
            – choose what *not* to sync if the devs give us that option, extensions or otherwise.
            Because excluding extension synching = *no* extension synching, which is what you want, got it?

            Just don’t force feed to the rest of us the no-extension-synch just because it’s supposedly good for you. Choosing what to sync is the perfect solution for both sides, and if you still can’t see that then you’re the delusional one, sorry. Now stop the drama please.

          • Everything you say was already answered more than once. Have a nice day.

          • David_Gould

            I’m kinda baffled he got 8 upvotes. 9 different Disqus accounts?

            Thanks for refuting his BS so none of the rest of us have to.

          • Pedro Coimbra

            😀 Yeah, some people like everything taylored just for them and screw the others.
            Ironically, having the option to choose what to sync *is* the way to have everything taylored. Oh well…

          • David_Gould

            I’m kinda baffled he got 8 upvotes. 9 different Disqus accounts?

            Thanks for refuting his BS so none of the rest of us have to.

          • dfhfdgt

            Just Download telnet then… You will love it’s minimalism :
            -no javaScript (since extensions and Web Scipt are made to “fuck your browser”);
            -no rendering engine (“What if my work computer is too slow”);
            -No UI (“A user might be surprised to find one of his/her extensions deleted from the home computer ” and Things like tab and menu confuse Users; Why not remove everything so nobody can get confused)

            No for every thing wich make internet simpler since most things lead to “Too many issues to consider, too many points of confusion”. Using telnet makes internet better

            telnet is the fastest web browser which will work on all slow work computers, even those which have only 64MB and still use W2k
            Just one big downside : it support IRC e-MAils XMMP RTMP RSH RSYNC GIT and more generaly, every single port TCP based protocols

            Just the kind of arguments I was seeing against bringing bookmarks back a year ago when they switched to chrome.

            But maybe Opera will be a telnet like web browser (they already removed tabs on iphones/itabs) in some years.

        • zmwangx

          To add to the discussion, extensions come from various sources. I have a few from addons.opera, a few from Chrome Web Store (via Download Chrome Extension), a few from third party .crx, and a few personally crafted ones directly loaded from unpacked dev branch. (I even have multiple profiles with different extensions serving different purposes, like work and entertainment, but that’s a different story.)

          These extensions, including my personal unpacked ones, are all syncable, in principle — Chrome/Opera extensions are nothing other than zip archives. But should they? Which ones should be synced? All of them? Or only those from addons.opera? Unless Opera does something similar to Chrome (Web Store only!), people will always have differing opinions that are hard to reconcile even with options.

          Also, even if extension syncing is allowed, should it be opt-in or opt-out? Another futile round of debate.

        • Pedro Coimbra

          Synching with extensions (and others) as an option. Everybody will have their own then.

      • And that’s why you’re presented with options, you select what’s to be synced and what not!!

        Just uncheck the option to sync extensions, set them up separately and let it work with the stuff that’ll be common in your rigs.

        Ain’t that hard.

        Please don’t the type of person who, as we say in Mexico, wants it peeled in your mouth.

        • Please read my other replies to see why that would be confusing, error prone, and not worth the risk.

      • The Solutor

        Don’t like sync your porn bookmarks at work ?

        Just either don’t sync opera or use two different accounts.

        Thats all.

        Let the people used to do serious things on Internet to sync everything, as they used to, with the real Opera.

        • I keep marveling at some people’s ability to misunderstand or ignore what you say, even when you offer such a detailed explanation.

        • ruduh

          “Use two different accounts”, one for work and other for home. What is the problem? I do it a long time ago, since Opera 12, and never had problem…

    • Zin

      irc like on Opera 12. 😉

    • Anonimo
  • Ctrl-click to save image PLEASE

  • newscpq

    Dear Zhenis,
    instead of asking us who we are, put some innovation into the product and show us what YOU think a good modern browser should have.

    Suggestion: STOP boring us with “thrilling” news on bookmarks management, or useless pages preview, please.

    Add something useful, like a bittorrent client.


    • Sidney Moraes

      There is no use to add a bittorrent client, download utorrent or something similar.

      • newscpq

        The WEBSITES contain the URLs of the torrents I COULD directly download, IF ONLY the bittorrent protocol was supported by my INTERNET BROWSER.
        Do you see? It’s definitely a web browsers’ feature (from years) sorry.

        • zmwangx

          A web browser is a web BROWSER.

          • newscpq

            and the WEB contains URLs that Opera CANNOT handle.

          • zmwangx

            You seem to be confused about the concept of URI and URL. Go read RFC 3986.

          • newscpq

            I’m sure YOU completely got my request and the meaning of it.

          • zmwangx

            Of course I completely understand your request, and completely understand what is a URI/URL is, to the point that I know you are confused and spitting out nonsense (that’s surely a common confusion among morons).

          • newscpq

            your contribution is so useful, thank you-

        • > The WEBSITES contain the URLs of the torrents I COULD directly download, IF ONLY the bittorrent protocol was supported by my INTERNET BROWSER.

          That’s not true. Any BT client worth its salt will associate itself with BT addresses and fire up when you click on them in the browser.

          • newscpq

            I perfectly know, but Opera 12 natively implemented the bittorent protocol and starting a torrent was just a matter of a click.
            Your reply (all the replies) demonstrate that all of us use a bittorrent client that we could remove from our computers, if Opera implemented it.

          • My reply demonstrates, firstly, that you DON’T need a browser to directly download torrents, as your original comment falsely implies.

            Secondly, the fact that we all could remove a piece of software if Opera implemented a similar functionality hardly makes a compelling argument. If Microsoft included a JPG editor in Internet Explorer, I could uninstall the Picture Editor. If Mozilla included a Perl compiler in Firefox, I could uninstall Perl. This doesn’t mean that I *should*.

            For example, you can access several free office suites from your Web browser, but people are still using desktop office suites installed on their systems. There are online photo editors, but people still use the GIMP. Web file converters exist, yet people still may want to install Xmedia Recode.

            If Opera won’t dedicate enough resources to build a really good BT client to compete with the already existing free standalone programs that hook to the relevant protocol, there is zero reason for them to do it, or for us to ditch those clients. We’re no longer in the era when 15 MB were a heavy load on our hard disks.

          • newscpq

            come on, downloading files goes together with browsing the internet. And the interesting thing is that that part of the game is not evolving: while CSS, HTML specifications change on a regular base (and their implementation require continuous effort), multipart download (or bittorrent) do not at all (so, once implemented, they wouldn’t need changes).
            So, if I could choose between a web browser almost identical to chrome (like Opera is today) and a browser with Chrome’s stability and HIGHER DOWNLOAD SPEEDS, me, as an user, I would just choose the latter, of course.
            1. Multipart download as a hidden default (don’t give the user the choice, just implement it)
            2. Bittorrent download support
            3. the capability to turn off multimedia streaming
            These three points above would justify Opera usage.
            Today we don’t have any reason, not to use Chrome…

          • You and others need to stop talking about as if you represented all users. You don’t. I, for example, couldn’t care less about those things.

          • newscpq

            so you are just supporting the exact same thing you would propose? Wow.

          • > so you are just supporting the exact same thing you would propose? Wow.

            I usually support the things I’d propose myself, yes.

        • Sidney Moraes

          No, it’s not. The most used browsers does not have that, it is simpler to configure a BitTorrent client.

          • newscpq

            what should I install an application more, when I could do with one less? Downloads are right into the scope of a web browser and, as bittorrent makes downloads more efficient, should definitely be a part of Opera, that WOULD then become an efficient web browser.

          • Sidney Moraes

            My torrents downloads with uTorrent are efficient too. You should install one more application because it is better and complete.

          • newscpq

            and then maybe install a download manager…
            What if Opera were efficient in both downloading (multisection download, for instance) and with the implementation of the bittorent protocol?
            Download is NOT a secondary feature, come on!

          • Veger

            Only HTTP(S) protocols (downloads) are a primary feature of a web browser. Maybe FTP (albeit it becomes a little old-fashioned and) can seen are a primary protocol for a web browser.

            All other protocols (BT, POP3, IMAP, etc.) are secondary (or worse)! And are *much* better handled by their dedicated applications (for which these protocols are part of the primary functionality)

          • newscpq

            I really wonder what most of you call innovation.
            Try to look at it this way: why Opera is known in the world? Because of the usage on smartphones and data compression. The very wide user base is in the mobile area, were Opera means data consumption reduction (see Max, Mini, Turbo, …).
            So a good idea to attract NEW users on the desktop platform would be to keep the same promise that Opera is making to smartphone users: here you’ll find a product that shrinks web pages size (by the implementation of some clever user controlled Flash animation filter, for instance; by the reduction of download time of big files – with multipart ftp, or bittorrent; …).
            This could be a file rouge that Opera could follow to give the customers a consistent value proposition across platforms.
            But innovating IS NOT doing the same exact thing that the others are doing, with a better implementation: what if Opera didn’t invest millions in their NOC that compresses data for MAX, Mini and Turbo? Do you think mobile users would even know about Opera existence?
            So, why do they think that they will be known on the desktop plaform without the need of implementing something INNOVATIVE?
            If this means going beyond the protocols supported by “normal” browsers, then they should be implemented.

