Today we’re releasing an update to Opera 25.
We have fixed a crash that happened on several sites, and on file upload, and added more IPC security.
The window status of Opera should also be better tracked, and should be remembered.
In addition, we fixed a crash on Mac, this crash happened when a user was dragging second
window back to the main window.

Thank you for choosing Opera.

Happy browsing !

You can see the full changelog here.

Opera Stable for Windows
Opera Stable offline package for Windows
Opera Stable for Mac


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  • L33t4opera

    Hi Tomasz, thanks for the fixes and improvements 😉

  • EggsAreCute

    Strange bug still persists: when i start Opera the content of every tab is just blank white page.

    I can create a new tab, but can’t open any site or system page (settings, plugins, …)

    Even newly installed Opera acts the same way.

    Strange thing is it happens only on my virtual machine (windows server 2012 r2 with latest patches).

    For curiosity i created new virtual machine (windows server 2012 r2 with latest patches) and there Opera works fine!

    How can i help to identify the problem?

  • Jay

    Does anyone had any luck with todays YouTube’s 60fps update? Or is it something we have to wait for Opera’s chromium integration to catchup?

    • loxiw

      It’s working fine for me

      • Jay

        Are you sure? I only see 360p and 720p quality options using html5 player on a 60fps video:

        On chrome there are also 720p60 and 1080p60 quality options and they look much smoother (actually at 60fps)

        • loxiw

          That’s strange, Mario Kart’s video doesn’t show the option but this one does

          • Jay

            I can confirm that your Skyrim video shows HD options at 60fps and actually plays at that framerate. Looks good too.

          • SQL

            That video is VP9, Mario kart is h264. I think that’s the reason. Somehow Opera’s h264 implementation doesn’t work with the 60 fps option.

    • Davey126

      Does not work for me. I see 720 and 1080 options but selecting either on a 60fps clip results in clocking (spinning YouTube circles) and eventual ‘An error occured, please try again later’ message. I can play 1080p vids at 30fps just fine.

      • Jay

        Are you using html5 player? Because the default player (using Flash) does to me exactly what you describe.

        You can switch players here:

        • Only with Chrome, which uses HTML5 by default.

        • Davey126

          Thanks – that did the trick. I must have opted out of the HTML5 trial in the past which then forced use of Flash. Hopefully O25 uses HTML5 by default.

  • Mister

    Guys, what do you think, the security of the Opera12 is still at a good level or not?

    • Yes, you are fine security-wise. Presto-based Opera is still receiving security updates. There’s just no feature-development anymore.

    • Mister

      I use Opera12 because in some issues it still better. For example, in the performance of UI. So interested in your opinion on the security.

  • Spideymang

    Thank you for your Opera staff and your post Tomasz. Have great day!

  • At least google finds the new Bookmark Manager appealing, they didn’t bat an eye, not a moment at the idea of copying it.

    • Actually Opera has copied the bookmarks manager from Google. There was a leaked Google Star extension on the web long before Opera implemented bookmarks.

      • Rafael Luik

        Actually Google got “inspired” by the Opera 15-24 Speed Dial so they did Google Stars. ^^

        We can go on. 🙂

        • FZ10000

          Sooooooo why do we need the opera now…?)
          if it`s same as chrome but more buggeeeee…..?)

        • Lacedaemon

          That’s incorrect. Google Stars has not the functionality of Speed Dial but Opera BKM is a direct copy of Google BKM. Remember it is also an extension and not integrated in the browser as it should be if it weren’t Google’s.(Like Stash and DIscover)

          • If we would develop Discover and Stash now, they would also be extensions. Discover and Stash are what we consider “WebUI”s, they are websites integrated into the browser with certain privileges. Conceptually, this is nothing else but an extension.

            Extensions have a very good framework for development (load an “unpacked” extension for quick development, stable and well tested apis used by thousands of other developers, persistency mechanisms, security features, …), they are self containing and we have good mechanisms to prevent them from doing anything bad with the browser.

            We also have well tested and secure mechanisms in place to provide internal extensions with APIs into the browser not available for normal extensions.

            Extensions are awesome. They are the right tool for internal pages. Why have two frameworks?

