The release of Opera 45, codenamed Reborn, has generated huge interest, marking a big step forward in the development of our browser. We continue the UI redesign project with Opera 46 that has just landed in the beta channel, and it comes packed with tons of tweaks and fixes.

Reborn continues

The Opera UI redesign process keeps on going as we’ve added several tweaks, new icons and layout improvements. Here are the most important changes:

  • A new icon for start page customization
  • Speed Dial is now dark when wallpapers are disabled and dark theme is enabled
  • ‘View in bookmarks’ button appears in bookmarks pop up if the page has been added already
  • It’s now easier to move a window if multiple tabs are opened on macOS. The clickable area between the new tab plus button and the tab menu button got slightly bigger.
  • Sound notifications are now turned on when the sidebar is unpinned
  • When importing bookmarks, items from the bookmark bar will appear in Opera’s bookmark bar
  • Macbook touchbar users can enjoy an emoji-enabled input field

New backgrounds

This beta release comes with a little something extra if you’re looking for the full Reborn experience. To complement Opera’s new look and feel, we have partnered with top industry artists Umberto Daina and Feridun Akgüngör to create a custom set of fresh, cool backgrounds.

VPN improvements

Also, Opera 46 comes with important fixes for the out of memory bug when using our built-in VPN and for another nasty crash that might appear during startup.

Still, you might notice some problems while using our VPN. Since more and more new users are trying Opera after the Reborn launch, our VPN usage has quadrupled. We are working hard to add more servers to accommodate the demand.


The list of fixes in Opera 46 is quite lengthy. Below we have highlighted the most important ones:

  • We fixed the issue of when sync was enabled, the Tabs menu item was missing in the navbar
  • Addressed the misbehaving tooltips, both in normal and private mode
  • Video pop out fix for Amazon Prime
  • Fixed issue when the video pop out button was displayed in cases when it shouldn’t
  • Seeking quickly through videos could stall playback [Windows]
  • Opera pins itself back to the taskbar after being launched [Windows]
  • Fixed the fullscreen video issue with 1px line at the bottom [Windows]
  • We have removed the space from the tab bar when a window is not maximized [Linux]
  • Several audio and video changes, including a fix for a nasty memory leak
  • Ad block improvement and support for tag names

Support for animated PNG

Opera now supports animated PNG, or APNG for short. APNG is a file format that works similarly to GIF. The difference is that APNG is smaller and supports both 24-bit images and 8-bit transparency. It has become quite popular recently, particularly since Apple adopted the APNG file format for iOS 10 iMessage apps.

Watch the APNG demo and learn more about this format.

Under the hood

This new beta version comes with updated Chromium (59.0.3071.26) and enabled expensive background tabs throttling. This technology reduces the processing power required for background tabs and improves battery life and browsing performance. Try it out yourself with this background timer throttling demo.

Enjoy browsing with Opera 46, and stay tuned for more Reborn improvements this summer.

The changelog contains full list of changes.

Installation links:

Maciej Kocemba

Product Manager, Opera for computers. Previously Product Manager in R&D department and Opera Mini for iOS. Joined Opera over 11 years ago. Still passionate about coding, mountain / road biking when not working.

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  • yigido

    Congrats my citizen Feridun Akgüngör and thanks for the new release 🙂

  • Leonardo Gomes

    Thanks for the release.

  • Nekomajin43

    In the past few months, I noticed that some JS-heavy sites (mostly using AJAX) are not loading in the background properly. When I activate a tab, I still have to wait a few seconds before it renders the new content. It is not a long time, but still bothers me. Is it connected to the background tab handling or web developers started to use some stupid technic?

  • Alex Wazovskiy

    About VPN: if you’re have troubles with VPN usage, why you don’t just add functionaly of using VPN only in user-choiced list of sites? That’s surely will reduce server load, especially with users from Ukraine, whom need to unblock just 4 sites!

    • Nekomajin43

      It’s because the Chromium architecture. Probably why we can’t have private tabs too.

      • redfox

        The other way to limit the VPN overload would be prohibitting playing video streaming content over the VPN servers, or setting it to a lower priority, if technically possible. These days (esp. Sun – Tue), the VPN speed was very slow.

      • Alex Wazovskiy

        But VPN extensions for Chrome can do this thing, why Opera can’t?

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Maybe because it’s an extension?

          • Alex Wazovskiy

            So, Opera developers should made the VPN as an extension bundled with Opera to decrease load of VPN servers?

          • Leonardo Gomes

            I guess it would be more easy for Surfeasy to just setup the servers so they can handle more traffic.

          • redfox

            Who would pay the extra bill?

          • Leonardo Gomes

            I think it’s of Surfeasy interest that people can use their services.

