Opera Internet Browser 19

Opera has now come to version number 19. Or is it 20… Hmm, this version numbering is getting out of control. We have a fast developing cycle. The reason why we have a version number inflation is because of the way we work now.

Version numbers are of course very useful for change logs and technical documentation, so we’ll stick to that for now.

Bookmarks bar

The bookmarks bar gives you a fast access to your favorite sites, just turn it on in settings. This is a simple way of storing, accessing and modifying your bookmarks. For easy modification you can create bookmarks by dragging and dropping from tabs (windows only). Think of it like a quick access bar to get around fast to your favorite sites. Moreover, the full bookmarks API is also live now. Play with it and check it out!

Wallpapers for your browser

Now, you can use any image as a wallpaper in your Opera browser. Just right click on an image and choose, “Use Image as theme.”


You can now pick from more than 700 extensions for your Internet browser, and this number continues to grow. The newest release provides blacklisting of extensions, inline install and a few other improvements. The full bookmarks API is also exposed, so we expect some great, new extensions shortly.

Check out our extensions catalogue.

Hardcore mode – Advanced User Options

Rip up the Opera cabinet and get ready to get dirty on the inside of our product. Sorry for the cheesy marketing sentence, but we’re honestly excited about this and can’t wait to hear how you will use it. There are only two or three new settings for now, but we’re planning to add more. The most important thing is that this feature now exists in Opera and we’re committed to adding new features and open up Opera even more.

Coming soon

Within the next two weeks, we’ll promote the experimental Opera Developer build to the feature-complete Opera Next stream. The developer channel will be also updated to the newer version, so you can try out some new stuff.

We have provided many important bugfixes too, read the full changelog for details.

Download Opera

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  • Thanks. Testing…

  • Tomáš Pavlík

    Nice!!! Thank you. 🙂

  • VladdSerbia

    ‘ello. Your link(s) to download Opera 19 Stable are instead offering Opera Next v19.0.1326.45 🙂

    • Tomáš Pavlík

      Um, yeah.. can someone please fix it? 😀

    • BK

      Should be better now, thanks:)

      • Vux777

        also change-log is ending on .45, it should be .47

        • L33t4opera

          Hi Vux777, as mentioned in the post, there’s the link to the full change log for version 19, so I suppose, that this is it 🙂
          It seems, that Opera 19.0.1326.47 = Opera Next 19.0.1326.45, or am I wrong?

  • TruthNow

    Opera for Linux has been declared dead:


    • Tomáš Pavlík

      I’m not loosing the last hope yet. It’s not official announcement. I will trust Opera ’til the end…

    • littledoremi

      This is indeed saddening news if this is true.

    • Well, to be honest, I visit this site out of curiosity. I have forgotten a browser called Opera. For me (and for the company I work for) Opera is dead and forgotten. Used to be a good browser though.

    • minj

      Thanks for the find. It’s time to say fudge you to opera then. Opera is dead to me.

      Oh and to those idiots always downvoting linux-related comments without saying anything: step up! I’ll happily return the favour.

      • Dmitry Kirin

        I guess they’re just showing that the topic has been discussed more than once and assumed closed until a new info arrives.

    • Dmitry Kirin

      Strictly speaking, the author of that post does not say that Opera for Linux has been declared dead. A decision to temporarily stop working on Linux project/focus on Win & Mac and a decision to abandon the product at all are different things. I understand that the guy knows the inside situation much better, I’m just saying that what he has actually written can have other reasoning behind it. If I were leading a multiplatform dev team and part of them were busy constantly replicating just any changes from the too quickly changing main thread to a smaller one, maybe I’d want to suspend this potentially wasted efforts for a while too. Again, I’m not saying I know what’s going on in Opera better, I’m just trying to read the text without bias.

      • minj

        Personally I’d rather call the network installer a wasted effort. The fact is simple: Opera’s market share (in terms of users) is approx. the same as that of linux on desktop. I’d wager the proportion of web-related developers using linux is much higher.

        The whole discussion is futile if Opera does not understand the benefit of our platform.

        Now, they had almost a year to correct their ways but nothing you could call even remotely close to official acknowledgement linux even exists happened in that time.

        Actions speak louder than words and there haven’t been any. I don’t want to hear any more excuses. Not that there’ve been many of those either, of course.

        • Dmitry Kirin

          I’d say the network installer is a bit ahead of its time. For me, the built-in updater is quite enough. However, I’ve got a very stable inet connection and I don’t have Opera crashes or update failures. As for me, a stand-alone installer is much more interesting when it is developed and configurable for unattended/enterprise distribution.

      • Leif Roar Moldskred

        But multi-platform support used to be one of Opera’s particular strengths! And I can’t see any reason — besides a lack of commitment from the company — that should make the WebKit versions of Opera difficult to compile on Linux. It’s not like WebKit doesn’t already run on Linux and needs to be ported.

        That said, I would have been less worried about the lack of clear Linux commitment from Opera if they’d actually done something _interesting_ with the browser and not just spent the last year and a half basically playing catch-up. There’s nothing _inventive_ about what they’re doing now — they’re just throwing overboard all the boring, but oh-so-very-damned-useful functionality that actually made Opera a browser for power users, and the sometimes slightly quirky functionality that made Opera a different beast that played to its own niche.

        • Dmitry Kirin

          Chromium itself is compilable under Linux, of course. But i doubt that Opera GUI is, at least just yet. As much as I read the comments here and in other places, it seems that the internet community would rather have Opera allocate three teams, Win+Mac, Linux, Windows Phone, working independently up to the point of not talking to each other, fighting with the same bugs as if they’re alone. I don’t think it would be an optimum spending of resources.

          • Leif Roar Moldskred

            Generally speaking, if you’re serious about multi-platform support, you need to build your software to be mult-platform from day one. Otherwise you’ll end up doing architectural decisions and taking shortcuts that will make porting after the fact much more expensive.

            Technical debt accrues interests at a frightening pace — and ignoring a target platform during development is taking on technical debt.

          • Dmitry Kirin

            Generally, yes, but we don’t know to which exact extent. We can only speculate Opera + Chromium is something more crossplatform than, say, hardware drivers, so it maybe, and maybe not, easier to stabilise the main platform or some part of it and then rush to “porting” it. If they were writing a new engine, the picture would certainly be as you said. They said the decision to move to Blink originated from devs, not management. I hope it’s true with the postponing of Linux release too.

          • Leif Roar Moldskred

            The thing is, Opera on WebKit is _already_ being developed multi-platform, and there would be less difference between the OS X and Linux builds than between the Windows and OS X builds — and as I said, multi-platform development was one thing Opera used to be _good_ at.

            Now, it might have made sense to postpone Linux development in order to rush out finished builds for Windows and possible Mac if the build contained some snazzy new functionality that might help get them market share if they released early — but that’s not been the case for _any_ of the new WebKit builds. It’s all just catch-up and rebuilding equivalent functionality to the old. There’s nothing new and eye-catching going on — so it makes no _sense_ to rush out Windows and Mac versions to the detriment of the cross-platform stability of the software: you’re just taking on technical debt without any real gain in the short term.

    • Łukasz Darzki

      I will wait, I will trust. If betrayed…

      Funny thing is that “only geeks use” linux version. The truth is “only geeks” will visit opera blog to report bugs in comments.

      • Leif Roar Moldskred

        Who else but geeks use Opera on the desktop in the first place?

        • paor ludi

          yes, O12

        • Operalino

          My Girlfriend does 🙂

          I installed her Opera 11 (updated to 12) longer time ago because of very annoying bugs in Firefox and IE which made browsing a pain for her. She is now on the stable channel since version 16.

          She doesn’t now about this blog and isn’t missing anything within the Browser. She still likes Opera very much, because it works as she expects and she never ran into any trouble with it (neither on O11/12 nor on O16+).

          To be honest: Opera is the only piece of software I ever gave to her without receiving ANY kind of negative feedback 🙂

          THAT is the reason, why I still give my trust to the dev Team even though I’m missing some features badly (namely tab stacking, auto updating Speed Dials, advanced mouse gestures).

          • David_Gould

            Should probably rename this blog to “Whining about Opera” and start a new one where we can talk about Next/Developer in peace.

          • senna_4ever

            you has chosen the right girl 🙂

          • Cryio

            Yeah, tab stacking and the speed dial were THE things keeping me on Opera.

          • Cryio

            My gf got fed up with how Opera 12 and 12.10 performed. So I introduced her to Maxthon, the Opera on Chrome engine.

            Now that Opera has recovered (site compatibility wise), I can’t get her to change back.

      • rpsgc

        If Opera Software actually think regular folk (computer illiterate) use Opera, then they’re even dumber than I thought.

        If someone is using Opera, I’m 99% sure they are a “power user”, a.k.a. the “geeks” they despise and mock so much.

        Keep biting the hand that feeds, Opera, keep biting.

        • Nekomajin42

          It is not true. I know several “regular folk” who use Opera as a main/only browser.

          • rpsgc

            99% != 100%

            And how many of them started using Opera on their own and how many started using it after a more experienced user RECOMMENDED them Opera?

          • Nekomajin42

            The math does not matter. The point is the “Opera users are all power-user geeks” is a misbelief.

          • rpsgc

            I never said “all”. You assumed I said all.

            Take your assumptions and word twisting and go pester someone else.

          • Nekomajin42

            It is not just about you. Lots of the power-users think that Opera was made for them. And they tend to sound it.

            And it is not about despising the power-users. It is about market share, and you (plural) have to understand, that noone can run a company based only on the relatively small number of power-users.

            I consider myself a power-user, and I am not happy with this slow pace of developement, but whining on the blog does not help.

          • ᅠᅠᅠ

            I think it does. Otherwise, all the developers see is a disappearing market share, without anything but guesses as to why. For all they know, it could be purely a marketing problem.

            Enough users of the software sounding off anywhere they might find it, and they have a chance of realising that it’s their formerly solid, established user base that are leaving in droves. And maybe get the message that people were using Opera for its advanced set of features, not the nice logo, and hence don’t agree with their decisions to dump absolutely everything that made Opera what it was.

            Customer feedback isn’t worthless. Not all companies care about it, but they can’t at all if no one is providing it.

          • Nekomajin42

            feedback != whining

            Anyway, I agree with you. Bug reports, feature requests, arguments are important, and the developers SHOULD take them into consideration. But repeating bookmarks and linux and open source presto really does not help.

