The Battlefield 4 plug-in crash have been resolved. Now on to the next great battle:

Opera Sync

Synchronize Opera

Experimental synchronization support can be enabled in flags: opera://flags/#sync. After enabling the flag, you can find Synchronize in the main menu.

You can login with your social network of choice or your Opera Account.

Initially, only Speed Dials, Stash item, and custom search providers will be synchronized. Support for synchronizing other data and settings will come later.

BIG BADASS DATA LOSS WARNING: The servers operate under no guarantee of even attempting to function properly. Your data may be lost or corrupted or the servers made inaccessible at any point in time. Keep a local backup! For your own (and our debugging) sake! Please submit as detailed as possible bug reports containing as much data as you can offer. PS: Do not try to enable sync on Opera 18 or older builds. It will not be pretty.

Usage statistics

You may be prompted to opt-in to voluntarily share statistics information with Opera Software. The information collected will include details on how you configure and how often you use features in Opera. The data will be used in aggregate to guide future development. No personal data — such as name, location/IP, or visited URLs — will be collected.


  • Battlefield 4 plug-in crash fixed
  • Experimental synchronization support
  • Opt-in usage data sharing
  • Quick-Access Bar renamed to Bookmarks Bar

Known problems

  • DNA-13623: Default Speed Dials can be deleted when synced if region settings are changed
  • DNA-13546: Speed Dial folders consisting only of extensions can be deleted when syncing


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  • L33t4opera

    Thanks for the update, Daniel.
    Already downloaded, and testing 😉

  • Cjcr


    That is implemented!! That is the first time ever that something I said is implemented 😉


    I’m waiting now for tab-handling options 🙂

    • Vux777

      yes…it stays opened 😀
      now only if they implement toggle button for bookmark bar….

      • This would be very useful. I have a button in Opera 11.64 to show the Bookmarks Bar for 5 seconds, or to toggle it on/off.

        With this I could manage without the Bookmarks menu, and would actually prefer to use the Bookmarks Toolbar, which is getting better.

      • Fhury

        and a menu and a menu button for the bookmarks to round it off nicely

  • x a

    Any info (or just confirmation) on DNA-13446? Should be tackled – if not before any next stable – before adding sessions to synch.

  • Christian Wallrich

    Fine, a new Version. Thx 🙂

  • NoName

    Using Ctrl+X to cut an URL from the address bar, does not include the protocol part to the clipboard.

  • Cjcr

    I have a few questions regarding to Opera Sync:

    1. Our data is encrypted in your server? If is right (I hope), what type of encryption is used?

    2. We can stay secure that our data is only read by our self?

    Thank you.

    • BK

      I’m not sure about the exact details now, but sensitive data, like passwords, are going to be encrypted for sure.

      The so far data are secured by your login credentials. Nobody can access them without your valid login token.

      • Cjcr

        For me is also important that other sync data is encrypted too. We/I need to know more details about that. In the mean time I can’t use it.

        You know, NSA is there but not the only one 😉

      • Nekomajin42

        The fear is valid. You should encrypt everything in the cloud.

      • Michael A. Puls II

        Everything should be encrypted locally before transmission to server. That way, nothing on the server is useful on its own. It’s Trust No One policy. This of course won’t allow a web page like to show you what’s in there, but that’s something people can choose to accept when they choose to have everything encrypted.

        All good sites/apps disclose what encryption they’re using and how many times (1000 for example) they hash something. They also disclose what the hashing is based off of. Full disclosure is a must for something like this.

      • Babua Sheni

        except NSA of cource

        • Opera is a Norwegian company, though.

          • Emanuele

            with lots of new awesome offices in USA for what I read here… 😉

          • They don’t do browser development. 🙂

          • Emanuele

            but Opera has servers for its browsers in USA (Turbo, for example)

            However mine was only to highlight that the previous comment is a senseless… if you want to handle my data, you’ve to protect it in a serious way.

  • poiuytrelkjhgfdsamnbvcxz

    My address and tab bars blew up to twice the size when I installed this update.

    • Inquisitor


    • Well, HiDPI is now switched on by default… So you probably have a high-res screen…?

      • Inquisitor

        Can it be switched off? Those wide bars are pretty annoying… I have even less ‘real estate’ on my screen now!

    • ahoj1234

      I can’t confirm it.
      w7x64 with this x64 build (a “dirty” installation)

  • Serge Paschanin

    Sync! Hallelujah!

  • markngillespie

    Excellent stuff.

  • Bufallo Bill

    I have the dpi on my laptop set to 125%, but now the layout of Opera 19 is also bigger. How can it be changed back?

  • RX-3200

    and what is about DNA-12507 ?

  • rpsgc

    Will the Bookmarks Bar improvements seen here be included with the Opera 18 release?

    Please make it so.

    • BK

      We are not going to add more feature updates to O18. You will need to use O19 next to use the bookmarks bar improvements.

      • rpsgc

        Any ETA on Opera Next 19? This week?

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Probably not. Next week or two maybe.

        • You will normally see that two weeks after the last version went into final.

      • Please make a bookmark manager UI as part of these “improvements”

        • Fhury

          Think they are going for a web bookmark interface.

          • senna_4ever

            WEB bookmark interface? how would be that?

      • qwertyuiop

        Can I import bookmarks, history and tabs from other browsers, including older versions of Opera? If I can, I will change to Opera, otherwise I will continue stuck to IE!

  • Chas4

    I got one Zombie process (that is PID 1336, Opera dev is PID 1323) the Zombie eats no memory, and Eats no CPU usage

    OS X 10.9

  • Any news about linux support?

    • Onaj Tamo

      For some reason they are oddly tight lipped about this.Of course this is a problem for the Linux community because we are used to transparency.That’s why we don’t really like answers like “When it’s done.” or “It will come.”
      Dear Opera public relations department,why don’t you make a blog post about why the Linux version is not out yet?

    • Chas4

      They have stated a few times, they will release a Linux build when they have it ready for testing (there is a lot for them to do w/ the change in browser engines)

    • Black London

      Would really be happy to hear that it’s still a priority at least.

        • bgh251f2

          Serious? Something from six months ago? That’s hardly useful and from then to now they could already have abandoned it internally. I don’t know why I keep coming here since the Opera team already says nothing about linux for years…

          I can’t use Internet Banking on Opera 12, can’t use Mega, can’t access some of the news pages, which means that I can’t use it on any reliable way, There are none updates, and I can’t trust the security of it, I’m right now using chromium and firefox and soon I will even forget that Opera existed, I already started to say to people to not use it(how can I recommend something that I can’t use?).

  • markngillespie

    OK, I have a question regarding sync and auth services. does each end need to use the same service? I actually want to sync my home PC’s and my work PC’s interdependently, as there are speed dials on my home PC which aren’t relevant to my work PCs and vice versa.

    Can I use Google for my home PC’s sync, and say Yahoo for the Work ones, and they will be totally separate?

    • BK

      In order to get sync working (your data to be moved), you need to use the same account on each Opera instance you would like to synchronize.

      So in your case you can use Google for home stuff, and Yahoo for work stuff, but then you probably should have at least 4 opera instances, and on 2 of them you will use Google account, on the other 2 you will use Yahoo account, right?

      • markngillespie

        Yes, thanks. Thats what I will do. It might sound obvious, but when this goes mainstream, the sync page should really mention the same service needs to be used, as most people have accounts from most of the providers.

        • BK

          Good 🙂 There was a note about using the same account on the login success page. Try again to find out 😀 Also you will see (you should see) warning in case you try to mix the accounts.

  • cool_myll

    If you add Folder support to stash it will be the same as bookmarks just with other name. Is it so hard?

