Hi all,

Opera 49 is getting closer to the stable release. Today, we are introducing the Release Candidate build with a quick look at the return of the VR 360 Player.

Built-in VR video player

Opera recently became the first browser to provide support for 360-degree videos to be played directly into virtual reality headsets. Owners of HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and other OpenVR- compatible devices can now easily view the quickly-growing library of awesome 360-degree content.

Opera’s VR 360 Player will automatically detect an installed VR headset. When a user browses to a video, the “Watch in VR” button will appear on the top (next to the video pop out button). One simple click will engulf the viewer into the 360-degree world offered by the video. Plus, you will not need a mouse or keyboard to look around in the video. Simply turn your head in the direction you want to look.

VR 360 Player improvements

We have fixed problems with video flickering for some videos seen in the player. The series of fixes covers better audio-video synchronization and better management of frame order to prevent dropping frames and causing image flicker. Also, availability of the ‘Watch in VR’ overlay button is corrected to better match detected VR state.


Read more about our VR Player, including introduction videos, tips and tricks, on our blog.

General improvements and fixes

  • DNA-64696 [Ubuntu 17.10 Gnome] Unable to make window small when fully maximised
  • DNA-64818 Speed dial item edit popup appears under folder preview
  • DNA-64927 VR button shown on video when VR disabled in settings
  • DNA-64999 Translations for O49
  • DNA-65257 Themes Light mode wrong translation (to some languages)

The changelog is available here.

Installation links:

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  • xirit64

    Ok then, I’m the first to comment.: Does not auto-update 🙂

    Ah you ‘ve removed some portion of the original text about the snap tool, just when I was about to ask if you’ve added any highlight (text or area) functionality to the snap tool.

    • Kornelia

      We’re having gradual autoupdate on developer and beta stream now, just like we do it on Stable. It means that right now autoupdate is off, so you need to go to opera://about to force it.

      • xirit64

        Already tried it several times, got “an error occured…” 🙂

      • xirit64

        Just a quick question, if I execute the patch file of the ftp, “Opera_beta_49.0.2725.31-49.0.2725.27_Patch_x64.exe” will it be sufficient to update? Shall I run it from inside the instalation folder? I don’t want to download the full exe of 42Mb.

  • Ralf Brinkmann

    I just had installed this new Beta for a short time and my search enginges shortcuts for “Google Translate” and “Google Translate to English” did not work. Anybody else? Can you check this? Now I have installed the new Developer, which came some minutes later, and everything is ok.
    W10x64 1709

    • Andrey

      For “Google Translate to English” address https://translate.google.com/#auto/en/%s ?

      • Ralf Brinkmann

        Yes, that’s not the problem. It seemed that my own search engines did not work anymore. Usually I write for example “t translate this to German”. Opera opened a Google page with exact this term in the search field, not Google Translate. But now I use the Developer again and everything works. Thank you.

        • Andrey

          This also works on the beta version.

          • Ralf Brinkmann

            Usually. This was my first version in which it did not work. But I’m not going to test it out again.

    • xirit64

      No problems here, Win7x64, Ox64

  • Alexander Stiven

    Surfing on Youtube is very slow (showing Youtube Video-Thumbnail Previews).

    • Hector MA

      Not sure it’s an issue, in Stable branch I experience the same, plus in Edge I don’t even get that preview.

  • Фёдор П.

    suck font rendering again

  • Speed dial: with sidebar unpinned, no wallpapers is dark.
    If you set theme to dark and light again it goes light, but if you close and reopen Opera it goes dark again.
    Windows 10 64 bit, Opera beta 64 bit

  • Hetai-Na

    Hi Opera Team. Just want to report that the snapshot tool is not working above flash elements.

    • xirit64

      Confirmed, W7x64, Ox64

    • Leonardo Gomes

      I guess it’s know that Snap doesn’t work with plug-ins.

      • xirit64

        Strange, and how does Vivaldi do it? IIRC it works there.

  • Hetai-Na

    While snapshot tool on, the scroll is faster then normal.

  • Where can we make feature requests? It’s been a very long time now and we still don’t have Sync for extensions and custom search engines. Why? Also, no tab stacking, still. Are any of these being worked on? Converters are nice and everything but these features are really necessary… In addition, there is a built-in adblocker but no built-in support for installing Chrome extensions. Why isn’t this just baked in by default by now?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      You can do requests here, like you did, or in the Forums.

  • Naisho

    VR video player… Yeah, this is such a requested feature, everyone wants it, right?

    • Hetai-Na

      I think they focus on niche markets

  • icetom

    nice for the 10 guys with VR devices.

    yeah and of course one of them will answer me here 😀

  • mrfx

    Opera 49.0.2725.31 (PGO) – cannot view saved passwords – Windows login do not working (I already tried username/password, pin and fingerprint – none of them works) 🙁 (Windows 10 1703 15063.674, Thinkpad P50)

  • Jonh Miller

    I have a big problem with Opera Beta, it has already happened to me twice and it is that a folder with the name “Folder” is created and many of my websites are listed in that folder.

    The first time was about a month ago and it has happened again today, it is a very annoying problem, since many times I do not know where the websites were stored.


    “Translated message, excuse any error”

    • xirit64

      Maybe another device is syncing it back to you?

      • Jonh Miller

        No, it’s a bug.

      • Jonh Miller

        Thanks for the new cryptocurrency update.
        I hope you keep adding more useful functions, as you may have noticed I use many cryptocurrency websites.
        I hope they solve the bug I have, I have 4 years using opera!

  • nanana1
    • Leonardo Gomes

      Tomorrow, when the post about the release will probably be published. Until there, anything can happen.

  • sgrandin

    https://www.brooklinen.com/ – Add to Cart buttons don’t work. Had to switch to FF, which also got me a gift card + free shipping pop up. I’ll let them know too.

  • L33t4opera

    The first Opera beta 50.0.2762.4 😉