            I ranted about the attitude of the devs towards the users a few days ago, but it applies to the users too.

    • Janghou

      Even worse:
      Opera for Linux is MIA (Missing in action)
      The uncertainty is even more painful for all it users and friends.

    • Leonardo Gomes


      People should not spread non-official information as if it is something already confirmed.

      • NoName

        Me, and I assume others, are upvoting because it’s new info.
        Not because what TruthNow is declaring is true.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          I didn’t post the link because of the upvotes. 🙂

      • pekikuubik

        Considering the shafting the Opera userbase has had to endure for the past year, they’re far more likely to believe a former employee who may or may not be lying than the PR-approved spin by Opera people.

      • minj

        Neither the original post nor this tweet changes the situation. Actions, not words that counts.

      • Jim

        “Misinformation always spreads far before it’s corrected.”

        Correct it, then. Give us some information. Show us the progress.

      • ossen

        Opera is dead!!!

    • dakira

      Wow. They took a piece of cross-platform software and made it stop working on Linux by applying their skin. That’s just sad.

      • CrashNBurn71

        Or you know, instead of the past year of this nonsense, Opera DESKTOP could of used WebKit/Blink to render the page, and kept Presto to render the Opera UI. It would of been more memory intensive, but at least it would of been a usable browser.

        A thread for every single open Tab is beyond ludicrous. A thread for every window *maybe*.

        Opera 15+ is worse than MS Office + the Ribbon :: at least Office still has the same functionality – even if it takes twice as long to get there.

        Why anyone is bothering with Opera any longer is beyond me. A year later there’s not even a hint of a customizable interface or the Side-Panel. M2 has been flat out abandoned, not a single update since it was split into its own “App”.

        With .net or WinForms or any of Microsoft’s Software Development Kits, or even __Autohotkey__ you could layout a Window with customizable/resizable sections in a day.

        Other Browsers have a handful of developers or less, and are blowing Opera out of the water. (See Maxthon or Slepnir — the whole Fenrir Inc only has 50-200 employees.)

        And yeah some of us actually do Software Development beyond throwing a couple webpages onto the internet, and actually know what CAN be accomplished in a day or a month or a year.

        No bookmarks in a year? Opera doesn’t want to add bookmarks. Or it would of been done in a week, maybe a month. Its not f’n rocket science.

        Many? long-time Opera users would likely agree that Opera was quite possibly one of the top 10 software products ever.

        • Emanuele

          The fact is more simple: if Opera 15+ lacks features (bookmarks, customizable GUI, panels, etc…), this is not because they had no time to add it, but because they CHOSE to not add it.

          The main reason of this shame is that Opera management now targets the great mass of people not interested in advanced stuff/aren’t able to use it. Yes, Opera devs didn’t add these features because they think “we” (users) are generally too stupids to use/understand them. A software modeled on the more stupid of its user… sadly, isn’t it?

  • Gruia

    hey, what does this have that chrome doesn’t?

    • BK

      Chrome does not have Opera team behind their browser, Speed Dial, Stash, Discover, Scandinavian look and feel, mouse gestures etc 🙂

      • Max Bichl

        — “does not have Opera team behind”: and? maybe this was an “feature” a few years ago, now… now more and more people hates you, and/or think you’re complete fools… (look on international news sites and forums – most shake their heads above you. are you blind? cause you don’t see this, or simply will you don’t see…
        — “Speed Dial”: there are several extensions for/with this function for chrome and other browsers out there – but they use the bookmark system in chrome – you must know, chrome has a bookmark system…
        — “Stash”: most people don’t use this, most people even know what this is… cause, they use there “old & good” bookmarks-system.
        — “Discover”: useless… (most “news” are for people with an IQ lower then 70… but maybe they are the “new opera customers”)
        — “Scandinavian look and feel” …says the polish guy…
        — “mouse gestures” wow…

        • NIBB

          It seems this are features for Opera.

          I was not sure if that was a joke or if he was serious when he said that.

        • opera4ever

          I think the opera devs are using Chrome or Firefox at home. I can’t imagine a programmer using a browser with basic features.

      • Nekomajin42

        I don’t think these kind of comments help.

      • Gruia

        thats not enough for me. I loved the old one. having feeds, notes custom skin. If it goes that way I’ll upgrade. Till then im sticking with the old ver

      • NIBB

        Those are supposed to be features? Opera, small team. Google, huge team. Speed Dial? Really? Chrome has this as well not to mention via plugins its even better.

        Not sure why Opera is so in love with their speed dial which does almost nothing except allow you to group favorites and have a huge snapshot of them. You can´t even reload them per time like you could in the Presto version. So its a rather very inferior and basic speed dial.

        Stash? That is a feature? Its a basic page that takes news from other places. Really? Its like saying you can Google with Opera.

        Mouse gestures work terrible in this version. Scandinavian look? You mean the red O icon or what exactly? You can´t even change the color on it, you mean it has a Google Chrome look correct? Even the settings section is exactly similar. Its a complete clone, I know you told it was designed from scratch but then how come its so similar to Chrome?

        I´m interesting to know what the “etc” means, because it has nothing extra at all. It actually has less features than Chrome or any other browser in the world. If we take Safari, Explorer, Firefox and Chrome, Opera is the one that has less features of all of them, its the underdog of browser features now and I wonder why because that is all the developer team has to do. The engine is from Chrome, so not even there developers have to invest time, what in the world are you guys doing all day in Opera offices? Watching out the windows and drinking coffee? 6 months and this is what a “team” of developers have come up with? Lets be honest here. There is 1 single developer for Opera desktop now correct? Otherwise please care to explain how you guys can justify your salary at the end of each month.

        This has nothing to do with Scandinavian way of work. They are very productive and very efficient, completely the opposite to the what we see with outcome of the product. And the mobile version does not has anything amazing either, so I wonder if Opera is composed by 1 person only this days.

    • NIBB

      That is a good question but BK answer is really funny. What if we ask it the other way around. What has Chrome that Opera does not?


      Not only it has the Google team behind, but its has plenty more features…

      Maybe we need to re-ask this in 5 years from now, as today its pretty much a joke to even compare Opera to Chrome.

  • Martin Suchan

    Thanks for the update, I just want to ask, if it’s now possible to show the full Uri in address bar by default and to open all items in Speed Dial folder using middle-click, just like it worked in Opera 12? Thanks

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Nope to both.

    • BK

      Full URL is being worked on. We have prototype already , it’s DNA-8944.
      We will evaluate if middle click on SD makes more good than bad.

      • Bitchsslap

        Nice, I was waiting for Full URL.

      • John

        Cannot wait!!

        • BK

          If I’m not mistaken, it’s being done in mainline already, so next developer build should contain it.

  • L33t4opera

    Hi Blazej, great news at least! Thanks for the info and new release, congrats 😉

  • Holger Jeromin


  • Tomáš Pavlík

    “Hardocore Mode.”

    I’m little confused. Can someone explain this to me? 😀
    That we don’t have almost none “power-user” options, but they planning to add some more, including something called “hardcore mode”?
    Thanks for explanation. 🙂

    • BK

      Yes, we have added another level to our foundation, upon which we will build more sophisticated constructions 🙂

      • Tomáš Pavlík

        Thank you for quick reply. These are the great news! 🙂

  • inuZ

    Still no sidebar for the bookmarks… I dont want that crappy bar at the top that uses space constantly. Also still no tab stacking…

    Do you guys even care what people want?

    Installed, after 1 minute uninstalled…

    • Cryio

      Patience … they started working on the interface from scratch. These things take time. They have to remake virtually everything and also fix bugs in the rendering engine itself.

      • woj_tek

        Yup, also they stated that a lots of features (that I need) won’t come back… (something stupid like full url is still ‘being considered’ – srsly?! =,=)

        • Full URL is “being worked on”, not “being considered”. Learn to read.

          • zhnujm

            Sorry, but that a feature like “show full url” needs time to be worked on is…. somewhat funny….

          • Why should it be implemented in higher priority than other features? To please you?

          • zhnujm

            No, im not interested in such a feature.
            Its just as i wrote, im curious that it sounds like they have to write thousands of lines of code to implement this feature.

    • só um lucas não dois

      Oh come on, this browser started with nothing and now we have a bookmark bar, stop winning.

      • woj_tek

        And it took only a year or so… it’s ridiculous!

        • só um lucas não dois

          seriously, do we have any option? Opera was the ONLY interesting browser, we have to wait and see. I don’t like the actual Opera yet but hope is the only thing left.

          • woj_tek

            Yup, we have… we can simply use chromium directly (basically same feature set) or use Firefox (I’ve switched a while back and actually got used to it… definitely beats Chropera and Chromium!). You can also still use Opera 12.16 which I still often use and run it in the background…

            No, I don’t see myself using this atrocity called “new Opera”…

          • só um lucas não dois

            It doesn’t make sense. Why would I start using the browsers I chose not to use before?

            “No, I don’t see myself using this atrocity called “new Opera”…” Funny thing you’re here.

          • woj_tek

            Well, I didn’t want to use Fx before (I’ve been using Opera since version 6 I think, had watched evolution of Fx since version 0.1…) because I found Opera to be way better and better suite my needs.

            Right now what Fx has to offer greatly outweights what new Opera has to offer so it was more of a forced decision..

            Also: you are funny… how did you arrive at the conclusion that reading a blog has to imply using or not a software the blog describes? magic!

          • “we can simply use chromium directly (basically same feature set)”


          • Nothing is your way, is it?

        • July yo January, people who can’t even count well deserve ridiculous.

          • woj_tek

            “a year or so” – look up in the dictionary… also a followup: new Opera was developed way earlier than July: “On 12 February 2013, Opera announced it would drop its Presto engine and transition its web browsers to use WebKit as implemented by Google’s Chrome browser by means of code from the Chromium project.”, “On 28 May 2013, a beta release of Opera 15 was made available,” of course you can be from different planet where magic happens and if final Opera 15 was released on July then it was definitelly completely created on that day on July – clappity clap!

          • woj_tek

            Yes, because Opera 15 magically appeared on July from the magic land of software-created-in-one-day… you can completely ignore the fact that it was announced in February…, neh, Opera is magic! let’s stick to that! #facepalm…

        • Cryio

          6 months actually.

          • woj_tek

            Yes, because Chropera magically appeared in July without any prior development… no, nada… #facepam again

          • Cryio

            Nothing magical, I just corrected the time frame.

