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Opera and Airtel are keeping Kenyans online with Free Browsing everyday starting today!

Hello Kenya! 

We are thrilled to announce that we have partnered with Airtel to offer free browsing with Opera Mini to all Airtel customers in Kenya. 

If you use the Airtel network in Kenya and you have Opera Mini installed in your phone, you are eligible to browse up to 50 MB for free every day. With 50 MB of free browsing you can access your favorite websites, check the live scores of your favorite football clubs, or simply catch up with your friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram while using Opera Mini

At Opera, we celebrate online connectivity and love when we can bring more people online. Our goal is to enable as many people as we can in Sub-Saharan Africa with affordable access to the internet from their mobile devices. We want you to be connected to the things you enjoy and the people you love, with our popular Opera Mini browser as your gateway for it.

Do I qualify for free browsing and how do I use it?

The free browsing package is now available in Kenya. To start your free browsing, make sure that you are an Airtel customer and that you have Opera Mini installed in your phone. Once you are ready, open Opera Mini and start browsing for free. 

Free browsing does not include video streaming or downloads. Those come with extra costs from your data bundle package. 

Browse 4x faster than with other browsers

Early this year, we announced the installation of new Opera data centers in Mombasa, Kenya. By installing local data servers we reduce latency when you are browsing, which significantly increases your browsing speed – up to four times faster than before. This gives you a quicker and more reliable internet connection than you would get with other browsers available in digital app stores, or those preloaded on your smartphone.

Save up to 90% of your mobile data 

Opera Mini is a small, fast and powerful browser. It comes with unique features such as data savings, ad-blocker, and the popular offline file sharing. 

The data savings feature in Opera Mini gives you a faster browsing experience. This happens because, once you enable the data savings, the browser pre-processes the data from a website before it reaches your phone, drastically increasing your browsing speed. With data savings, you can save up to 90% of your data and browse faster, even on slow networks. 

Fully revamped browser 

In May 2020, we announced our most extensive update to the Opera Mini browser in the last five years. The new Opera Mini gives you faster access to the features you love along with superior aesthetics and performance on your smartphone. 

In the newest version of Opera Mini, we introduced new visual styles and themes, as well as streamlined browser interactions so that you can access the features you love faster. On top of all that, we refreshed the browser’s user interface (UI) to give you superior aesthetics while making the browser look better than ever. Hopefully, this will make your browsing sessions even more enjoyable 🙂

Help us spread the word! 

Share this blog with your family and friends. Let others know that they can browse for free with Opera Mini and Airtel so that they can reduce their mobile data spendings and enjoy the web wherever they are. 

We also love to hear from you. In the comment section below, share what you enjoy the most about Opera Mini. Is there any specific feature in Opera Mini that you use the most? 

Download Opera Mini here.

Happy browsing!


What exactly is the free daily data deal?

If you are an Airtel network user, you get free browsing in Opera Mini. The free browsing is capped daily at 50MB.

Am I eligible to use the 50MB of free data?

Free browsing is available for all Opera Mini users on the Airtel network. If you are a new user, you will automatically receive the free 50MB of browsing each day. 

How can I get free daily browsing with Opera Mini?

If you use Opera Mini on the Airtel network in Kenya, you automatically receive the free daily data with a limit of 50MB/day. Just open the app and start browsing to make use of the free data. You will also receive a message in the app with all the information about free browsing. 

How can I use the 50MB of free data?

The free daily data covers browsing only. The data package does not include video streaming or downloading files from the internet. You will be charged out of your normal data bundle for this. However, the free browsing allows you to browse websites with Opera Mini, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

Does free browsing apply to other Opera applications?

The free browsing promotion applies exclusively to usage of Opera Mini. 

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