With this update, we want to make sure that macOS 10.9 users are free from crashes.

Also, Chromium was updated to version 63.0.3239.40.

The most important fixes are listed below:

  • DNA-65509 [Mac 10.9] Crash at libAVFAudio.dylib@0x6d19
  • DNA-64927 VR button shown on video when VR disabled in settings
  • DNA-64933 [Mac] Non-title-case string in bookmarks bar context menu options
  • DNA-65083 [Accessibility] Make Bookmarks bar a separate element
  • DNA-65089 Speed dial freezes after dragging SD to bookmarks’ bar
  • DNA-65115 [Mac] No context menu for bookmarks bar
  • DNA-65118 Suggestions are not displayed
  • DNA-65161 Dragging bookmark from bookmarks bar to speed dial folder opens the page
  • DNA-65208 Expose partner id and guid via bookmarks private api
  • DNA-65220 Optimise Speed Dial loading time
  • DNA-65261 Improve Speed Dial performance

The changelog is available here.

Installation links:

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  • xirit64

    OK, since nanana1 hasn’t post yet, I’ll do it 🙂

    I hope you don’t forget squashing the bug that makes the tab bar move some pixels down when returning from fullscreen mode and the one that renders bookmark tiles twice in Bookmarks 😛

  • Citizen Unique

    Thanks for the update. Could anyone confirm if the significantly reduced size of bookmark bar icons is a bug, or a permanent change Opera is going for?

    • Kornelia

      Could you provide a screenshot to show how significantly the change is? 🙂 Btw, there’s a lot of things going on in Bookmarks bar area.

      • Citizen Unique

        Hi Kornelia, don’t have an old version to compare to, but the icons on my bar look like this now: https://imgur.com/a/QNCl5

        I’d say they were roughly 1.5 – 2 times larger before, I noticed the change after one update before last…

        • josemuk

          I also noticed the same problem. Now the icons are so close that I had to edit all the bookmarks (empty) names and add a space.

      • oxymor0n

        I noticed that the bookmark bar was suddenly visible in my browser two times recently. although I had deactivated/hidden it..

  • Courtney Miles

    I’m having a problem using Google Inbox where the bottom left of the page show an eternal “Loading…” message and the page is otherwise unresponsive.

    I have tried opening in Private Window and also cleared all cookies and Application Storage for inbox.google.com.

    This version and the prior version had this problem.

    I can see that in comparison to Chrome, Opera will stop loading after ~120 request in comparison to the ~370 that Chrome will end up performing. And Opera ends with calls to ./jserror where Chrome does not.

    I have this issue Windows 10, Opera 50.0.2762.9

    • Courtney Miles

      I have replicated this on a second Windows machine.

      Google Inbox worked fine on version 49.0.2725.31 but does not work with 50.0.2762.9

      A forum thread exists for this at https://forums.opera.com/topic/23386/problems-with-youtube-and-google-inbox

    • Courtney Miles

      I have raised a bug report — DNAWIZ-22617

    • Courtney Miles

      This is not an issue in 51.0.2781.0 (the current Developer stream)

  • Courtney Miles

    Also, I run a local development web environment that uses generated certificate for HTTPS and Opera will not let me load the site because it’s insecure — it’s expected to be insecure because it’s a development site.

    I have manually downloaded the certificate and added it to the **Trusted Root Certificates Authority** (as per the notes when viewing the certificate in Opera) but Opera still blocks the request with no option to proceed.

    • Courtney Miles

      The issue is that my local development sites uses `.dev`. Google now controls the `.dev` TLD so we have to use a different one.

      [RFC 2606](https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc2606) defines a selection of reserved TLDs for private use. So I will be switching to `.test` for my local development sites.

  • sgrandin

    To pick up a thread from the previous beta, Hans Hansen wrote:
    “No, the heart on the right side of the address bar is to ADD the current website to the bookmarks (speed dial, bookmarks bar or whatever). To open the bookmarks manager you have to click on the heart on the side bar on the left side: https://abload.de/img/heart
    Another way to open the bookmarks manager is to press “Ctrl+Shift+B”.
    Then you will see the imported bookmarks on the left side (open “Imported” –>”Speed Dial”–> “Your computer name”), you can drag them to the actual speed dial: https://abload.de/img/manag…”

    I don’t use the left sidebar. Putting bookmarks (heart) on it now and opening it, brings up a page that doesn’t resemble what yours does. See https://1drv.ms/i/s!AqsCKHVTj0ydlRMXru9mnfN2bmRE.

