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  • nanana1


  • L33t4opera

    Hi Helge, thanks for the update 😉

  • Alex Parker

    When I click on most YouTube videos (on itself), most of the time they appear as black squares (i.e. I hear sound, but no video). Video appears only after I either scroll down, or refresh the page multiple times.

    This bug happens on Non-Pepper Flash Player. Windows 7 x64, two different computers. Video of this bug:

    This bug was present before, still not fixed. Hopefully will at least be fixed in Stable.

    • Marcin Mitek

      Probably an effect of our workaround for Youtube issues back in the day.

      • Fixed in the latest Opera Blink Stable Update.

    • ma_t14

      This has been happening to me in many previous builds as well

    • Same problem in Non-Pepper Flash Player and Opera 32-bit edition on Windows 8 Enterprise (32 bits).

  • What about x64? Do you plan to support x64?

    • That would be for a Dev release, not beta.

      Anyway, I think Opera has to port, not just the engine, but also adapt all of the code from the UI and features to x64, not soon I think.

      • Marcin Mitek

        It’s not that difficult. It’s rather when we actually will do this 🙂

        • That’s even harder.

          • Marcin Mitek

            I mean – when we will give it to public.

          • Vladimir

            Opera browser after 20 versions in terms of password saving forms greatly deteriorated !! Opera does not store passwords and does not work autocomplete forms, although the settings are all included. Earlier in the 20 version, all worked and now nothing keeps 24 (passwords and forms)! When you return the key, which was in the 12 version. Was cool stuff. Automatic login after clicking on the key. Why can not replace a search engine that is built in the express panel? !!!
            When installing the Ukrainian version of the opera is absent Spell check dictionary FOR UKRAINIAN LANGUAGE, have to put it yourself !!! In Opera why so few options, the browser must be flexible.

      • P0lip

        They use Aura for UI, so I don’t think it would be that hard, as it’s a part of Chromium project.

      • In Linux port was relatively easy, but it could be harder in Windows (recently, in the version 40 of Chromium for Windows, shows signs of improvement in running performance).

  • Anton Chelnokov

    Is sync work in linux?
    In previous version it doesnot.

    • Anton Chelnokov

      Also flashplayer doesnot work.
      But in firefox works fine.

      • P0lip

        Flash player works fine here on Linux, Firefox uses NPAPI flash player plugin whereas Opera PPAPI, so it’s not the same plugin.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Sync is being worked on.

  • netwolf

    What is that supposed to mean?

    DNA-26710 AB testing data should be sent to server regardless of user opt-in choice

    • Olli

      That’s a very good question!

    • Leonardo Gomes

      I guess it should be something internal.

    • ayespy

      When you first install Opera, you are always asked if you want to help improve customer experience by reporting usage statistics to Opera SA. You may opt in or not. If you do, certain data relative to what features you use, etc., will be phoned home.

      If you have not opted in, presumably, Opera would never learn whether you use, say, the “old” speed dial page or the “new” one. This could be an AB test. When an actual AB test is being conducted (“by actual usage statistics, do users prefer *this* format or *that* format?”), the browser should report which format a customer is using irrespective of whether they opted in.

      That’s ONE possibility.

      Another is to design a browser so that even when the “don’t follow me” feature is activated, the browser still returns feedback on AB testing in web pages, etc. (this would be a specialized type of cookie, often).

  • András Ács

    Fix not in yet for toolbar button vertical alignment :'(

    Wondering about the crypto fix. I’m not sure about the severity and wouldn’t expect a pre-release to be updated, but would the beta channel receive a security update if the issue was severe (considering the probably wider user base)?

    Anyway, beta has been noticeably faster than dev [linux]. Congrats, and thanks!

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Which button?

      Regarding the crypto fix, i guess this build should have it already. But it would be interesnting to have it confirmed.

      • András Ács

        The speed-dial button is the misplaced one, last Dev has it fixed.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          On the new start page or in the old one? Or do you mean on the menu?

          Anyway, the button seems ok here.

      • Helge Andre Gjølme

        The security fix we released in Opera 24 stable is also in this build.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Thanks for the info.

  • A small thing: when I right-click on a link in a web page and select “Open link in new tab” it opens the link in a background tab, but when I click a link in the new bookmarks manager and select “Open in new tab” it opens the link in a foreground tab…

    Maybe, it should behave in the same way in both cases.

    • Wojciech Kostoglu

      Thank you for your comment. We will check it.