    • Shacha GC

      seriously i have a 1000 bookmarks we need management bring back the old bookmarks manager or make a better stash or even fuse it with speedial like on opera mobile but with better management

      • senna_4ever

        and why a stash improvement to save bookmarks instead a bookmark manager or a speed dial improvement?

  • If you do not make new installation, syn. screen is freezing and waiting server response

  • Inquisitor

    What’s the difference between the QAB and the Bookmarks bar?

    • Dark Magician

      The name.

      • Inquisitor

        Quite an improvement, I must say!

        • Dark Magician


          • BK

            Do not underestimate the power of the name 😉

          • Inquisitor

            So all those who requested ‘Bookmaks’ should shut up now?

            Actually, I did notice a difference: the Bookmarks Bar (and the Address Bar, and the Tabs) is twice as wide as the QAB in previous O19 releases.

          • Ralf Brinkmann

            Here it’s smaller.

          • rpsgc

            Twice as wide? It seems the same to me. The only difference I see is that items with long names have the cut-off part fading instead of having “…”

          • Michael A. Puls II

            “So all those who requested ‘Bookmaks’ should shut up now?”

            Not yet. There’s no bookmarks menu.

          • Luxor

            “So all those who requested ‘Bookmaks’ should shut up now?”

            No. A bookmarks bar is not the way I want to access bookmarks. Only a button on the main toolbar will satisfy me. I would never use the QAB.

          • Inquisitor

            That is the way I prefer it, too: a bookmarks button on the address bar that opens a dropdown menu with folders and subfolders.

          • x a

            People are so different, you see. I dream of a bookmarks side panel…

            You can have kind of your bookmarks button, already, by the way, as an extension: Neater Bookmarks.

          • x a

            Adding bookmarks, though, only works resorting to detour via the thingy-formerly-known-as-QAB, as Opera – other than Chrome (and the author of Neater Bookmarks seems to count on that Chrome feature) – does not ask for a folder to place a bookmark in in the add-dialoge.

          • Luxor

            “People are so different, you see. I dream of a bookmarks side panel…”

            Easy solution to that is to provide the choice to the user, then we can use a panel, a menu, a button on the main toolbar or the QAB.
            Options I think they call them, you know just like pre 15 Opera. 😉

            “You can have kind of your bookmarks button, already, by the way, as an extension: Neater Bookmarks.”

            Why should we use an extension for a replacement for something that should be built in from the start? You might as well say you can download another browser that has that function built in.

          • x a

            Why should we use an extension for a replacement for something that should be built in from the start? You might as well say you can download another browser that has that function built in.

            Why? Because you want the functionality, the extension is available, the backend is built-in.

            A native bookmarks button is – on the other hand – not avilable as of now (and wouldn’t be a lot different to the extension provided, anyways).

            Of course you might as well choose another browser…

          • qwertyuiop

            This is one of the reasons I disliked Chrome and Firefox and liked pre-15 Opera: The features in the extensions of the 1st two seemed almost always half-baked to me. And it seem to me the reason is: As built-in features are tested by more people than the extensions, they are more tested and software vendor gets a lot more of non-conformity reporting; and also more suggestions for improvements.

          • Emanuele

            All bookmarks extensions rely on a POP-UP not a menu… POP-UP ≠ menu … pop-ups are small and limited to their small frame, menus aren’t limited and can extend themselves to all the needed space

            This is just to clarify the main difference between extensions and a simple built-in menu to users that doesn’t know it.

          • senna_4ever

            the bookmarks bar is a faster way fo accessing my most used sites. We need a bookmark menu really.

          • Disable HiDPI Support in opera:flags

          • ahoj1234

            I’m so sorry, but… 😀 because of that we have a vehicle – “off road” instead of something fast “TURBO” 🙂 never mind 🙂 * edit: I’m just teasing 😛 *

            But in that case it’s good to call it “bookmarks bar” as you said. For example because of wider community.

          • senna_4ever

            ahaah “we have a vehicle”

          • Onaj Tamo

            I suggested that rename when O17 was still in dev channel.This name is just more logical.

    • rpsgc

      It’s the same thing but improved. You can now right click items inside folders, you no longer have to click on each folder to open them after clicking on a folder, just hover your mouse cursor over the next one, etc.

  • Dark Magician

    FFS! Not even bookmarks sync?

    • cool_myll

      I guess stash is the new bookmarks. If only they added folder support to stash it would be very similar to a bookmark system

      • Dark Magician

        My bookmarks from 12, which are synced with server, are nowhere to be found.

        • cool_myll

          That is because opera 15+ doesnt have bookmarks. Only stash. Which would be ok by me if it only had folders

      • Martin Brada

        “Initially, only Speed Dials, Stash item, and custom search providers will be synchronized.”

        • Dark Magician

          I know. And I’m complaining about it. 😛

          • Martin Brada

            “Support for synchronizing other data and settings will come later.”

            I would also be happy if the sync would have been already complete, but it is not and we will have to wait. Everything has been written and there is nothing to talk about.

      • senna_4ever

        why the stash would be the new bookmarks? sorry the question, i see many people saying that, but I just cant get it well

      • Stash is not a replacement for bookmarks, no.

  • mohd fuad yasin

    still can’t change default search engine? ..

    • We have been targeted by third-party “applications” that persistently override user-settings to change search engines to malicious sites. Until we have resolved this problem in a acceptable way, the option to set custom search engines as the default have been disabled.

      • NoName

        I have seen this happen quite a lot for Chrome users.
        Thanks for taking security measures!

      • mohd fuad yasin

        i know about your security concern..but i’m using vpn…so everytime i connect to vpn server ,,,google will change the search result depend on what my vpn server located…so everytime i want search for local thing like online store i had to search manually (which my country) to make i hope you can make it…i dont care if i have to insert password just to change default search engine..otherwise all working fine and smooth..except couple glitch and crash when playing youtube with html5 player on fullscreen…sory my bad english

      • Şafak Gür

        I understand your aim to protect your users but I believe that protecting my system against malicious software is the job of an antivirus/antispyware. Opera’s job, on the other hand is browsing. So please let us worry about the consequences of installing junk and let us customize our browsing experience however we like.

        • Safety have always been a priority at Opera. (You also do not always have control over how and what kind of junk is installed on your system. Think for example of drive-by installs.)

          • Nekomajin42

            In O12, was this protection hard-wired into Presto? I mean, can’t you just implement that solution?

          • Any implementation of anything takes time. We are working on it.

          • Nekomajin42

            OK, thanks! I just didn’t know whether you had to find a new way or just port the old one from Presto.

        • The problem is that if we allow the malware to break Opera, it will be much harder to fix it than having a proper solution in the first place.

          • Şafak Gür

            But these are just application settings, right? If someone runs an evil application with administrator privileges, that app can change any file in the entire system. This happens in every other browser out there and no one blames his web browser for it.

            The only way to stop that, in my opinion, is to raise the awareness of the users so they don’t forget to uncheck “I accept to install trash and I understand the fact that doing this will mess up my browser settings” box. 🙂 (Yeah, I get that they don’t always have a choice, fine)

            Anyway, can you at least let us choose the keywords for the default search engines? I really want to use ‘y’ for YouTube, you know. This shouldn’t affect “the option to set custom search engines as the default” limitation, I guess.

  • DataZByteS

    Will the bookmark bar and speed dial data be merged at any point? Would be nice to have all “bookmarks” in one place if export/import needed to happen. I tend to run couple of browsers at once and this would make syncing them easier.

    Thanks for BF4 fix!