  • Holger

    Please implement MRU Tab-Switching with the keyboard Ctrl-Tab Hotkey. This prevents me from switching to any other browser than opera 12.
    And the three options in the context menu of a weblink: open, open in new Tab, open in background tab.
    Opening in a new window is not a usefull feature 🙂
    Thanks a lot.

    • BK

      MRU Tab switchinng is available already. You can find it in opera:flags, you can use ctrl+~, you can check some extensions, like https://addons.opera.com/pl/extensions/details/opera-12-like-tab-switcher/?display=en, there are more of them.

      Re link menu option, can’t you just use mouse middle button click?

      • Holger

        Nice to hear that there is a solution für MRU 🙂

        Not all Mice (touchpad?) have a middle mouse button.

      • David_Gould

        It doesn’t fully work. The flag eliminates ~70% of the problem. I’ll try to isolate the exception and post here again.

        I am using the excellent Chrome extension, Tabs Outliner, which seems to be based on O12 sidebar handling. However, make sure to close the Tabs Outliner window before Opera’s else you’ll lose all your opened tabs.

        • Tabs Outliner is excellent, but it’s more of a session manager. Simple Boomarks, which is available for Opera as well, is a bookmark sidebar that allows you to control the size and position of the windows. It’s much simpler than Tabs Outliner and gets the work done. I recommend it to you.

          • David_Gould

            This seems to be about bookmarks.

            I’m talking about tab navigation, management etc.

        • David_Gould

          I did say I would post back on this. I *think* the exception is on my end, and limited to links clicked from Facebook through the extension FB Purity.

  • cool_myll

    No chrome.proxy :((

    • Should be in Opera 20. You can try it out on Opera Developer, and soon in Next.

      • Cryio

        I don’t understand then why “chrome.proxy was moved to stable” two Next builds ago.

  • [828586]

    all spy features removed from chrome engine ?

    • BK

      If anything like that is in Chrome, we have never added it.

  • Matthias

    What is the status of Opera Link? Synchronization of browsing history, passwords, bookmarks, speed dial, maybe stash…?

    And any news on Dragonfly? WIll it ever be ported?

    I use Chrome for private stuff now (it has working synchronization), but for work I still need the features of Opera 12…

    • BK

      Synchronization is being worked on. In-progress solution is containing synchronization of Stash and SD’s is already in place in developer stream, hidden behind opera://flags/#sync.

      • só um lucas não dois

        I’m so happy you guys are improving the browser and turning it interesting again, for a moment I thought Opera was going to be absorbed by Chrome but no, thank you guys. It’s a real struggle using it without the notes but I’ll try to endure.

      • Tried to use sync but using my Facebook account.

        Thing is I use the same email for FB and MyOpera, somehow you noticed and I got an error message “suggesting” (forcing me) to use MyOpera instead of FB, but AFAIK MyOpera is being shutdown and I don’t want to use it anymore. Mainly because the Dials in that account belong to a time when I used the Presto version and are not the same, besides not being in folders like in the new SD.

        I want to use FB with the current Dials so please tell me what to do.

        Obviously I already enabled what has to be enabled first… opera://flags/#sync

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Your data will be merged, no matter what do you use to login or if the e-mail address is the same for the services.

          So using My Opera or FB doesn’t seems to really make any difference.

      • d_A_y

        when can we hope to expect a synchronization of bookmarks? %]

      • Anton Chelnokov

        i logged in https://auth-test.opera.com/account/login
        but my opera cant access to anything account data…
        It holdon authorization and show error on timeout.
        may be it`s becouse proxy authentication required?

    • xoex

      If there will be passwords and notes and other features …

  • You forgot to mention Task Manager, didn’t you? 😀

  • Liverator

    Sync not working 🙁 It was fine with Next release, but not in stable…

    • BK

      opera://flags/#sync should do the trick for you.

      • Liverator

        Nope, it is enabled, as well as test servers…nothing. But works great in version: 19.0.1326.45.

        • Dmitry Kirin

          Test servers are for testing, disable it.
          I ran sync in Stable, it received Stash and SD from Dev. However, after that, some SD went missing in Dev. So there may be some bug. I restored SD from backup (favorites.db*), and now everything’s OK.

          • Liverator

            Works perfect! Thanks Dmitry!

  • opera4ever

    I still miss the ability to browse without history and in the same time to keep logins active (firefox allows this too). http://imgur.com/3So1LZq

  • Janghou

    Unfortunately Opera is still on 12.16 here.
    Just checked. It says: `Opera is up-to-date`. You’re using the latest version of Opera.

    So it seems Opera is more on an average of 15.5, no wonder you’re confused about version numbers, bring out a Linux version for 20, and it will be more transparent.

    IMHO the internet is all about information accessible cross browser and cross platform, device independent.

    I know resources are limited, but this seems a bad management decision to me. It is totally unclear to any new potential user what the latest version of Opera is?

    I know Opera Blink was introduced to improve site compatibility, but now site owners have to deal with an Opera Blink version and an Opera Presto version. Both are up-to-date!

    That doesn’t work.

    Or declare Linux unsupported. I would regret that, but it’s more transparent.

  • Piotr Kalinowski

    Hmm, Evernote extension from Opera catalog sometimes crashes with this update. Installing the newer version from Chrome Web Store fixes this.

  • Güray Sun

    It’s nice thank you very much, Here is a confession. Before Opera 15, I would use old-style bookmark bar and I was disappointed in this matter. But now, I’m so used to this new style and I find old-style BM bar is very unefficient 🙂 But still, It was so important for users like my dad. you know…
    Now I’m waiting for sync. feature to save my bookmarks. (and get back some old BMs)
    Thanks. Bye

  • “We can’t wait to hear how you will use it … there are only two or three settings right now”

    slow clap
    Seriously though, I can definitely see the beginnings of a good browser now.

  • Just tried this one and unfortunately I have to say it is still a piece of junk. I am sadly still using Opera 12.16 with no prospects of getting a new good browser from Opera.
    Your new Chromium Opera is something nobody asked for and nobody needs.
    Opera evidently didn’t listen to those who love Opera and use it everyday.
    One thing is there’s already one Chrome and nobody will switch from Chrome to Opera Chromium.
    Second thing is that when Opera 12 will become too old to use, nobody will install Opera Chromium. We just will make a switch to Firefox or something…
    Opera made a big mistake by creating unwanted boring second class browser…. Opera only promises changes, but all changes we get is a browser that looks like Chrome but much worse and really with zero attention to what users want.

    • guest6768

      Very well said.

    • I have been using Opera Dev as my main browser for a few months now, and although I miss some features (follower tab, visual tabs, stacking, bookmarks sidebar/management, sensible password manager), it’s already light years ahead of Chrome or any other browser. If it is a piece of junk, then every other current browser in the market is even more so.

      By the way, I am using the Simple Bookmarks extension in “window mode” to simulate a bookmark sidebar, since I have a widescreen monitor. It works very well and you can configure it to set your windows at a precise height, width and offset. It makes me miss the real sidebar a bit less.

      • Chrome is an amazing browser. It is almost perfect. Opera Chromium is like a teenager’s room with rockstars posters and stacked with weird unnecessary novelties, but still is not better than Chrome.
        Opera was a phenomenon, sort of a cult thing. Now it is simply another browser with no identity. With no identity.

        • Let’s see.

          Speed Dial an unnecessary novelty?

          Mouse gestures an unnecessary novelty?

          Search keywords (created on the fly) an unnecessary novelty?

          I use these three features CONSTANTLY at home, and now that I cannot use Opera at work and I am forced to browse the Web with Chrome, I find myself frustrated to no end by their absence.

          I have installed extensions that more or less approximate the Speed Dial and gestures, but they’re not quite there. The search keywords thing is still hurting me.

          • These features were in Opera before switching to Chromium.

          • That is completely irrelevant to the fact that the current version of Opera has these features and your “amazing browser” doesn’t. If you’re gonna troll, at least try to make sense.

          • So when you unable to make any sense on human level, you start to communicate in more comfortable lower intellect language of aggressiveness and insults? Please don’t give up and squeeze the best manners you can or stop talking. You’ll look better.

          • EXACTLY.

  • Petru

    There is any way to stop opera in writing any cache file to disk?

  • Kurt Zon

    thanks for all the hard work guys and gals…………

  • guest6768

    The one is writing about how they ‘ve totally lost control with the numbering (no ****), the other one is writing poems (…) and proudly naming 1 bug fix a new release, a previous employer tells how they ‘ve reached that shaming point as browser devs – “all journalists use Macs” – and why we see devs with only 2 months in Chropera ASA introducing themselves… (resignations). Kindergarden level with hipster lifestyle is the new motto of Chropera ASA. I’m actually enjoying that humiliating decadence…

  • aidinMC

    Thanks 🙂

  • cgebhard

    As long as the search field is open (through Ctrl-F or “,”) changing tabs with Ctrl-Tab doesn’t work.

    The different tabs get highlighted, but opera won’t bring them to the front.


    • NIBB

      What you are asking is way to advanced for Opera software. It requires rocket science engineering to code that.

      Its just a browser for kids that start to browse on the Internet.

      • cgebhard

        well, i wasn’t asking them to automatically perform the search on the tab i change to. I could simply hit F3 if I ever wanted to do so.

        I was just wondering whether this is a bug or a feature that protects me from accidentally changing the tab while searching the page 😉

        no but seriously: the different tabs light up while hitting Ctrl-tab, the action just wont be completed, so i think that might be a bug.

  • blackcoder

    Is there a way to import stuff from speed dial into the bookmarks bar? The import bookmarks feature only uses a copy of my old bookmarks from the time i installed Opera 15 (i guess).

  • Dark Magician

    20 Next now!!! 😀

    • BK

      In around a week new next should be here.

    • Fallon Borden

      Agree, still using Dragonfly, integrated mail, Link, Turbo, sidebar notes, torrent manager, all in my Opera 12 12 for Mega links

    • They’re taking 1.5 to 2 months to release, so not before march or maybe even april.

    • BK

      Maybe it’s time to start looking on the version number? How about treating it as technical detail which is useful only for reporting and verifying bugs?

      • Dark Magician

        We did the same with sub-version numbering.
        I perfectly understand that this is the new trend in browser numbering, I don’t have to like it. And I don’t.
        I also despise the fact that Google pushed it with Chrome, basically to look more advanced for non-informed people.