          • Veger

            I agree that Opera (or any other piece of software) should have unique selling points in order to ‘earn its existence’.
            But, having a BT or email client build in is not the way to go, as there are already existing application that have that as their unique selling points. So providing yet another implementation (that is not as good as the implementation provided by the other applications) does not add uniqueness to Opera, it only results in bloating the browser.

            Providing unique browser-related features (that are not found on other types of applications) is a better way of increasing the uniqueness of Opera. Such features could be proper mouse-gestures to control the *complete* UI, good tab handling, preventing wasting resources (so more tabs can be open simultaneously), etc. These features belong to any browser and it is a challenge to be the first to implement them, so users will acknowledge you and your application.

          • newscpq

            I see your point, bu it’s because you know what a bittorrent file is AND you know that there are specific apps to deal with that particular protocol that you prefer using a separated app.
            But my sister aged 33 really doesn’t know anything about torrents, but perfectly understands the words “secure”, “easy to use”, “mobile data plan consumption reduction”, “speed”, “fast”, “slow”, and would probably use Opera if I could tell her, it’s “robust as chrome but faster in downloads”, “more secure than FF and easier to set up”, but I can’t.
            Today Opera is just a “minor” Chrome, more complex than FF.
            To finish with the example on the torrents: to get my sister use Opera, a colored label could highlight the torrents found in the web page and call them “turbodownloads”, then a pop-up message could tell her: “click here to download as fast as possible with your connection. Opera will download very fast”.

            You see, this to me is something that could be called “innovation” and that is useful to the end users. In the end, who told that a URL pointing to torrent file should be graphically rendered with an undelined and colored text, instead than into a nice label?

            But you need the implementation of the fastest protocols to go fast and some innovative idea to make it visible and easily usable to the end user.

            (remember, I am the one of the “visual history”, that Opera implemented as speeddials one year later I suggested them in the forums)

          • Veger

            Nice example of innovation!

            I totally agree that rendering different types of links in different ways is a nice idea! But this (exactly) what I am saying: the browser need to distinguish itself from the others. These kind of things are indeed doing so. Whether the browser or an external application is actually doing the downloading, does not really matter I suppose (and is probably reason to personal interest)

            Note that websites handle most/all of the visual rendering, so changing the color of torrent links (for example) is probably getting blocked by the websites (as they deem it to be ‘ugly’). Furthermore, it is fairly easy to create an extension to change the (CSS) properties of such links.

            But, still I think it is a nice idea to make ‘non-expert’ users aware of such things in the way you mentioned!

          • newscpq

            Thank you, there are tons of innovation that could be done, but really the need here is to think out of the box and willing to invest. For some reason Opera is not showing the will to invest in the desktop browser…

          • newscpq

            installing a separate application is more complicated, not simpler…

        • escruting

          I think the problem is related to opera not being able to directly open a file temporarily without first downloading it.

          If we had the open dialog we could just choose “open” and it would open the torrent application (utorrent or whatever). But its not possible with Opera since Opera 15

          • zmwangx

            directly open a file temporarily without first downloading it.

            Do you think you can magically open a file that’s not downloaded to your local filesystem first (let’s ignore streaming which is obviously unrelated here)? No. Having something like that is just cheating — downloading the file to some place opaque to lay people and pretending to have opened it “directly” and “temporarily”. And as a consequence, you can’t “open” it twice without downloading it again (or knowing where it actually is). I know many Windows browsers have this “feature”. I’m glad I’ve never see such a thing on OS X.

          • escruting

            I mean to a temp folder, like a .torrent file, i just want to open it and add it to utorrent. The same with a rar file, maybe i want to just open it and drag out the things i want.

            I dont know why this is so rare for you or why you are against this, its like its always been done, bro.

          • zmwangx

            Never on OS X. And it’s very sensible, as I have already argued.

          • plague

            The file is not destroyed after it’s been opened by an application, just because it was downloaded to the Temp folder.
            The file is destroyed once the temp folder is cleared, which can be set to automatically happen at certain intervals or when shutting down the computer or when clearing the cache or manually, etc, etc.

            Having to download temporary files into the same persistent folder as files you actually want to keep is insane.
            There is a damn reason a Temp folder exists. USE IT.

          • zmwangx

            Then there are persistent temp folders that you can used too. /tmp on every Unix-like I know. Much more accessible than buried deep in the filesystem of the browser, with some stupid name like 00001.

          • plague

            Why would the filename be 00001???
            The operating system has a temp folder. Use that folder.
            The files have filenames already, use those filenames.
            It really isn’t rocket science.

          • zmwangx

            Then your suggestion is nothing different from mine. Been talking about the same thing. You just don’t need that so called “directly open” feature that cheats and confuses people (“dude, I lost that file, I have to spend another hour to download it again.” I really heard that before.) If you want to save to the temp folder, do it yourself. The folder is just sitting there.

          • plague

            yes, but then I have to reselect which folder to download to every single time I download something I want to keep vs when I just want to temporarily save something just to open it. That was the whole point.
            All other browsers have functionality to cover this, why not new Opera?

          • zmwangx

            It unnecessarily creates a sense of magic and confuses most people when anything bad happens. I guess most Windows users are confused anyway. (And most Mac users just use Downloads as a dumping field, thanks to Safari.)

          • plague

            That’s the whole issue here. They are sacrificing everything for experienced users just because some users might be confused.
            But the thing is, most users that would be confused by such a thing do not like change and for them, it’s _always_ been possible to “open a file on the internet by just clicking on it”. Now all of a sudden, if you click on it, “nothing happens!” as they simply wouldn’t understand that the file has been downloaded and you manually need to open it afterwards.

            So this solution is not at all less confusing for inexperienced users and it’s a damn hassle for experienced users who want to separate temp files from files they want to keep.

          • zmwangx

            Well, whatever, I’m happy with deleting things manually (plus I archive all my torrents). Good luck on the feature request.

          • plague

            We all have our preferences.. That’s what choice is all about. 😉

          • A. R.

            mime types… :headbanger:

            and let user either save, run or cancel a download.

          • newscpq

            I know, and it’s sad.

        • Veger

          A web browser is an application that let you look up web pages.

          By default it a web page is obtained/downloaded using the HTTP(S) protocol. After that it is the job of the browser to display it to the user. That is what a web browser is supposed to do (implement HTTP(S) and provide means to render the obtained pages)!
          Letting a web browser handle (regular) downloads makes sense, as it already implements the required protocols and is (should be) good at implementing them, as they are part of a browsers basic functionality.

          Adding all kinds of non-related protocols (BT, POP3, IMAP, etc) is only cluttering the browser with features that are much better handled by the applications dedicated to those protocols!

          This is exactly the case for both the BT and email support provided by O12. Personally, I never let the need to use them, as the dedicated applications (on any OS) are much better.

    • zmwangx

      Reinventing an inferior wheel is not useful.

      • newscpq

        I totally agree with you: opera 27 seems inferior to 12, to me

      • plague

        No, but reinventing a customizable UI is.
        Reinventing a fast and small built-in email client is.
        Reinventing Dragonfly is.
        Etc, etc, etc, etc.

        • zmwangx

          Yes. I won’t argue with you guys any more on this point, it’s a losing battle, but the answer is yes. And in the end you are the ultimate losers, because the developers have already shown you the door.

          • plague

            It may be a losing battle, and we may end up being the losers.
            But we’re not going away silently.
            In fact, I’m not going away at all.
            I will keep nagging until the damage is undone.
            Don’t get me wrong, I like some things in the new Opera alot.
            I appreciate the work the developers are doing and I know it’s frustrating for them aswell.

          • zmwangx

            Then next time leave a top level comment. Don’t argue with me, that’s useless, especially when my comment was about something else (BY client, seriously?)

          • plague

            It was just a reply. Nothing more, nothing less..

    • A. R.

      I agree but torrent client is not coming. This was from the get go, Opera would just be a browser client – nothing else, and that’s just what we need: A full browser client, but little did we knew that the new Opera would take away 75% of all browser client features.

      • newscpq

        And this is the reason why the old users (like me – I started in the nineties) will just change browser: there are no reasons to use a less stable Chrome, with “thrilling” new bookmarks.
        BTW I personally suggested the “visual history”, implemented as speedials in Opera, in the forums (that are now removed), one year, more or less, before they implemented it, with the features that were implemented in Safari (a dynamic history, not a static list).
        I really liked the Opera’s paradigm of the foundation:
        – fully standard compliant
        – implementing the cutting edge technologies
        – extremely powerful (what I miss the most, today – e.g. bittorrent client)
        – fully usable with the keyboard (now much less)
        – clever in selectively removing unwanted parts of the pages (CSS, images, plug-in, javascripts, … – that today ought to be implemented on flash movies, movie ads, …)

        I used to like this in Opera, now I don’t see any of these points in the browser, anymore.

        What I think Opera is very good in, today, is in providing varied solutions for low bandwith connections like Max, Turbo and Mini.

        But for what concerns the pure browser experience, FF is by far, far better, today.

  • Far Out Man

    If you like feedback, perhaps you should implement the user interface from 12.17 which many users want back.

    • plague

      Yes, and it’s what they implied would happen when they announced the move to WebKit (“this is primarily an under the hood change”), so it’s high time to start delivering on that.