          • Alex Wazovskiy


  • EchoFromSpace

    Why did you remove the flag extended-lazy-session-loading? I have too many tabs and now Opera is loading them all 🙁
    I only have 4 GB ram, I have to kill them using task manager.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Because it was no longer necessary? Once the experiment ends, the flag is removed.

    • EggsAreCute

      It’s a sad news. It was awesome feature.

  • redfox

    The screenshots above still do not show the Bookmarks bar with its FOLDER icons, please update the article! I need to find out what color they have in every release, because Google changes it quite often (and Opera always keeps the original Chromium colors of these elements). Since v45, their color is green-blue, which is very ugly in both dark and light themes.
    Thanks in advance.

    • Our screenshots tend to show the product in its default state. If we change something in the UI then it should end up on the blog posts with images.

      I’m not a particular fan of blue folder in dark theme either.

  • somename

    Hey everyone, Ive got a question about the inbuilt VPN. The way I understand VPN’s in general, is that it redirects my traffic to a VPN server in some other country so that my requests appear to be from somewhere else. therefore I get another IP.
    However if I watch a video of ‘xyz’ on youtube with the VPN activated and later visit youtube again with VPN inactive, I still get video recommendations from youtube that are totally related/ based on the ‘xyz’ video I watched before, with active VPN. So apparently they still know what IP the original request is coming from. Doesnt that mean that every site kind of always knows that and that the VPN is not actually working?
    The whole reason why I want it, is so the sites do not know.

    Hope someone can help me understand this. Thank you.

    • Nekomajin43

      Are you logged in to yt?

      • somename

        No, in that case it wouldnt be a surprise :D. Sorry, forgot to say that. Of course I’m not logged in to YT, or Google or anywhere else.

        • Nekomajin43

          Well, it may store something in cookies. Have you tried it with a private window?

          • somename

            Yes, still gives me matching recommendations. I also use privacy badger in case there is still something tracking. But still. Would like to know how they do it.
            Edit: actually, with privacy badger, vpn and private window it seems to work. at least from what I could test in the last 5 minutes.

          • Good 🙂

  • Robert

    Why did you remove the opera turbo from the menu?
    Add a button next to vpn that could be quickly turned on

    • It’s a part of clean up task.

      • Ari

        yeah, it has been discussed before that no one liked that change.

  • “View in bookmarks” this is missing in bookmark search.

    • kesha2000

      Tried to request this feature a while ago.

      • Request noted and awaiting its timeslot.

        • kesha2000

          That’s great news, thanks!

  • Nico

    I’m sorry, but “A new icon for start page customization” isn’t new to Opera 46, the same icon is already used in Opera 45 stable.

    Opera 45:

    Opera 46:

    Don’t mind the different background, it’s because I use different Speed Dial Backgrounds on Stable and Beta.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      It’s probably new for those in beta channel.

      • Nico

        Maybe, but the new icon was first introduced in one of the Developer builds of Opera 46, but then made it into Opera 45 before its final release. Seems strange to me, since it’s not new at all.

        • When describing what’s new in given version we compare it against previous version in given channel. However when we push things to different streams (especially in case of bug fixes) things get a bit more complicated. For instance change can be in stable for some time, but it’s the first time it’s avaialable in beta channel – it still will be noted.

          • Cryio

            Fair enough.

            “New …. to the Beta channel!”

          • Nico

            Thank you for clarifying.

      • novainc

        It is

  • Cryio

    I’m gonna try this on PC, 1080p desktop with 100% scaling and on SP4, with 200% scaling to see if it’s an improvement over v45.

  • Cryio

    UI and font are still blury
    Window chrome controls: Minimize, maximize, Close are still not native in Windows 10.
    “Show system color on top bar” still broken.
    “Force touch interface” still broken, or at least it doesn’t make the UI bigger as in v44.
    “Disable tab bar’s top spacing” doesn’t move a pixel still. Feature?

    The UI is still smaller for no good reason compared to v44. The icons are still uglier than previous ones.

  • Every time a I try to open it, it crashes (Windows alert and closes it)

    Windows 10 Home 64 bit
    Versione 1703 (build SO 15063.296)
    CPU Intel Core i7-6500U @ 2.50 Ghz
    RAM: 12 GB

    Intel HD Graphics 520

    AMD Radeon R7 M440

    • Cryio

      To be fair, both of your GPUs are using outdated drivers. For AMD, it’s easier if you mention the Catalyst version. 17.5.2 should be the one you should be using. (As point of reference, the latest driver is:

  • Cryio

    Surface Pro 4, HiDPi device:

    1. Everything is sharp now! Yeei!
    2. On the Speed Dial, going to customization: No Speed Dial section, can’t remove “Add a side” button because the option doesn’t exist. It exists on non-HiDPi
    3. On the Speed Dial, going to customization: Can’t remove the Google Search button, the option doesn’t exist. It exists on non-HiDPi
    4. Window chrome controls: Minimize, maximize, Close are still not native in Windows 10.
    5. “Show system color on top bar” still broken.
    6. “Disable tab bar’s top spacing” doesn’t move a pixel still. Feature?
    7. “Force touch interface” still broken, or at least it doesn’t make the UI bigger as in v44.
    The UI dynamically adapts to weather you use touch or mouse, but the option in settings is redundant as it does nothing, enabled or disabled.
    8. The fonts, while sharp now, still look way too shallow. It’s still unpleasant. Please make them a bit thicker.
    9. Why no kind of icons when clicking the Opera Menu? It was more intuitive before.
    10. I universally despise the new icon set, except for History and Extensions. Those look cool.
    11. The UI is still smaller for no good reason compared to v44
    12. The new Bookmark/Heart menu: Why is it so small? It’s comically small on a HiDPi device.
    13. Hovering your cursor over the Recently Closed section after you pressed the Recently Closed tabs button, *why* does the arrow next to it disappear when you highlight that particular section? It makes no sense.
    14. Right clicking a tab and right clicking the empty space near a tab uses two completely looking interfaces. The tab part is using the new v45 UI, the empty space part is using the old v44 UI

    PS: “Opening a new tab using + or Ctrl+T pops into existence from bellow. It’s like it blinks afraid into this world.” You reverted this from v45! Thank you! It was really weird.

    Overall I’m glad most HiDPi related issues were indeed fixed.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      2) and 3) Do you have advanced settings enabled?
      5) Removed on latest developer

      • Cryio

        2) and 3): You are indeed right. Apparently those options appear only when Advanced Settings are enabled. I’ll edit these out of my comment.

        5) Option removed in Dev v46, but still available in Beta v46?

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Beta 46 is based on a build older than the one of latest developer.

    • Ralf Brinkmann


  • romath

    Why was my report about how this build ignores the user’s noautoupdate and dpi settings in Properties (Win 10) deleted? I hope those will be fixed in the next release, so I can get back to viewing webpages and Opera pages (e.g., SD) scaled in a more functional or efficient manner.

  • Chawoobie

    After downloading a file, I can’t click on the icon on the top right of address bar to view/open file. I have to go to downloads. Is this a new change or a glitch?

    • Glitch. What system and Opera version do you have?

      • Chawoobie

        I think I found the problem. Typically, when I update to a newer version of Opera that isn’t already installed, I copy/paste the bookmarks and preferences from a currently installed version into the new version so I can have my speed dial links. I found that when I did this to the new Beta version then tried to open Opera, it would flash and blink and do odd stuff for a few seconds, then shut down. What I finally did was uninstall the Beta, run ccleaner to get anything else out, then delete any remaining Beta folders on my computer. Then I reinstalled the Beta and just copied the bookmarks to the Beta from the Stable version, and all seems well, so far. It was the latest Opera Beta build, May 24th.

  • pee

    when will ‘split screen’ from neon browser be integrated in opera? please add this top feature asap !!

  • kesha2000

    ‘View in bookmarks’ button appears in bookmarks pop up if the page has been added already

    That doesn’t work if the default bookmark preview was changed. Please, take a look at DNAWIZ-15682.

    Update: see my correction below.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      You need to refresh the pop-up after have changed the preview image.

      • kesha2000

        Ok, I just found out that it doesn’t work only if preview with the site’s name (domain) is chosen. Usually, it’s a one click on the left arrow, in terms of preview carousel. Try it yourself, it should revert the button to “Finished” even after refreshes.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Yep, I can confirm it doesn’t work in this case.

        • Thanks for reporting. Noted and added to fix queue.

  • kesha2000

    Since more and more new users are trying Opera after the Reborn launch, our VPN usage has quadrupled.

    VPN only for specific sites would be a perfect solution. I have needs to unblock only 2 domains, but have to route all my traffic.

    • Neat idea

      • Nekomajin43

        Really?! A few months ago some of you stated that it has technical difficulties and you should make a lot of modifications in the Chromium code.

        • Nothing changed from technical point of view. Still the idea is interesting.

          • Alex Lozano

            Some VPN extensions allow it.

    • Alex Lozano

      I use another profile to use the VPN for the specific sites.

  • novainc

    When displaying the messaging apps from the sidebar on Linux 64bits (Ubuntu Gnome 16.04.2) it creates a new window rather than a contained one. When switching to a different app and then trying to alt-tab back to opera the messaging window is displayed only.

    Also, whenever I open the browser I get a warning that the profile couldn’t be opened, and asks me to check the permissions. Where is the profile located in linux?