    • Still using 12.x and waiting for that fully functional v54 version as well. 😀

  • “Real” Bookmarks at last – but in what stripped form 🙁 :

    – Not integrated in the address field (no button and especially not integrated in the address bar type ahead search!)
    – Subfolders are not shown at the top
    – Scrolling in long folder views sucks, Opera 12 style is faster
    – No/horrible import for O12 bookmarks

    In Opera 12 I have a small pop-down button for my bookmarks in the address bar, but usually used the address bar search for them (or defined shortcuts…).

    Oh dear, Opera 15+ may be usable for old O12 fans in maybe a year? I miss besides Mail and RSS especially:

    – Old F12 fast options menu (disable JavaScript)
    – More GUI customization (= more optional buttons, bars and the sidebar [like the Links tab])
    – More context menu options
    – centralized site preferences
    – … ah, I just stop here, because otherwise I’ll start crying 🙂

    PS: A positive effect of the stripped-down Opera is that I am pleased that old minor things like saving pages as MHTML are back :-/

    • Matthias

      I feel your pain… UI customization, Dragonfly, Tab stacking, the MDI model and Opera’s unique fast history navigation mode are what I miss the most… that’s why I’m still using Opera 12 for work.

    • “- Not integrated in the address field (no button and especially not integrated in the address bar type ahead search!)”

      Workaround: install the “Search bookmarks” extension, and use the “bm” keyword to search your bookmarks from the address bar.

      “- Subfolders are not shown at the top”

      Yes, they are, but you need to “Sort alphabetically” every time you add a bookmark or folder. (A pain in the ass, I know. Wish Opera would allow us to set automatic ordering of folders. Per folder would be best.)

      “- No/horrible import for O12 bookmarks”

      Export from Opera 12 to HTML, import that HTML file from Firefox or Chrome, install the Xmarks extension in that browser and the new Opera, synchronize.

      • Thank you for your tips, but these are things I don’t wanna have to do! It’s ridiculous and of couse not as comfortable nor fast as in Opera 12.

        And somehow I fear such current stripped-down features won’t get improved much… (So I have to wait for someone making Opera 15+ packages with pre-configured Opera 12-like extensions? If I wanna continue using Opera 15+ at all…)

        PS: The sorting of bookmarks and subfolders (on top) seems broken.

        • “Thank you for your tips, but these are things I don’t wanna have to do!”

          I agree, but in the meantime…

          “The sorting of bookmarks and subfolders (on top) seems broken.”

          Not for me. Maybe an extension is messing with your bookmarks?

  • Cryio

    Maybe it’s just me, but the whole browser feels snappier now than before. Especially scrolling.

  • Bitchsslap

    Nice, getting better 🙂

    Please show HTTPS connection details by default, instead of having to click Details first.

    Please add options to the hardcore mode:
    Changing SSL/TLS cipher order
    Disabling of specific cipher suites

  • guest6768

    The one is writing about how they ‘ve totally lost control with the numbering (no ****), the other one is writing poems (…) and proudly naming 1 bug fix a new release, how the netinstaller is an astonishing new feature (…), a previous employer tells how they ‘ve reached that shaming point as browser devs – “all journalists use Macs” – and why we see devs with only 2 months in Chropera ASA introducing themselves… (resignations). Kindergarden level, senile attitude and hipster lifestyle is the new way of life for Chropera ASA. I’m actually enjoying that humiliating decadence… (except for the poor old-time users or sane enough people here that are frustrated in every possible way…)

  • opera4ever

    Dear opera devs,

    If at least half of suggestions posted here (which are mostly things removed from opera 12) aren’t fixed anytime soon, you will loose a lot of people.

    I’ll add some too:

    – Bookmark bar hidden in settings options? Do you think we are people that visit 3 sites daily and we don’t need bookmarks turned on by default?
    – No sync? it’s 2014 you people!
    – Settings are a joke. Comparing to opera 12 you cant set almost nothing.
    – Bring the recent closed tabs in upper right. No one wants to go in “Opera > Recently closed” for that.
    – I want to be able to add/move/remove buttons.
    – “Stash” = useless. “Discover” too.
    – Since when “themes” mens speed dial background?
    – Takes 2 or 3 mounths to release a new version that adds… almost nothing.

    • Bitchsslap

      – Bring the recent closed tabs in upper right. No one wants to go in “Opera > Recently closed” for that.

      I support this request.

      • Shwetank Dixit

        Have you tried the browse++ extension? I made that extension to solve that issue and a few more (like notes) etc. Let me know your feedback 🙂

        • Bitchsslap

          I just checked it out, seems to be working fine so far 🙂 Though I would like the recently closed tabs to be at the top instead of the open tabs

    • BK

      hi Opera4ever 🙂 we like your nick !

      – Turning ON bookmarks is one time even’t, 3 clicks only.
      – Sync is something we got wrong in the first place. We are changing the approach to it, thus the delay.
      – As a power user, can’t you just use ctrl+shitf+T for to bring back your recent tab?

      • opera4ever

        – Turn off should be one time event, not turn on.
        – yay! Sync.
        – With one hand on mouse and other sustaining my head, clicking a button is a lot faster than releasing both hands for a keyboard shortcut.

        • Cryio

          Keyboard is always faster than mouse.

          • Nekomajin42

            Depends on user habits.

        • Jonathan Aanesen

          You could always duct tape your head to your chair so you could have both hands free. That way you will be able to browse even faster with BOTH hands!! Woooh, double browsing power ftw :3

      • Nekomajin42

        Which keycombo should I use if I want to open another page from the history? Oh, never mind…

        I really don’t know why you write such comments.

        • Alt, release, C.

          • Nekomajin42

            C does not work for me.

            But the point of my comment was not this. As its name says, these are recently closed tabS, not just the last one I closed a few seconds ago. And it’s really annoying, that someone asks for a feature, then they answer a part of it. We are back at the bookmark bar era, when we asked for bookmark featureS (sorting, searching, nicknames and so), and they said there was QAB. Come on, we are not stupids. We know Ctrl+Shift+T, but the question was not that.

            Just take a look at this comment: https://blogs.opera.com/desktop/2014/01/opera-19-going-stable/#comment-1221500645
            That’s how they should answer every feature request or question.

          • In my installation, Alt, C opens the list of recently closed tabS.

            They have said that bookmark handling would be improved and that there would be a manager.

          • Nekomajin42

            In my installation, it does not. Besides, it would be uncomfortable for me.

            But you don’t see the point of my comments. It’s not about bookmarks, it’s not about certain features. It’s about how they treat user requests and questions.
            They asked us to be polite, don’t be obscene, be open for changes. And they were right. But we’d like, in change, not being treated like idiots.

          • I see the point of your comments perfectly. I was just offering a workaround for what you want. If you will only accept EXACTLY what you ask for, this is, you need to have Ctrl+Z for that task and a button on the bar or NOTHING, then I cannot help you and you will probably end up frustrated. There are requests, and then there are reasonable requests.

          • Nekomajin42

            I think, we misunderstood each other a little.
            I can accept workarounds and changes if they offer roughly the same user experience as the features in the past. For example, there is the Smart RSS extension, which is good enough for me, and I don’t cry the integrated RSS client back.
            But, to take another example, this history menu without the trash button is far from comfortable. I’m mostly a mouse guy. That’s the way I’ve grown into this whole computer age, and that’s why I love mouse gestures so much. I also use common shortcuts, and believe me, I know how to handle computers, I’m a computer science teacher, but something is more accessible with the mouse, the more comfortable for me.
            And I can wait for a trash button. If I have to wait another half a year to get it or to get other features I want, I will. But I don’t like this kind of attitude the devs have most of the time. The comment I’ve linked is correct. That’s how they should answer every request or answer. If they don’t have time for that, then employ someone for this job only.
            Most of us here are fans. We test their products, we run fansites, we spread the word, and in return, they are not willing to give us proper answers and reactions.
            And to make it clean, I’m not ranting here only because of this comment of Blazej. It’s the whole attitude.

      • Cqoicebordel

        Sure, ctrl+shift+t will bring back the closed tab. And everything will be perfect for people having two hands.
        But I don’t have a left hand and it is a pain in the a** to do that shortcut.
        The point is we had choices in workflows that worked for us. We don’t anymore.
        And maybe that’s why you didn’t answer on the “Settings” and “add/move/remove buttons” comments too…

  • joehallenbeck75 .

    I just want to say goodbye to Opera. I’ve used it since version 5 – almost 14 years. I was very pleased with it. But since you literaly dropped the development of the Presto engine (and that was long before you switched to Blink), Opera went down the hill. All the unique features, all the speed, everything went down the closet. Not to mention Opera for Linux… still stuck at v12.16… thanks!
    I’ve switched to Chromium and that wasn’t an easy decision. I’m badly missing the interface, mouse-gestures, fast-settings, seperatly proxy-settings, notes and much more. Everything that made Opera unique. Now you’re just one of many KHTML/Webkit/Blink-based browsers. Goodbye and thanks for so many years of safe and comfortable browsing.

  • joehallenbeck75 .

    I just want to say goodbye to Opera. I’ve used it since version 5 – almost 14 years. I was very pleased with it. But since you literaly dropped the development of the Presto engine (and that was long before you switched to Blink), Opera went down the hill. All the unique features, all the speed, everything went down the closet. Not to mention Opera for Linux… still stuck at v12.16… thanks!
    I’ve switched to Chromium and that wasn’t an easy decision. I’m badly missing the interface, mouse-gestures, fast-settings, seperatly proxy-settings, notes and much more. Everything that made Opera unique. Now you’re just one of many KHTML/Webkit/Blink-based browsers. Goodbye and thanks for so many years of safe and comfortable browsing.

  • Chas4

    19.0.1326.47 Is not listed in the Changelog you linked to


  • k1ll3runa

    Opera 19 isss……….. negligibly better than 18..And by the way : N i C e power user settings

    disable 1 px spacing on top of the tab bar (my personal favorite small thing)
    adjust number of columns on Start Page
    hide the search box on Start Page (you remember Konami code, don’t you?
    Seriously … a power user will have trouble handling those.Those aren’t even power user settings.Opera devs, get your Sh** straight, honestly.Where are the following:
    Customizable gestures ( be it rocker , keyboard or mouse ) !!!!!!!
    Inbuilt codec support ( e.g mp3 , webm,avi, etc it’s a Chromium ffs, if Chrome has it shouldnt be too much work to add it to Chromium)
    A proper bookmarks menu
    Opera Link !!!!!
    And for some damn reason the first time I start Opera ( after I log into windows) Is GOD AWFUL SLOW !
    Work on these issues Opera Devs,
    Back on the power user settings : ” There are only two or three new settings for now, but we’re planning to add more. The most important thing is that this feature now exists in Opera and we’re committed to adding new features and open up Opera even more.:
    Oh really it’s the same If I put a bunch of pictures into a folder and hide/show it …. Make some better use of your time.