  • ghjkl

    -I don’t know if there are still plans to port Opera Dragonfly on chromium, but please recreate a full-working pretty print JavaScript. The one in chrome create a separate file… So if you want to debug a minified version, then you have to do it on the on-liner version.. Or don’t upgrade after Opera 12 and just use Opera Dragonfly.

    -Please support Opera link… Or at least just create a way to migrate from Opera link to Opera Sync. I’m still waiting for way to keep the same passwords everywhere.

    -tab stacking and last closed tab and window button.

    -The last point isn’t linked to Opera : I also tried to create a Opera Unite server for an Opera (since the address could be changed ). It allowed peoples to create their site at homes for the users without the usual required knowledge . Your are already documenting Opera unite and dragonfly. Why not documenting Opera Unite (no need to put back the API .ua… Just document the protocol used by the server)

  • oic

    – allow you to toggle add/remove bookmark using the heart icon, right of the url bar
    – allow you to toggle add/remove speed dial using its own speed dial iron, right of the url bar.

  • sgunhouse

    Missing option on the survey – I read the blog via RSS in Opera Mail.

  • Trevor Gough

    Let Chrome be Chrome, and let Opera be Opera. Bring back Opera 12 development! If you cannot do that, take a look at the Palemoon browser and copy what they are doing.

  • Lacedaemon

    Ditch Disqus or make your forums the place to write comments and read them in a sane way, instead of this shit, that’s all you need to do. We’ve been telling this since O15 but you won’t listen. Maybe now it’s the time.

    • SQL

      I like Disqus since using it means less accounts on different sites.

  • People always say same thing in feedbacks, but I think you don’t want to listen. If you still want feedbacks, that means you don’t have a roadmap after all.

    It’s pretty simple
    – Last closed tabs menu
    – Tab stacking
    – Sync
    – Ability to set default search engine provider (custom ones)
    – More customization options
    – Bookmarks should be a tab on the start page (now it’s a link to another page)
    – RSS reading (just a stylesheet)
    – Ability to remove “accidentally added bookmark” from heart menu

    • zmwangx

      If you still want feedbacks, that means you don’t have a roadmap after all.

      That means you didn’t take the survey after all. They are asking for feedback about the blog.

      (Btw, regarding the last one you can remove a bookmark from the context menu.)

      • plague

        No you can’t.
        The only way to remove a bookmark is from within the Bookmark Manager or through the Opera->Bookmarks menu. You cannot do it from the Heart menu.

        • zmwangx

          Do you know what the “context menu” means? It means right clicking or control clicking on the page.

          • plague

            Yes I know what it means, but sure, I missed that it was available in the page’s context menu. My bad.
            A context menu can be a right click menu anywhere., including in the Opera->Bookmarks menu. So please don’t patronize me.

          • zmwangx

            Just curious, I’m not sure about Windows, but why is Opera–> bookmarks a right click menu?

          • plague

            It isn’t. But if you right-click on a bookmark in that menu, you get a context menu where you have, among other things, the option of removing the bookmark.

          • zmwangx

            Okay, that’s not cross platform.

          • plague

            Hmm, okay. So on your system, you can’t right-click when in the Opera-Bookmarks menu?
            I guess that’s a Windows thing.

          • zmwangx

            I guess that’s a Windows thing.

            I was able to confirm on a Windows VM. It is.

    • Pedro Coimbra

      – Bring sessions again (at least I can’t seem to find them)
      – Import bookmarks from Opera12
      – Choose what to synch
      – Visual ctrl+tab like O12 (switching between tabs with preview)
      – …..

      – What about bring Opera12 back and updated? 😛 if firefox can maintain it’s own engine relevant, why can’t you guys? Afraid to admit all the time lost in Opera “chrome”?

  • MiKu

    32-bit linux support please

  • mozzer

    Everything has been already told here (last closed tabs menu, tab stacking, customization).

    Just one more feadback: when I download something from the web, please give me a dialog, where I can choose what I want to do (save, open, cancel – like in O12) instead of opening saving Windows dialog. It’s very annoying.

    • plague

      Yea, it really is getting ridiculous.
      Every single blog post has the exact same wishes over and over and over again, and yet Opera claim they listen to feedback and that the users input is very important in regards to the development of the browser. Well, except anything coming from users in this forum apparently.

  • I’ve expected a question about Disqus in the survey … IMHO it is a very bad decision for this blog. Disqus is the right choice for blogs with at most 10-20 comments per post, but not for this blog with average 200-500 comments per post. It is very hard to track down new comments and be up-to-date. On My Opera we had a link to the first unread comment in each post, so I had to click only once to read fresh stuff. Now I have to scroll down-scroll up-reread comments to find new ones in this hierarchical, but after 4 levels flattened UX nightmare …

    • David_Gould

      I wonder if it indicates Opera Software no longer have a programmer who can write a comments section, nor one who can understand the old MyOpera code.

  • antonio

    could you put an alert message that tells me if there is a download in progress when i try to close opera?

    • May I ask where you are located in the world and what network speed you have?

      • antonio

        what does my comment have to do with your questions?

        • Leonardo Gomes

          With a high speed connection you may not need this kind of warning.

          • icetom

            why? anyone can download several Gigabytes files at once with Opera.
            It doesnt matter what internetspeed you have as you never know at which point of the download-progress you accidentally want to close Opera.

          • Leonardo Gomes

            Of course. I was just trying to show that the questions may be relevant.

          • NoName

            That does not help on session/ticket based downloads.

      • ABDX

        My downloads take from 10 minutes to 2 hours depending on the file size, so having an alert message is a must.
        also u can make the download manager like the one in IE11, even if u close the browser, the download will continue as a separate window

  • UMaster 7

    love these surveys. Keep on asking us that way 🙂

    PS: Please remove the green dot in the right upper edge of the download button in the right upper edge at startup, that appears very time, no matter you did look up your downloaded files before closing Opera last time or not 😉

  • mikemanger

    It would be good if you highlighted what is new in the chrome releases. Or at least link to the dev.opera articles that highlight it. This is some of the web-standards technical stuff that most people end up missing.

  • Юлия

    Regarding your second to last question, people can be tech savyy without having programming capabilities. Hopefuly that won’t be the decisional factor on how you’re going to write your blogposts from now on.

    • Deus Ex Vino

      I suppose they want to know if Opera Dragonfly is still relevant.

    • P0lip

      Actually, I’d like to receive some more info about the current (or next) release. Definitely it would be more interesting and helpful than XYZ feature in the news about print preview or such an useless stuff.

  • Lacedaemon

    Also… you really should fix the russian redirection of this blog in the first place… is it the 200th time it’s been already mentioned and not being fixed?

  • Łukasz Darzki

    I just hope it won’t end like survey for tab preview.

    “We need your input to make tab preview better, help us!”
    “(…) and so we decided to disable it by default, thanks to you”

  • Ettore Lavarini

    Side Panels, Notes, Email client, customizable UI interface …….
    Too much missing features from a 2/3 years old browser (opera 11/12).

    If the missing features are not enough, try to open ten or more pages in Opera 12 and then open the same pages on Opera 25/26 (developer o stable).

    I have a dual core e5300 desktop with 3gbyte of ram and a video card with 1gb of dedicated ram. Nothing much, for today standards, but the memory used by Opera 26 it’s obscene.

    Even with a browser like Palemoon or SeaMonkey the memory used it’s half of what opera uses.

    One year to have bookmarks functionality ? (poor bookmarks functionality).

    I don’t know, i think i give up at this point.

    • Izer0

      Yep, side panels – missed functionality. Including stupid thumbnails for tabs and worse download manager (no true resume). But other features I successfully replaced by extensions, some of it from Chrome store, like Session Buddy, Speed Tabs, AdBlocker for youtube. Problem with process/memory management I temporarily fixed by ” –renderer-process-limit=25″ switch. And waiting for DNA-28034 to be fixed.

      • A. R.

        I thought that –renderer-process-limit= is in flags…

        Bring back cache location chosement.

    • A. R.

      Well there is all kinds of google sniffers running so hence the ram usage…

  • Look at Opera 12 and see how the browser is invented. I am not happy with your decisions and I haven’t recommended Opera anymore because it is very similar to Chrome and not have extra identified features.

    • A. R.

      Opera has lost all it’s uniqueness, why use Chrome or Chrome copy if one can use Firefox – it’s the only open web browser.

  • Sidney Moraes

    Fix Opera blog favicon and newsletter.

    • – favicon. good point! 🙂
      – what is wrong about newsletter?

      • Sidney Moraes

        I can’t subscribe :/ I get error message. About favicon, update it to the new logo of Opera 🙂

  • Lacedaemon

    Russia, Russia, Russia… you know what? I’m done with this blog. Done.

    • icetom

      i just got redirected to Russia again too

      • Dmitry Kirin

        I’m from Russia. No redirection to Russian page. Some settings reversed, I wonder…))

  • dizzykei

    *option to disable copy with formatting
    *fix punto switcher ignoring after some time of work

  • SteveX

    Missing features (imho):
    – a complete download dialog window, with Open, Save and Cancel option, with the file size. I think this is a serious lack in a browser, every browser out there have these features. Now I don’t even know how big a file is before I download it…;
    – a simple button for bookmarks with dropdown window, like in old Opera and like the most browsers out there. Visual bookmarks look nice but they are not so good and simple to use. If I have a large amount of links they take too much space, it is really uncomfortable. The possibility to import them from a file html is a must;
    – a button with dropdown window for recently closed tabs;
    – deep image informations available with right mouse button will be useful.