    • Alex Lozano

      Check About Opera to find the path.

      • novainc

        .config as I suspected. Permissions are fine but the warning still pops out and I can’t download any files with the browser :/

        • Alex Lozano

          Try with a clean profile.
          Check the Forums.

  • Ralf Brinkmann

    Still the same bug like in the developer: I receive a notice in Facebook, that someone liked my photo. I click on the notice, the photo with all comments opens as popup. When I press ESC to close or leave the popup window, it disappears and the tab / content under the popup is reloaded. This should not happen and is new since the last developer.
    W10x64 (1703 6.3.15063)

  • Ralf Brinkmann

    Help: While reading a page my hand is on the stupid mouse. Suddenly, by accident, one of my tabs opens in a new window. How can I get it back to the other window to the same position? When I simply close it it’s gone.

    Addition: This happens also, when I click on any image (to see it large) in Facebook and then leave it with ESC.

    • Alex Lozano

      You should drag it to the original window and position.

  • erhan kultur

    1-The size of the downloadable file can be previewed as information
    2-Download resumable between sessions
    3-Video downloader
    4- Download Torrent

  • mikeblob .

    the search pop up when selecting now does nothing. Also did the download icon get removed from the bar?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Download icon just should still be there. However it only appears if there is something on the download list.

  • Gordon Freeman

    There is a strange behavior if you click a folder on the bookmarks bar !
    If you click on top of the folder icon or on the bottom of the folder icon the opened folder appears in a different position.

  • pee

    Hi! When will the top feature ‘split screen’ from neon browser be integrated in opera?

    • pee

      any update on this? 🙂

      • Leonardo Gomes

        I don’t think it’s even being planned for now.

  • Robert

    There is a problem with autocomplete passwords on some sites and forums, the browser does not find them have to delete them and store them again, the reinstallation does not help.
    Still others have a problem with animated themes, under my theme that they write that it is unstable or not playable, the problem is like a stable version and beta.

  • Peter

    Error occured while installin Lastpass extension from your store.

  • MegamaN

    Unrelated but can you guys make it so that when we click on text in the search bar, it selects all text when clicking on the area? It’s a feature I love about Firefox and it’s helpful.

    • Mikolaj Boc

      I’ve reported this for you.

      • MegamaN

        Also, my other post about making us able to mute pop-up windows helps. Slimjet allows pop-up windows to turn into tabs in a new window session and we can control them like regular tabs. Or just add a mute option to the popup window.

  • dmouflard

    Will it be possible to change the search bar on speed dial to another search engine or to hide it ?

    • Andrey

      Hide – enable ‘Show advanced settings’ in Settings.
      On Speed dial – press ‘Customize start page’ and disable ‘Search box’

  • Elen Merbau

    I have big ugly borders around the mini window on YouTube, ca you fix it please.
    Opera Beta 46.0.2597.6 (PGO), W10

  • FluffyBoyo

    Dark mode:

    How about extending the dark UI mode to also include ALL settings pages, add-on pages and experiments etc. A full real dark mode mode which works across all Opera areas. Optional on each settings, extensions p[age to turn dark mode on or off, once the master dark mode is ON.

    • Artex

      … you can do it, just enable it in the settings

  • Hi, fonts look jagged in this built, as if ClearType didn’t work. Is this a known issue?

  • Michal Czuper

    Improvements to full screen mode would be great. Having the tabs and pop up when the mouse is moved near the top of the screen or same thing with the side bar

  • Spiryts

    Youtube and twitch video with 720/1080-60fps they choke again, and if I switch to “new” youtube look, the problem with choking HD60fps video do not appear.
    Win 7 x64

  • ive

    A bug got reintroduced, I think it came with this latest update.

    It is reproducible: Open a folder in the Bookmarkbar -> rightclick a bookmark -> press v on your keyboard to delete it

    Opera crashes and restarts. I think I tried it one or two more times after it initially happened, to confirm it. After that Opera started with all Extensions disabled.

    Some months ago we already had this bug in the beta, I reported it and it got fixed, but I don’t know which version that was ..

    Windows 7 x64
    Opera beta 32bit 46.0.2597.6

    • Andrey

      > press v on your keyboard to delete it
      May be ‘m’ in english interface.

  • shounen

    pages or opened images crashes from time to time and we need refresh the page

  • Albert S.

    When I click on an image on my Facebook timeline page and the popup comes up with the larger image, when I click to close the image, the Timeline jumps all the way back to the top, doesn’t stay where I left off scrolling. Not fun having to scroll ALL THE WAY back down to where I was when I clicked the image.

  • L33t4opera

    New build – Opera beta 46.0.2597.11 😉