  • k1ll3runa

    Opera 19 isss……….. negligibly better than 18..And by the way : N i C e power user settings

    disable 1 px spacing on top of the tab bar (my personal favorite small thing)
    adjust number of columns on Start Page
    hide the search box on Start Page (you remember Konami code, don’t you?
    Seriously … a power user will have trouble handling those.Those aren’t even power user settings.Opera devs, get your Sh** straight, honestly.Where are the following:
    Customizable gestures ( be it rocker , keyboard or mouse ) !!!!!!!
    Inbuilt codec support ( e.g mp3 , webm,avi, etc it’s a Chromium ffs, if Chrome has it shouldnt be too much work to add it to Chromium)
    A proper bookmarks menu
    Opera Link !!!!!
    And for some damn reason the first time I start Opera ( after I log into windows) Is GOD AWFUL SLOW !
    Work on these issues Opera Devs,
    Back on the power user settings : ” There are only two or three new settings for now, but we’re planning to add more. The most important thing is that this feature now exists in Opera and we’re committed to adding new features and open up Opera even more.:
    Oh really it’s the same If I put a bunch of pictures into a folder and hide/show it …. Make some better use of your time.

  • L’homme Joli

    Centering of images like in Opera 12 ?
    EXIF data ?
    Panels ?
    Why when we block images in the settings there is no icon on top of the sites like in Chrome ?

    • blackcoder

      for right click on a picture and a click on “properties” to show some details about it.

      • Chas4

        Like what Presto Opera has

      • Vux777

        in a lack of native feature, I’m using Image Properties Context Menu

        … I would love native feature, extensions (2 of them that I know) both sucks

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Images properties would be good.

  • guest6768

    Why do you delete my post? You can’t handle the bitter truth can you?

  • Martín Balzarini

    Will the new sync ever work? Every time I get an error and a message that the sync has failed. Kind of getting tired of it…

    • Leonardo Gomes

      I”ve just tested and sync worked fine here. After have done it, i got my SDs and my Stashes.

  • Lopez

    Hey, Someone may know how to Opera 19 to change the user profile? I install 2x opera my and my wife but all use the same profile :/

    • Vux777

      the simplest way to achieve that is to install one (or both) Opera as USB installation. On Opera installer window click options and choose “Install for: Stand-alone installation (USB)” from drop down menu and choose different folder for each opera installation. That way you’ll have 2 same Opera browsers with their own profiles.
      Opera natively does not support more users (as far as I know)

  • Rod Corkin

    Why does my current O18 stable think it’s up to date… “18.0.1284.68 – Opera is up to date” ?

    • Chas4

      19 is not on the auto update server yet (might be now)

  • kapsi

    Is it me or are fonts displayed differently now?

  • biteme@spamherelots.com

    With this version of Opera, Windows 7 SP1 x64, Opera will not load anything from imgur.com it says it is not responding. Details:

    – Other computers in the house work fine, though they are on the release version of Opera not DEV.
    – On this computer other browsers work fine.
    – On this computer putting opera into off road mode works fine.
    – Opera Dev on my work computer on the work network works fine.

    Any ideas why I need to be in off road mode to get IMGUR to work?

    • blackcoder

      No problem here.

      • biteme@spamherelots.com

        Damn it this should have been in the Opera 20 posting…. 🙂

  • This version feels strange, animations feel sluggish at first, mostly those concerning Speed Dial, after a lil while it feels normal again, had this sensation since it was in Dev.

    • guest6768

      All versions since 15 are sluggish compared to Presto, and this ain’t gonna change with the current engine. Not to speak about the insane memory usage…

      • Leonardo Gomes

        Never noticed problems with memory usage here.

        • guest6768

          Maybe because you don’t know what the task manager shows?

          • Leonardo Gomes

            No sluggishness here. 🙂

            “Maybe because you don’t know what the task manager shows?”

            Maybe, but for me it shows that Opera is not having problems with memory usage.

          • guest6768

            Try running a few tabs in any version above 15 on a 2 GB machine and then tell me… And no, memory upgrade for running a frigging BROWSER is not an option, it is plain stupidity and programming incompetence of a developer.

          • Piotr Karol Żółtowski

            I have 3GB (3x 1GB) of RAM and I didn’t notice high memory usage on new Opera.

            Of course I have opened few tabs. Not one.

          • Browsers are supporting an ever increasing set of web standards and web pages are becoming heavier. Some web pages are full-featured like native apps. You must accept that the browsers are evolving and you know that software evolution requires hardware evolution too. You can run IE 5 in Windows 95 if you want, it’ll use few RAM, let me know how well the pages are rendered later. 😉

            I primarily run Win8.1 with 2.5 GB of RAM and I only get Opera to lag if I open as many tabs to the point where the tabs width is of the size of a letter (with no favicon or titles visible). About 100 tabs.
            Browsing with click-to-play plug-ins helps a lot too.

          • Emanuele

            Sadly, this is my point of view too … I can understand if an heavy web app with lot of javascript code isn’t smooth or suitable on “old” PCs, but if can’t browse even normal webpages with more than 3 tabs opened, then something gone really wrong …

        • Nothing to do with RAM, I’m talking graphics here, animations guys please.

          It’s the use of the GPU that is different in this build. Or maybe just my perception.

        • Bohrquadrat

          i must do something wrong then, as Opera eats my RAM for breakfast these days. It becomes very obvious when running a VM in the background, for example.

      • Not at all, O18 was ok, and I’m not even saying 19 is bad, read again.

      • Cryio

        Nah man, speed dial moving in Presto was laggy as h*ll.

      • Presto was a huge memory hog on my machine. It got really slow after a while, and I had to restart the browser just to be able to use other applications. This is not worse in the new Opera, in fact it’s better, though it still consumes a lot of memory.

  • Jeffster

    Opera has gone from shining star to glistening turd 🙁

    • guest6768

      Oh.. don’t say this they ‘re gonna delete your comment….

    • The trouble with picking up turds to throw at others is that your own hand gets dirty even if you miss the target.

      • guest6768

        Tath is indeed the case with so many turds thrown at us since version 15 … It’s been only 60 in 2013…

      • Cryio

        Nice one.

  • Sedimar rd

    Fiz a atualização para o Opera 19, e esta muito bom., O Opera 12.16, deveria ser atualizado, tem site, que não entra.

    • senna_4ever

      in english, please

      and no, Opera 19 is the real opera now, (un)fortunately

  • theomni

    So how do you update or check for updates? If I try hitting Opera > About Opera, it says “Version: 18.0.1284.68 – Opera is up to date” This post gives me reason to believe that that is not true, but I don’t see any way to actually check for updates.

    • icetom

      it does not update from 18 stable, I also had to manually download the installer for 19 stable.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      It may take some time for autoupdate to “spread”/start working.

  • Пётр Мазин

    As I understand versions for LINUX now will not?
    And it will soon be available “Steam Machine”.
    And after all there stands Debian.

    • Cryio

      I think they’re still trying to make the new Opera version fully featured as to make it a mandatory update to Presto Opera. And that means pushing it eventually on the autoupdate channel for users of 12.1x on Windows, OSX and Linux.

  • flashmozzg

    Can you import your last opera 12 session into this one? Can you use Ctrl+z to restore last closed tab? Will there be tab grouping (not essential, but sometimes useful). Can you check image info (image properties on old opera)? It was really usefull to determine size of img, and number of frames in GIFs.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      It’s not possible to import Opera Presto sessions into Opera Blink.

      To restore last closed tab you can use Ctrl+shift+T

      • He asked about the “last opera 12 session”, in this case the upgrade process should import your previously opened tabs @flashmozzg:disqus.

    • Dmitry Kirin

      You can’t import the active session from O12, but there’s a limited possibility to import the saved sessions as bookmarks. Long ago, when I was experimenting with import of Presto profile, my saved sessions somehow got imported into O15. I found them only much later, when I installed the extension Neater Bookmarks (Chrome webstore) and was surprised to see the sessions from O12 under the folder Other bookmarks. But you can’t use this approach after you’ve customised your Chromium Opera’s profile, because it is erased upon import of the Presto one. Theoretically, one can run the import into a temporary installation and then exchange the bookmark data files with the main installation.

  • Tomáš Pavlík

    First of all, think about why Opera Devs let the discussion opened after they closed My Opera in the first place. Second, think why they actually joining the discussion. To let you argue what is good and what is bad? To let you ever question their work? To give you a space to express your anger? I think not… come on, people, keep calm. It’s “only” a browser. When you find something you don’t like, post your comment peacefully in this discussion and move on!

    Seriously, people, after some time reading all your comments… it’s just getting worse and worse. I know that u all are not utterly satisfied with Opera’s work, the change from Presto was huge, but give them time for Christ Sakes! This project began practically from nothing! We all are on the same boat. Cheer up Opera Devs! Give them your support! It really saddens me how someone writes. Vulgarisms, verbal attacks on each other, often on Opera Devs too…. it’s just horrible. Think about it, please. And make us family again!

    Thank you all for reading this. 🙂

    • paor ludi

      You’ve told us that many of the characteristics of the O12 will never be built in a new opera … do you expect support for it

      • Tomáš Pavlík

        I haven’t said that “never”. Who am i to say such thing? I’m just saying that a little more understanding of Opera community would be really appreciated. 🙂

    • Cqoicebordel

      No, it wasn’t “just” a browser. It was a beautiful peace of software, and it was also a community, devs and users alike, where everybody was treated equally and listened to.
      But we saw everything we liked cut off. *Everything*.
      We loved Opera.
      But now there is almost nothing left to love. A browser still inusable after a year of dev (Linux anyone ?), no community, devs that seems so sad and powerless that I feel pity for them, and their bosses that seems to aim at earning big bucks and not building a great company.
      Yes, we are harsh, but it’s by frustration and nostalgia over what was and never will be again.