    • ABDX

      opera’s download manager is one of it’s weakest points, it need A LOT of work.

    • Izer0

      Download dialog is there, check “Ask before download…” in settings.

      • SteveX

        Yes, but it is missing all the features I have listed before, the most important is the lack of information about file size. Now I can choose just where save a file and nothing else.

        • ABDX

          Add to that the lack of the ability to open a file without downloading it first !!

          • Leonardo Gomes

            The file will be downloaded anyway. 🙂

          • ABDX

            opening the file from the temp file and forgetting about it is a thing, and downloading to a specific directory is another thing.
            e.g. zip files, torrent files which need to be opened once.

          • plague

            Exactly! This is driving me nuts!
            I want to set a default download folder, for where I save files I want to keep. But I do _not_ want temporary files (torrents that I just want to open directly, pdf’s that I just want to read directly, etc) to be downloaded into that folder.

            There is a reason a Temp folder exists. USE IT!

          • Leonardo Gomes

            Not sure about that as they wouldn’t be stored in the cache. And even if was the case, they woud not be cache files 🙂

          • ABDX

            what is the name of the folder that opera uses to store its website data ?? (IE uses “temporary Internet files” folder to store its website data and anything opened but not downloaded to a certain directory).

    • Pedro Coimbra

      One thing I would like to change and that’s present even on O12 is windows7 intromission in bypassing the download folder between 2 Operas. E.g.:

      – Opera12 has the download folder pointed at C:FILES
      – Opera_WEBKIT has the download folder at C:DOWNLOADS

      So obviously if I make a download in Opera_WEBKIT it saves it to the DOWNLOADS folder.

      But here’s the thing: if I make a download in Opera12 it will go, as supposed, to the FILES folder, *BUT* if after that I download something from Opera_WEBKIT again, it won’t save to its DOWNLOADS folder anymore; it will instead save it to the FILES folder from Opera12. Why? because Windows 7 says so, because it “thinks” it’s the same program, no matter that each Opera has configured it’s own independent download folder.

      You can switch the download folders and saving sequence, but bottomline is the last used save folder will be imposed to the next save dialog belonging to another browser!

      I use 2 Operas for different tasks and this problem is incredibly annoying. PLEASE change that, Opera should be the one controlling where it’s own download folder is, not windows and it’s supposedly smart saving-dialogs.

  • Kai Ockendorf

    I miss one simple feature: to change tabs via mouse gestures by right mouse- click+scroll wheel!! It would make my daily browsing so much easier…and I guess I’m not the only one 😉

  • taneli

    Weeell, in the topic of feedback, have some requests:
    1) Mouse-right + Mouse-wheel to change tabs to next/previous.
    2) Zoom should NOT be domain based, eg. i want to browse a gallery, i open many pics to background tab to see them better, they have different sizes, i zoom one, all of them are zoomed, and the gallery page too, not good! Separate them, please.

    • Steve Neas

      I am also frequently annoyed by the zoom affecting other pages on the same domain. In most applications, zoom applies to a single view, or to the entire program.
      This is made even more frustrating since there is no way to show the zoom level on the screen.

  • Mladen Mladenov

    I’d like to suggest a small tweak: when you open a video which can play natively in the browser (webm, mp4, etc.) I have to right-click the video every time to turn on Show controls. It’ll be nice if it were turned on by default because it shows you the most important information: how long is it. Besides, if the mouse isn’t on the video the controls hide by themselves anyway.

  • A. R.

    Tab stacking, one-process ability, x64

    • Izer0

      Try to add switch to command line: –single-process. Not sure if working (it is Chrome switch, but lot of Chrome switches working in Opera). If not working, use –renderer-process-limit=1, I suggest to use 10 – 25, this switch is working in Opera, I use it to temporarily fix wrong opera process manager.

      • A. R.

        I’m aware of these switches but currently –single-process brakes functionality, first it was non-compatible with bookmarks, now that that’s fixed the switch is non-compatible with extensions api.

        • Izer0

          Yep, some switches is not compatible with opera because of difference between opera & chrome – like bookmarks 🙂 Lot of other switches working good –renderer-process-limit=10 working with Opera without breaking functionality on Windows, probably help you.

          • A. R.

            Doesn’t Opera have this or similar in flags?
            I’v tried –renderer-process-limit=1 and it still leaves OVER at least 5 processes. Not acceptable.

            In other news, tab stacking is still a WANTED feature and functionality.

            Also few bugs:

            Navigation arrows doesn’t work on/between ‘internal’ pages such as speed dial. bookmarks and Discover.

            The menu is a no go, please. Make the menu universal on internal pages such as speed dial, start page, bookmarks and discover. What menu? The one to access speed dial, bookmarks and Discover from speed dial.

            Please do re-invent stash or do something else amazing (like notes and tab stacking). It (stash) kinda was a the only feature that made Opera unique.

          • Izer0

            –renderer-process-limit=1 will use at least as 3 processes because 2 processes is for Opera base, 1 for renderer and some processes is used for plugins, including internal plugins like bookmarks. So, it’s only “like” single process, not true single process. This switch uses only one process for tabs, but some background tasks still running in separate process based on numbers of plugins. But it is very similar to single process and more stable than single process (browser still working if an tab/renderer crashed, can by reloaded in background).

            I am not developer of Opera, I am only advanced user, so about others needs – look for Opera guys 😉

          • A. R.

            Thank you for the elaborate comment 🙂 thanks.

  • foobarbazquxquux

    For me ?

    Most important:
    * Let me have a completely empty start page.
    * Let me remove any search engines I choose ffs! Blocking that was pure evil.
    * Bring back the old ad blocker.
    * Either bring back the old RSS reader, or help out the guy behind the Smart RSS extension, because, while it tries, it doesn’t quite work the way the native reader in Opera 12 used to (and it’s buggy, at least on Linux).
    * Either respect the http_proxy variable on Linux (like EVERY other piece of decent software), or allow me to configure it once and for all via the UI.

    Other stuff:
    * “Set as default browser” on Linux (it *is* doable).
    * Automatic updates on Linux.
    * Bring back the gesture to open a link in a new foreground tab.
    * Bring back the feature, on Linux, that allowed me to open a url by middle-click-pasting it anywhere in a window (other than a link).
    * It’s 2014 and getting flash to work with Opera on Linux is still a pain…

    Minor stuff:
    * Bring back the “open with [other browser]” feature.
    * Bring back “image properties” (no, “inspect element” is WAY more than I want).
    * Bring back the option/shortcut to validate a page’s html.
    * Bring back the ability to zoom in/out without using the keyboard OR navigating menus.
    * “Confirm exit”, anyone ?

    To sum up – don’t introduce a feature and people will ask/hope you add it one day. Give it to them and then take it away, and they’ll be pissed.

    As of now, the new Blink-based Opera represents a major step backwards in terms of features/UX.

    We do appreciate the performance improvements though ;]

    • foobarbazquxquux

      Oh wow. It took me a while to come up with all this and write it down. I even registered with this service I will never use again, so I can log in an post. And after all that my post landed at the bottom of a pile. Had to click “load more comments” twice just to see it.

      I’ve been following this blog for years in read-only mode. I think I’ll get back to that now.

      PS. You want to do comments right ? Look how slashdot does it.

    • Izer0

      Some fixes:
      – AdBlock Plus working perfectly: https://addons.opera.com/sk/extensions/details/opera-adblock/?display=sk
      – Smart RSS is very good alternative: https://addons.opera.com/sk/extensions/details/smart-rss/?display=en
      – my recommendation is Classic Context Menus & Classic Tabs, probably Site-specific Preferences, fixes lot of needs, but I agree with separated Image properties dialog.

  • cenarius

    * automatic hidden tab bar in full screen mode which pop up when you move the mouse to the top of the screen and allows you to close/switch tabs would be super great

  • starkcitizen

    You got more money now from deal with Microsoft (Opera Store) and from Opera Mini… so hire new (or old) people and bring Opera 12 back to life 🙂

  • The Solutor

    Feedback ?

    That’s easy.

    Stop to waste your time adding questionable features like the tab preview joke.

    Open Opera 1x side by side with opera 2x,and start to try to undrstand why the first one is the best browser ever (altough 1.5 years w/o a sigle update) while opera 2x is just yet another browser.

    MAIL CLIENT !!!!

    MAIL CLIENT !!!!

    MAIL CLIENT !!!!

    MAIL CLIENT !!!!


    UI customizzation.

    Advanced download manager

    Working sync engine

    Huge platform support.

    Data saving (why opera 2.x first download the updates and then ask ? This is just insane. )

    Orizontal tabs

    Double click on top bar behavior (an option was promised but never honored)

    Full theming

    Custom profile path…

    And so on…

    I feel silly trying to explain to the Opera guys why opera (the real one) is great, but looks like is needed.

  • dorok

    Here we go! 🙂
    Bookmarks like the old v12 but this should not be new for you guys! Customization is a must so work on this! I’m a old Opera user, have been around since v4-5 and Opera is a disappointment for us old user! Not much happens with your updates, feels like your just copy the chrome update and thats it! Give us what we want and you know what it is! Don’t ask for feedback you already know!