    And just to peek interest: still waiting for tab stacking and tab switching on right-click + mouse-wheel ;(

  • ahoj1234

    a bad behaviour in Disqus (it’s possible to change it?)
    I wrote a comment ( ) after that I just figure out that I reply to a bad guy/comment so I deleted it and after that this comment has been shown as a comment from a guest (instead of deleting).

    • I deleted it for you. If you reload before editing of deleting, Disqus will give you fewer problems.

      • Vux777

        disqus is very slow system
        O page loads fast, with all comments in raw form…but then diqus initiate styling and (probably) voting numbers…and that part is crappy

  • Devocalypse

    Crashed twice while updating to this build. I guess that is normal behavior.

    Reported DNA-13678 : Opera crashes every time a remote desktop client (RDP) minimizes / closes the session to the host (win8x64) inside which opera is running. Could anyone confirm this is happening to them too?

    Also is there any word when opera will implement the chrome.downloads api (

    Finally some right click on speed dial accelerator keys wouldn’t hurt like in the old opera: especially E: &edit, R: &reload, D: &delete

  • SiMcarD

    I really miss the old Opera 12 font rendering 🙁

    • SkyWarriorBR

      I’m using “Opera Font Rendering by thunder13” extension here. Not perfect, but helps…

      • SiMcarD

        Yes, I had already tried it but honestly I don’t see much difference.

    • DirectWrite support is under development on Blink. Should soon arrive in Chrome Canary.

  • Dmitry Kirin

    “DNA-9460 Shift+F10 doesn’t open context menu”
    Here, it does one of the following:
    (1) in the comment area here, it opens the context menu properly;
    (2) if I click a comment, the context menu is opened at somewhere else than the mouse pointer;
    (3) if I click anywhere else on page, the menu does not open.
    (4) sometimes, the context menu opens as a small stripe at (0,0)–see the screenshot:

    P.S. I’ve got one-display configuration, HiDPI 125%.

    • NoName

      Also the menu is not consistent.
      When you right-click in a textbox, you get dictionary suggestions as well as “Add to dictionary”.
      But if you use the context menu-button or Shift+F10, the previous mentioned menu items does now show up.

      • Dmitry Kirin

        Checked with O12, its Shift+F10 behaviour is strange too, or I just fail to understand how it should work. As I see it, it should open the context menu for that element which is hovered by the mouse pointer, i.e. do exactly the same as if I click the right mouse button.

        • NoName

          The context menu-button in Windows works great in O12. Dictionary suggestions is also shown.
          However, Shift+F10 only works in some cases, which you are also mentioning.

  • inDigazzZ

    1. I’ve signed in with Google at work
    2. I’ve signed in with Twitter at home
    3. All SD entries from Work (signed in with Google account) appears at Home (signed in with Twitter account)
    4. All SD entries from Home (signed in with Twitter account) appears at Work (signed in with Google account)

    How it possible? Oo

    • BK

      Question: Have you been logged in to Twitter or Google while trying to login to Opera Sync? You will recognize that by the request from Opera to provide password.

      Please check under which accounts are you logged in, visible in settings, “You’re currently signed in as: …”

      • inDigazzZ

        Answer: Yes, i’ve been logged in to Twitter and Google at home and work.

        at work there were request from Google and then ‘You’re currently signed in as:

        at home there were request from Twitter and then ‘You’re currently signed in as: @account’

        • BK

          Hm.. OK, we will investigate that tomorrow. Thanks for the report.

      • inDigazzZ

        Now is still connected – Google at work, Twitter home.

        Stash is combined – adding bookmark to Stash at home, adds it to Stash at work – although different accounts sync.

        And Speed-Dial is merged…

        • BK

          Hi 🙂 Can you please let me know if you have been usingSocial connections with Twitter on MyOpera long time ago?
          If you send me your account name on bkazmierczak at my.opera we will be able to investigate what happened.

          • inDigazzZ

            Yep, you’re right…

            And my doubts were confirmed.

            It does not matter if I use Google or Twitter – Opera still has access to my data.

            It turns out that I can not synchronize my data using only Google or Twitter – Opera’s servers will always be a mediator?

          • BK

            Ok, for every social login we create a behind the scene Opera account. If you have connected the social account, then there is a single opera account for them and therefore your data is synchronized.

            You will need to create new, non connected accounts in order to separate work and home environment.

          • inDigazzZ

            MyOpera could be connected only to Facebook and Twitter, how it connects with Google?

            Am I right when telling “It turns out that I can not synchronize my data using only Google or Twitter – Opera’s servers will always be a mediator?”

          • inDigazzZ

            oO I didn’t connect MyOpera account at opera://sync-login/ and not planning.
            How it work?

  • Vux777

    bookmarks bar could easily go up for empty space between folder “button” and address bar lower border

  • pajousek

    One important question; is data from old Opera there or not, if I enable sync? Or d the servers have totally different infrastructure and data from older opera won’t be accessible (and will be safe from bigass data loss warning)?

    • BK

      If you use my.opera account to log in, your SD’s and search engines should be moved from Link servers to Sync servers as one time migration event.

      You can still access all your Link data via O12.x

      • pajousek

        Ok, and if the data is lost on the new servers, will you re-migrate it again from the old?

        And when bookmark sync is added, will it be migrated as well, even if I’ll be using my opera account to sync before that in the new Opera? 🙂

        Also, hopefully the last thing — I have few custom search engines which have the keyword identical with some default ones in new Opera. Will it override the default ones or will it screw something up? You really should add the option to remove the default search engines! 🙂

        • Piotr Musiol

          Hi. It depends on data loss, but if the database entry will disappear completely, import will be started again.

          Migration is triggered per each type of synced feature, so you will be able to synced your bookmarks in the future.

          If there would be a conflict with search engines, the conflicted entries will get fallback values taken from their domains -of course, feel free to change it, just don’t worry, it shouldn’t be screwed up.

          • pajousek

            Ok, thanks. The last thing sounds reasonable, but I would really prefer the option to remove the predefined search engines. 😉

            Never going to use yahoo (blocks my “y” keyword for youtube) or seznam and wikipedia as “w” because I need multiple languages and i prefer “wc” for wikipedia czech, “we” for wikipedia english etc. and the predefined just clog the settings window.

  • Dark Magician

    Add ”open” dialog for file downloads.

    • Dmitry Kirin

      Check the option “Ask for save location” in Settings/Browser, and it will be asking for target folder for each download.

      • ahoj1234

        He doesn’t mean the “save dialog” (because as you already mentioned we have that) but he wanna an “open” dialog. (for example it’s good for .pdf, .doc etc. files what doesn’t have to be stored – saved – but opened)

        • Dmitry Kirin

          Oh… right.

    • Click on a file download link, let it download, and then double-click on it. Having an Open dialog would require us to have a Save dialog too. This is not likely to change.

      • This is a pity. It’s quite often that I’d like to just view a file instead of saving… not you have to go into the save folder and manually delete it.

        • It is a design decision based on the fact that everyone have enormous amounts of storage space available. You can clean up your Downloads folder once in a while instead of having to decide between saving and opening files.

          The old Open button in legacy Opera’s Download dialog but files in a cache folder instead of the Downloads folder. This confused the heck of many who could not find where their files were stored (because either option would store the downloaded file on the system).

          The new way is easier to use because the same thing always happen when you download a file. But some control of individual files is taken away to achieve this.

          It is a simplification of a regular task that did not need to be as complicated as it was.

          • Yeah, I understand. The ole solution of dumbening down things so everyone can use it. Understandable. Still, I don’t like it 😀

          • Nekomajin42

            How about making the Open button a power user setting? When the flag is true, the Open button appears next to the Download button in the dialog box.