      • ricksper

        Open in a new foreground tab should be the expected action. I’ve been complaining about this constantly.

  • WL-`

    Youtube embedded videos are still broken. It just shows a black box. No problem on other browsers. Windows 8.1

    • Laza Ciprian

      try pepper version of flash

    • Helge Andre Gjølme

      We have seen this on some pages where youtube sends Opera the flash player instead of the html5 player. Try and request the html5 player on and see if this helps.

      • WL-`

        Html5 on Opera is not as good as it is on chrome. There’s no speed toggle and some videos only play till 720p whereas chrome can play 1080p on the same video. I’m assuming it is the lack of support of MSE & H.264?

        Regardless, I’ll wait for the fix. Since I’m using a beta version, such things is to be expected. Appreciate the hard work and response. =)

        • P0lip

          “720p whereas chrome can play 1080p on the same video”
          It’s caused by Google, not Opera

      • zshello3

        For me, having requested HTML5, I get HTML5 players on YouTube pages and Flash for embedded players.

        • Helge Andre Gjølme

          Sorry, it’s hard for us to control what Youtube serves you, but we’ll contact Youtube and ask them to serve us HTML5 whenever possible once 25 goes stable which has H.264 support.

          • zshello3

            No problem, thanks for the reply.

      • SuuperTommy

        Implement MSE & H.264 and it’ll be fixed.

        • Helge Andre Gjølme

          That’s not the issue, the issue is that you are served flash from Youtube instead of the HTML5 player. You can try to install the User-Agent switcher and change your UA string to Chrome and see that you most likely are able to play the video. We’ll talk to Youtube about this tho.

          • P0lip

            I hope they will change it. It’s obvious they do it to “encourage” people to switch to Chrome, as Opera isn’t the only browser having such issues. I hope you’ll be able to persuade them, good luck!

  • sgrandin

    Once again, an open installer blocked the update (Task Mgr shows two Opera Installers open). I had opened and closed the previous 25 beta maybe a minute before this install, which made me wonder if the installer process is not always closing. It’s strange, though, because I can never replicate it except when trying to install another beta. It’s as if the install process is defeating itself.

  • sgrandin

    The text size and spacing of Beta 25, as those before it, remains unnecessarily large, taking up about 15% more space vertically than 12.17 and over 20% more than Firefox (e.g., at Yahoo home page). That’s with Windows dpi at 115%. There seems to be a bit of a fad in recent page design to take up a lot of vertical, to make users have to scroll down more. I’ve seen it elsewhere as well (e.g., Rotten Tomtooes, Zap2It). To me, it’s user insensitive. I certainly don’t appreciate it.

  • Vladimir

    Opera browser after 20 versions in terms of password saving forms greatly deteriorated !! Opera does not store passwords and does not work autocomplete forms, although the settings are all included. Earlier in the 20 version, all worked and now nothing keeps 24 (passwords and forms)! When you return the key, which was in the 12 version. Was cool stuff. Automatic login after clicking on the key. Why can not replace a search engine that is built in the express panel? !!!
    When installing the Ukrainian version of the opera is absent Spell check dictionary FOR UKRAINIAN LANGUAGE, have to put it yourself !!! In Opera why so few options, the browser must be flexible !!

  • Паша

    I see a bug in v24 and v25: When window is not maximized – open new private window – it opens but does not work untill you maximize it. Windows 7 64.

  • beBoss

    Same problem as developer:
    dependency libc6 >=2.15, but mine is 2.13.

    Can you help me to install and test Opera on Kali Linux 1.0.9?
    I tried with Google Chrome and installed without problems.

  • When you right click on a tab, in the Swedish translated version, it says Nåla flik (Pin tab in English) but when you right click on a pinned tab it says Ta bort flik (Remove tab in English). In the English version it says Unpin tab and I expect it should say the same in the Swedish version, but I am not sure what would be the right words in Swedish.

  • Darklycan51

    Please support more websites and fix the youtube player bug on external sites, there’s several bugs which are not present on chrome/chromium but somehow are in opera…

    Some websites/buttons do not work either and they’re basic html

  • I hope that in halfs of October, Opera Blink 25 for Linux will be avariable in the stable branch.

    • Cjcr

      Will be available before … sure.

  • zshello3

    I’ve been experiencing far more crashes than ever before (sometimes a few times a day) with Opera beta 25.0.1614.18 and 24.0.1558.64 on OS X. The stable channel, which I use alongside beta, is fine. Any ideas?