          • escruting

            Yes, but, the most important thing, you cant change between the browser and the extensions fluidly. We can see that on the new start page. Or this is happening because you havent developed it enought yet? Seems too important to leave it for last if you could really change between the extension and the browser seamlessly…

          • Not sure what you are talking about …

          • escruting

            New start page, on the left you have bookmarks, discover and speed dial. Change between speed dial and discover, it loads without changing the page or reloading (seamlessly). Now change to bookmarks, it changes and loads another page and the old page and buttons dissapear (not seamlessly).

          • Lacedaemon

            Exaclty. You said (@thorbenb If we would develop Discover and Stash now, they would also be extensions.) What does this mean? That you are ditching the concept of seamlessly switching interfaces once and for good and rely on external extensions (as reported in task manager) that take more time to load? This is a big step backwards if that is the case.

          • No, it’s just technically different.

          • Lacedaemon

            But the question remains, will you make the Bookmarks extension work like Stash and Discover was working in the past or not?

          • The switch will be seamless eventually, yes

          • Lacedaemon

            Ok that is a huge relief, thank you.

          • escruting


          • This had nothing to do with extensions. Everything except the bookmarks manager is not an internal extension.

          • Fhury

            Would be nice if you would release stash as extension. Thank you 🙂

      • Just because one company has a leak, it doesn’t really mean that another company is not also working on it 😉

        There are only so many ways to make “tiles with title, url and an image” – visual bookmarks. We had an internal build in 2011 that showed bookmarks with small images, that were fetched from the page. Sounds familiar?

        • Good to know, thanks for the clarification!

        • #GilbertoBurgos

          Good answer! You always improve, and yes the browser change, but I think for the best!

      • We actually released a preview of a visual bookmark manager with Opera 12 or so, even before the switch to Chromium/WebKit was announced, so this is something we’ve had cooking for a very long time.

        • Hi, Opvard, long time no see!

          I missed that preview… a good thing, I guess, since I’d have pissed myself upon seeing it! 😉

          What build is it? Is it still available?

  • Thanks for fixing “DNA-27322 [Win][Linux] Crash when opening the address dropdown view shortly after browser launch”. No longer crashing here. 🙂

  • Lacedaemon

    WHEN are you going to fix the behavior of dragging a tab out to a new window, so that it does not need 2 actions to snap it to the right or left of the screen?
    Currently when you drag it out it overlaps the tab underneath and then you have to hold-click it again to move it.

  • Alex Parker

    Copy/paste this in your address field (don’t click). Do you also get black square instead of a video? If so, please fix already.

    • UMaster 7

      works fine here on Win8.1 x64 with Flash Player beta

  • twm

    Finally the annoying window problem is fixed, thanks!
    Looking forward to the next releases for stable.

  • Jasius

    I have a dual monitor setup, when I use Flashplayer in one monitor and try to click in the browser on my 2nd monitor, if the flash video is playing fullscreen it will leave fullscreen. Also in fullscreen the video plays in SLOW MOTION.
    This is the reason I left Firefox, I tried firefox and its working fine, it doesn’t currently have this issue.

    What tweak can I do to resolve this? I updated to the latest Version 15 of flashplayer, my opera isn’t using that horrid pepperplayer.

    Any additional info I’ll gladly give, but PLEASE FIX THIS BUG YOU JUST PUT INTO YOUR BROWSER! You’ve BROKEN SOMETHING, this doesn’t happen with Firefox NOR Chrome!

  • Safy

    After the update, I can’t open New window, New tab or New private tab from taskbar icon.

    C:Program FilesOpera25.0.1614.50opera.exe
    Unspecified error.

    I only have 25.0.1614.68 folder, tried to unpin and pin again on taskbar already and it doesn’t work.

    • Are you talking about Windows’ jump list icons on taskbar?
      Yeah, those break for me every now and then during update, too. Next update will probably make it work again. (It’s reported)

  • UMaster 7

    chrome identity problem with e.g. Google Calendar extensions => no google auth 🙁

    • A lot of sites thing Opera is Chrome, and send links to Chrome extensions

      • UMaster 7

        ok, thanks. So the extension pobably would work as an ported opera extension. Sadly the author doesn’t plan to make it availible for Opera, too 🙁

        • It is due to broken browser sniffing, IE 11 has a similar issues, some sites think it is IE 1 (Opera did a work around when they hit version 10 years ago)

          Opera might be able to work around the site bugs with a BrowserJS patch

          • UMaster 7

            seems a problem of this single extension, as e.g. Checker Plus for Google Calendar™ works just fine 😉

  • I can’t update on OS X… Opera crashes after some minutes of “checking for updates”. What can I do?