      • Ice007

        True words! ^^
        I don´t wanna know how many devs would like to sign this if they were not restricted by their job…

      • Tomáš Pavlík


        I can’t agree with you more. I’m using Opera for a long time now, and i was too disappointed by all these changes. Forfeit of Presto source-based Opera, closing My Opera [and my dear email], loosing a majority of loyal users and stuff. But i’m a tolerate and patient person. I believe that Opera can manage to give us new Opera with at least close-to-functional browser as Presto-Opera was. And yes, i’m a long time and “fanatical” Linux user. And waiting for Linux version too. All we have to do is just give them a time and our support, despite of all.

        • Cqoicebordel

          Oh it looks like my desktop ! (except mine is more cluttered…)
          I am a patient guy, and I gave them (and will give them) plenty of time. But I think the key here is communication. And lack of it lead to frustration, where we are now.
          And I think also that Opera can’t provide a great browser anymore. A very good one, yes, why not. But “great” is something of the past, and that’s sad and also frustrating. Because I helped them, and I would like to help them. But I feel like I’ve been let down, and they don’t want my (our) help anymore.

  • Costa

    I switched from Chrome to Opera because it feels more lightweight. However, it is constantly using the discrete gpu whereas Chrome used it whenever it was needed. It really sucks the life out of your battery.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Have you tried disabling hardware acceleration?

      • Costa

        I either had it disabled before reading your reply or it’s by default.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          And Opera is still using GPU?

          Check opera:gpu to see if hardware acceleration is 100% disabled.

          • Costa

            I checked and almost everything is hardware accelerated.

          • Leonardo Gomes

            And HW accelaraion is disabled on Settings > System? You may need to enable “advanced settings”.

          • Costa

            Definitely. I also checked opera:gpu again and now everything that was using hardware acceleration has this message but it hasn’t changed to the integrate gpu.

            ‘Unavailable. Hardware acceleration unavailable’

  • Good work guys! Opera 19 is out of Alpha its Beta now 🙂

    • Chas4

      Nope it is Stable, Next is the Beta stream, and Developer is the Alpha stream

      • I know, but previous versions feels like an alpha compared to Opera 12.xx This feels like a beta. But with this primitive bookmark management this is not a complete web browser just a beta.

  • nimuchan

    Thank you very much for Opera 19 is going stable!!

  • Sylvain

    How do I import my safari Bookmarks to Opera 19? Any help please?

    • As Opera does not really have bookmarks yet, you have to do a little work around. Export Safari’s bookmarks to HTML and open the exported Document in Opera. Either keep the document as a portal page, or open the links and add them to Stash or Speed Dial from the address field.

      Migration is far from ideal yet.

      • Nekomajin42

        Thank you for this answer. I wish every comment from the developers was like this.

    • ayespy

      An alternative is to export them to HTML, import them to another browser (chrome, pale moon, firefox, whatever), install xmarks extension to each browser and then sync them. All bookmarks from the other browser will show up in the Opera bookmarks bar, complete with nested folders, etc.

      • Piotr Karol Żółtowski

        Of course after bookmarks sync in another browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.) you need in Chropera to go to XMarks options, then “Advanced”, then click “Download Bookmarks” and now you have all synced bookmarks on bookmarks bar in Chropera.

        Unfortunatelly, it’s currently the only way to import bookmarks to Chropera :/

        PS I’m not a hater by the way 😉

        • Vux777

          you can also just copy bookmarks file from Chrome (or any chromium) profile folder into Opera profile folder

          • Piotr Karol Żółtowski

            Yeah. That’s right 😉 I forgot about this method.

    • NIBB

      You can´t. There is some bar where you can pin sites, but it does not even have a shortcut to hide or show it like Chrome has. Its just a gray bar that allows you to pin sites and folders, it took them 6 months to develop that…

      Opera does not really has bookmarks because the Opera teams things nobody uses them. The import bookmarks features is grayed out half a year now. Maybe it will work by the end of 2018 with this new fast development cycle they implemented.

  • Chas4

    https://blogs.opera.com/news/ Is using 125 MB of RAM

    opera://settings Is at 106 MB of RAM

    On Twitter there is also a big eating of RAM (163 MB for https://twitter.com/IKEA_Centennial/with_replies)

    OS X 10.9.1 x64 Opera 19.0.1326.47

  • Sin2x

    Without Linux version it’s all in vain. Sorry, guys, but Opera is now officially dead for me. So long and thanks for all the fish, I guess. Hopefully, you’ll go bankrupt soon and will be forced to open-source the code.

    • Alexander Romanenko

      Absolutely not a wish to be given. They would have perhaps gone bankrupt if stayed with own engine. Maintaining UI we love and engine to have the browser continue to work as web standards progress is too much for both Opera team and for developers who want their site to work in all browsers. It does seem they are going in an opposite direction from where we want to be but as was stated in another comment, it is a transition period to an engine which will make it on part with other browser technology-wise and UI features will follow once (1) that is stabilized (2) the team learns the Blink architecture.

      Criticism of no new development in over a year is invalid since we seem to forget that its not only development time, but learning curve time for developers to learn new coding styles and APIs. If the coders need x months of re-training first, then another x to make it on par with v12, then lets give it to them!

      If anything, lets give them more investments and reason to work so the learning and development process goes in direction we want. Boycotts only kill good progress not encourage or facilitate improvements.


    ничего глупее панели закладок, в таком виде как сейчас, я не видел. широченная полоска занимает ценное пространство монитора, которое можно было использовать для отображения контента. ну почему нельзя было сделать пункт меню “Закладки” или кнопку на панели или что-то другое, более удобное??? за каким хреном мне постоянно перед глазами панель закладок, они никому не требуются постоянно ежесекундно! у вас проблемы с программистами или движок блинк настолько сложен и стеснен в функционале, что вы не можете ничего сделать УДОБНОГО?! зачем вы заставляете пользователей страдать?


    мне кажется разработкой Opera занимается один программист, в свободное от работы в такси время. я не могу иначе объяснить такой вялый прогресс разработки.

    • It isn’t exactly slow. It’s cautious, progressive, stable. Perhaps more bug-fixing oriented at this stage, they’re still integrating the under the hood Chromium with their custom UI.

  • Kein Zantezuken

    It is been almost A YEAR now. Where is the promised per-site settings that were a default feature in old good Opera 12? Freely customizable UI/toolbar? You know, all these features that were there, were the reasons why people used this browser.

    • Cryio

      In stable builds, 6 months*.

      Since launching 12.10, 14 months.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      A year of? And which oromise?

      Some features will come back but it may take some time. They will not rush things up just to add features and please a few users.

      And i think people should forget about old “Batman’s belt” style of the old Opera because i guess that it won’t come back.

      • theomni

        If that is true, then there is literally no reason to use Opera.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Well, when i started using Opera back in the middle/end of the 1990’s, there weren’t so many reasons to use it either. Opera was basically just a cool alternative browser whose main feature was to “fit on a floppy drive”

          And of course Opera will have interesting features in the future, i just don’t think that they will spend time and resources to add a feature if it won’t be useful for most users.

          • Dream Warden

            If I was “Most users” I would probably use Chrome. But Chrome does not have what I want. Opera did.

  • sgunhouse

    Strange … Opera 18 Stable still thinks it is the latest version?

    • BK

      Due to issue with SD’s upgrade when you move from O18->O19 we have stopped the AU for a while. We are working on the fix. Stay tuned for updates soon.

  • Stanislav Stratil

    Please answer me… Are you planning to add option to use more then 10 search engines in search bar drop down? (I mean, when you click to opera search bar and press “down” then “alt+left/right arrow”) there cant be more then 10 of them, but Im using more.

    • Stanislav Stratil

      Why devs dont answer to this question? It is 2nd time im asking this, but they are still not responding to it.

      • Leonardo Gomes

        Hmm, i guess that they will not answer all questions. Not because they don’t want to do it but because they can’t answer everything.

  • NIBB

    Ok, 6 months and we finally have a bookmark bar, but is there something I´m missing? What is the shortcut for showing and hidden it? In Chrome its Ctrl+shit+b

    Don´t tell me there is none since that would be ridiculous in terms of quality…

    I still miss the old Opera that allowed me to have visual tabs, tabs on the side, bottom, etc.

    Also, maybe someone from Opera can confirm this but what version of the Blink engine is Opera using? It seems like its an inferior one in comparison to Chrome. Example, this page does not work in the Opera 18 or 19:


    Yet it even works in Explorer !!!

    And it also works in the old Opera.



    “In order to achieve fast frame rates in the browser, I had to get a little crazy in the engine implementation. Rendering a 640×480 indexed image on a 32-bit RGB canvas means walking through and drawing 307,200 pixels per frame, in JavaScript. That’s a very big array to traverse, and some browsers just couldn’t keep up”

    So the new Opera engine is inferior for JavaScript to every other browser in the market, including the old presto engine or what exactly im missing here?

  • Joquita for Disqus

    Are you 100% sure that “Add to Speed Dial” never suggests sites like Livejasmin, unless you already have that in your Bookmarks Bar, which was my case. Otherwise, disabling suggestions would be a must have feature.

    • Vux777

      bummer ツ
      bad timing?

  • menphix

    maybe this has already been said, but opera://bookmark-importer is a good feature

    • blackcoder

      Maybe it should be able to import speed dial entry’s to the bookmarks bar.

  • Miskkie

    “We have a fast developing cycle.”
    Fast cycle, little development. New slogan for you opera feel free to use it. 8 months and no bookmarks. It’s a feature users have been asking for ever since the release of this new version and have been asking for in every single opera blogpost. Get your priorities straight will you opera.

    • Nekomajin42

      Never mind. They have plans. They are constantly diverge from them, but it does not matter. Hey, we have Discover!

    • Leonardo Gomes

      – Fast development/release cycle is not a synonim of “rapidly adding features”. They will not rush things up just to add the pet features of some users.

      – Opera has bookmarks, you just need to enable it: opera://flags/#quick-access-bar

      • Nekomajin42

        Please stop this PR crap.

  • Razvan Dragos

    In Opera 19 on facebook there is a problem with the drag function for cover photo. I can not draq (move) the cover photo up or down. Dont know if its only at me this problem or it is general. With other browser it works fine.

  • L33t4opera

    New build – Opera 19.0.1326.56, and official announcement.

  • WB

    The extension YAGBE – Yet Another Google Bookmarks Extension is broken now since the update. I can’t access my bookmarks. 🙁
    Is it a problem with Opera or with the extension?