          • Dark Magician

            I don’t want to go and look for a file I don’t need, just to delete it. When I can just view. Even IE has that, that is a stupid regression. And should be available. Has nothing to do with storage space.

            If you think dumb down is the way to go, and get customers. Let me tell you, those people never heard of Opera, and we are gonna leave…

          • Cqoicebordel

            I think this is a bad design decision.
            When you click on a download link, you want to do three possible things : Open, Save or Cancel.
            In the old way :
            Open : Clic on open, the file would open, and I didn’t care where it was saved, because it would be deleted automagicelly.
            Save : Clic on save, choose the right location, and done. If I want to open it, I can double clic in the download manager.
            Cancel : Clic on cancel.

            The new way (Disclaimer, it’s based on chromium, I can’t test Opera, I’m on Linux…) :
            Open : Clic on the link, wait, go manually to the folder (if you know which one was used)(and if you don’t do it immediately, you will forget it), open the file, close it, and don’t forget to delete it, or it will clutter your hard drive.
            Save : Clic on the link, wait, go manually to the download folder (where it is ?)(and if you don’t do it on the spot, you will forget it), cut the file, go manually to the folder you wanted to save it, paste.
            Cancel : I don’t really know how it’s done in Opera 15+. I will guess it’s easy enough.

            So, I don’t see how it is a simplification of the regular task of downloading.
            It’s a waste of time and clics. So, I think it’s a bad design.

          • Good to see I’m not alone in this. I’d really prefer an “open” option…

          • Emanuele

            this is not a matter of preferences… this is a matter of good and bad development design… With the previous method you can do all, in a clear way (is there anyone on Earth that doesn’t understand what “Open” means? really?) and without any kind of effort from the user (you have no to delete files manually, or to open it manually)

            With the new design you have to do all manually (find the file, open or delete it) and normal users will find thier download folder full of unknown files after some days

            My experience: In my download folder I store lots of files (images, docs, etc…) …. but I also OPEN lots of files (PDFs mainly) that with O15+ will be saved to the same directory…. how can I tell what files are to be deleted after a day of browsing? … I’ve to open all of them (you can’t rely on filenames when they are strange alphanumeric strings) only to delete that

            And I’m an user that worries about it and delete them… but normal users don’t do the same and will have a download folder full of trash after same weeks…

            I’m wondering how this could be an improvement in your mind (and not as a power user, but thinking about normal users)

          • Harakiri Tabasco

            Is it a design decision? Or is it just that Chromium happens to work the same way?

            I find it really hard to believe that users were confused by the old behavior. Why would you look for the files if you chose to open it? That’s the point. You don’t have to look for it, it will be deleted when you clear your temp files. Plus Opera users are usually knowledgeable enough to not be confused with something like this.

          • guest6768

            dude what are you smoking? Sometimes I want to save a program permanently on my HDD, (save in download folder) sometimes I want to upgrade let’s say flash thus I only need to open the .exe file without saving it to my HDD, why should I save it? And of course it goes and should go to TEMP folder, so that it can be deleted either manually or automatically. That’s why temp folder is there. But oh I forgot, stupid average joe user is your focus now isn’t it?

          • Ah, but the Downloads directory *is* a temp directory. Also, see my responses to others above.

          • Nekomajin42

            The whole point is not about the location. When I choose the “Open” option, I know that the file will be deleted after I close it. I don’t have to clean the temp directory manually all the time.

          • guest6768

            Is that so? A specified/predefined directory for the Downloads (as in O12 Save to download folder) is the same as TEMP? I don’t think so and you surely don’t think so. The path may be –> download to temp and then move to the specified download folder, but this happens internally in the background, the user only sees it is going where he has specified. So it must be something else. In fact you already gave the answer: “There are pros and cons with every approach. We believe we have chosen the one with the least amount of frustration and friction for USERS OF ALL EXPERIENCE LEVELS.”

            Users of ALL experience levels, you ‘ve just reassured everyone here that your new “vision” of the best Opera browser -contrary to what it was and what you ‘ve said and done in the past- is designed now for the least common denominator in mind, in other words for the average joe and the mentally handicapped ones, idiots who don’t know what they are doing and why. Seriously, are you also targeting the 50+, 60+ aunts and grandmothers? Congratulations on your new approach, it surely is the best way to drive off the last remaining users of your previous user base.

          • Douglas Ryan

            What about a design decision with users in mind? If I just want to view a file, I don’t want to have download it and navigate to the download folder. The size of people’s hard drive is completely beside the point.

        • Then you get interrupted some time later by a privilege escalation dialog or another application opening on top of Opera. While you are typing an email or doing something else because the download did not finish immediately.

          There are pros and cons with every approach. We believe we have chosen the one with the least amount of frustration and friction for users of all experience levels. (You cannot honestly claim you’ve never been annoyed because a download you started five minutes ago suddenly interrupted whatever you were doing.)

          • Cqoicebordel

            Yes but you get interrupted by something you have *chosen* to get interrrupted with, because it has a higher priority.

            If we get frustrated by our own decision, it’s understandable. But we mustn’t be frustrated by the design of a software.

          • “Then you get interrupted some time later by a privilege escalation dialog or another application opening on top of Opera.”

            So what? No, really, I’ve *never* been annoyed because a download “interrupted” what I was doing, because I explicitly asked it to! I didn’t say “replace save with Open”, I’m asking for an option here…

            Plus, most of the times I was using “Open” it was for small files – an mp3, a txt, something along these lines; not a gigabyte-big installer.

          • arfz


            with small files i always want to open it directly.

            Example in coolnovo (another chromium based browser),
            they create custom open dialog to save files.
            It`s up to user choice whether user want to open it, save / save to, edit or cancel.
            Although by default, the files that we open directly, coolnovo saves in folder downloads not in temp (maybe this default design from chromium), but i think the point is clear.

            It should up to (users) to decide explicit task for that files.
            Not the browser.

          • Eduardo Dias

            in short your too lazy to bring tht back stop making bullshit excuses

          • I don’t think that being rude is going to help anyone… nor do I think it’s an issue of laziness, just one of bad focus.

          • Eduardo Dias

            yes it is , every excuse they put up so far on features missing has been bullshit after bullshit

          • Michael A. Puls II

            It’s focus on computer-illiterate users I think. It’s good fro them and bad for us, but I don’t think we’re the priority/focus in the first place.

          • Oh, that’s what I said before in the discussion, and of course I agree 😀

      • Dark Magician

        That is stupid. We need it.

        • guest

          a “save and open” button would be a good compromise..

          • Emanuele

            why we should need a compromise? please explain me this.

            The only “acceptable” compromise is another flag in power user options to enable the Open button, but it should work as expected -> download open the file in a TEMP folder and open it…. then the system or Opera will delete it for you.

      • Emi

        It’s pretty clear that new version of Opera is made for the average user which won’t ever use Opera anyway since he doesn’t even know there’s an alternative to Internet Explorer.

        Those with a little bit of brain in their head should stick with Opera 12 or move to Firefox since it’s pretty clear now that the new Opera is NOT for power users and our old features will never be implemented again.

        Good luck with your new path Opera.

        • Good points.

          And, the other day I realised that FF actually has an “Open” option!

      • danielo

        Then make a set of options for it, let’s have the better browser in history that is fully customizable and really fast… oh wait, nevermind that was the real opera, not this new one 😉

    • Darrien Lambert

      Agree. This should be a “must have” feature. Current approach is very inconvenient.

    • This was discussed (I don’t remember if I started the discussion, or if someone else did and I chimed in) int he previous release comments section.

      Basically we were told that they’re dumbing the program down because “some people may be confused”.

