Welcome to 2014, everyone. We hope that you rested well during the holidays, and you are ready for our new Opera Next release!

First, let me introduce myself. 🙂 I am Jakub. Working as a QA Engineer in the engine team in desktop. I joined the Warsaw office in Poland last November.

We are rapidly nearing release, but there are still some time left of improvements. Pressing Control+F while on the Speed Dial page should now properly focus the Speed Dial search field. See the change log for the full list.


  • Speed Dial search field focus fixed
  • Stability and other improvements


Full changelog

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  • Michal Bartoszewicz

    Guys guys, did you know about http://otter-browser.org/ ? It started as a one peron project to recreate old Opera look&feel. Runs on webkit (afair) and it should be possible to get it running on blink. So yeah, after buying Opera to get rid of the banner and enjoy tabs in ie5.5/6 era, and still using the old one instead of Opium (chropera), my heart (and wallet if he chooses to accept donations) is with that guy now.
    Good luck providing a browser that we search for, hope you’ll catch up with that guy, devs.

    • 0.o

      i hate compiling new applications still in alpha-version, they’re just plain useless until a few years pass

    • Yet Another Opera Lover

      It’s really disappointing that, six months in, Opera 15+ is still a barely-reskinned Chrome. It’s still missing:
      – A password manager
      – Tab switching (still cycling-only)
      – Opera Link in any useful capacity
      – A variety of other features keeping me on Opera 12

      • Leonardo Gomes

        There is a password manager already, and you can ensble Sync.

        What kind of tab switching?

        • Yet Another Opera Lover

          > Password manager already, and you can enable sync
          Soooo, it looks like I can enable sync, but there’s no bookmarks section, I don’t get ANY of my bookmark nicknames or search selections synced up.

          There’s a password manager, but I’ve yet to see it ask me to save my password, and NONE of my passwords synced up with Opera Link.

          So yeah, we’re 0 for 2 here.

          Moving on to tab behavior:
          – In Opera, Ctrl+Tab lets you go between the tab you’re on and the tab you were just on, much like Alt+Tab in Windows. In Firefox/Chrome, that just moves you from left to right.
          – UPDATE: Oh right, Ctrl+` has the old behavior… kinda
          – Also no tab groups (I actually used that feature) ‘n no tab thumbnails.

          Again, we’re essentially at Chrome with a red O, versus anything resembling Opera. -_-

          • Daniel Schäfer

            I totally agree.

          • “There’s a password manager, but I’ve yet to see it ask me to save my password”

            I don’t know why. It works for me (though I prefer a better solution like in Opera 12-). Looks like a problem in your end.

          • Yet Another Opera Lover

            I had “don’t ask me anymore” set for ONE site (confirmed in password manager). Deleting that setting resulted in it finally asking me in other pages. Thaaaat feels like a bug.

          • Leonardo Gomes

            I know that the password manager seems to not be working on a few sites but it should work on the majority of them.

            Atm Sync only syncs Speed Dials, Stash and custom searches, but more itens will be added.

            They are working on tabs handling.

          • Raghunandan

            You can change Ctrl+Tab behaviour to same as old Opera. I dont remember where though.

          • Sergiu Petrica

            Type opera:flags in the address bar. It’s one of the first ones.

          • Ctrl+Q

          • Sergiu Petrica

            Yet Another Opera Lover, I had the exact same ctrl-tab problem when I switched from opera 12. i fixed it quite easily.

            open a new page, type in opera:flags. the first option is tab cycling. set it to enabled and voila. the old opera 12 ctrl-tab behavior. i was so happy when i discovered this. although i do not understand why it’s not included directly in the settings.

      • Opera 12 user

        It’s also missing mail. They moved it into a standalone app which nobody uses. And the nice progress bar that have a lot of info…

        Opera 15+ sucks 🙁

    • “It started as a one peron project to recreate old Opera look&feel.”

      It might have started as that, but now the author clearly states that the goal is not to recreate the look&feel and that it might well be impossible. Basically, he’s chosen a graphical toolkit that doesn’t allow it. I don’t see a very bright future for the browser in that respect. It looks like a nineties browser (http://im9.eu/picture/1497)and it’s not likely it will get better in the GUI department.

      Functionality is an entirely different matter. If the guy achieves functional equivalence with Opera 12, the browser might find a nice spot.

      • Emanuele

        You’re trying a very early alpha of a project developed by one person (and started few months ago) and you’re so critic against it?

        Just to point out some aspects:

        – it has bookmarks
        – it has a real history viewer
        – it has a cache viewer
        – private tabs
        – clean download manager (yes, to manage more than a list of 3 downloads)
        – a sort of “opera:config”
        – search engine manager
        – an enough rich Preferences dialog
        – a configurable GUI
        – ….

