Hi all,

We start off this week with a quick stable update. Unfortunately, with the initial release we let two nasty bugs slip by, so here are fixes for them:

  • UAC popup displayed every time Opera is launched
  • Process overloading in Google/Yandex maps with disabled hardware acceleration

Full changelog contains all the details.

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  • Leonardo Gomes

    Thanks for the update and bug fixes.

  • redfox

    Please, did you change the browser engine or GPU acceleration in v47, compared to v46? The browser UI is laggy and slow, everything has a delay now…
    See DNAWIZ-18788. Win7 x32.

    • I just checked and DNAWIZ-18788 is in our fix-queue.
      Seems HiDPI issue.

      • redfox

        If it helps, I use default (100%) dpi in Windows and 110% in Opera. This problem is new in v47, 46 was ok.

        • Yes it helps. The more we know about a certain problem the easier for us is to pin point it and fix the root cause.

  • devirto

    Nah … still blurry … even more blurry 🙁

  • Mladen Mladenov

    EDIT: When opening a private tab the URL field is not focused which is major bummer :/ This is on both Windows and macOS.
    In the main post about 47 there is a screenshot of the macOS version with the traffic lights in the top left corner vertical. However when I updated, they are still horizontal. Is the screenshot wrong (from a beta or dev build) or is it something in my system?

    • On macOS it’s up to you whether you use “traffic lights” or not. By default it’s off. Just right click it and select “Enable Narrow Sidebar” to enjoy “traffic lights” version.

      Regarding bug, it’s noted and added to fix-list.
      Btw. If you don’t need the animation when opening private mode, you can just tick “Don’t show again” and problem will be solved.

      • Mladen Mladenov

        Hey thanks! Didn’t know it was an option 🙂

        Re: the animation, I like it, because it reminds me that I’ve opened a private window. It would be even better if there was another reminder that I’m in private mode besides the animation at the beginning and the darker tab bar. Maybe an option to turn off speed dial altogether and always show the private mode animation a-la Chrome?

  • Dmitry PoRtvine

    Win 10 x64, I disabled all extensions / user scripts & video doesn’t play!!

    • Albert S.

      Video in the link doesn’t play for me either in the latest beta. Works in Firefox.

      • Dmitry PoRtvine

        “Works in Firefox” Yes, I know. In Dev.Opera – also doesn’t play

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Doesn’t play here too even with ad-blocker disabled. Only an ad is played.

    • redfox

      It does not play even in Opera 45, only a throbber and flickering image is present.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      It seems to use an m3u8 extension that is not supported by Opera I guess.

    • This is problem of UA sniffing. Changing user agent to not include OPR fixes this problem. We will try to include this fix in some siteprefs update.

  • oldq

    The color change of sketches is annoying
    windows 7×64

    • Dmitry PoRtvine

      Windows 10×64 too.

      • Problem noted. We’re working on it.

  • Kenny

    Every time I start Opera http://i.imgur.com/XTKyhGj.png

  • Why does Opera always have unsmooth scrolling?

    The frame/refresh rate when scrolling through a long Google search result makes it hard to follow. Very choppy and tiring for eyes.

    No, I don’t want an extension. I want default setting for smoothness.

    WIN-10 64. Top-end ThinkPad. 47.0.2631.55 (PGO) Norwegian language. HWA on.

    • Perhaps you’re running in battery saving mode? Check the battery icon in the top right corner. When battery saving mode is turned on, to improve battery life (amongst other things) frame rate gets limited.

      • Thanks. I’ll do some testing.

      • Rudric

        Hey btw loving the gpu-stuff at devtools 🙂

  • Proxymus_o

    Is there any option to enable tab notifications as in Google Chrome?

    • Przemek Kudła

      There is a Lab feature in gmail settings: “Unread message icon”. This will show you a number of unread emails.

  • Hetai-Na

    The Youtube shortcut in the Speed Deal always redirects to the INDIAN VERSION. Please, fix this. It’s old and is the most annoying bug ever!

    • Leonardo Gomes

      The one you’ve added? Or a pre-installed or suggested one?

      • Hetai-Na

        The suggest one.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          In this case, maybe the behavior is by design?

          • Hetai-Na

            Well, I am far away from India

          • Leonardo Gomes

            What I mean is that the suggested one may be a link to YouTube India and not one to local YouTube.

          • Hetai-Na

            Yes, it is a bug in Opera.

          • Leonardo Gomes

            Maybe yes, maybe not. We don’t know if that suggested entry is meant to lead to India version of YouTube.

    • Hey, we are aware of this. Currently people which could help us to clarify if it’s intended or not are on holiday. I will be trying to reach them once they are back.

