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Today, one third of the world is on coronavirus lockdown. Multiple countries around the world are taking a variety of measures to control the spread of COVID-19 by recommending that their citizens stay at home. However, these series of measures have already impacted elementary services such as access to education. Because of this,  billions of students are at risk of learning loss. 

As of 24 March 2020, 82% of the world’s learners are shut out of traditional schooling and education programs due to social distancing. In response to this global health crisis, UNESCO is supporting the implementation of large-scale distance learning programmes and recommending open educational applications and platforms that schools and teachers can use to reach learners remotely. 

In order to support long distance learning programs, Opera and Worldreader have expanded access to free ebooks via the Opera Mini browser. Starting last week, those who access the Worldreader app through the speed dial icon on the Opera Mini browser are also able to access BookSmart. BookSmart is Worldreader’s new app, offering a wide variety of children’s e-books to help parents and children read together while schools are closed. 

For young adults, the Worldreader library offers thousands of ebooks for learning and pleasure, in categories including Learn, Health, and Career. The Worldreader app is also available to access at

Both libraries include books about COVID-19 to help children and youth understand the pandemic and how to keep themselves and others safe.

Reading without limitations

Since 2015, we have successfully promoted literacy worldwide with Worldreader, with greater attention in the African region to enable millions of people to read free ebooks. However, we know that there are several barriers in certain African communities to access online educational materials, especially when schools are shut down. 

High data costs, basic phones, and slow mobile networks, are some of the main difficulties for accessing educational online content. 

Through our advanced data compression technology in our mobile browsers, we facilitate the access to online educational materials and ebooks. As many of you might know, the Opera Mini browser is capable of reducing web page sizes, helping our users save up to 90% of their mobile data.  

By enabling the data saving feature, you will be able to make your data last longer, ensure that you will spend less data while reading an ebook via Worldreader, and be certain that the content will load regardless of your location even when you have a slow network connection. The data saving feature can be enabled on the settings of the Opera Mini browser. 

Digital solutions are key to keeping students reading while schools are out of session. With Opera Mini and the Worldreader app, you can maintain your reading skills, learn new subjects, and enjoy the escape books can provide during this pandemic.

Start reading with Opera Mini and the Worldreader app from a mobile phone today. 

Happy browsing. 

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