    • rrzepecki

      Do you do anything special when the crashes occur? Does it crash on any particular site?

      • zshello3

        Nope, my browsing habits haven’t changed in a while, whereas the crashes only started recently. I didn’t pay too much attention, but the crashes occurred pseudo-randomly I’d say (well, I guess all the crashes happened when I have at least five or six tabs open, but the more open tabs the more likely to go wrong, so it’s kinda expected). Sorry for not being able to provide more information; I was just trying to confirm if others are facing the same problem.

  • Rotkaeqpchen

    I really love the new Startpage and Bookmarks! Great work! THANK YOU!! 🙂

  • Łukasz

    Please check for a new version of Opera mail. I want to use, but it has many bugsand missing dozens of features and options.

    • Lacedaemon

      Opera Mail is RIP.

      • Łukasz

        damage 🙁

      • Reminds me of a exdirector in my area, who lasted 10 months in charge, and I’m still waiting to hear anyone saying he/she misses him.

    • You mean that program released in mid 2013, never updated?

      • Never updated but performs better than Thunderbird.

        C’mon Oprah, updates! UPDATES!

        • Łukasz

          I know for me, thunderbird, the combine, I want to use something light

        • Elaborate “better”, faster? lighter? more stable? bugfree? better contacts management?

          • Leonardo Gomes

            One thing i miss on other email clients i’ve have tried is the possibility to have lots of accounts with lots of (imap) folders and be able to read everything on a single place.

            Somoe other clients have similar feature but you need to manually add the folders, one by one.

            I also miss the search.

          • First, I want to say that I’m a long time TB user, so I know my stuff around this app. I know how it works and where it falls short. I ditched it for *gasp* Live Mail. But in between ditching TB and falling in love with Live Mail I found Opera Mail app, which was really neat but not good enough.

            But enough of that, you wanted to hear what does “better than TB” mean, right? Ok then, here’s my definition:

            – faster
            Opera mail opens up instantly (TB 3-4 sec), no hang ups, no stutters when loading up tons of mail at once. I did a small test. I opened 50 messages from trusted addresses (permission to load images) with some huge pictures. Opera mail opened them all in about few seconds. Thunderbird was choking until it hanged. I must add, none of this mails were saved or opened before as I’m on a clean Windows 7 installation. I wanna add that I run them both from HDD (because SSD space is precious).

            – lighter on memory
            Hell yeah it’s lighter, just open up task manager or whatever you use to monitor resources and check for yourself.

            – cleaner interface
            Since Mozilla introduced puke inducing fog on Australis in both FX and TB, I was searching for “defogging” scripts. I was able to defog FX but not TB (V31 does not tolerate userChrome.css – don’t know why). There’s no such thing as friggin fog on Opera Mail. It has prettier icons, prettier labels, prettier previews and prettier menus. Matter of taste tho.

            – overall buginess (did I spell this right?)
            Hands up for Opera Mail. Had no problems with setting my Gmail and iCloud account (I have old @me address). Thunderbird on the other hand, was bitching about incorrect Gmail password for about half an hour, then it magically accepted it. Autoconfig for iCloud is god awful. First, same pass problem. Second, folder subscription got messed up (but I fixed it after 10 minutes). And at last, NONEXISTENT & TRYCREATE errors when checking for mail, browsing folders and moving/removing messages.

            – Oprah contact management is very similar to that from TB, so nothing special here.

            That’s it, I wrote a figgin essay for you mate! 🙂

  • rainder

    How to enable Opera Turbo on Ubuntu (Unity)?

    • L33t4opera

      Hi, open a terminal window (Ctrl+Alt+T), and create a script as below: !#/bin/sh
      /usr/bin/opera-beta --show-opera-menu >/dev/null 2>&1 &

      Instead of that, you can run the Opera from the shell as shown above (line 2). In both cases, it will force the Opera to show the native menu, from which you can switch on/off the Opera Turbo 😉

      • rainder

        Thanks 🙂

  • Razorvashka

    I want Manage links Ctrl + Shift + L again!

  • LoverOfLife

    Don’t tell me.. You’re gonna launch Opera Stable with this hybrid Speed Dial ???

    • Hybrid? if you don’t switch to new or back to old there’s no hybrid.