        And these are features of the early alpha… and if you browser in Github you’ll ave a good idea of the roadmap

        I’m not saying that it will be the best one, and such other things… the project has real problems (security? will it be developed in future or will be abandoned by the author? and so on…), but If you think about what you’ve in Opera-Chromium after 1 year of development you certainly can’t be so rude about Otter…

        And for the GUI from ’90, it is yet planned to have a complete configurable one, with full support for Opera skinning system, and yes, with support for tabs on titlebar 😉

        • You haven’t read what I wrote very well. I was pointing out that it’s not the “look&feel” of Opera 12- what Otter is going to achieve. Yes, the GUI wil be configurable, but Qt is definitely not the best toolkit for that, and its limitations will show very soon. We’ll probably never have a real good-looking browser writte in Qt.

          • Emanuele

            I’m not a developer, so I can’t judge this, but the author still says that Otter’s GUI will be configurable as in the old Opera (even .ini or similar for menu, toolbars, etc…) … so I can only wait for a final release before judge if this is true or not 🙂

          • You keep reading hastily. I’ve pointed out that *the author of the browser himself* has said it’s probably impossible to emulate the look&feel of Opera. Here is the quote from the FAQ:

            “Are you going to simply clone UI of Opera?
            Nope, not all of it is even possible or feasible”
            “Native look and feel is also important, although skinning abilities are also planned (including support fo Opera skins and personas).”

          • Emanuele

            so? probably is a problem of mine, but I can’t understand your point, sorry 🙂

            However in a few months we should be able to test it

          • 0.o

            Means that the creator of this software has said that it’s impossible to create something. This means he must know the engine limitations, but still continue. UI won’t be so configurable, heck, you could even achieve more UI develop with Opera Next currently.

            And please people stop supporting QT it’s not a good browser engine, there are many people recommending it but still, it’s got the own bugs they are never able to fix because of engine limitations, and also some annoying bugs they have said they are not looking to fix (Pseudo-animated objects in HTML5 comes first to mind, they stated they will never try to fix it pretty much)

          • 0.o

            Sorry replied to you, was supposed to reply for Emanuele

          • Emanuele

            As I said, It is much too early to assess the success or failure of this project… Only with the final build we could judge it… everything else is pure FUD.

            About QT: maybe you don’t even now that QT are NOT a browser engine? … maybe you don’t know that QT simply USE engines developed by others? (actually only Web-Kit, in the very near future they will rely mainly on the same Chromium used by Opera…)

            however I will not continue this discussion that now is very very OT 😉

          • 0.o

            Yea sorry i mixed Webkit and QT in my head after reading the post above^^ meant that Webkit is overhyped.

          • RonaldoTT

            I’d rather have a browser that I can at least run on Linux, even if the UI has some problems. That’s much better than the current situation with the new versions of Opera, where I don’t even have the choice of using it under Linux, but Linux isn’t supported.

            — RonaldoTT

          • w4er

            You made me curious. What are the toolkits better than QT for that?

          • I have no idea. I think all main browser makers have developed their own toolkits, while Qt is a general-purpose toolkit that’s been showing its age for a while now. Someone more knowledgeable could chip in with more info on browser toolkits.

          • Emanuele

            I still can’t understand why someone should assert (strenuously) something he has no idea about… this is something really strange to me… but /cares

            Qt is a general-purpose toolkit that’s been showing its age for a while now

            Yes, QT5 is a very old toolkit that now shows its age

            Sorry, but I really hate this kind of FUD… stop it please

          • Not knowing a lot about browser-specific toolkits doesn’t mean the same as not knowing anything about graphical toolkits in general. Nor does the fact that a new version of a software came out mean that it won’t inherit the limitations of the previous architecture. In the first paragraph of the link you posted it says that Qt5 won’t be “disruptive” in respect to the previous versions and that it will be “limited to the essential”. But I don’t know why I keep wasting time replying to you. You never listen.

          • Emanuele

            again: you’re speaking about something you don’t know…

            If you want to talk about any limit of a toolkit you’ve to post what is that limit… speaking about something “I heard from my cousin” is what, by definition, is called pure FUD.

          • For the third and last time: it’s not my cousin, it’s the author of the Otter Browser himself who said that it’s not feasible to replicate every Opera UI feature. With this, I say goodbye.

    • Krzysztof Pogłódek

      I have exactly same feelings about Opera right now. I hate this Chrome with red brand. I dont have bookmarks, I dont have password manager. I dont have shourtcuts. I cant choose how to save downloads because every file is automatically save in Downloads folder. How to use Internet with such basic browser.