  • jason

    ” your feedback, along with the data we gather, helps us make decisions about improving Opera. Yes, sometimes we will disagree with your opinion, but sometimes you are right, and we follow your suggestions.”

    Disagreeing with what the majority of what the Opera user base wants, is why Opera is a huge fail compared to other browsers. You went from a 90% user base that was happy with Opera 11-12 versions to one where everyone is unhappy because the multi-functional features they were use to are no longer in this browser they once loved.

    My suggestion is to discontinue this beta experimental chromium based browser and go back to your roots.

    >I still happily use Opera 11.64 80% of the time because it still works.

    • jason

      What could possibly make me switch to the new Opera is if included:

      1. An extension that does what Opera Unite does. No cloud/ftp/webserver I’ve tried makes it as easy as Opera Unite did.
      2. Opera Notes
      3. Opera Mail

      • ayespy

        I still really, really want a full-function mail client in my browser. If they’re not gonna do that, they could at LEAST fix the most obvious stuff they broke when they split Opera Mail off from the browser – these things being the fact that it can no longer be installed as the MAPI client, and toolbar customization is broken

      • A. R.

        I agree Notes was is a fantastic feature. But everyone should know that the new Opera is browser client only, browser is what they focus on, not other clients. So mail client is separate.

        But little did we knew that they are going to strip Opera from most of it’s features and options and bring very little back.

  • I’m not of the pampering kind, so I hope my feedback gives you a hard time.


    • ayespy

      Why – do you have a staff of fifty or sixty to update it and keep it compatible with a web which is guaranteed to ignore its existence? But never mind – they won’t do so as long as it is built into a number of their commercial products, which it is, so you might as well give it up.

    • A. R.

      They still sell Opera TV which is Presto based so I guess no chance of open source 12.x

  • Keiv M. Salmon

    Still use 12.17 for heavy duty browsing. type the nickname of a bookmarks folder and 50+ tabs open and start loading. first page loads and i can read it then close that move to next one and get thru a LOT of website and pages in short order. and without my PC’s CPU overheating.

    with this chromium based opera, opening articles from one site, having 6-10 tabs open, eats all my RAM and causes my CPU temp to skyrocket.

    this resource destroying ability of the new opera regularly has my CPU at 100%. this cannot be a good thing. it needs to be optimized.

    and the user interface is laggy as hell. 30+ seconds go by, after starting the browser, before speed dial loads. crazy!

    and even seeing speeddial crashing now, needing to be reloaded.

    missing features are one thing but performance and user experience has soured me on my once favorite browser.

    • David_Gould

      So that’s 9 Opera users who clearly don’t know about one of the first and most useful settings in Opera Blink.

      Settings -> Browser -> On Startup -> Delay loading of background tabs

  • A. R.

    * Tab stacking
    * x64 version (Win)
    * Ability for one process
    * Ability to relocate cache
    * Notes is/was a neat feature
    * options, options, options
    * Customization

  • Frode P. Bergsager

    I read this blog at least twice a month to check if it is adwisable to upgrade from classic Opera 12.17.

    Still waiting for vertical tab bar, and still prefer the way bookmarks are handled in classic Opera. Maybe next year?

    If you could disclose if you have any intention at all of implementing vertical tab bar I would be happy. Now I have no idea if it is possible at all.

  • supersur

    You forgot to ask the most important question in your survey. Do we like the changes you made to your blog? I’ll ask it my self instead, and my answer is no. No longer can I see the number of comments (usually the most interesting part) in the speech balloon. The layout is also messier now with too many excerpts from older posts encroaching on the space or the most recent one.

    • icetom

      i also wrote that it is no good idea to have 2 columns when time matters (i know the left is a tad higher and newer)
      but they deleted my comment because I commented in a blogpost about Opera browser.

  • Bjarne Bertelsen

    Well, you want feedback about preview? Imho the biggest problem is that the previews are too big, and I don’t like that they dim the rest of the page. And the show unintentionally.

  • It’s out!!!


    So I guess O28 Dev is at nex turn.

    • ABDX

      Dev 27.0.1689.0 is out

  • Andrew

    I read this blog using the Opera 12 RSS reader. This is one of the great features of an old version. Unfortunately you dont give me an opportunity to update to the latest version and you know why…

  • OperaFan

    There is a lot you need to do to the current version of Opera to be considered a modern browser again. A lot of the basics are simply missing.

    – Ability to auto-sort bookmarks & folders alphabetically by name

    – Ability to created nested folders in bookmarks

    – Syncing of bookmarks with your mobile browser

    – Clear way to change the update settings (to allow notifications and manual update versus automatic updating).

    – Tab grouping/stacking like in Opera 12

    – Ability to disable Opera from autoupdating. This is a serious issue!

  • Raylan Givens

    -Ability to set your own mouse gestures
    -Ability to disable Google’s malware protection

  • фыва

    In version 26 Yandex.Translate extension is not working anymore.

  • Mustapha Ibrahim

    Please add :
    – Metro style version.
    – Feature like opera mini but in the desktop.

  • Lacedaemon
  • Dimitri Mouflard

    – can change search engine to can add duckduckgo.com for example.
    – sync
    – new design inspired by Yosemite.

  • David_Gould

    – tab stacking, naturally.
    – ability to colour tabs ie if there are too many to show favicons.
    – better UI responsiveness when clicking a link. The only (?) way to do anything with existing page (other than scroll) is to press Esc. Clicking a different link wihout pressing Esc doesn’t work. Also, sometimes if you press Esc whilst the old page is still showing, the new page will replace it anyway.
    – much better tab list. Check Chrome’s Tabs Outliner for comparison.
    – unbookmark a page using heart icon
    – relocate tab & address bar at bottom of screen (pipe dream).

    And that’s it. Pretty happy with Opera Blink these days.

    Things I don’t need any more:

    – per tab proxy settings (Chrome’s SwitchySharp works per domain which is better).
    – easier to highlight links (Chrome’s Fine Link Selector does it)

  • floief

    Blog posts: from a social standpoint I like Opera posts. However, because this is a blog about Opera browser and, I was supposing, started to keep Opera users informed, I’m thinking it’s just a bit too “bright and breezy”. I expected more technical information and updates on behind the scenes. I do read all of the comments from top to bottom and find really good information in there.

    Opera: Folks are right, the development of this new “ChromyOpera” is pretty slow. I did notice no curvy tabs (yay), ability to get rid of space at the top when maximized (yay), navigation bar looks more like Opera (yay), I can get by with a lot of stuff that’s missing in Opera these days but I can’t use it every day until some things are put “right”. (“right” by my definition cuz everyone’s different)

    bookmarks – they are very pretty…….and a nightmare to work with. I LOVE pretty things….but, though I want to use Opera bookmarks, I can’t figure out how to organize anything in there…….. It gets in my way, so I use an extension and just don’t open it. (is there a blog post on new Opera bookmarks manager and how to organize within it? I feel pretty “thick” about this so lot’s of detail and pictures would be a good thing)

    proper theming – no, not start page wallpaper. Some setting, somewhere that will allow me to change the color of the navigation bar, tabs + fonts and buttons. I have vision problems…whites and bright colors blur and cause headaches. Also, color affects people…how they feel about being in an environment. Lately, when I use Opera I find I’m looking down at my desk more and more to rest my eyes. – The ability to bring order to extension buttons without making a list of them, uninstalling then reinstalling.

    sidebar and panel – this feature is the one that brought me to Opera (a million years ago or so) from IE…..the whole reason I downloaded it from the start. Think of the things that can be loaded in a side panel…bookmarks, page info, extension settings, RSS feeds, web pages (especially nice for sites like Workflowy, Facebook….etc)…NOTES! The panel could be widened to allow access to online corkboard…..(rambling again)……..

    Just a few more tweaks and Opera could be my go-to, everyday browser…..

    One question…..Every time Opera updates is it going to turn off my tab preview setting? It did the last time.

  • Amnesiac Kid

    The only thing that really stops me from using Opera is the missing/crippled bookmark import/export setting. If you look at Firefox and Chrome it’s really easy to import/export bookmarks and migrate folders and the bookmarks bar from one browser to another, so it makes switching browsers really easy and you don’t have to worry about that. The big problem with Opera is, that this is not possible and it gives you to worry. If I import my bookmarks from Firefox to Opera for example, they are rather useless. Because they are all in one folder and i can’t drag and drop the subfolders nor the bookmarks from the imported bookmarks bar. Useless! So I would have to manually add every bookmark again which is rather exhausting. Worst, if I plan to switch browsers again in the future, or simply reinstall Opera (without Cloud Sync) there is no way to safe or export bookmarks, so all my Bookmarks would be lost. I don’t understand why this feature has not been implemented yet, because it’s a basic and fundamental feature of a good Browser.
    Further minor bugs:
    – An option to disable the ‘plus sign (add to bookmarks bar)’
    – The abilty to change the orde of the plugin thumbnails in top right corner
    – The ability to manually change the default search engine to your prefered one, e.g. duckduckgo.

    Everything else is superb and works like a charm, even Youtube60fps works! I’d prefer to use Opera over Firefox, because it’s faster and neat 🙂 Keep up the good work!