      • LoverOfLife

        Hybrid definition:

        a. Something of mixed origin or composition, such as a word whose elements are derived from differentlanguages.

        b. Something having two kinds of components that produce the same or similar results, such as a vehiclepowered by both an electric motor and an internal combustion engine as sources of power for the drive train.

    • SuuperTommy

      I believe they will. I think they want a broader and more feedback on improvements, and if people like the new speed-dial. They’ll probably also collect statistics on how many use the new speed-dial and vice versa.

  • Konstantin Paramonov

    When are you going to change “Выбрать расширения” to “Добавить расширения” or “Магазин расширений” or whatever in Russian LP? It is very confusing.

    • Mikolaj Boc

      Taking a look at this.

    • Przemek Kudła

      Thanks for pointing this out. A bug will be filed.

  • kapsi

    On Ubuntu I often have both Chrome and Opera open. When one freezes, the other one also freezes.

    • Rafael Luik

      Could it be because they share the same Pepper Flash?

      • Could be, but he didn’t mention the reason of the freezing.

        • kapsi

          I dunno what’s the reason. Though I have Flash on. Freezings often happen on Youtube (especially when exiting full screen on a movie), so it might be that.

          • You also didn’t mention which platform, I don’t have that problem in either Windows or Ubuntu. And how are you on resources, not enough RAM perhaps? GPU? CPU? Hardware acceleration?

          • kapsi

            I did, Ubuntu 14.04. 8GB of RAM, default drivers for intel GPU, Intel i5.

  • Tanel

    Well, the Mac version crashes A LOT on Mavericks, at seemingly random times, usually moments after switching tabs. I’ve no idea if any reports are automatically sent to Opera or not.

  • phiznlil

    Thanks for the Linux version, working well for me. Hopefully a fully stable release soon?

  • pidgin

    cant wait for 25 stable. New start page is awesome

  • cgebhard

    Opera 24 and 25 crash repeatedly when passing on webcal links to Outlook 2013. Since both are configured to send automatic crash reports, I suppose you might have gotten some information about it already.

    One difference I noticed was that Opera 25 at least crashed _after_ passing the link on (the calender showed up in Outlook) whereas Opera 24 crashed before.

    • Mikolaj Boc

      We’ll look at this one.

  • My requirement list for bookmarks,

    1- export is a MUST
    2- A toolbar icon which directly opens bookmarks (even focuses on search box)
    3- Easier shortcut instead of Ctrl+Shift+B
    4- Typing in bookmarks page immediately focus searchbox
    5- “Right click, Move to another folder…” an alternative to drag and drop
    6- Keyboard navigation (arrows, home, pg up, pg dn, end for selecting items)
    7- dragging bookmarks outside of opera
    a. on editable text area, lists of bookmarks in format
    b. on empty space, new window with tabs opened for selected items

    • L33t4opera

      @4 Hi, like for example F4?

  • Patata

    I know this might be off topic, but I finally made the switch to Firefox.
    I never really liked the idea to switch to Chromium, cause I didn’t really like the Browserengine with its huge footprint on resources and even more cause I don’t want a browser that is controlled by Google. That’s why I chose Opera instead of Firefox in the first place, knowing that 98% of Mozillas income comes from Google, but at least they still have their own engine, instead of supporting Chromium to become the next IE6. Despite that, Opera gave up everything that once made them the perfect choice for me. The new Opera lacks everything I need and uses the engine from the company I can’t really trust.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Well, i guess we could say that the major part of any browser income comes from the search engines and from partners .

      • Patata

        Yes, thats true. At least Mozilla uses an own engine instead of Google’s. People who choose Opera in the past did so because of the features and because of privacy / security concerns. New Opera doesn’t offer any of it.

        • Vux777

          but chromium is also open source
          Google is using it, just like Opera does
          Google also contribute to chromium project largely, also opera does (google is ofc much bigger company with more resources)
          what google package in Chrome, is not necessarily part of other chromiums (API’s for instance)

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Well, i don’t think that Opera has changed anything regarding its security policy and still is a very secure browser .

          • Patata

            as long as the chromium project fixes security holes soon enough since Opera doesn’t have the same control about it that they used to have

          • Leonardo Gomes

            If the security issue is related to Chromium, maybe.

            The last one wasn’t and affected other browsers, like Firefox.

          • Leonardo Gomes

            And we should not forget that Chromium is open source so Opera can fix the issue by itself, if needed.