      It’s really, really, really stupid, if there was an Open option I’d still be using it multiple times per day. Instead I have my downloads folder slowly filling with trash I won’t look at again after the first view, because Opera thinks I’m too advanced a user.

  • hrh_fourtyseven

    oh…thank you for sync
    2 questions:
    1- is the new opera sync different from old opera? you know i really dont want to lost my old opera things.
    2- if the answer of first question is no, do you have any plan to migrate old opera and new opera sync?

    • BK

      Sync is new, in terms of servers and data types. You will not loose your Link data until Link is supported.
      We are working on implementation for more data types in Sync as well as support for importing in the new browser, so you can move your data more easily.

      • senna_4ever

        “Initially, only Speed Dials, Stash item, and custom search providers will be synchronized. Support for synchronizing other data and settings will come later.”

        thanks Desktop Team, I am waiting by years a config sync and extensions (including sync too)

  • So… maybe I’m being thick, but how do I take a local backup? Is there a hidden export function somewhere?

    • BK

      Manual profile backup is the way to go for now. In the future we plan to implement server side snaphosts, aka restore points.

      • Thanks for the reply! Which folder holds the stash/favs/etc?

        • BK

          go to “opera:about” and look for “profile:”

          • Cheers 🙂

          • priatuu

            What would be the relevant files? Can’t find any search related file?

          • x a

            Search providers are stored in the SQLite db contained in the file “Web Data”.

    • Look in Help (F1) it tells you there which files you need to back up.

  • Wesley G

    Do we have real Opera bookmarks with full Opera sorting yet?

    • Dark Magician


  • ayespy

    Sidewise Chrome extension was working in O18. In this version of O19, it’s broken.

  • Nekomajin42

    Do you plan to add an internal page to display the stored data? Something like It would be good to see and edit them, listed on a tabbed page.

    • BK

      Yes, web interface to access new synchronization server data is planned, design is ready.

  • Inquisitor

    Does this site looks odd to you?

    The picture does not fit the ‘window’ (It fitted perfectly in all previous builds)

    • nnnnnnn

      I see this too. YouTube videos are cut so you can’t see the controls.

    • Inquisitor
      • Ralf Brinkmann

        No problem here with both, the picture and Youtube videos.

      • Dmitry Kirin

        Yes, looks the same to me (the lower picture).

  • Meelis Rommot

    Anyone else having trouble with Speed Dial extensions? They just stopped working two builds ago. Empty gray squares for me..

    • I’ve been seeing them for quite few builds now.

    • inDigazzZ

      Disable opera://flags/#extension-speed-dial-compositing

      • Meelis Rommot

        That helps, thanks.

  • Izer0

    What you can read from my usage? 2000 items in favorites because of missing bookmark manager? (QAB (bookmark bar) is not bookmark manager). Lot of crashes because of problem with power-off monitor (opera still can’t handle resolution change initiated by system, not by user). What you can read from password manager usage if there is no multipassword capability (I have sites with 15 clients accounts, etc.). Don’t read usage statistic, this usage statistic make you thing we do not need bookmark manager… Read comments 8-|

  • Slobodan

    In gmail with dark theme, the icons are white instead black. This problem is in all Opera’s versions.

  • Vux777

    so…I went on opera add-ons page to install my usual extensions for new O19 installation.

    I search for “vialent monkey” (misspelled ofc) and then searched for “monkey”

    The same search input showed when I searched experiments internal page in Opera

    Is that intent behavior/feature, or…?

    I also noticed that on some pages search field remember my input (if I don’t clean personal data), and that’s very desirable….but I don’t think that there should be a coloration between Opera add-ons page and internal experiments page
    btw. it’s also on History page…
    it’s probably a bug


    BRING BACK BOOKMARKS FROM OPERA 12 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Josh Robertson

      That’s easy.
      – Download the Chrome Store plugin for Opera.
      – Download “Popup my Bookmarks” from the Chrome store.
      – Now you have ye’ old bookmarks in your addons panel.

      • KONIK

        so I can now use chrome no ?

        • Yes go and use chrome and stop spamming here.

          • KONIK

            great … I hope opera development have no people whos thinking like you dumbass.

      • KONIK

        And this shit not connect to opera sync where s my bookmarks …


        • Josh Robertson

          I use Xmarks.

  • Yuri Henriq

    I really love opera, used it on windows from 15 to 17, now on linux I’ll just wait and use firefox until then, hope it doesn’t take too much :/

  • WB

    Will we have Opera 18 stable this week?

    • BK

      Something tells me it’s going out tomorrow.. but we are about to see what really happens.

      • rpsgc

        It’s GOING out? Oh shucks. When will it come back? Is it running away?

        Better call the police!
        Calling all cruisers, there’s an APB on a, uh, “Opera 18”. Please respond.

        • ahoj1234

          it’s JUST a number. In that stadium Opera (no matter numbers) needs to be upgraded/updated ASAP. Yeah, O18 will not bring tons of new features but it’s a progress. And O17 users deserves some progress, don’t you think? 🙂

        • rpsgc

          Someone actually down voted me?

          Hint: get a sense of humour.

  • Dmitry Kirin

    A wonderful system, Disqus: I saw people responding to my comments, and, before the tab “My Disqus” would show me a red callout, I clicked it and saw there were -2 notifications. I owe Disqus two notifications now. 🙂

    • BK

      Awesome 🙂 Western civilization is full of debt and you are now part of it in the special way;)

    • ahoj1234

      @disqus_YDJhOQt4lR:disqus @dvk_ru1:disqus
      welcome! 😀 though, only -1 (not -2), but still 🙂 (a reload solved it…)

  • Shacha GC

    The options i wish to see in future opera (Opera 20)
    – Better option for Opera Portable
    – Build in Porting solution for old Opera 12 Files : Bookmarks.adr, Notes.adr, Speeddial, sessions …etc
    – Notes Side Panel with opera link
    – Opera Color scheme like in the old days of opera 9 with more option
    – Scroll to left to right in the speeddial page
    – Realizable speedials make them big or small manually
    – Bring back the Buttons from opera 12
    – Bring back to tile option to see multiage at a time
    – Better tab management : Like opera 12 for close tab ease to search to see all your close tab
    – For Bookmarks either :
    1. Bookmarks Side Panel like in opera 12 or redesign
    2. Speeddial merge with bookmarks with folder in folder management
    3. a way better stash with better management
    – If possible But Opera mail like a ad-dons for opera
    – And for last bring all those option to opera mobile

    lol big X-mas list for Santa huh
    thank u opera

    • senna_4ever

      +1 for

      – Notes Side Panel with opera link
      – Realizable speedials make them big or small manually
      – Bring back the Buttons from opera 12
      – Better tab management : Like opera 12 for close tab ease to search to see all your close tab

      – For Bookmarks either :
      1. Bookmarks Side Panel like in opera 12 or redesign
      2. Speeddial merge with bookmarks with folder in folder management
      3. a way better stash with better management
      – If possible But Opera mail like a ad-dons for opera
      – And for last bring all those option to opera mobile

  • James

    When dragging bookmark in drop down menu the browser crashes.

    • Taneli

      Yeah, thought the said on the last developer update that the “full url will be an option in the next build”. :/

  • Bigest news at nowadays! Thanks for update.

  • Vux777

    btw. the latest RSS from Opera Desktop is
    “Opera 17 wins Mcworld UK ….”

  • Leonardo Gomes

    I’m getting a “synchronization has been disabled because of an error. [sign in again]” message.from time to time.