      • Hetai-Na

        Intended or not, it’s really annoying. Should redirect to the local YouTube version.

  • Łukasz Darzki

    For a very long time YouTube is not remembering progress of videos watched on Opera (on Linux and Windows) for me. It’s marking videos as, let’s say, “started watching”, but that is it – it’s not updating progress/not marking as watched. Is there some way to fix this?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Did you try disabling the ad-blocker?

      • Łukasz Darzki

        Confirmed, disabling internal adblocker fixed this. Thank you.

  • Hector MA

    UAC didn’t catch that one, didn’t happen here.

    • This was happening at least when some handlers were set in Opera opera://settings/handlers so didn’t affect all users but was really annoying for ones who did.

  • RussianNeuroMancer
  • ShintoPlasm
    • hari.g

      In this regard, Opera follows the changes made to Chromium. As a result sites using certificates issued by these CAs would trigger a certificate revocation error on developer channel. Similarly, changes to the OS’s certificate store’s trusted CAs also apply.

      • ShintoPlasm

        Thanks hari.g, that sounds reasonable.

  • Jamie

    I’m having issues with videos on YouTube. They keep pausing and loading. No issues in other browsers. Anyone else having this issue?

  • Alexander Stiven

    Hey Opera Team, we need more speed.
    We need more speed when we open a website.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Most pages open kinda fast here.

  • SLR

    Hi, I’m unable to use the VPN feature as you guys are probably blocking a certain IP range in our country. Who can I contact to get this issue sorted out? (this is unrelated to this specific version).

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Can’t use how? VPN may not be available in some locations.

      • SLR

        It was available, suddenly stopped connecting. I had problems 6 months ago accessing opera.com and receiving browser updates. My ISP contacted opera and opera unblocked the IP range, I started receiving updates but VPN never worked after.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Try disabling anti-virus, firewall and related softwares.

          Do you use any proxy to connect to the internet?

          • Rudric

            Also clear all browser cache including 3rd party* you find this setting from:

          • SLR

            I cant use it on any device, my friends also cant use it, it works on the same device on different ISPs. The IP range is blocked from Opera’s side.

          • Rudric

            Have u tried filing bug? Forums perhaps as well. Seems like most Opera-ppl are on holiday..

          • Leonardo Gomes

            Or maybe that ISP is blocking the VPN?

  • Rudric

    Opera 47 Stable is sluggish! I mean darn – it’s snail time. 46 stable was soo rapid! And on regular web pages. I wonder will it be full stagnation at instagram?

    Why the huge difference in rapidness in O46 & O47?

  • Rudric

    Man I was thinking going from Stable to Beta like I was “long” time ago. But this anti-speed is killing me.

  • Dmytro92

    I have some issues with VPN, the moment I click the icon to turn it off my Opera just freezes.

    • We have recently fixed internally issue with Opera freezing on toggling VPN while sites have been loading. Fix should be available with next update.

      • redfox


  • IgorT75

    Temporarily I go back to v46. Several sites which I use every day aren’t working anymore.

    • Any more details on this? Which sites and how exactly they don’t work?

      • IgorT75

        When I log in to capitalone .com I see just blank screen. Google maps isn’t working on another pc

        • This problem doesn’t reproduce for us. Could you provide more details so perhaps we could try to track down root of the problem?
          – What is your OS?
          – Do you have AdBlock enabled? If yes does it work if you turn it off?
          – Do you have Hardware Acceleration enabled? If yes does it work if you turn it off?
          – Do you have any extensions enabled?

          • IgorT75

            That problem is gone now after reinstall but I lost my custom search engines. And got a crash while trying to set them again:
            Problem signature:
            Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
            Application Name: opera.exe
            Application Version: 47.0.2631.55
            Application Timestamp: 598e1f0e
            Fault Module Name: KERNELBASE.dll
            Fault Module Version: 6.1.7601.23807
            Fault Module Timestamp: 5915fe14
            Exception Code: e0000008
            Exception Offset: 000000000001a06d
            OS Version: 6.1.7601.
            Locale ID: 1033
            Additional Information 1: 2cd3
            Additional Information 2: 2cd3107aa4cb81070f7c0b00fa19164b
            Additional Information 3: ed85
            Additional Information 4: ed85e534852493d03ca54993746e9d8a

            Also when I create new search engine it shows up twice in the list.

          • Ariane Lu

            Your crash report says fault module is kernelbase.dll, it’s a system file, may https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/929833/use-the-system-file-checker-tool-to-repair-missing-or-corrupted-system will help you. (the link is link to microsoft)

          • IgorT75

            As expected ‘Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations.’