    • floief

      Agree! Opera made an attempt to import my bookmarks from FF and everything landed in bookmarks bar folder. I don’t use bookmarks bar so this went unnoticed for a while. The big problem was/is that I organize bookmarks in folders by subject (ie “History”) then topic (ie “Great Depression”) and event (ie “Legislation”) During the import Opera grabbed a lot of the folders….with just one, sometimes two, bookmarks inside out of the hundreds of bookmarks in FF. If the project is…say, a time-line…..I need those bookmarks to guarantee the accuracy of my work and for bibliography. Getting them into Opera, right now, will be time consuming if not impossible.

      You’re right…a big plus for Opera is video. Unlike FF, which seems temperamental at best, Opera just plays media for me and does it well. 🙂

  • Jimmy Akesen

    Every time i visit https://www.opera.com/desktop/ with the 26.0.1656.24 client, i receive the following error:

    This webpage was blocked by an extension
    A third-party extension has blocked access to this webpage.

    Which is pretty weird, since i have no extensions Installed

    Disable your extensions and then reload this webpage.

  • Opera Team, this will not be a feedback, I only want you to know, they need to fix Flash Player to view videos, and more in Opera beta. (Sorry for my English)

  • Fonts looked prettier in Opera 12 (and certainly in Internet Explorer too); I guess it’s the implementation of DirectWrite. Now they look too thin. Please, consider working in this.

  • dope

    I know I’m late to this but I use Opera as a daily driver and even though it’s not perfect, I always go back to it because it’s the closest to perfect for me. I just wish it was more flexible like when I download something I could just drag it from the download list to desktop or wherever I want like I can in Chrome and Firefox or to refresh the page in a new tab by clicking the scrolling wheel. Also themes. There is practically no theme function because ”change speed dial background” I do not count as a ”theme”. And yes, synchronization.

  • Rob Schwyzer

    My biggest points of feedback for Opera lately are:

    1. Tab management omfg tab management. Other than tabs looking nicer and having more ways to review them, it’s really not any better than Chrome. At least Firefox has Tree Tabs (or did, not sure if the redesign broke that or not). Point is, I miss stackable tabs from 12.x and related. You don’t have to approach it the same way as before, but I’d seriously take a look at how Windows (10)/Mac handle the concept of preconfigured work environments (ex seamless multiple browser environments, pinnable tabs but take that and expand on it because most tabs I pin tend to be one of a related grouping I want to be expanded the second I click that pin).

    2. The core idea of Stash was great, as is further evidenced by Google’s latest update to Chrome. Bookmarks have been a big step back for me, but getting the two concepts combined would be ideal (though honestly I feel Stash can/should be taken a lot further via sync/share/tags/categorization/etc). Stash has been amazingly helpful at work and I think continued innovation like that could really pave a nice path for Opera in the workplace.

    3. Differentiate it from Chrome more. This is a really odd suggestion and I totally understand how frustrating it is. But it’s incredibly tough to explain why I prefer Opera and/or why a workplace should install Opera on a machine/active directory if Chrome already is. This ends up just being a sort of “do whatever it takes” catch-all category.

  • I wanted to try the opera 27 build for Linux. I extracted the debian package but ./opera-developer: error while loading shared libraries: libgconf-2.so.4: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
    Do yo absolutely need to link against gconf?
    KDE users don’t have it. Gnome3 doesn’t use it. It’s pretty much obsolete.

    When compiling applications on Linux, it is best to compile in a minimal chroot without meta packages that may add extra dependencies.

    Thank you.

  • flashmozzg

    Add tab grouping.

  • jillian

    Bring back old Opera please.

    • A. R.

      yes, those working, precious, unique features of a browser client,

      when will we see these live at Opera? It’s 30 soon…

  • SanVar

    >> Support chrome API for WebRTC desktop sharing.. desktopCapture.chooseDesktopMedia

  • Ry

    I’m on Facebook often, and I scroll a lot. Generally performance is quite good (i5 3570K) but there is some choppiness. Also when I tend to have Facebook open, opening new tabs is choppy as well. I’d really like to see a smoother experience within the browser.

  • Anonimo

    Add option to Clone a tab by clicking MMB on Refresh Toolbar button.

  • Anonimo

    A sidepanel with a possibility to display content accessible via extensions would be nice. Instead of making a new window or a popup, please allow us to display some content in a sidepanel. For example bookmarks or wiki or other cool stuff.

  • rabe85

    Is it possible to open the clearBrowserData popup (opera://settings/clearBrowserData) without the settings page in the background? It’s annoying, if i use the shortcut or the menu option.

  • Jeff Spicer

    why did my opera auto-update? i had to uninstall and install 25 again. if you guys want to be the best, simply give people what they want — OPTIONS — and stop making decisions for them. i don’t want my browser auto-updating, even if it’s the best idea in the world.

  • Jeff Spicer

    here’s some more “difficult kind of feedback” – i had to uninstall 26 AGAIN and reinstall 25. Probably because I’m too stupid to know where the “disable auto updates” button is.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      There isn’t such button.

    • If you want to install by hand and want to have no autoupdates, please delete any files opera_autoupdate.exe in Opera’s program directory.
      Or start Opera always with launcher.exe” –disable-update

      See https://forums.opera.com/discussion/comment/15046392#Comment_15046392

      • eXzentrik

        Isn’t it enough to disable the auto update task in the Windows scheduler after the installation of any new version?

        • Removing task from scheduler is the third solution.

  • Jeff Spicer

    uninstalled 26 and installed 25 again. does anybody know if there is a browser that allows the user more privacy and control? maybe opera has a “do not update” checkbox buried facebook-style deep in the settings somewhere?

  • Yeah, Riiight…

    I hate the “private window” function. Give us back the “private tab” function from 12.17.

  • Jeff Spicer

    so, i’m just too dumb to figure out how to turn off auto-updates. Opera, you won! Nobody’s going to tell you what to do. Not an idiot like me, at least. And I imagine this is the strategy which has kept you the number one browser for so many years — giving the users exactly what you want. Well, it’s been fun. I’m off to test some other browsers.

  • Anonimo

    Two feature requests for tabs overflow:
    For sidepanel please contact FlashPeak Inc., and buy code from them!

  • dfhfdgt

    Please update presto on the server side for Opera Mini. Many HTML features doesn’t work simply because the used version is equivalent to the one used in Opera 9.5.

  • rabe85

    A new problem: I can’t fill input fields very fast. Autofill isn’t working for standalone input fields. So i need something like the form fields from o12, where i can set my own text which comes if i enter the first letter of it in the input field.

  • dittmer

    Opera blink had a great rss feed device, can’t find it on new opera?

  • Mark

    O20 just sucks. There i said it! You want to make opera better? Then change it! But not by throwing things out of it. You want to dumb it down (we are stupid users so i bet you have to) then set “easy way” as a deafult but don’t leave it as the only option. New opera has nothing to show for!

    1) Panels that was hiding was the thing i miss the most. Now to open one of favorite sites i have to click like 9 times instead of 1 or 2. Awesome idea!

    2) Saving every file to open and delete it later? Just dismiss the guys who came up with that and the one that aprooved it!

    3) Cooperation of opera with other programs is non-existent (oposite to O12)

    …and many more. I’m so mad i can’t even look at previos opera’s. Last time using it.

    Have a nice life.

  • Jeff

    Fix browser syncing. I use five different devices to access the web. It would be nice if I could access my bookmarks between all of them.

    Also, text is harder to read in Opera than it is in Firefox. Their font rendering has thicker lines and are a little larger by default. It’s harder on my eyes.

  • Yuriy Star

    I don’t know how to get rid of spam sites like nextbestgame.org. It attached automatically, plus I never used this site before. Every time I run Opera, sites like this simultaneously open and it’s really annoying. Other browsers like Chrome and Firefox don’t have such problems.

  • Amber Bandicoot


  • Bogs_Dollocks

    Opera 30:

    “Server has a weak ephemeral Diffie-Hellman public key

    This error can occur when connecting to a secure (HTTPS) server. It means that the server is trying to set up a secure connection but, due to a disastrous misconfiguration, the connection wouldn’t be secure at all!

    In this case the server needs to be fixed. Opera won’t use insecure connections in order to protect your privacy.”

    Fuck you and fuck off.

    • Neil_hyg

      Over the past 7 months, since you wrote your message, most websites have done a good job of eliminating communicating by SSL, TLS1.0 and 1.1, and only allowing TLS 1.2.

      Browsers were a little ahead of the game, with browser-updates requiring websites to accept TLS 1.2 or the browser would block the connection to websites that hadn’t yet upgraded themselves to TLS 1.2, for your electronic-privacy protection, but that caused a lot of failures to communicate. Some browsers had checkboxes to allow connection to websites that only offered obsolete security types if the user insisted on allowing it / them.

      I’m pretty new to Opera, so I don’t know if the older security types can be selected.

      Finally, frustration on your part is not sufficient excuse for cursing your head off in front of everyone on the internet. A specific, personal, broken promise over and over might be a good excuse for someone to curse their head off, but just because “you tried to do something and it didn’t work for you” isn’t a good enough reason.

      For example, after years of Adobe Flash updates not working properly and having sent them a dozen messages about it over the last few years, I finally let loose on them last night, with many more F-bombs than your last message. After they failed dozens of times over the space of many years and nothing ever changes. That’s when they finally deserved it, for example.

      And in my case, my message went to some mailbox of theirs. It wasn’t a public forum such as this.