  • Springer

    When i try and open a folder from the Bookmarks Bar, and choose to ‘Open all in a new window’ – only the first bookmark from within the folder opens in a new window, the rest open in the current window…

  • hector mora

    por favor antes de lanzar la versión para linux
    lancen el M2 para linux

    Please before releasing the version for linux
    launch the M2 for linux

  • Józek

    Great! It’s really good to see you working on this 🙂

  • qetaegadh

    Anyone else having trouble with animated gifs? If they’re shorter than two seconds they loop but if they’re longer they stop loading.

    • inDigazzZ


  • Денис

    There are bookmarks and sync in Chrome. That is, the code is already written. Why do you doing (restore, uncomment) for a long time the most important features? That’s why you have so much of the negative. You just have to change in the code “ on”

    • Денис

      In any case, you are doing far too long. People are moving away from you. You do not should to clean up Opera 12 from the main page Ashamed to publish a scrap like this

      • Last I heard we were growing the user base on Opera 15+.

    • Alexandre Cavaco

      I don’t think so. First, they are using Chromium builds (not Chrome itself), and I don’t know if Chromium has the bookmarks/sync code.
      Besides that, Opera’s server infrastructure for Lync would have to be same as Google’s server infrastructure bookmarks and sync. Same Webservice methods, calls, types, etc…

      I’m sure Opera doesn’t has access do that code, so I think what you’re suggesting is not possible, but someone correct me if I’m wrong.

    • reesmichael1

      “There are bokmarks and sync in Chrome. That is, the code is already written.”

      That is true. It also has no relevance whatsoever to the development of Opera because, fortunately for everyone, Opera is not equal to Chrome. If you’ll forgive a ridiculous metaphor, asking to use the Chromium code for Opera’s interface is almost as extreme as saying, “My TV has a remote. Why can’t I control my computer with it, because the buttons are there?”If the underlying technologies were remotely similar–in this case, the Opera and Chrome codebases–this might be possible. However, they’re not, so the entire discussion of just using Chromium’s code for bookmarks is a moot point.

  • dcomplex

    Panels Panels Panels Panels

    • senna_4ever


    • I’ve had an interesting thought about panels:

      Currently all of the opera:// pages, like history and downloads, are coded in html, are they not? This means that you could potentially code in an iframe at the side of the window to embed the relevant pages. At the very least this could be a neat idea for an extension to be made.

      • Apart that extensions can’t access internal pages….

      • Vux777

        like An_dz said, extensions can’t access internal pages, but even if they could, what’s the use of panel if it’s available only on internal pages?

        • What I meant was, you could create a system or extension that did the following:

          Run javascript once any normal page loaded
          It creates an i-frame with some buttons at the edge of the page
          The i-frame has, for example, opera://history inside it

          but, as has been pointed out, extensions can’t interact with opera://* pages, so this idea is a moot point.

          Also, apparently the opera://* pages don’t re-size well. so forget it. BAD IDEA.

          • Vux777

            you do not need “connection” with internal pages for that. Extensions can access bookmarks, history, closed tabs etc. without accessing internal pages

            on the track of that idea, there is a one very interesting extension in chrome web store

            it does basic thing, closes the active tab in very cool way….but…

            I don’t see why it couldn’t create panel in the same way

            Here is a nice explanation of cration of panel

            (best ranking answer)


            -it is possible to have side button

            -that button can toggle side bar

            …only thing to deal with is how to keep it active when switching to new tab (newly created or existing) and make it priority while page is loading (it had to be really! smooth)

            there are tricks, but I’m afraid they are also big resource hogs

            ofc. in that side panel you can place whatever you need…bookmarks, notes, tabs, closed tabs…. you name it

  • Vitor Moreno

    Found a annoying bug here, when the spell checker is on and a word is typed wrong the left-button menu sometimes just flash on screen also using the button on keyboard(between right alt and ctrl) don’t show the spell checker options, that button is very useful when typing.

    DNA-11960(crash on shell update) is not happening here(finally) but isn’t on changelog, that is intentional or just a happy accident?

    Thank you anyway, this version is a huge improvement since Opera 14.

    • What is the left-button menu?

      “using the button on keyboard(between right alt and ctrl) don’t show the spell checker options” I reported this as DNA-11039 a while ago.

      • Vitor Moreno

        Sorry, I mean right-click

        • Hm, I never saw that bug…

          • Vitor Moreno

            Restarting Opera fix it. But DNA-11039 is there for sure!

    • x a

      DNA-11960(crash on shell update) is not happening here(finally) but isn’t on changelog, that is intentional or just a happy accident?

      I guess that bug has been fixed with »DNA-11549 crash in content::x75c0423c:: ::EnumChildProc«.

  • nimuchan

    Thank you very much!!

  • mingtom

    linux =(

  • tolerant_today

    Are you going to go stable with Opera 18 soon?

    • It’s already in the FTP.

      • tolerant_today

        For me stable means when I go to About Opera tab and it says new version is available 🙂

        For now is
        17.0.1241.53 – Opera is up to date

        • BK

          Auto update is turned ON when everything is ready.
          Everything for new release is not ready yet 😉

          • 😀

            @tolerant_today:disqus well you asked if it was going to be stable soon. Some sites are already distributing that build I mentioned…

        • L33t4opera

          Opera 18 reached stable channel: 18.0.1284.49.
          Official announcement, and the change log will come later.

  • kabforks

    Your download servers are funny… first 50% of the .exe file was speedy @ 1,500kB/s. Now: 13 kB/s.

  • Kirill Zyatkov

    Version 19? Really? Way too fast. It should be 15.10

    • Don’t worry too much about version numbers. They don’t mean what they used to mean.

  • Bernát Gábor

    Really waiting for a Linux version 🙂

  • Igor007

    Hi. How can i change that my default search engine is not .com? I tried adding it in search engines but cant change to it.

  • Vux777

    new alert popup window is implemented
    instead of that raw chrome #$”%$(&%

    • NoName

      It’s a lot more noticeable now, but it prevents you from changing tabs while open 🙁
      When an alert appears, the tab will also gain focus.

      • Vux777

        yea…maybe that’s the good thing
        I mean, it’s alert box…ppl need to be alerted 🙂

        • Fuckkkk I hate modal pop-up alerts!

          • Agree, it still needs to be more like Presto Opera. Way less intrusive. And was more beauty too.

          • Emanuele

            the Opera 10.50+ implementation is for sure the best one I’ve ever seen … I wonder how people that worked on it (and lot of other things, like MDI, Wand, etc…) are so blind to not port all those goodies on top of the Chromium platform

    • Ghirahim

      Give me a link so I can see it, please.

    • whoa, didn’t realize it until you mentioned it. I love O19 <3 🙂

    • Dmitry Kirin

      Cool! It is even protected against continuous alerting: if I run alert() in cycle, then, starting from the second message, the checkbox appears, allowing me to stop these dialog boxes.

  • yongshun

    Hmm so it doesn’t synchronise my existing data on Opera Link to my browser, right?

    • Correct. It’s independent right now. They are obviously working on numerous import functions, though.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      If you login using your My Opera account, your Presto SD will be recovered if in Link.

  • Ghirahim

    I miss notes so much.

  • btw guys: Thank you so much for all the improvements with HiDPI. It makes so much of a difference!
    See e.g. how crappy Chrome renders the page side by side on my screen: (left: Opera, right: Chrome)

    • Marcin Mitek

      Thanks. It needs some polishing still, if you could provide any feedback regarding HiDPI please don’t hesitate and share it with us 🙂

      • Sure 🙂
        Have a look at
        The menu with high res on is a tiny bit smaller than with it switched off. IMHO it wouldn’t be a bad idea to increase font size by one px, but it’s OK overall.