      • 1. There’s a bookmarks bar and Speed Dial out of the box.
        2. There’s already a password manager!
        3. Enable “Advanced keyboard shortcuts” to have . for find in page back (full list).
        4. Look around the settings, just a little bit, the download settings are on your face.

        • Krzysztof Pogłódek

          1) Where? Are you talking about this poor Opera Link website?
          2) This is crap. It dont remember passwords, and Want is not implemented.
          3) Thank you for that. Didnt know about this basic Opera option.
          4) Still every i.e. torrent file I download will save ond drive instead open particular (configured by user in Opera 12) software.

          • 1. Settings (User interface) -> Show the bookmarks bar.
            2. I don’t know what you’re talking about. It saves passwords.
            3. Ok…
            4. I get it, there’s no open option which uses a Temp location, but that’s not what you described in your first comment. You can at least change the download location and whether you wanted to be prompted to actually store the file being downloaded.

          • Krzysztof Pogłódek

            1) I have no idea where you have User Interface in Opera 18.0.1284.68. In options sidebar there are only browser, sites, privacy and help (dont know if translations are correct, im using Polish one).

            2) First of all not everyone password is saved. Second I have to type login every time, because Opera do not remember / propose this (unlike Opera 12)

            4) Ad this is lame!

          • 1. You’re commenting in a post about Opera 19 Next.
            In Opera 18 the bookmarks bar is less advanced and polished and must be enabled in opera:flags (the name of the setting is Quick access bar), the browser must be restarted then the option will appear in the regular Settings page.

            2. I think some sites can define whether they want to allow the browser to save the username/password or not, but it should be working in most sites.

          • Krzysztof Pogłódek

            Rafael thank you for kind explanation. Didnt know about that. Bookmarks for Opera 18 are not perfect as for a first view but thats the start. 🙂

  • images are still broken (e.g. just do a simple image search in a search engine. About 5 % of all images are messed up)

    • Marcin Mitek

      I think we know where’s the problem, expect it to be fixed very soon.

      • 0.o

        Is it related to the gifs too? As they appeared quite the same time.

        • Marcin Mitek

          How could I forget about the gifs? Yeah, you are right, this is similar case, should be ok soon too.

          • 0.o

            Wow, some REALLY good news here 🙂 Thanks!

  • Paweł Malinowski

    Hello. Happy Year to all. Opera 15+ is great project but i have two
    issueas, that stop my normal work. Tabs wrapping and asking what to do
    with downloaded files. Cmon – Tabs Overflow? In XXI century? Old Opera
    had this. And what about asking what to do with downloaded file – i
    cant just open it? IE 7 had such an option :-(.

  • Thanks for new build. Is there any chance to focus speed dial search box without further click on anywhere on speed dial. Becouse after openning new tab, cursor is automatically focusing to adress bar and Ctrl+F doens’t work if you do not press extra one click on page.

    I know it is standart behaviour but maybe it would be usefull…

  • Piotr Karol Żółtowski

    Dear Opera Software. I have a question. Why new folder is created after update of Opera? This is annoying especially when someone have the LastPass extension and account on LP is protected by two-step verification with grid.

    I like the new Opera, but I don’t want to verify LastPass after each Opera update.

    • You need to provide some more details here. What folders are causing problems for you? Are you using the LastPass extension? or their application?

      • Piotr Karol Żółtowski

        I’m using LastPass extension not application and I mean this folder -> http://img838.imageshack.us/img838/1548/k0xl.png

        When I install an update, Opera creates a new folder where is a new version and when I run the new version of Opera I need to verify LastPass extension again :/

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Can’t you relate Last Psss with the main folder instead of the build subfolder?

      • Leonardo Gomes

        I guess (s)he is talking about the fact that each build has its own subfolder. But i think it shouldn’t be a problem.

  • L33t4opera

    Thanks for the info, and for the update, Jakub 😉
    Already downloaded, and testing 🙂

  • Kurt Zon


  • 0.o

    Thanks for update 🙂

  • 0.o

    Am i the only one receiving weird error-messages when using some http://www.xajax-project.org functions with Opera? I can’t describe it because all it says is error and description is only a dot (.)

    I also can’t say when it’s happening, since i can’t see what is the server(s) trying to communicate with Opera. If anyone else has experienced this you should say it 🙂

  • minj

    And here I thought the first post in 2014 is a good time to release Opera Next on that other platform you neglected. Naive, I know.

  • Leonardo Gomes

    Any chance of a Developer’s build release this week?