  • Sachin

    when i right any link in opera browser to go to the web address it doesn’t open it in separate like it does in google chrome which a big setback for opera browser and need to be resolved or i may switch back to google chrome

    • Neil_hyg

      You “right click” and then choose which item from the context menu?

      > It doesn’t open it in separate

      It doesn’t open it in separate “what?” A new tab? A new window? You forgot to include the subject of your sentence.

      In summary, it’s not enough to send a message; you also have to proof read for a few seconds to assure that what you wrote is comprehensible to someone who doesn’t otherwise know what your issue is but would be willing to help if you would write clearly.

      There is an extension so that if you open a link in a new tab, the new tab will be displayed on top immediately — It’s called “Tabs to the front!” Maybe that’s what you’re looking for?

      Best luck,

  • helen

    Opera continuing developments are most welcome but there are times
    when ‘progress’ are implemented inadvertently sacrificing users’ convenience.

    Most of my friends refused to upgrade their Opera because the new ones do not have the normal menus at the toolbar. It is very inconvenient to users.

    I have also found many complaints about this with the new Opera in the internet.

    Can you do something about it? We want to upgrade but we do not want to sacrifice convenience in usage.

  • Paramveer Singh Mangat

    please update the video player……

    try playing this video in Chrome and Opera

    You will see the difference yourself


    • Leonardo Gomes

      You should contact Facebook and ask them why they send flash player for Opera and html5 player for Chrome

  • Neil_hyg

    I’d like to see these add-ons:

    1) Start searching for text when I start typing. When I land on a page, if I’m looking for something in particular, I will do a “word search.” It would help if I could type the word to start the search, instead of having to activate the search with Ctrl-F, first, then mouse to activate the cursor inside the search field…

    2) I have an Opera extension that changes the text-size. But, it doesn’t affect the whole page, but usually only one paragraph, and it’s a bother to have to change the text size of each paragraph individually. Changing the text size of even one paragraph takes too many clicks. Compare to Firefox, which I think had Ctrl-+ to change the whole-page-zoom, and Ctrl-Shift-+ to change the entire page’s text size. In Opera, the text size change is very course, changing in big jumps, where Firefox changes in 1% increments, and acts fluidly.

    Also, searching for extensions is awkward. You have to know the name of the extension, or hope your search term is included in the description, and then maybe you’ll find a suitable extension after leafing through a few pages. Maybe there are better extensions that I haven’t found yet for zooming the text or providing for instant-search-by-keyboard, but I just didn’t use the proper search term to find them.

    How can I know?


  • laramie

    I have tried Opera many times. I keep going back to Firefox, even though I hate it; it has become an unwieldy pig and performs very poorly. Why?

    Opera (and other new browsers) don’t support the very few, very important AND VERY SIMPLE things I want.

    1. Why is there no Preferences or Options menu??? I had to Google how to set simple options. This is ridiculous.
    Why are all you guys (Firefox included) so intent on hiding things?!?!?? Simple, ordinary things. Things people understand. Things like a standard menu bar!! Firefox not only hid it, they hid the #*&@#*#&$!! switch to turn it back on!!

    Simple, keystroke navigation through my own bookmarks. Firefox has always done it. Speed dial is cute if I only visit Twitter and Facebook. But I have lots of bookmarks, organized into a hierarchy that I (and my fingers) know, and the mouse / touchpad are slow annoying ways to perform simple and repetitive navigation. Just make the thing navigate by first letter of the name I’ve chosen for the bookmark, or allow me to set a hotkey letter when I set the name.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      1) Menu > Settings. Couldn’t be more simple.
      A menu bar? Sorry, we are not in the 1990’s anymore.

  • Merivo Mesuki

    I don’t know if this is a recent thing or not but, I’ve noticed scrolling in Opera is a bit delayed on sites like facebook. This is playing hell with my eyes, it should be much more prompt or have an option to be. I don’t care about a smooth scrolling animation. I’d like scrolling to finish and be stationary about 0.2 seconds after my finger stops moving. It’s close to that on simple pages, but on a site like facebook, it feels about 0.5-0.8 seconds. This makes the browser feel slow and clunky to me, which I know is not like Opera.

  • Jeffrey Herman

    Good day! I just started using Opera again after 10 years of using Firefox. I love it. The only thing I would change is the elegant bookmarks sidebar from Firefox. It’s more condensed and elegant. Is there a possibility of making a change or creating an add-on?

  • Jeffrey Herman

    I just started using Opera again after 10 years of using Firefox. I love it. The only thing I would change is the elegant bookmarks sidebar as displayed in the Firefox browser. It’s more condensed and elegant. Is there a possibility of making a change or creating an add-on?

    • Vux777

      Opera have integrated sidebar (surface) for extensions
      you can open sidebar
      (CTRL+SHIFT+S or from O-button–>extensions–>sidebar)
      and click on plus (+) sign
      it will open for you Opera addons page with list of sidebar extensions
      there you can choose whatever you like….

      btw. this post is very old, don’t expect replies here…
      for latest articles on Opera development go to

      • Jeffrey Herman

        I know about the side bar, just looking for it to have a more user-friendly appearance.

        • Vux777

          you can post suggestions on Opera forums or on Opera blogs…
          but I think sidebar is pretty much done with development…not sure tho

  • After using Opera 11 and the engine change I thought Opera would never be as good (and good looking) as it was before. Now, after a number of years, I tried it again (v. 39) and was surprised to see that it regained its good looks and much of its previous functionality. Kudos to the developer team (also for being tenacious enough to withstand the criticism that was hard and just at the time of the engine switch). Today Opera is my default browser again.

  • Adrian Browne

    I;m finding adverts popping up in the middle of youtube video playlists- I’ll go back to my old adguard for now until operas ad blocker is better. Win 10 here

  • Andy

    I totally love opera! Never heard of it until I was looking for something that wouldn’t eat up as much of my very light computer’s memory. But it’s great! I think it would be nice if I could just turn on the battery-saver permanently, though, instead of having to remember to turn it on again every time I plug in the computer (I use it to save energy, tree hugging and all, not just battery saving).

  • disqyak

    I use the most recent version of Opera on Win 7 pro. Why is it, when I start it up, it seems to re-draw/reboot/re-something the desktop? I see all the icons re-drawn and figure it is some sort of bug. If other s/w also demonstrated this behaviour it would be normal but this is highly abnormal.

  • disqyak

    When I print in Opera, I sometimes, on “as needed” basis, select “Two-sided”. What pisses me off? When the next print also is two-sided when I don’t want it!!

    What I would like: That Opera does not remember a selection of two-sided after a print job is done. Having to explicitly toggle on/off is not intuitive and is a nuisance.

    Yeah, but: what of those people who print mainly two-sided, what about them? Well, maybe there needs to be a browser preference, eh? After a print, the print setting reverts to the preference.

    User Background: I used Firefox predominantly until a year or two ago but don’t now as it has become piggish. Now, on OS X, Win 7 and Android, I bounce between Opera, Chrome, Safari, IE. How do I feel about having to use many browsers because any one is not up to the task? $&%^$%&$&$%!!!!!

  • yashpal

    compatibility view setting in opera web browser

  • Jacob North

    the opera tabs cannot be clicked at the very top of the screen for some reason. The mouse has to be moved down slightly to change tabs which is kinda frustrating. not sure if anyone else is having this problem

    • Vlad T

      Hi, go to Settings-Browser and tick “Show advanced settings” at the end of page. Then you should tick “Disable tab bar’s top spacing when browser window is maximised” in “User interface” at the same page.

      • Jacob North

        wow that fixed it! thanks Vlad T

  • Biswash Koirala

    I am using latest version of Opera. I can access google.com, facebook.com but not some sites. Even opera.com is not opening. What can be the problem? How can I report this problem along with error logs or some error codes?

  • Robert W Kitchens

    This may be the wrong section to comment in, but I just wanted to say that I love opera. I just wish that it was evolving the way other browsers (Firefox for example) are. It’s weak in a number of area’s. I’m using Firefox as my main browser at the moment (I’m a Mac user) and they have some wonderful things they’ve recently trotted out and I’m wondering since they both come under Mozilla, why isn’t Opera moving in the same direction so that it can vigorously compete with the likes of Chrome, Safari and Firefox?Maybe I’m just not “schooled” enough. I know Opera id open sourced and perhaps that’s the issue. I just wish that I could use Opera as my main browser. Any feedback is welcome.

  • T0ASTERvan

    Before you say; “you should have posted this in the forum” I’ve tried several times to post topics relevant to Opera and Opera Mini only to have my account banned.. So what good is a forum when I can’t use it..

    Just wanted to report something I discovered this morning. I wasn’t sure where to send or post this in the first place so here’s hoping an opera tech/rep etc will see this. As a members of the Android Central community.. and for the last 2 months Opera’s web browser in conjunction with Opera ad blocker was working flawlessly.. this no longer works on the Android central site..

    I’m constantly getting and seeing ad’s which were not there before. I’ve had to add a second ad blocking extension to my browser just to have these ads blocked.. So is it possible that Android Central and other sites are now learning of users ad blocking techniques and ad blocking browser and over riding these blockers in order for these sites to display unwanted ads in the first place.