    • Diamond

      And you believe Firefox is different? They are on the Chrome train too. Removing more and more customization because they think no user needs that!

      If you really want to switch to a browser where Features and customization have a REAL future.. Choose either Seamonkey, Pale Moon, Maxthon or Slimjet.

      But Mozilla will also become more and more Chrome like. Firefox is truly a bad choice!

      • ruduh

        You forgot to mention that browsers chromium-based is killing your laptop battery. With Firefox this issue doesn’t happens. And apparently nothing is being done to resolve this issue…

        • Andrew Andreyuk

          It’s for windows users only 😉

          • ruduh

            Thank God, cause my main OS is Ubuntu. 😉

        • SQL

          This was indeed fixed in Chromium 38 already 🙂

      • Patata

        And yet Opera is even worse compared to it

      • FX on Chrome train? How so? Because Australis has rounded tabs? Or maybe because there’s a userChrome.css in your user profile? And really, Seamonkey or PaleMoon? If FX is that bad for ya, you shouldn’t even mention them. Seamonkey is made by Mozilla (Google sellout *spit spit*) and PM is just a 64bit FX.

        Ok, jokes aside, Firefox is nothing like Chrome and I don’t think it’ll ever be like that. It’s still based on Gecko (not WebKit or Blink). But the most important part is that FX is still a browser, not a pseudo “browseroperatingsystemwithgames”.

        • Diamond

          These 2 have still customization features built inside. Australis was stripped of most customization features which for example Firefox 22 had. Basically you are now without add-on usage restricted in moving some icons around and doing some css tricks.

          In Firefox 22 the UI was totally customizable, you have been able to combine navigation bar and add-on bar or navigation bar and tab bar and much more.

          Australis is a radically dumbed down version of a once well known and well loved Geek’s browser.

          Granted, Opera has done that Chromification way different, but a bad move is and will always stay a bad move no matter if there are workarounds – Just take a look at marketshare numbers, both, Firefox and Opera lose more and more users!

          • You mentioned that FX is a “geeky browser”. Geeks will always find a way to restore usability. Just look at CTR, even Mozilla says it’s the best way to go (and restore lost functionality) if you don’t like Australis. All classic FX22 functionality just a single click away (awful orange menu included).

            Chromification of Opera is just painful. I don’t want to get into that.

            I’ve checked the user base stats on StatCounter and W3counter according to both:
            – Opera is actually gaining users. Of course it has its downfall in May 2k13 but it’s back on track.
            – FX userbase is decaying since 2009 (probably because of our almighty & everloving father Chrome)

          • Diamond

            The best way to go would have been to let customization in the browser and not pretend that people are not interested in customization anymore.

            Things like they are with Australis are just a lame joke!

          • Diamond

            If i would be interested in using a Browser which can only be customized over add-ons, no matter how capable or not that add-ons are i also could have used Google Chrome!

            Anyway, Australis is a disgrace in the eyes of real power users, exactly like Chropera!

          • Then why use FX at all? The thing you mentioned, customization, was all done through addons and userChrome.css, even on older versions. So what’s your point?

            And really, power users hate it? Now that’s a laugh! Gr8 h8 m8.

          • Diamond

            No that is simply not true. There was a massive amount of UI customization features built inside the browser.

            And this Mozilla has killed off to be more in line with Google Chrome. Fact is Pale Moon and Seamonkey have still lots of that inbuilt features.

            That is the reason why Mozilla sucks and these 2 fork maintainers do rule.

            I would never touch anything official anymore from that stupid Mozilla fucktards!

          • Sir, I switched to Pale Moon x64, and now I see how wrong I was.

            Props to you!

          • Diamond

            Yeah, Mozilla can go and suck their own dick! Assholes!

  • Filon

    1) How about actual themes instead of just background pictures?