  • Raylan Givens

    Can we have two Options more? One to disable Auto-update and other one to disable Google’s Safebrowsing. Give us some control over the browser. Thanks.

    • A. R.

      O15 to O25 is not much else than laughing stock and,

      believe me I’ve read the thread the promise is that they will not achieve not much nothing,

      despite O30 is just around the corner.

      • Shinichi Asakura

        at least it works on webkit now , also all ther other browser have many flaws as well , so your arguments are pointless , every one will find something annoying in any browser , and its the case of what can you tolerate to use a certain browser , also if you dont like opera why you use it ? why bother commenting if you dont use it ? why not change ot other brower if you use opera and dont like it ? answer those questions to yourself before posting spam no one really cares about .

  • Can’t login to, I get the following error: Error 404: There is no content available.

    Works fine in chrome.

    • Webex doesn’t work anymore too!

  • Ariesk47

    Are there any plans to get YouTube 60FPS videos working on Opera? Currently only IE11 and Chrome/Safari can display 60FPS videos on YouTube.

    • Leonid Saykin

      Right now,there a 50/50 chance that 60fps will work in Opera 25 for the videos that claim they do play 60fps.

      • Shinichi Asakura

        From what i saw it plays them good on windows 7 , but on windows 8.1 the video looks normal like standard 23 fps , so it might be the case of some other stuff based on the system not only on opera .

  • SuuperTommy

    The integrated PDF-reader is lagging when scrolling through SMART Notebooks notes in PDF. I tried with the PDF.js extension, and there’s no issue there. @thorbenb:disqus

  • It still doesn’t find the pepper flash (ppapi) in Windows 8.1 32 bit.
    I have to use the workaround of putting the switches in the “command line”.

    I know that the ppapi flash player is still in beta, but it would be nice if it worked.


  • Fhury

    I use classic shell in W8.1. Every time I start Opera it creates a folder and a shortcut in the start menu and when I quit Opera it will delete this folder. Very annoying!!

  • ammodytes

    some youtube videos in 360 looks pixaleted in default view (html5)

  • Does the embed video show for others in Opera 25

    It shows fine in Safari, but not Opera 25.0.1614.68 (OS X 10.10)

    • UMaster 7

      fine here on Win 8.1 x64 and flash from the lab 😉

      • Same here, tho it was strange was not making the embed in Opera that day, but it did in Safari

        1 day later it worked fine

    • Bjarne Bertelsen

      It shows ok on my macbook pro. Yosemite.

      • Have been using Opera 25 on Yosemite (OS X 10.10)

        I wonder if I was trying in the middle of a site code refresh

  • mikeblob .

    problem with sync. Everytime I start opera I get an error about not connecting to the opera server.. Used to work on 24.

    • ayespy

      If you’re using O25, you should probably disable sync. For the moment, it looks like syncing speed dial is being dropped in favor of syncing bookmarks and open tabs (by a different protocol) but this still only works in Developer and Beta streams at the moment. It will come to stable when ver. 26 is promoted to stable.

  • Sorin Manole

    I have the following problem sometimes: I paste something quickly after opening a tab into the URL bar, for ex. “Patrick Modiano”, google is searched for “”

  • Інна Володимирівна

    Opera 25 is completely disastrous!

    Such a horrible update was not yet!

    Did goner new express panel that can not be turned off by constantly reminds himself! Few settings! Have you ever enter when updating a new feature in the settings allow users to turn it off!

  • Інна Володимирівна

    Opera crashes constantly on the site the section on Dialogs (Posts)

    • UMaster 7

      What are you exactly doing before Opera crahes on vk? Just scrolling up and down? writing comments? liking posts?

  • Speeddial forlder thumbnails aren’t downloaded in the root of the startpage.They are empty and black. The single page thumbnails are visible. Any other one can confirm this problem?

  • A. R.

    O15 to O25 is not much nothing else than laughing stock. and O26 and 27 seems not to prove otherwise. Well it’s left to see.