  • Copper Cerium

    Everything works great for me. Good job guys!

    Just bring that turbo option in the drop down menu. 🙁

  • Hassan Zakai

    Hi, for some reason Youtube on my macbook pro 2017 is lagging consistently in opera. The problem doesn’t occur in safari but in Opera when you go rewind or fast forward in the video, there will be a lag where a still image is shown but the audio plays normally. it takes like 5 seconds for the video to start playing to catch up to the audio. it’s not in sync and i’m not sure how to fix it using something like magic actions for youtube

    • Hassan Zakai

      also forgot to mention, about two or three times a day the youtube video will flash with a large black screen with a large pause button in the middle. it keeps occuring until you go into full screen mode then exit out of it.

  • Paweł

    Where can I find the current forum for Opera for Android?

  • subsider34

    The latest update broke the Adblocker toggle in the URL bar when the #adblocker-selective-mode experiment is enabled (that is, when Adblocker is set to default to disabled on new sites instead of the opposite). Instead of allowing you to toggle adblocker on and off for specific sites, it now toggles it on globally and cannot be toggled off without restarting your browser or disabling the adblocker in the settings.

    This is disappointing; I really liked how I could default to supporting websites but easily choose to block their adds if they got too excessive.

  • alejosandu

    Hi, i have a problem with the colors of the text on some pages, sometimes the color change to another completelly different, but is not all the page is only a few places and even some letters (or part of each letter is in different color),
    i’m using W10 x64

    • alexred5

      I have the same problem. Text appears blinking, in the Quick Access tab the colors are mixed (facebook is some kind of purple).

      • alejosandu

        yeah, is exactly the same issue

  • 2112

    Ubuntu 17.10 will use Gnome + Wayland by default.
    Fix the problem with missing close button under Gnome Wayland session when Opera window is maximized please.

  • Alexander Stiven

    I need to listen to music online from this site: https://yggdrasilradio.net/
    I am a new user of Opera, so, how can I listen to music online from that web without download the file? (with Firefox is easier).

    • Can you open the downloaded .pls file by double-clicking it in Opera? If you can’t and want to use Windows Media Player for it, you need to install the tool “Open PLS in WMP” first which might afford another installation of an old .NET 3.5 Framework version before that. Then connect the .pls file in the file manager with that tool, not WMP, and you should at least be able to listen to the MP3 stream from that website. AAC and AAC+ streams will not work with that combination.

      For other media players than WMP it might be easier if they support .pls playlist files internally like iTunes, Winamp or VLC. They might also support AAC and AAC+ coded streams then.

      • Alexander Stiven

        For example, with Firefox, I click the audio-link and immediately my music player opens automatically and plays the audio-link.
        How can I get this with Opera?.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          You can’t. You need to download the file and then open it with your player.

  • FluffyBoyo

    Can I ask what the opera dev team think about extending the dark mode UI onto ALL the back end settings and extension/security pages.

    And also including any drop down menus, and of course the page right click context menu/sub menus. Right click context should logically also be dark when the dark mode UI is turned on.

    Vivaldi seems to do this quite well, but does not go far enough with also including the drop down menus and the on page right click context menu.

    If dark mode UI is worth doing, then its worth making everything dark including the above. Maybe have a section in the settings where some adjustments can be made. Such as no including the right click context menu if the user prefers that default white.

  • Alberto

    Great, fixing bugs. Nice version this Opera 47.

  • icetom

    the colors of my speeddial thumbnails always change now and they are wrong. for example youtube should be red and is green. sometimes it changes back to the right colors, and then back to the wrong ones.

    • alexred5

      Same problem here. Does the text looks like checkerboard and blinking?

      • ktxgio

        try this, i have received an email from support, try this
        Dear Opera User,
        Could you also send us your opera://gpu file? Also you could try next:
        1. Go to opera://about and remember your Install path 2. Go to Install Path 3. Copy your swiftshader to another place and remove it from Opera folder 4. Try to reproduce bug without this folder
        Thank you

    • ktxgio

      same problem here….but after some hours of use and restart colors are returned ok.
      windows 7 x64

    • ktxgio

      the problem has reappeared

    • ktxgio

      i have received an email from support, try this
      Dear Opera User,
      Could you also send us your opera://gpu file? Also you could try next:
      1. Go to opera://about and remember your Install path 2. Go to Install Path 3. Copy your swiftshader to another place and remove it from Opera folder 4. Try to reproduce bug without this folder Thank you

  • Loysek

    Guys I’m still having this issue:

    Since the reborn update (including this latest) my extensions settings restart.