    2) How about better memory management so you don’t have Opera take up 2GB of RAM just because you once had 40 tabs open, even now they’re closed.
    3) How about the option to remove the plus button on SpeedDial.
    4) I like the placement of the SpeedDial, Discover and Bookmark on the left, but I have the stupid tiles with big letters that most of the time give me no indication of what website goes to what dial. How about the left placement, but with (at least the option to choose) the old way dials looked, as in small screengrabs of the websites.
    5) Bookmark page doesn’t have the same layout as the speeddial and discover pages. You should be able to quickly go back to speeddial if you want. Also, import/export bookmarks.
    6) How about you fix the Opera menu. Bookmarks appear twice (and they appear to be separate things, because the bookmark bar doesn’t show my bookmarks) and I see no use to have links to speeddial, discover and the bookmark page since you can easily get to them by opening a new tab or clicking the speeddial button. Extensions and get extensions shouldn’t be separate. Developer tools should be under Tools, and About Opera should be under Help. Simplify!
    7) As long as Opera is using Chromium, you should be able to install Chrome extensions (and SKINS), just as easily as on Chrome. Heck, you can do that now, it’s just that you have to work around it, when it could be something native
    8) 64 bit
    9) Built-in java, flash and .pdf viewer. They’re nice features of Chrome. As long as they don’t hog too many resources, put them in. These are things most people use anyway. But it can be a pain to use Opera on my office computer where I don’t have admin rights to install the latest java or flash. Chrome works, Opera should too.
    10) I really think you guys would’ve been better off just continuing to develop the old Opera 12, to make it still usable today. If it weren’t for the many bugs in rendering pages and constantly asking me about certificates, I would still use that today.

    • While I mostly agree with all of your points, I must say, RAM usage is not a problem. You’ve gotta see Firefox eating up all your precious RAM, then complain bout Opera 🙂

      • Cryio

        I seriously do know how to modern Firefox eats more than than Chromium based browsers.

        In ram usage today, it’s IE11, Firefox, Opera (it’s less bloated) then Chrome.

      • ruduh

        Do the test: try to open 50 same tabs in both browsers and see the results…

        • Did it with 35 tabs.
          985MB – Firefox
          1013MB – Opera
          28MB difference. Not that bad to be honest.

    • 1.- Most of the users want to switch just the background screen, due to window theme results in most of the cases confusing in the time to pick up the tabs.

      2.- If you’re opening webpages that employess (or embeddes) plugins like Adobe Flash, naturally the Opera Blink performance will gonna decrease.

      3.- You’re requesting a impossbile. The most posibble thins is replace the “+” icon with a blank button, like Chromium/Chrome.

      4.- Most of the persons follow the icons instead of the texts. This is the main purpose that why Opera changed the discover and bookmarks saved pages, and not a bad implementation like the actual versions of Chrome.

      5.- The redesigned “New Tab” is partially implemented. That’s why Opera 25 does not put it as default.

      6.- The first Bookmark option is a menu that shows quickly the bookmarks. It avoids yougo to the bookmarks page and pick up the saved bookmark. The second Bookmark option is -obviously- the bookmark page. If you like save time, just choose the Bookmarks menu.

      7.- Due to Opera Blink haves a few differences between the original Chromium/Chrome browser, Opera does not import/compile all the extensions destinated to Chrome/Chromium on the Opera Addons webpage.

      8.- Done in GNU/Linux, but in Windows is a butthurt. If you don’t believe me, try with the actual version of Chrome browser and tell me how bad is with the performance.

      9.- Java is not built-in. Just PDF reader and Pepper Flash Player will be built-in always and when Opera Blink browser improves the PPAPI support.

      10.- Opera Presto haves problems with -ironicly- the Presto render engine, due that is fully commercial and is preferred by Nintendo and another devices, Presto could not be opened like in the case of Gecko render engine and Blink. Now, Blink goes faster in HTML5 implementations of experimentals W3C standards that Gecko and Webkit, and this is the main reason that Presto is being obsolete.

      • Filon

        1) Did you do an actual survey? I’m willing to bet most users don’t care, but the rest of us, we would like themes. And yes, another option to change the background. Opera 12 was all about options. It feels like in Opera 15(25) there are hardly any options at all.
        2) What about webpages I’ve already closed? Why are they still taking up so much RAM? I opened Google Maps, fiddled around with it until Opera slowed my entire computer, closed the tab, looked at Opera’s Task manager and the GPU process was taking up over 500MB and my computer was sluggish. I ended the process, it restarted, only having 50MB and my computer was quick. Why do I have to do that manually? BETTER MEMORY MANAGEMENT!
        3) How am I requesting the impossible? Just add a context menu option to add a new tab and remove that button. If it’s there, it can be removed. Chrome has a SpeedDial extension that does just this.
        4) Again, where do you get your statistics? People use their brains. Of course we associate pictures with thoughts and memories faster than words, because our visual cortex is huge compared to the rest. But here’s the thing: if you have 12+ dials on the SpeedDial, you will almost certainly have a few of those awful tiles that look very much alike. Similar colors and the same letters of close. Close enough to confuse you. The chances of that happening with screengrabs is much, much smaller, even with small dials. The tile option is good for Opera Coast, where phones have much smaller real estate and you can’t see 4 small pictures, but on a 22″ 1080p screen, screengrabs is the way to go.
        6) Totally useless. Simplify!
        7) Opera’s extension store is almost empty compared to Chrome’s. Let us install Chrome extensions and warn us that some extensions might not work properly on Opera. Simple as that.
        8) Actually Chrome 64 bit is almost as fast as Opera. Faster than 32 bit, anyway.
        9) Found the option hidden away to use Chrome’s pdf reader. Much better and cleaner. But the option shouldn’t be hidden away. It should be default.
        10) I’ll take your word for it.