    • Extension works fine for me after logging into Google. Are you sure you’re logged in after update?

      • WB

        Yes, I tried to log off and then log in again but it doesn’t work.
        When I click on the folders they don’t open the link tree anymore.
        Will reinstalling the extension help?

        • “doesn’t work” wasn’t really specific description. We’ve checked that it loaded and worked for flat bookmarks structure. Indeed we can reproduce the issue that folders aren’t expending correctly in this extension. We will look into this.
          Next time better description as in what exactly doesn’t work would help us to spot it earlier. 😉

        • This also reproduces on Google chrome so proable some issue with WebKit rendering. Reported as https://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=339723

  • Yay! Now how about linux guys?

  • Thomas Woo


    I commented a couple weeks back on Opera 19 not working well with Windows HiDpi (https://blogs.opera.com/desktop/2014/01/19-0-1326-34/#comment-1204579857). I understand that you guys are still working on redoing hidpi for Opera Next/dev, but I didn’t expect it to be pushed to Stable without a proper fix. Is this in the works soon, or should I just downgrade to Opera 18 for now?


    • Leonardo Gomes

      Hmm, it seems ok here with dpi set to 125%.

      • Thomas Woo

        I’ve got it on 200% (3200×1800 screen), unfortunately at that scaling it looks very tiny and squished :

  • theomni

    I’m glad that the bookmarks is getting some work done. Still needs a lot though. Not sure I understand why it’s a whole bar though (unless this is going to be changed in the future). Seems to take up way too much space, especially since there is plenty of space horizontally. Even when we get the ability to display full URLs there’s really no reason for the address bar to take up 90% of the width, plenty of room to put in a bookmarks button that can drop down the entire list.

    This version of Opera is still missing a few features that prevent me from giving it any real chance. Most notably (for me) is the lack of mouse gestures, especially the right click + scroll wheel to cycle through tabs. But I’m still looking forward to future changes. Especially with the new advanced features, since the advanced features from Opera 12 and earlier (meaning features you don’t normally have in other browsers) are really the primary reason I used Opera and the only reason I felt so strongly in favor of using Opera.

    • blackcoder

      I endorse what you said regarding the bookmarks. I don’t like that it is a bar, which uses the whole width and also needs “steals” additional vertical space.

      The bookmarks in Opera <15 where great.
      – One button or menu item to get a drop down menu with the bookmarks.
      – Should split to a second drop down menu if there is not enough vertical space to display completely (like Opera < 15). The "scrolling" in the bookmarks is to slow.
      ( – opera:bookmarks, which you can use to manage your bookmarks in a whole tab.)

  • Erwin Hun

    Unusable on high DPI, especially touch screens. Can’t handle Windows 8.1 DPI scaling at all. HiDPI flag enlarges tab texts, but page text, buttons, tabs etc stay the same tiny size. Disappointed tbh, why release an unfinished release tricking some users to upgrade to a version they can’t use and then force them to find an earlier version (if they know how to)?

    After years of faithful Opera usage I’m really on the fence between Opera and Chrome. Opera still has a few advantages, but not much Chrome extensions can’t fix. This frustrating update really pushed me towards Chrome. I don’t have much hope of seeing my favourite features from Opera 12 (like flip to open/close tabs, UI customization, etc) returning either.

  • styrlic

    Why not to get back to old numbering style? minor changes and major changes? this new trend is wierd, stupid, hipster etc…. I see no difference beetween opera 15/16/17/18/19 and so on, ecxpet stash and speeddial groupping – 2 major changes, nothing more! hotfixes should be installed in background by default ( as google 😛 )

  • ossen

    Opera is dead

  • Stanislav Stratil

    Hmm, I must compliment that smooth scrolling when you press middle mouse button… I love this 60FPS scrolling, good job guys. 🙂

  • Dovelove

    I guess there are people online that think only THEIR questions are not stupid but I have one that I am serious about and don’t know. Probably get flamed again such nice people out there.

    Is the listening bug in Chrome that was recently listed in only Googles browser or was it in the engine that everyone is using now and/or does Opera have that problem? Thanks.

  • Piotr Karol Żółtowski

    Opera Software, will you implement in the future program sounds from Opera 12?

  • NIBB

    I think allot of frustrations can be read on this comments for version 19 and it shows. If someone would not care about Opera, they would not even take 1 minute of their lives to comment here.

    The fact they do, is because they still have some faith in Opera. Personally I think I know the reason. Allot of users that are using the new version just where patience enough and waited until features started to roll out again.

    This is the first release of the year and I assume some waited to see if things would be better now.

    Personally I expected the bookmark bar already in version 17 and it was delayed twice at least. Now we have it here, and I was shocked on how simple and horrible it is. It took Opera 3 months for this?

    This is the first release of the year 2014 and it seems nothing has changed. Just under the hood bug fixes and an updated blink engine, and Opera is not doing that fast enough either, its always 2 versions behind from Chrome at least and it seems it will get worst as Blink goes forward. At least they did not introduce the checkerboard bug Chrome has…

    July of this year will be the final straw for most people as the new Chromium version will be 1 year old and allot of users are going to say “ok, one year now, what changed and improved?”

    So far in 6 months of use I´m terrible disappointed, there seems we are never going to see back the old features, not at least in this decade at this development speed. I started to use this new version from release day one and in 6 months it changed almost nothing.

    6 months is allot of waiting and 1 year is more than plenty. Unless Opera delivers something great in version 20, I see hope is vanishing from their loyal user base. And users can´t understand this. We thought moving to this engine would release developers time to improve on GUI features, but this never happen so far.

    If you go to the Internet and read media articles and blogs, they talk about Opera has bookmarks now as its some kind of bad joke. An article about a browser that incorporates bookmarks in 2014 and its not even anything amazing either, ugly and simple I would say. How about an article that Opera has tabs as well? Or it allows us to enter the url in the browser manually?

    Users are not even expecting big features, how about small things, like letting us change the setting not to hide the “http” on the url bar or letting us switch the tabs position again?

    I went to some of this websites writing about Opera 19 and they seem to make fun about Opera not to mention the comments of users are hilarious. It seems Opera is the joke of the world in terms of software now, what a shame. I´m not the one that says so, go out and read articles about Opera 19.

    I´m sure management in Opera does not even read this blogs, otherwise they would feel ashamed about how awful they are in their jobs, because I don´t even blame developers for this, but management, they are the heads that need to push and deliver what users want. Otherwise they should just close Opera and save everyone money and time if they are unable to deliver software like they used too. If they can´t deliver because they are short on staff, they should admit it and problem solved.

  • Dream Warden

    Slowly getting closer to switching back to Opera.

    My requirements for a good browser are getting checked one by one.

    1: (High priority) The ability to add favorites and create folders for them.
    This has been added, but not at a convenient place. The top line is thick enough as it is.

    2: (High priority) A speed dial page.
    Yup, Opera got this, but the Stash and Discover are very distracting and unecessary.

    3: (High priority) The ability to choose which sites will show up on the Speed dial page, and the ability to limit the amount.
    Yes, those features are there.

    4: (High priority) Customizing the speed dial page, background picture, and the size and placement of the sites.
    Background picture can be changed now. You can change the amount of columns, but not the size of the icons.

    5: (High priority) The possibility of editing/changing the speed dial page icons.
    I know that was possible before with Opera, but not within the browser. Had to find the icon folder, not sure where to do that in Opera 19.

    6: (Very high priority) You can open a page from the Speed dial by pressing CTRL + .
    Nope, surprised to not find it there. It was the most used feature for me.

    7: Changing the overall theme of the browser.
    Ye…no. Not fully. The background picture of the speed dial changes, but the top is still grey and depressing.

    8: No advertisement built into the browser.
    Hmm, if you do not count the Discover page as advertisement. I do not, when you can turn it off.

    9: Favourites, downloads, and history can easily be accessed without having to access the toolbar.
    Nope, The favourites can more easily be accessed, but not history or downloads. And the Downloads pop up? does not show as much information as I had hoped.

    10: (Low priority) A page where you can add custom notes, one you can easily open at any time.
    No notes as far as I can see without an extension.

    11: (Low priority) The tabs are situated above the address line.
    Yes, there is that.

    12: (Low priority) Mouse commands.
    No, I only used the “open in background tab” out of those, but I did use that A LOT.

    13: (Low priority) Turbo mode for slow networks.
    Yep, not important for me, but good to have nonetheless.

    So most of the features are there, but more settings would be nice. The ability to turn or change certain features. Removing unused features (Stash, Discover, etc), and changing the placement of some. The bookmarks in particular. They are in need of a better setup. With 400+ bookmarks, I need to be able to sort them and view them in an easier way.

    • Piotr Karol Żółtowski

      “13: (Low priority) Turbo mode for slow networks.Yep, not important for me, but good to have nonetheless.”

      Turn on Off-Road mode. It’s THE SAME mode as Opera Turbo in Opera 12.

      • Dream Warden

        Yes, I know it is there.
        Thank you nonetheless.

  • nicolas161

    Hi, guys! I have ever been an Opera fan, and I like the changes you are implementing, but there is one issue: the full screen of Youtube videos is so bad.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Bad how? I didn’t notice any problems here.

      • nicolas161

        Full screen videos look pixelated, although I watch them in 720px resolution. First, I thought it was the turbo mode, but it wasn’t.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Hmm, at least here i don’t notice any difference in watching YT at fullscreen using Opera or other browser.

  • Gaye Laing

    Is there a way to open pages in a new window rather than downloading every single thing I open? It makes for a lot of unwanted crap in my downloads.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      What do you mean? I really don’t get it. Just opening a new page/window should not add anything to your downloads.

      • SkyWarriorBR

        I think he’s missing MS Office and PDF plugins…

      • Gaye Laing

        Well, it does. Every time I click on a PDF file or anything to read it, it automatically downloads it

        • Vux777

          do you have installed PDF reader like Adobe Acrobat?
          I’m using Sumatra pdf, very light and very fast…all pdf files are opened in browser window without any problems

        • Leonardo Gomes

          In this case, you would be downloading a file, so it makes sense that it is listed under your downloads.

          • Gaye Laing

            No, I’m not downloading anything, I just want to open it up in a new window to read it and then if I want save it, I can save it.

          • Leonardo Gomes

            To read then inside the browser using a plugin? If so, then it may be a bug.