    For example “Magic Actions for Youtube” losses all previous saved settings so I need to configure them again – like its just now installed for the first time.

    The mentioned bug appears every time i login in on messenger app on the side bar and then if i log out of messenger and close and reopen the opera.

    Thank you.

  • Unknown
    • We aren’t able to reproduce this problem locally, but could you try to downloading following build and see if problem is still affecting you:

      • sg

        Did not help for me. Font still unusably broken on some pages.


        • Yes, we found already that this is not enough. Could you provide us details about your graphic card? They can be found on opera:gpu page, we are most interested currently in vendor, model name and driver version.

          Disabling hardware acceleration seems to have so far solved this problem for other user experiencing similar issue. If it works could you enable hardware acceleration and check if disabling just opera://flags/#enable-gpu-rasterization is enough to resolve this problem

          • sg

            Disabling hardware accel seems to fix it.
            As does having hardware enabled and disabling gpu-rasterization.
            Have not had much time to test both options though.

            GPU info: https://pastebin.com/UAciDzYQ

          • Could you try to check if this problem appears on Opera Beta version (48.0.2685.7) which we have released yesterday?

  • Hector MA

    I tought these updates were delivered on a weekly basis.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      It may depend on the channel. Also, it’s vacations time in Europe.

  • ktxgio

    User icetom write this 3 days ago:
    the colors of my speeddial thumbnails always change now and they are wrong. for example youtube should be red and is green. sometimes it changes back to the right colors, and then back to the wrong ones.

    User alexred5 write to icetom this 2 days ago:
    Same problem here. Does the text looks like checkerboard and blinking?

    I have confirmed
    theese are screenshot
    wrong http://imgur.com/Nd74Azn
    fine http://imgur.com/Vo04Im5

    • icetom

      thanks, i will try the swiftshader folder stuff that you wrote. will report back if it helped

      i got no text checkerbord problem etc. only the speeddial colors.

      • ktxgio

        me too, only speed dial colors. for me operation with swiftshader does not work, sometimes have wrong color

        • Robert Tomaszewski

          Could you try disabling the flag “GPU rasterization” in opera://flags/?search=enable-gpu-rasterization#enable-gpu-rasterization please? Does it solve the issue?
          If not, could please disable “Hardware accelleration” in opera:config under Browser, System settings (please ensure you enabled “Advanced settings” in the bottom left side of “opera:config”).

          • icetom

            gpu rasterization disable did not help.

            i just tried disabling hardware acceleration, it did not help.

            by the way i am at windows10 64bit, 8gb ram, amd graphics

          • ktxgio

            Hi, i wrote yesterday but my answer is vanished….i don’y know why. i write newly:
            Thank you for your answer, i tried to disable gpu rasterization and then all gpu options and hardware acceleration options but problem still here.
            This problem is with Opera 47 only (even with new Opera 47.0.2631.71), Opera 46 work fine
            I’m with windows 7 x64 with all updates, 4 GB of ram and integrated (on mother board) Intel G41 garphics

  • 2112

    Opera ignores third-party gtk themes on Gnome (linux).
    Is this a known bug?

  • UMaster 7

    flashing when going through Discover / Personal News of Opera’s sidebar by using keys “up” / “down”. No problems when scrolling instead 😉 Win10x64

  • The UI is so slow, even typing the text in the address bar is lagging behind. RIP Opera, you gave us hope, but delivered bollocks.

    • Hey, could you give us more details about your OS, GPU. Do you have Hardware Acceleration enabled?

      • firuz_u7

        Whether these GPUs are supported by the CPU
        Windows 10
        CPU – i5 2310
        GPU – GeForce GTX 560 Ti
        I just sometimes notice that Hardware Acceleration enabled does not work

    • redfox

      I have already reported it (August 8) as DNAWIZ-18788.
      Win 7 x32 / GeForce GTX 650, HW acceleration enabled – verified in opera://gpu.
      If I remember, there was one more item in red = disabled in the gpu features (compared to O45/46), but don’t remember which one, I already reverted to O45.
      Maybe the HW acceleration is somehow broken for older GPUs in the new Chromium engine.

  • Pavel A.

    Everything has been great with Opera with me for a long time, loving it!
    One question – is there a way to keep the ‘sync’ button from disappearing from the top right?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Not that I know.

  • Łukasz Janik

    gdzie jest opera:plugins ?

  • catup

    How can I download the 32 bit version?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      For Windows?

  • Nekomajin43

    Amazon showed up again in my speed dial one day after the update to this build. STOP THE FUCKING SPAM!

  • Andrey

    Opera Stable 47.0.2631.71 (without linux)