  • UMaster 7

    Cannot see trailers on


    checked it for a lot of movies and also tried it in private mode without any extension acivated.

    you can hear the trailer, but you just get a black box where the video show be visible.

    Win 8.1 x64

    Also on your Opera? in dev? in Chrome?

    • L33t4opera

      Hi, the video playback works without problem here: Windows XP/7, Flash Player for Opera and Chromium based applications – PPAPI.

      • UMaster 7

        it’s flash… That’s what flash from the lab is for ^^ -> solved 🙂 Thank you so much

    • Davey126

      Same here; audio but no video. Opera 25.0.1614.68, Flash, Win 8.1 x64. Plays fine in IE11.

      • Davey126

        Confirmed Flash 215 fixes problem – thanks for solution!

  • lyl yuan

    this is a bug, that Bookmark folder be Renaming will Happen.for example,wirte a “&”, Save later will be a “Double &” -“&&”,not a “&”, Can not be modified. you can try!

    • lyl yuan

      no one look???
      hope this bug be Repaired next!

  • Flash isn’t working.

    But it’s installed – but after two HOURS of playing a NEW website ( the flash player message comes up on saying that flash has been disabled.

    Where are the settings for autoplay for Flash in opera?????

    Why can’t you lock it down so other programs don’t take FOCUS?!

  • Threepwood

    1px top bar’s issue with DPI > 100% still not fixed… Good job Opera.

  • Aquavit4Life

    Give us the opportunity to use the old menu system from 12.17. That’s user friendly unlike v. 25 which is a Chrome wannabe.

  • lyl yuan

    this is a bug, that Bookmark folder be Renaming will Happen.for example,wirte a “&”, Save later will be a “Double &” -“&&”,not a “&”, Can not be modified. you can try! hope this bug be Repaired next!

  • Davey126

    Despite some promising developments in O25 I ultimately disabled the new start screen and bookmarks. I keep a few frequently accessed sites on the bookmark bar with the rest in speed dial. The immaturity of the bookmark manager, lack of thumbnails on Speed dials and frustrating methodology for adding bookmarks and speed dials from the address bar were contributing factors. Nothing that hasn’t been said already in these forums. I realize this approach is a temporary solution as O26 and beyond will likely standardize on the newer design elements (like it or not) with incremental improvements over time. Hopefully some of the suggestions made in the forums will make it into subsequent releases.

  • hi. where i can suggest and feedback opera?
    i need “open in new tab” when i select a link. there are only a “go to page” , but i need open the links in new tab

  • Luis Alejandro GordilloMorgado

    Were can I get info on how to adapt old style speed dial extensions to the new format? People complain to me about my extension not working in the new webpage though I haven’t seen anything from you guys to solve this issue. Please provide documentation on the changes ASAP.


  • Tommy

    Loading… Loading… now even when I try to open the startup page. Need to restart Opera couple of times to make it work. Are there any Devs out there who actually use this browser?

  • Michelle B

    I been an Opera fan for years, but Opera 25 for Windows is slow and unusable.

  • OperaFan

    I have a persistent issue with Opera first updating itself automatically, and deleting my bookmarks every time it does. This is the third time my bookmarks have disappeared.

    • OperaFan

      I’m switching to Chrome for reliability, but I will create a handful of bookmarks in Opera just to wait until the next stable release and see what happens.

  • Bjarne Bertelsen

    Hi. Opera stable mac now shows an annoying narrow empty window near the bottom of the screen. (How can I attach a screenshot here, I tried too drag it, but it doesn’t work?)

  • Shimmer

    The page elements are messed up! Please reffer to the screenshot below:

    Link to the page:

  • UMaster 7

    please keep the green dot hidden after restarting Opera saying you got new finished downloads. This is irritating.

  • Сергей Трофимов

    Already got that in the Opera browser constantly crashes Flash Player. More precisely does not take off and just disappears! Sites consistently report that no flash player and you need to install, although it install!

  • Сергей Трофимов

    When you install Opera in the Ukrainian language in the browser no dictionary to check the spelling in Ukrainian. It is necessary to do make your own!

  • L33t4opera

    New build – Opera stable 25.0.1614.71 for Mac and Windows, and the change log 😉

  • daniel

    hi now on my task manger opera 25.0.1614.71 avaliable .this is true .this is from opera software .