          • Emanuele

            In that case I don’t see why every webpage you request AND DOWNLOAD from web shouldn’t be listed in the download manager… please explain it

          • Leonardo Gomes

            I’m sure you understood what i meant.

          • Emanuele

            yes, and I’m sure you did the same 😉

  • Felipe

    Even with all these updates opera is STILL a bad clone of chrome, it even cant use its extensions without having to download another extension and even with this extension installed i can download only the extensions and not the apps of chrome, i still use Opera 12.16 and I SERIOUSLY HOPE you’ll keep updating this one even if with little updates, for now only an update to use extensions made for opera 15 and beyong would be helpful.

  • Sidney Moraes

    Amazing browser, I am loving it!!!

  • CrossWired

    Opera 19 seems a lot smoother and more stable than the earlier releases. Give us a real bookmark manager, better keyboard navigation and advanced settings like about:config in FF or even the old settings in 12.6, and opera will rock.
    In fact, all we want is 12.6 with the new engine inside. That would be perfect.

  • Chris

    Smooth Scrolling doesn’t work in Opera 19 Stable??

    • Sidney Moraes

      My friend, I test it and it is not working, but I believe it will work in the next versions of Opera.

      • Stanislav Stratil

        No, it is not working how it used to be in O18. Im experiencing, that it is working just on some websites, but there are many where it doesnt work (and it worked in 18). I think it has something to do with new middle click scrolling.

        btw, is it possible to make mouse wheel scrolling exactly the same (in smoothness) as middle click scrolling?

        • Sidney Moraes

          I don’t know. but what I mean is the smooth scroling in opera 19 is not smooth as in firefox or chrome, it is just a little smooth in some sites as you said.

          • Chris

            On this Site it works, on any other site its with hard scrolling. That sux 🙁

          • Piotr Karol Żółtowski

            Hmm… works fine on all sites I visit

        • Chris

          Yea exactly. It is working only on some websites. But i hate that hard scrolling so i went back to v18.

          • Sidney Moraes

            check if you enable these on about:flags

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Smooth scrolling is experimental yet.

  • Erwin Hun

    I did it. After the update of the stable stream that couldn’t handle my DPI scaling (2560×1440 @ 150%) i lost my appetite for Opera. I changed to Chrome. Earlier I had googled around for browser comparisons between Opera and Chrome, and found that there were no real differences. No argument one way or the other. The messed up release gave me that final reason, but the lack of my favourite Opera-features from 12 still missing and no word from top devs about their future also played a major role in this decision.

    Since I really liked Opera, I look back on the years with Opera with a sense of sadness, like a relationship that needed to end, but I also look forward to building a future relationship with Chrome. Will be checking back now and then to see how Opera is doing and if it maybe has gotten itself together again.

    • Sidney Moraes

      Beautiful story bro. The only I will tell you is they started a new browser from nothing/from zero, so all of us will have to wait.

  • Stuart Wells

    Just downloaded the new version on a test machine and it’s almost to the point where I might update my main machines. The bookmarks are a HUGE thing for me as I keep a lot of bookmarks (couple of hundred) which I refer too on a regular basis. (lots of daily comics and blogs mostly)

    Give us back the option to organise bookmarks and sync between computers again like version 12 and I will upgrade.

    • Piotr Karol Żółtowski

      There’s already a bookmarks bar. You can enable it in the Chropera options.

  • syplex

    Just upgraded opera on my HTPC and when it restarted it looks like hell. I am running at 200% DPI and it used to look great, now address bar is super tiny and unreadable. I turned on the HiDPI support in opera://flags and things got bigger but it still looks like crap. Where can I download the latest Opera version with proper DPI support? I assume it was Opera 18?

    • Piotr Karol Żółtowski

      You can download older Chropera version here: https://get.geo.opera.com/ftp/pub/opera/desktop/

      • syplex

        I went back to version 18, but now it auto-updates to 19! I can’t find any way to turn off auto-update. I can’t believe they pushed 19 to auto-update over 18 when a bug like this exists.

        • Vux777

          if you have firewall, you can block opera_autoupdate.exe from opera installation folder
          or you can add command switch to shortcut:
          right click on opera icon (desktop, quick bar..whatever), choose properties and in the target add

          it should look like this


          PS. don’t forget the space between path and switch

          • syplex


  • ᅠᅠᅠ

    Explaining version number inflation with faster development cycles is stupid, and you know it. Admit that you’re just doing it to catch up to all the other browers, which boast higher numbers. But I don’t think many people are as dumb as to believe a browser at version 30 *must* be better than a completely different one at version 29.

    But do what you want, version numbers don’t mean anything anymore. As you say, they are useful for tracking changes. That’s why they’re supposed to be changed hierarchically, with the major number changing only for major rewrites. By today’s definition, changing a comment in the code is a major rewrite.

    See you at 32-bit version number overflow next year!

  • Izer0

    Stupid Opera SaveAs dialog and missing images bugs back 🙁 I switched to 18 stable from 20 developer because of this still nonfixed bugs and there is back again with 19 stable 🙁 … So … revert back to 18 “usable” version and disable all updates 🙁 Maybe Opra will fix it on 50 stable…

  • Guest

    Since I was one of the ones requesting it ( https://blogs.opera.com/desktop/2013/12/another-opera-18-stable-update/#comment-1171233834 ), I just want to say THANK YOU to all the developers for including (beginning with changelog20) the release date and the hyperlink to the blog post for each new release next to the version number in the changelog ( https://blogs.opera.com/desktop/changelog20/ )

  • sayed7ea

    it’s good to add bookmark importer …
    but, How can I export bookmark as .adr file ?
    i prefer ” Manage bookmarks “

  • doblecero

    The last version of Opera for me was 12.0.
    Chropera versions are bulshit.

  • Sergey

    Is it planning to implement quick hide/view image displaying feature and view separate image on the page (with image downloading off)? It was very useful feature for users with slow connections and with traffic restriction.

    • Sergey

      Currently If I switch off images displaying on the page then after clicking right mouse button and choosing “open image in new tab” the new tab with image address is opening but picture isn’t displaying.

  • JEFF


    Please help me! I think I will need to uninstall OPERA 19, & install a much older version that will allow me to select where to find the bookmarks to be imported. If there is a simpler way, please tell me!

    • Vux777

      If you have Chrome (or any other chromium), just copy bookmarks file from it’s profile folder to Opera profile folder… that is the simplest way

  • m.ksy

    For now google “banned” new Opera by useragent string and I see old google interface 🙁

  • mBenQ Ebs

    i’ve lost grouping tabs feature from newer version of opera 12. can you guys bring it back?

  • azz156

    meh i just reinstalled opera 12.16. get your shit together opera team.

  • Siva Mohan

    Opera 19 is not Opera. I’m terribly disappointed. It all changed after Opera 15.
    It was Feb 14th when I installed Opera 19 and felt so relieved watching my Facebook load and run smooth with it. I had issues with just the few previous versions before it and found the status load took time and was jerky when page after page was scrolled. Was thankful for the update when I felt how easy it was when i tried Opera 19. However, I just found out today out of suspicion of the behavior it gave when I used youtube with it.
    Here’s the clear comparison that gave away the secret lies i discovered today:
    Before Opera 19, I’ve used Chrome with Opera and found that Chrome ran smooth with Facebook against Opera but Opera ran smooth with Youtube than Chrome did. When I installed Opera 19, the smooth scrolling was so similar to Chrome in Facebook but in Youtube, Opera 19 just jerked on video playback just like Chrome did.
    Then, when i checked Opera 19’s plugins, it all dawned upon me. Opera uses Google Update & Google Earth & it is clearly evident in the plugin settings page!
    So, what’s happening here now? Did Opera employ Google saboteurs unknowingly or intentionally? Whatever it is, I’m uninstalling Opera 19 right after this.

  • Sach-mo Adams

    ok and what do we have to do in order to get you guys to re-integrate email with opera?? HATE having two separate applications REALLY slows my work down, this was the ONLY feature that was the tipping point to use opera vs firefox.

  • Margarida Ascenço

    Maybe it’s stable. But it’s not working properly. I downgrade to 18 version

  • Billy Henry

    I just got an upgrade to Opera Next 20, result ==>> lost all my passwords, what happened?. I had to go back to Opera 12, which works fine.

  • Billy Henry

    I just had an upgrade to Opera Next 20, as a result I lost all my passwords, I can not enter any password protected page without retyping all my passwords. What happened? I had to go back to Opera 12, which works fine.

  • rohit

    There is no exit button option in this app. The app continues to run in background Pls add exit button.

  • RandomMonkeyWorks

    Just a quick note of thanks. I’ve been using 12, and too busy to monitor your progress, but I updated my (17?) installation to 19 today out of curiosity. The bookmarks finally enable me to work almost like I want to. And I have to say I’m totally impressed with the speed and performance of 19! Let me make that a ‘TOTALLY!’ The lag and disk thrashing in 12 in various circumstances was frustrating, and I haven’t seen any of that all day in 19! It feels like I have a new, FAST computer, even though it is only a semi-cheap laptop with a 5400 RPM drive! Don’t think I’ll be going back to 12 now!

    I’m looking forward to seeing some of the old features return, but in spite of them I felt compelled to say from where you started with this, I am very impressed! Good job!

  • Tüütlüm Ohaya

    Why Opera has constantly so many problems with Youtube videos ? I can’t even click on many of them. Yes, i know that they changes their layout and technique sometimes, but all the other browsers always works fine on Youtube. That’s a real no-go with Opera.

    • Vladimir Stankovic

      realy?What abour firefox.For me it’s working just fine.Opera is faster than chrome and i didnt notise anny problems whit youtube videos.I have just good words for this browser and it’s getting better and better.

  • Renz T

    Opera 19 has bookmarks bar now! Alright. Goodbye chrome.

  • Jason

    No MRU tabs on Mac 🙁
    Was just going to swap from Chrome for this one feature.

  • Where is the linux webkit opera version? I have used opera for linux since my first day in linux, years ago, and always told everybody it was a pretty descent browser, if not the best.

  • Bandes


  • billy boy

    billy harm

    • billy boy

      where is linux webkit opera found

  • Opera browser is dead as it is not updated anymore, the new abomination is not a Opera browser in any way… Opera 12.16 is still the best browser ever made and lately for some strange reason webpages have started to work better with it than even when Opera 12.16 was new. Old opera had many unique features that did put it ahead of all the other web browsers, now Opera is just like all the rest of them with just the name…