    Several time when I would try to click to another part of the forum, and ad would pop up and block the link I was about ready to click.. Although I enjoy the atmosphere of Android Central.. I’m not growing tired of these ads interrupting within my search or comments. Opera Please check to make sure your ad block is actually working or is being avoided/over written as to being block be a number of these sites. I hate to have to turn off your ad blocker and resort to an alternative.

  • Alex

    Opera is terrible. I always get compatibility issues. It shouldn’t be too hard to fix guys.

  • Robert Roberts

    Your latest update would not load 90 percent of the sites I attempted to go to. Then I turned off that goddamn piece of shit turbo and everything worked fine.

  • Eftelibra

    Opera is my favourite browser, but it is a little bit aggravating that almost every time I log in to a passworded page, the browser asks if I would like the password manager to save the password! Well, yes I would, thank you, but surely it only needs to ask once!!

    • Przemek Kudła

      What page makes the problem?

      • Eftelibra

        Hi Przemek Kudla – thank you for replying.

        I play LaBrute on a Surface Pro 3
        Almost every time I sign in, it asks if I would like to save the password. This has only been happening quite recently, so I am assuming that it is something that has been changed since an update. It never happened on my good old computer running Windows XP. It isn’t a big problem though – just a bit annoying – and if I ignore it, it goes off after a few seconds, usually just as I am clicking on something else, so I miss it. 🙂 Maybe the next update will fix the problem.

        • Przemek Kudła

          Thanks for the report, the bug was filed: DNA-58901

          • Eftelibra

            There have been a couple of updates, but it is still doing it. Not just on the Surface Pro but on my Acer Desktop also.

          • Przemek Kudła

            Sorry for that. We have a lot of issues to fix and we need to follow priorities.

          • Eftelibra

            It’s stopped. 🙂 Thank you. Much better now.

            I see from other posts that people have problems, but Opera works perfectly for me. 🙂

      • Eftelibra

        Hi Przemek Kudla – thank you for replying.

        I play LaBrute on a Surface Pro 3
        Almost every time I sign in, it asks if I would like to save the password. This has only been happening quite recently, so I am assuming that it is something that has been changed since an update. It never happened on my good old computer running Windows XP. It isn’t a big problem though – just a bit annoying – and if I ignore it, it goes off after a few seconds, usually just as I am clicking on something else, so I miss it. 🙂 Maybe the next update will fix the problem.

  • groy

    opera turbo not work on this site

  • Ian Elliott

    The weather report YR.NO has always been reliable. You have evidently lost its certificate. You need to repair your software and stop making half-ass warnings.

  • Geoff W Arnold

    Using GOOGLE translate and then printing via either OPERA or system dialogue the printout contains large black areas wasting my ink!!! FIREFOX does NOT do this. Is this something to do with LINUX MINT although FIREFOX runs OK under LINUX MINT ?

  • karan sidhu

    Opera is my favourite browser.I like it very much

  • Fengyi Sun

    Feedbacks About Opera Neon:
    1. CANNOT close all the tabs at once
    2.Nowhere to find my favorits
    3.in Homepage, cannot sort the sites into some Folders, orderless
    4. in my opinion, touchpad should magnify pages (like in EDGE) , nor to zoom in pages (in Chrome)
    5. some sites have TERRIBLE thumbnails on the right side ( try this page: ” https://www.douban.com/ “)

  • Du da

    Feedback about Opera stable on Windows 10:
    I love the browser in general and it would be my absolute favourite if two functions were included (and these are in my opinion quite obviously necessary):

    1. Why does Opera automatically download all files I want to open? Surely in a lot of cases openable files on websites are treated as downloads but in many cases all I want is to open them, f.ex. a pdf-file with information I only need right now. Firefox does give me an option to open files and that’s dragging me away from Opera.

    2. I would like to be able to change the colors of my bookmarks in the overview window. The colors are randomly set and they are set in stone. I have a page that uses a lot of orange and a page that uses a lot of blue. The orange page’s thumbnail is blue and the blue one’s is orange. That’s really irritating.

  • Ian Elliott

    Opera sucks.

  • Alex Lozano
  • Frank Heller

    I have absolutely no use for the sidebar. Even after unchecking all items and unpinning it, the thing is still cluttering up my desktop and irritating me everytime I look at it. I won’t dispute that many people will find it useful, but for those of us, who don’t want it, I would like to see the option of removing it completely.

  • Joen

    hey Opera, your new updates….. Seriously? You used to be my favourite browser before you introduced this Sidebar thing. Frankly, I had Enough of Facebook & WhatsApp, etc. already on my phone and everywhere else! And now, having introduced Sidebar, your performance is slower; you encounter more errors; you are a whole lot less snappy for page actions and so on. Don’t even let me mention you have a crazy bug with “Bookmarks” / “Speed Dial” / “Personal News” popup boxes not disappearing from all of my tabs until I shut off Opera and turn it back on. This new update was a wrong step forward (or backward, if more relevant). I want my old Opera back.

  • Danny Boyle

    Getting duplicate comments on facebook when I post . then you have to erase it. Fire fox the same must be a win 10 problem. All cleaned up with C cleaner and 360 as a virus catcher. Doesnt happen on all posts though.

  • LyVan

    Hi Opera. Our brower has been error of text font when open pdf file.

  • Guilty Mia

    May I suggest/request to bless opera users with something very good, as a built in tool like vpn; which will allow us to upload photos, videos etc to facebook and other websites? especially the facebook uploader is really disghusting now days…! Thanks To You All.

  • Ian Elliott

    Why you so fucked up?

  • Jason Lin

    1. This is a mistake I make all the time, and I don’t think I am the only one. If I happen to accidentally hit command Q instead of command W, I close the entire browser instead of a tab. I have to reopen everything through memory because, unlike Google Chrome, Opera doesn’t allow “recently closed tabs” to be reopened under the “History” tab. I have to scroll through pages of web history in order to get back to work. It would also be great it Opera gives a warning to users when the command Q is pressed.
    2. No one I know closes tabs with shift-click when command(or control)W is more convenient. If shift-click isn’t used to selecting multiple tabs simultaneously, users like me have no choice but to drag out tabs one-by-one in order to categorize tabs into a new window. At the very least, allow users to change this setting!! I can’t seem to find a way to prevent shift-click from turning off my tabs.

    Opera will only be more user-friendly if these changes are made. I guarantee this is affecting so many others.

  • puchache

    New user here.
    Where can I find all the shortcuts?

  • Ian Elliott

    You stink, man.

  • John Sebastian

    Thanks for the browser, but since the last 2 updates the VPN has stopped working correctly, it doesn’t allow access to pages that need to load flash player hard loading a lot of time but never completes the action. I would be very grateful if you solve it, thank you.

  • tradingnomad

    Can you re-add a master password to the password manager? Like documented originally here help.opera.com/Windows/11.50/en/wand.html ?
    It seems like you guys gradually removed a lot of features since version 11.50, you should re add them or leave them disabled by default and allow to enable them.

  • eramailop

    One can find threads about the error message which indicates that printing preview is unavailable because opera does not have the necessary pdf driver. I am writing about a related, far more serious problem, which is that Opera freezes up when faced with that issue. Without regard to the underlying .pdf driver issue and the ability (or not) to fix it, Opera should not deposit the user into a frozen browser situation. Users should be able to back out of that error window, and not be forced to restart the browser. A patch should immediately be issued to alleviate the freeze problem. Even better would be to inject a different error message which alerts the user to the workaround ctl-shift-p and then lets the user back out and use the workaround. Not being able to see a print preview is relatively minor. A browser freeze-up is major.

    Separately, FEEDBACK buttons ought to be available in the browser.

  • Teo Test

    I wish to report a major slow down/freeze problem Opera has since 3 days now. I used the browser without any problems before for a long time. Sadly yesterday i had to install Firefox to get online because every time i opened Opera the whole computer froze with the CPU being 90%-99% busy and i could hear the hard drive spinning like crazy. It occurred only when Opera was running and i don’t get why that is. My PC is very stable, running Windows 7 Ultimate SP1, no changes were made, no system updates and such stuff. Upon force-closing Opera my PC returned to it’s normal state. I hate using any other browser (i didn’t had any installed for that matter) cause they’re all memory hungry monsters but obviously i cannot use Opera either in it’s current state. I have uninstalled the browser and now i’m waiting for you guys to fix whatever you think is wrong with it.

    So please look into that problem, i want my light-weighted-fast Opera browser again. P.S. -I didn’t use Opera’s VPN so i know that’s not the problem.

  • TheusKhan

    Please, add support for Discord, like WhatsApp and Telegram, in the sidebar.

  • Mario745

    Hi Op team,

    IS it possible to integrate a “clear cache” action when right click on a tab( so, a site)?

    Appreciate your hard work on getting this browser modern and better, every day!

  • Please, improve opera sync with extensions and speed dial.
    Thank you!

  • Bob Wise

    I am using opera again and it practically does not work. list oif things turned on that are working half assed or not at all include crucial things like password fill in, I’ve saved the passwords and they don’t appear when I go to the log in pages in most cases. autofill is non-existent. I don’t care how many times I fill in the same shit on the same forms, what I filled in NEVER comes back. I checked and that feature is turned on as well. and yes I am fully up to date with the latest (shit) build. and I think it sucks to have to come to places like this to tell idiots that their shit doesn’t work.