    • Marcin Mitek

      I’d say high chances 😉

  • Vux777

    umhh..couple of questions (not strictly related to NEXT stream)

    1) How did you guys imagined backing up logins/passwords before Win reinstallation?
    Sync is still not officially enabled in dev stream not to mention in stable, and old file (Login data) won’t work with new installation

    2) What if someone accidentally delete bookmark from BB. How to retrieve it?
    There is no safety switch (trash can), not even confirmation prompt. Same goes for SD & Stash

    …devil is in the details

  • Denis Royer

    it is possible to save the login and passwordb of. htaccess

  • Ome Twi

    Don’t waste your time if you still do not handle bookmarks the way it was before,
    like in O12, which I am still using!

  • disinvis

    Hi, Jakub!

    Only two things:
    1. Ctrl + Z for tabs.
    2. Middle mouse button to open folders in the Speed ​​Dial.

    • Helder

      Ctrl+Z? Like Ctrl+Shift+T?

      • disinvis

        Of course 🙂

        • L33t4opera

          Ctrl+Shift+Z, Ctrl+Z won’t work in all cases.

  • Илья Найдов

    Apparently, I’m getting used to Stash… Probably, I’m a terrible person now…
    Looking forward to fixes for broken images (and gifs, obviously)… It was the #1 annoyance during the holidays…

    • oic

      I use stash as a Reader it Later and Speed Dial as Bookmark storage. I still wish its easier to sort them like file explorers. Imagine if Speed Dial was like your file manager

  • Daniel Schäfer

    I love the underlying Chrome engine, esp. with JS websites it is a real blessing. If you can make the old interface around it, it will be a perfect Opera! PLEASE recreate the old look and feel.

  • Alireza Aminian

    Whenever i try to search in Google using the address bar, Opera keeps using Google.de for some reason, even though i am in Canada.
    Even when i try searching in Google using the search bar in speed dial, Opera keeps searching in Google.de. Is there a way to fix this so that Opera uses Google.com?!

  • Jakub

    On Opera Next there is a still problem for me with the video on pages (ex Youtube), where the center of the video is kind of shifted to the lower right corner, so I cant see the whole image. It is fixed in Developer version, but would be nice to fix it in Next as well. Thanks

  • Nekomajin42

    It’s not related to the Next, but I don’t know where to ask. Do you plan to implement the sound notification on tab feature from Chrome?

  • mathman

    Is it possible to disable auto update?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      I don’t think so.

      Maybe blocking opera_autoupdate.exe?

    • L33t4opera
      • mathman

        Thanks – had missed that post. Now if it can be made a toggle in the settings somewhere it would be even better…

        • L33t4opera

          Yep, I think they will implement this feature within the UI in the future.

  • Dark Magician

    Fix the goddamn memory leak already.
    I updated, and again I’ve got warning about low memory, because Opera decided to take 5GB of RAM for a half a minute.

    • Marko Koivuniemi

      I have not noticed this kind of memory leak so it is important to find out what tab/page/extension is causing this behaviour together with Opera.

      • Dark Magician

        It is, but I didn’t find the pattern yet.
        For instance, I have Opera minimized, while doing something else,
        my memory fills up, than after half a minute it goes back to normal.
        Sometimes it’s within couple of hours, sometimes after half a day.

        At first I didn’t know it’s Opera, I thought it’s Windows problem,
        but in Event Viewer it shows Opera. And I never get that warning when Opera is closed, and I use just couple of tabs, nothing extreme or filled with flash.

    • That’s chromium memory leak I believe.

      • RonaldoTT

        That’s totally irrelevant. If it happens when using the new version of Opera, then it’s a problem with Opera, even if it’s happening within the Chromium code they’ve chosen to build upon.

        — RonaldoTT

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Not using Next but i’ve not noticed memory leaks like that on Opera so far.

      It happens even if no pages are loaded? And with extensions disabled?

  • CronFlakes

    Could you make it not crash all the time please? 🙂

    • A completely useless post.

      If you want the developers to stop it crashing, you need to learn how to report issues properly.

      What were you doing when it crashed? How many tabs were open? How much RAM do you have installed/ What is your OS? etc.

      Unless someone else can reproduce a crash, there is almost no chance of finding the cause. For that, they will need a precise recipe.

      • CronFlakes

        yeah I know it was quite useless but then doesn’t Opera report itself when it crashes? that would give more accurate info that I could… I was just giving the team a nudge to look into crash reports!
        tbh I’m not sure what does it – it just keeps randomly restarting. I can’t reproduce it so can’t say what’s doing it.

        I’ve tried disabling most plugins. Seems to happen more when I click my google mail when returning to a rdp session (at the time the main menu sometimes appears for no reason)… but not exclusively so.