        • Herr Pietrus

          that’s right, on the pfone is hard to recognize and distinguish some page thumbnails On the contrary, on PC icons are useless, especially that, as I think, on the PC people used to have different websites in SD than on their phones (perhaps on the tablets they use the same, because tablets are bigger and better prepared for content consumpption)

    • Filon

      One more thing I’d really like: the ability to change how extensions are ordered in the toolbar.

    • Izer0

      I agree with 2). I found that there is an process manager bug that is depend on installed RAM. If you exceed an amount of opened tabs (and it may be not loaded because is “background” tab, so … weird), opera process manager “crashed” and no more close process of closed tabs, so opera processes grow rapidly with every new opened page/url. I spend lot of time (2 days) to find this behaviour and confirm it by testing on two laptops and I sent issue report to Opera guys today. So, I wonder when it will be fixed. DNA-28034

  • Why the hell do we still need that hideously big searchbar on new and old speeddial pages? I thought we had omnibar for that.

    Or maybe you’re planning to take away search from omnibar (I bet you do) 😛

    • L33t4opera

      Hi, if you want, you can hide it, just follow the below steps:
      1. Go to the Settings (Alt+P), click on the free space on the page somewhere outside the search field, enter the Konami code: up up down down left right left right b a,
      2. After that, the warning window should appear (Power user settings), click the “I understand, proceed” button, and scroll to the bottom of the page, and tick the checkbox on the left of the “Always show power user settings” option,
      3. Go to the “Start Page” section, and tick the checkbox on the left of the “Hide the search box in Speed Dial” 😛

      • Haha, yeah I know about this, it’s one of the first “set-up my Opera procedures” 🙂

        I’m just wondering why it’s still there. It’s big, it’s ugly, and search can be done from omnibar. There’s totally no point in having this taking our precious screen space 😉

        • Leonardo Gomes

          There is no free lunch .

        • Just make a back up of your Opera profile in a pendrive and forget about it.

          • That’s not a solution. What if they remove option to disable searchbar in future versions? Get real.

          • Disable it once and backup your profile, you need to anyway in case you use Opera in a different computer, or have to reinstall or change your user account for any reason, in any of those cases, you will value more a back up.

          • Dude, I don’t think you understand what I was talking about, but thanks for tips anyways 🙂

  • Tommy

    Loading… Loading… Loading. Will you fix this damn bug this year?

  • Cryio

    I just hope Opera 25 doesn’t crash 80% of time I drag a tab to create a new window.

  • dishtamdul

    I have a password-protected web server that has both HTTP and HTTPS available on non-standard ports. Previously the password manager could save the password for both ports in two different entries but since v25 (or maybe a few versions back), if I save the password for one of the ports, the browser doesn’t offer me the chance to save the password for the second port anymore and asks me for the password every time I want to connect through that port. Have already reported it as “DNA-27611”, putting this comment here for more disclosure.

  • dflyra

    Are we going to see any synchronization in this life? I have Opera stable, beta & developer installed and I’m doing the same things three times (or if I’m bored, I copy profiles from one to another version), not to mention that I’m repeating the same process from my desktop pc to my lap-top. Please, have a heart!

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Probably yes.

  • Інна Володимирівна

    ERROR!!!! – Опера ошибочно предлагает сохранить пароль, но там поля пустые!

  • Łukasz Janik

    when stable?

  • L33t4opera

    New Opera beta 25.0.1614.35, the change log, and the announcement should be published soon 😉

  • Runar Holen

    Opera 25 has stopped playing videos (youtube, FB, etc.). Have been unable to find any fixes online. What to do?

  • Olds

    How do i setup the t train method with this version?