    • Hans Hansen

      Why don’t you use the same thread then? No one can understand the context now.
      I cannot see a significant difference to my screenshot. You also have a folder called “Imported bookmarks”. Click on this folder. Like on my screenshot. What’s the problem now?

  • After this update, the plugin LastPass gets crashed every time I start the browser. -__-

    • Nashuim

      Yeah, same here. It’s always crashing

    • oxymor0n

      good to read that I’m not the only one having this problem.

      same happens with the Gmelius extension for Gmail

    • Penkov

      Sometimes crashes during the session.

  • マルコス ジャコビ

    Hello Opera developers.
    As it seems that you do not follow what happens in the user forums why not follow this topic and if possible solve this problem ?????


  • Gloriam

    Is there an option to add the [+] button back on the bookmarkbar, I’m really missing it. 🙁

    I don’t use anything else to manage my bookmarks, so using the hearts then adding bookmarks to the bookmarkbar afterwards is just more steps than it needs to be.

    • xirit64

      Until (and if) they re-implement it you can right-click on the bar and add sites and folders

  • oxymor0n

    in this version, on some pages, the websites icon on the tab is never displayed. instead, the spinning loading circle keeps spinning forever (or until I hit ESC).
    happend on this page, google.com and especially gmail.com
    (on gmail.com, hitting ESC also doesn’t display the icon (favicon))

    • Ralf Brinkmann

      In both cases I don’t have this problem. Maybe an extension? Maybe you should say something about your OS.
      W10x64, Operax64

      • oxymor0n

        true – W10x64, Opera 32bit

        my enabled extensions: Download Chrome Extension, Ghostery, Google Analytics Opt-out, HTTPS Everywhere, Notifier for Gmail, Speed Dial for Gmail, Tampermonkey, Turn Off the Lights, uMatrix

  • oxymor0n

    google sheets doesn’t complete to load anymore :O

  • xirit64

    DNA-64807 Add new opauto test for showing bookmarks bar on adding a bookmark – DNA-64796

    Ok, I can understand the need to provide the bookmark bar as an option but for those that don’t use the bar please add the missing “autoclose it”.

  • xirit64

    I find the monochromatic grey-black stripe of the fixed sidebar very ugly in combination with the light theme and/or a light Windows theme, due to its blocky-untransparent nature and the huge contrast difference it creates. You provide fancy wallpapers but this black “strict” stripe destroys any design.
    There should be some alternative, like fixing the bar but keepin it in the browser window limit, without taking the whole screen height, having the same width and opacity of the unfixed bar, and an option to disable it entirely for those like me who don’t use it and don’t want to see it in the Speed Dial.

  • xirit64

    Ctrl+Shift+B for showing Bookmarks does not work? (W7x64, Ox64)

    • Andrey


      • xirit64

        See above, also I’m on W7x64

        • Andrey

          Also on 7×64

          • xirit64

            Strange things happening… I can edit the shortcut to Ctrl+Shift+K for example, or Shift+B, or Ctrl+B, but with Ctrl+Shift+B the “B” can not be set…

    • Ralf Brinkmann

      It worked here last week. And now I have installed the new developer and it also works. Have you redefined your keys?

      • xirit64

        Tried it on a new clean USB installation. Does not work. Maybe it was working for you in the previous version?

        • Ralf Brinkmann

          No, it was working in exactely this version. I know it, because I wanted to try something out. No problem for me.
          W10x64, Operax64

          • xirit64

            Strange, maybe its Win 7 specific…

          • xirit64

            Thanks, I found the issue. 🙂

  • Penkov

    LastPass plugin needs to be repaired constantly – crashing, reseting and disappearing from the plugins bar all the time.

  • Éder Magalhães Machado

    Hello, is it just me: using whatsapp in Opera’s sidebar, notifications are not displayed on MacOS HighSierra. (Opera 50.0.2762.9)

    • Ewa

      Couldn’t reproduce it, maybe you have disabled option “Enable notification badges for messengers”?

  • xirit64

    Updated to 50.0.2762.14

  • BJC7

    Hell Kornelia,
    This installer will not install on 10.9.5, it states it needs to be 10.10 or above.The developer beta is ok 51.0.2781.0 based on Chromium version 64.0.3260.2. Does work!

  • BJC7

    I meant Hello, sorry