  • Ralf Brinkmann
  • Tomasz

    1) After this update I still have to click on the Speed Dial to make Crl+F works, so what the point of it? It should work just after opening, so users can search it immediately.

    2) Youtube still doesn’t work properly in Opera Next. Why is that if it’s Youtube’s fault? Why there was no such problem in other browsers? No more lame excuses, please.

    • There aren’t lame excuses, there’s only you who is unable to understand the reason behind YouTube breaking only for a specific browser.

      • Tomasz

        You’re right, I missed that. Does anyone know, why it’s still not working correctly only in Next?

        • 1. Because apparently YouTube still didn’t fix what they broke.

          2. What’s your BrowserJS version?
          https://www.opera.com/docs/browserjs/ (check the version in that page but ignore the outdated instructions)

          PS. You mean you’re unable to watch videos with the HTML5 player? (Just to make sure we’re talking about the same problem).

          • Tomasz

            Videos doesn’t fit the player and there’s no buttons. When embedded in other pages works on some pages, but not everywhere. I tried both html5 and flash.

          • Set your system DPI settings to 100% or disable “HiDPI Support” in opera:flags.

            I think this is already fixed in Opera 20.

          • Tomasz

            Oh, thanks! Disabling HiDPI Support doesn’t help, but I have DPI set to 125% and changing this works indeed. Yes, it works ok in Opera 20, so I’m going to wait for new version, 100% is to litlle for me. Cheers!

          • Have you restarted Opera after disabling HiDPI Support? (Just to make sure it doesn’t helps.)

          • Tomasz

            Yes, I have.

          • Thx

  • Krzysztof Pogłódek

    Are you kidding? I dont need Speed Dial search engine. Bring back bookmarks or wand password tool. Andy why you deleted shourtcut for search from “.” (dot) to ctrl+f???

    • 1. There’s a bookmarks bar and Speed Dial out of the box.
      2. There’s already a password manager!
      3. Enable “Advanced keyboard shortcuts” to have . for find in page back (full list).

  • ArMaP

    Since the update it has happened frequently that when I open a new tab it appears black. In other cases the tab opens but it doesn’t work, I just had to open 5 or 6 tabs to be able to make a Google search.

    • ArMaP

      It just happened again with the settings page, I only got a tab saying “loading” with a black page, and when I finally was able to see the settings and clicked on a link to the Opera help it stays there as if it was loading but it does nothing.

  • Realkman666

    Hello, Jakub. With the new update, I can’t change the volume of videos playing in the browser, like YouTube, Twitch and some others. I can’t mute the videos either.

    • Realkman666

      Looks like my sound card has to be restarted when I use the browser.

  • dflyra

    With this new version of Opera developer, almost all extensions stopped working showing blank content.
    Has anybody else experienced that?
    I switched to Opera next and everything went back to normal.

    • ArMaP

      I have been using Opera Next 19.0.1326.26 for some days and I have many problems when opening tabs, they either remain black or act as if they are loading but do nothing. Now I noticed that when I call it, the first time I click on the shortcut on the task bar it doesn’t open, it only opens with a second click. It looks like I have to downgrade it to the previous version.

  • Vux777

    small bug
    after installing Opera and enabling off-road for the first time, this page is opened
    …it should be “Browse the web —> Off-road”

    I think it’s the same with Dev builds

    • Piotr Karol Żółtowski

      It’s already fixed in newest Opera Developer version.

  • L33t4opera

    New build of Opera Next 19.0.1326.34, the change log, and official announcement.

  • Robert Smoliński

    Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? why did you f**** bookmarks. Why there is no home page button?for my this are the main reason why i still sit on my OPERA 12

  • [828586]

    all spy features removed from chrome engine ?
    Google is well known spy company

  • Free Diver

    @Jakub: I would be embarrassed to show my face in this point of time, if I were you … It’s incredible how you managed to mess up my favorite browser, which was almost 12 years until now… Where’s “Settings- Delete Private Data”, now “More Tools- Clear Browsing Data” (then opens new tab to do the job), is definitely a step back… Old password manager was perfect (I want it to ask me to save password)… you man are keeping me on a 12.15 version, which now has problem of opening a lot of popular pages, of course, everybody is progressing… Honestly I would like to kick you in the face… Opera team probably lost their good engineers, who probably went to “Internet Explorer” Team and got stuck whit you… I am incredibly sad to say that my most disliked browser “Internet Explorer” is light years from Opera… I am giving you two more months to sort thing mentioned above or I moving Opera in history for good… It’s ridiculous to have installed two versions of the same browser… Sincerely, most faithful Opera user