We’re updating the Opera browser for Android today. We are busy looking into our mobile products and this version in particular does not contain anything big or sexy, mostly minor fixes. But these  bug and stability fixes are very important because it makes sure the Opera browser works well, whatever Android device you’re using.

Here’s a quick look into some of the fixes we’ve implemented:

– No more missing images

– Two-column layout history view is now fixed, and will not blank out when removing an item from a big list
– Scroll position is now remembered in tablet history view
– Expanded history items will now be remembered per tab

Speed Dial
– Speed Dial screen will now scroll up every time you open the Tab Bar
– Speed Dial items now show up properly in omnibar suggestions.

An additional feature is also rolling out in history view. You can now long press on an item to delete an entry.

You can get Opera browser for Android in Google Play.
Try it and tell us what you think about it. Enjoy!


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  • iPristy

    Works well, try making the same on desktop that would be great.

  • Thanks and testing.

  • L33t4opera

    Thank you for the official announcement, Peter. I was afraid a bit, because I have updated already the Opera to this version on my smartphone, now I am calm 🙂

  • Philip

    Thanks for the article and detailed change log. Much appreciated. The changelog on google play is very sketchy.

  • rnovaski

    I did a clean install and there are still missing images in Discover feature. Xperia SP Android 4.1.2

  • iPristy

    Two fingers zoom works, but not one tap?
    Clean install i wonder?

    • Double tap + drag stopped working here. That’s what you’re referring to?

      • iPristy

        Yes, no zoom for me, can you try clean install if it will get better.

  • “Speed Dial items will not be included in omnibar suggestions”


    I use the address field autocomplete suggestions to open my Speed Dial links quite a lot. Why are you creating this new problem? Not to mention they were supposed to be the “new bookmarks” and that was one of the features linked to bookmarks functionality!
    Please bring this back.

    • veralb

      Sorry about that mix-up Rafael. It’s actually: now they show up properly now in omnibar suggestions.

      • Now it makes sense, thanks for correcting this changelog. Phew. 🙂
        Haha, thanks again.

  • Rod Corkin

    Web page reappearance when navigating forward and back/switching between tabs is still sluggish as hell compared to my default browser (where the reappearance is instant, no doubt due to superior cache management). Can’t use this android browser at the moment even though I’m a big Opera fan, pity.

  • Can’t leave a tab for 2 seconds in the background without losing it (it reloads when I switch into it).

    • rnovaski

      This behavior (tab reloads when I switch into it) is terrible if you have a slow connection.

      • Imagine the wonders it does to battery life…

  • NimeshT

    404 for Direct apk download link, the last letter k is missing from the file link

  • garry

    Any chance of an up to date version of Opera Mobile for something other than Android?

  • ultravy

    too bad because is working only on android 4.x !!! no GB 🙁 you should renamed Opera for android 4!!!

  • cedricpc

    It no longer works on my Note 8.0 under JB 4.2.2, all I get is a frozen white screen. It doesn’t even crash, so I have to kill the app to terminate it.

    I don’t understand what’s the purpose of the Next branch if updates reach directly the theoretically stabilized branch without giving us a chance to report such major issue?!

  • garry

    When are bookmarks coming back to Opera Mobile or has Opera still got it’s fingers in it’s ears?

  • iPristy

    Page loading is a bit annoying when address jumps a lot, not sure what to suggest here…try Sunspider bench to see that a lot.

  • x a

    New beta available from Play.

    UI improvements look promising (thought many won’t exactly like the intrusive Discover stuff on SD).

    Still find the 3-step process needed to open a private dab, the split locations in O-menu and tab menu for “go to speed dial” and “new tab”, respectively, slightly counter-intuitive or even annoying. (FF’s approach might give “inspiration”… ;))

    • What’s slipt in the O-menu?
      What’s wrong with the location of “go to Speed Dial” and “New tab”?

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  • summoner

    In the facebook messages, my Opera browser doesn’t send stickers. Whats Wrong? Bug?