        The address bar does have a lot of wasted unused space above and below the URL. So much that it actually looks odd. Maybe you can just cut one or two pixels at the top and the bottom to make it look less clumsy.

        And last but not least: the tickmark in Omenu->Tools -> activate developer tools is very pixelated.

        • Marcin Mitek

          Noted 🙂 Thanks.

          • Address bar looks way better in build 1326 now! Thanks for that fast change. Awesome 🙂

            edit: letters like “g” are cut off at the bottom (although there’s enough space for it, there’s a white line “covering” it?)

  • Flavoi

    Opera Sync, you rock!

  • x a

    So now Opera 18 went final, extensions been published for next (and dev) channel only get promoted to be published for all?

    I think of my XenoLeo omnibox extension (companion of XenoWiki, that strangely – but correctly – has immediately been published to all channels)… 😉

    • you need to report this @
      click at the status of your extension (“Published”) and drop the moderators a message.
      Desktop team doesn’t have anything to do with extension publication

      • x a

        Yes, thanks.

        Anyway, I knew that, but wanted to find a listening ear that has the potential to initiate some internal workflow adjustments. 😉

        • Well, extension moderators probably have a bigger influence on that than Desktop Team members. They are also developing and maintaining the catalog.

    • Vux777

      I’ve created them for O18+ soon they released new theme system
      but just now showed in themes section (couldn’t find it before)

  • Petar Pavlov

    Big thank you for link, it worked no data lost somehow…

    Now how can we backup current Link data?

  • Adimin Baik

    finally nex step has been out.
    lets see how its change and different between previous dev 🙂
    Lazy Tab load is nice

  • gorankx

    what happened with address bar Paste and go or search whatever is called in english version ?????

    • Vux777

      works fine here

      • gorankx

        yea, i restarted opera and now is back and works, duno what happened before, it was missing.

        • ayespy

          Seems to happen sometimes if you start Opera and your clipboard is empty.

        • It must be the regression from DNA-5963 (Paste and go feature not available after starting Opera with empty clipboard).

          I reported this as DNA-12479.

          • Dmitry Kirin

            Confirmed. What an unbeatable old bug…

  • Dmitry Kirin

    The same annoying thing about the Flags page: for enabling sync, you give the link opera://flags/#sync, which opens the page at the flag Use Synchronization test servers, not Synchronization, which was meant in the first place. It’s because the #sync anchor points at after the flag, while it should be pointing at its beginning.

  • pureocean

    @BK @Daniel Aleksandersen:

    My requests:

    * Can show complete name of URLs in address field…
    * Can adding Command-Line parameters support to inside of “Installation_status.xml” file…
    * Tab order; can open right side active of the tab…
    * Can open pop-up window as new tab…
    * If SpeelCheck is disabled, The Dictionary file shouldn’t be forced download hiddenly without the user asking…
    * No need other (all) lang. files install except chosen the language when setup progressing… (of cource always need en-US.pak)
    * Can selectable on active (hover) link… (like in Opera-Presto)
    * Image on/off toggle…
    * Detailed status bar…
    * Customizable toolbar & statusbar…
    * RSS and Bookmark Manager…
    * Lightweight GUI, like Opera-Presto… (I think it’s impossible beacause of Chromium structre)

  • whsper

    🙁 Can we please have the ability to hide the Opera button on the Windows client? In Opera 12 we had the option to make the menu show up via hitting “alt” instead of a screen space hogging button

    • You must be kidding… “Space hogging Opera button”? Haha…

      The last thing they’re going to do is to give an option for users to remove the only way to access the menu. Just imagine the hell of stupid forum posts and bug reports because of that option.

  • hspdion

    Having an issue with youtube videos with this build on Windows. After selecting any youtube video to play in the ‘larger size’ frame..all subsequent visit to other youtube videos are loaded as ‘larger size’ but in the regular-size youtube frame thereby cutting off the video and the youtube controls.

  • s/ash

    By design, turbo gets disabled in private mode, but the indicator is still there:

    It even states that my connection is compressed, although it is not.

  • RX-3200

    on the start-page when you try to move up the preview picture of just added page – others image thumbnails seeing double

  • sgunhouse

    Sync wasn’t bad, though it seems to have synced to my old Opera 12 speed dial (adding 3 items from my old list). Not sure if deleting them would effect Opera 12, as I do still use 12 in Linux …

  • Some “pre-sync”-experiences (it’s enabled in opera:flags, but not connected to an account yet):

    1. Privacy dialog @ “Sync with Opera”-page is missing a “to” (“data is processed with the sole purpose enable synchronization”)

    2. “Don’t ask me again” in the lower right corner shows the text-beam when hovering (as well as “Opera Software” on the left, but I guess this is intended… I just can’t get used to the text-beam over non-editable texts… Oh good ol’ Opera 11 *sigh*)

    3. If you only open a private window, a second window will pop up asking you to set up sync

  • Dmitry Kirin

    Here are my comments for Stash sync. I’m new to Sync, I never used Link in older Opera, so I apologize if I’m saying anything obvious here.

    I’ve got a rather huge stash.db—369 items, 148 MB (95% of them being PNG previews, though).

    1. It looks like synchronising Stash leads to reloading of all stashed pages. I think it is rather unnecessary, if not dangerous, for those who have limited network traffic, for example, with mobile network. I’m not affected here, though, as I can’t sync settings to mobile, as there’s no Opera for Windows Phone (well, that’s another sad story…). A possible explanation might be that Opera does not have storage resources to hold a copy of index data. I don’t know if it is so. In my case, stash.db contains 7.5 MB of other data besides PNG previews. It’s just the difference between file size and (select sum(length(image_data)) from snapshots), the real data size is smaller. Maybe somebody from Opera could comment if that’s still too much.

    2. On my second PC, I see Stash rebuilding slowly, one by one. Sometimes only one item is added. If I restart Opera, another item is loaded, but, again, only one. The bandwidth was OK at the time of this experiment. Unlike Stash, Speed Dials appeared instantly, once I logged on to Sync, then SD started rebuilding as usual. I think the same behaviour would be better for Stash too.

    3. As Stash items are syncronised onto a computer and the pages are reloaded, some of them might turn out to be unavailable—a site is down, or a network problem. What happens with the Stash? Will it try reloading the ‘broken’ items later, or will they just never get their index data? If the latter, then the synced Stash will not be identical to the original one, without any means to force reload of an item.

  • Dmitry Kirin

    Sometimes Opera does not block pop-ups. For example, the following page opens an ad page in a new tab from time to time upon clicking anywhere on the page or selecting text.

  • pask

    Hey there Opera!

    I’m using the exact version of Opera on Mac OS X and feel an annoyance when opening a new tab (Cmd+T) and immediately trying to type in an URL or a question to any of search engines. Opera freezes for several moments and it’s really painful to wait (about 3–4 sec) when the cursor will be appeared in address bar.

    Could you comment if it is a bug or something similar? The problem appears *when I open the first tab in a session*.

    I use: Mac OS X v10.9, Opera Developer 19.0.1324.0

  • Vux777

    Disqus thingie…

    sometimes when I follow link to a comment from email notifications, post/link is focused correctly but replies to that comment are not shown (or most of the posts in that thread).
    example, this is a link to a comment:

    …there is no reply, at least I don’t see it following that link
    but, in reality there is:

    • Same problem on RSS links. Pls fix it.

      • Vux777

        and additionally
        links from RSS reader still have wrong URL

  • netmain

    does anyone have problems with youtube stops buffering and playing videos after few seconds ( 10 sec or so), also, it changes from flash player to html5 player automatically, sometimes it uses flash player, sometimes html5 player even though the html5 option trial was disabled before.

  • You can’t detect doNotTrack with JavaScript. It always returns null.

    Paste & Go doesn’t work as intended when some text is already in.
    Example, I type ‘d !gm ‘ to search on Google Maps with DuckDuckGo and then press Ctrl+Shift+V to paste the address and go, instead of doing the search on DuckDuckGo, what I have typed is lost and it does the search of the clipboard on Google.

  • Dmitry Kirin

    When a page is downloaded as html with full content (with images), the download popup overlay shows the progress, like this: . In this example, it reads, “27 bytes of 263 bytes, 3 bytes per second.” But there are no elements sized at 263 bytes, the speed of 3 bytes/s is outrageously low, and the total size of the download is around 5 MB. Certainly, this is rubbish. There are simply 263 files to load, including the page’s htm. 🙂

    A correct representation is, “Saving file xxx of nnn, sss files per second”, and in Russian, “Сохранение файла xxx из nnn (sss в секунду)”.

    (Reported as DNA-13790.)

  • The html pdf reader extension seems to be crashing consistently whenever I try and open a file. Didn’t do this is previous versions of opera 19.

  • disqus_glr6kihX1u

    After update I have problem with youtube, videos are moved a bit right and down, in fullscreen everything is ok.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      I’m having the same problem here when using flash to display the videos; with html5 there isn’t such problems but the resolution is fixed at 360p

      How can i put the videos in fullscreen if i don’t even see the commands?

      • Vux777

        same here
        all html5 videos are locked to 360p
        and html5 is forced over flash

        • Petriaev

          same problem. I watch youtube on IE 11 now)

      • Leonardo Gomes

        Setting system dpi back to 100% (it was at 125%) fixed the problem with flash here.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Seems to be happening with VLC plugin too.

  • GamEditor

    Please, fix this bug with Opera passwords:

  • beBoss

    Problems with youtube. Example:
    You can watch only in 360p…..

    • Yes, we’re looking into something like this.

  • Oskar

    I found a bug in Opera sync:

    I tried to log in to Opera sync using my Google account (since I didn’t want to risk losing all info on my Opera account). Went fine for some days.

    Then I tried to log in on my Opera account and Opera gives me two options, go back (and don’t log in) or connect my opera and google account.

    I don’t want to do that for now so I tried to just close the window to see if I can stay logged in on my Opera account, instead: CRASH. (Everytime)

  • roman61rus

    Hi opera developers. When you will make customizable speed dial like in opera 12?

    Look, in opera presto we can manually change logos and make them full transparent. So its look beautiful with transparent skin.

    Also speed dial automatically change number of columns and zoom level. Its look good on small 1024×768 screen and same on 1920×1200 screen.

    Opera 12

    Opera 19

    In opera 19 speed dial is ugly with ugly scroll bar. Come on give us custom logos. And single logo for a folder.

  • roman61rus can’t open video in a new tab its opens only in a new window. Can you make new tab as default?

  • Petriaev

    How can I transfer my profile data from Next to Dev Opera?

    • Go to opera://about, and find the “profile” adress. [something like users/appdata/roaming…] Copy this adress into run [windows key + r], and close opera. You can then copy any relevant files from one opera installation to the other, like bookmarks.

      • Petriaev

        Thanks. Dev more usefull than Next now?

        • I couldn’t say. I’ve not been using next.

        • Dmitry Kirin

          Dev is the cutting edge of changes, but there can be bugs and crashes, so it’s not recommended for everyday use. I do it nevertheless, switching to Next only for short periods of time, if bugs are too nasty. I don’t even copy profile to Next, keeping everything in Dev.

  • Petriaev

    Can I use Opera on touch screen like IE 11?

  • Vux777

    how to remove search engine that is left by extension?
    I’ve removed that extension, but there is no way to remove it’s search

    • L33t4opera

      You can try one of two solutions:
      1. reinstall it, and then uninstall – if it not cause the Opera to crash, then it should remove it also from the search engines list,
      2. faster way – close the Opera, go to the extensions’ folder, then remove the folder of the extension (in which it has been installed), after that relaunch the Opera, go to the “Extensions” menu, and now you should be able to remove it without issues 😉

      • Vux777

        I’ve try it, but it doesn’t work
        If I try to install it, it crashes opera and after restart it’s not in extensions list
        If I just stat installation, but not actually click install and delete extension folder still that additional search is in list
        blahhh.. nvm

  • SkyWarriorBR

    What I miss and didn’t find in comments yet:
    Option to create sub-folders in folders of QAB;
    Option to insert different folder icons, in QAB (to turn easier their identification, besides their names);
    Customize speed dial with own images for each site;
    Emoticons in Disqus…
    Weather status when Desktop Team posts something (the last three updates from ODT didn’t mention it). Even I’m not from the same country, I’m curious… (and lazy to find on some weather site) 😛

    • Dmitry Kirin

      You can create a QAB folder at root level, then drag it into another folder. Within folder, there is indeed no option to create a folder.

      • SkyWarriorBR

        Thanks! That will be helpful.
        After reloading the page, I saw comments of things I asked for… I think I have to use F5 more frequently…

    • Marcin Mitek

      As for the weather part – I think someone should make extension just for that 😉

      • SkyWarriorBR

        hehe yes… the one I use just shows my city’s weather

  • Vux777

    “click to play” is bugged

    I’ve never activate it in this build (fresh install) but still I’m getting that gray screen for blocking flash or java
    and vimeo videos can’t be played…
    “play automatically” is set for plugins (never changed),
    but still this happens…

  • ahoj1234

    a bug with: save tabs as a speed dial group
    type: name of a new SD group (after save tabs as a SD group) is empty (without any name)
    – save it (right mouse click on a tab, save)
    – open SD and see that you can’t see name of the group
    though, you can open the SD group and “rename” the group (from nothing to anything! 😀 )

    confirmation before I’ll fill a bug report?

  • Vincent

    Please bring back old style proxy settings.
    Please add shortcut F12 back in Opera V12.

  • Gary

    I have been enjoying using Opera 19 from the first development version and have found it very stable up until this release. I have had several instances where it has restarted (on both of my PC’s) when changing web pages, but this seems to be quite random and cannot trace it to any individual page? One guess is it may relate to some activity by Adblock Plus (which I have installed on both PC’s) as a pop-up appeared after restarting? Has anyone else experienced this?
    The only other problem that I have noted is that it seems to be extremely slow (and mostly will not work at all) when loading Google maps data when selecting maps only; satellite images come through straight away without any problems?

  • SkyWarriorBR

    I was downloading the new version manually, but in opera:about there is message to restart Opera in order to update. But when I do that, it always shows me the same message, to restart the browser to update. As the download is too slow (more than 30 minutes), I think I’ll wait a little more…

  • Inquisitor

    Still the same problem with this site:

    Looked fine in O19.0.1310, but it’s too large in O19.0.1324 and O19.0.1326

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  • Daniel Kit

    Please add side tabs!!
    It was the first main reason I started to use Opera many years ago.
    Now it is sorely missing… 🙁

    • Daniel Kit

      And the Links panel! That was pretty awesome too

  • Opera has so slow progress…

    In future: Opera 99 – still no funcjonality of Opera 12.

    Shame on you!

    1) Real (old) bookmarks manager

    2) Freaking BASIC Import/Export function lazy bastards!

    3) Customizable speed dial and stuff

    4) Custom buttons/indicators placement like in Opera 12

    5) Link/stuff

    For 4 MAJOR versions of Opera almost nothing has changed… The only + for me in Opera 19 is “lazy session loading”. Start making progress guys coz now even IE have more functions and options then “your” browser…

    PS: Nice actions totalitarian freaks. Blocking for truth. Nice one!