Today we’ve got a quick update on beta stream. You can expect a lot of video pop out fixes. As most important examples we’ve got:

  • DNA-52184 Resizing of the detached video window works much better now. This is because there is a minimal window size implemented. There’s no possibility to make that window disappear.
  • DNA-52238 Now there are no interruptions with autoplay when commercials are on. Opera used to close the detached video window in some cornercases.
  • DNA-52416 Detaching video window on OS X after first click is fixed now. As for now – hand cursor appears over the buttons on Mac on detached video window.

Check the changelog for more details, while I’m running to finish work with tomorrow’s developer release. It’s gonna be awesome!!!

Installation links:

The changelog is available here.

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  • xirit64

    First! But I have nothing to say lol. Well, thanks for the build 🙂

    • Ralf Brinkmann

      No, I was first but I also had nothing to say. So I didn’t write anything. 😉

      • NoName

        We should make an extension, so we can measure who was really first.
        It should report in the new blog topic, as a proof that you are the first one.
        It could have a scoreboard and everything!

        • Ralf Brinkmann

          Good idea! But for the meantime you can ask the NSA to have a look into their logfiles.

      • xirit64

        I was first, first, first, first!

        har har har

  • NoName

    Opera Beta does not start at all after update!

    • Aneta Reluga

      What is your OS?

      • NoName

        Win 8.1 – It’s an USB installation

        • Aneta Reluga

          Thanks. Weird, I just checked on a local 8.1 machine and the installation works. Can you please back up your profile (just in case) and try to reinstall manually, e.g. using the link above? Sorry for the inconvenience. Please let us know if it helped.

          • NoName

            I’m using dev, so the profile is totally clean already.
            I deleted it and installed a new USB installation from this build.

            Still does not start. I see no processes in Task manager at all.

          • RafaellaG

            Why do you use USB installation?

            Btw. as stated somewhere above, tomorrow the new Developer build is comming. Use that. It has all of the beta build and more.

          • NoName

            Only for testing Beta. I don’t use USB for Dev.

            I’m reporting this to help Opera fix it, not that I need it myself.

            Also, there’s a chance that Dev is not going to work for me either, if the beta changes is comming in dev as well.

          • NoName

            Update: New Dev build works just fine.

  • Abdolahi

    can’t wait for stable version !!!

  • hassanraza

    waiting for the stable updated version.

    • BK

      me too 😛

      • RafaellaG

        Normally it should be there already – with Stable still 36 and Developer 38 already^^

  • oic

    bug: can’t load more than 11 themes on theme page. It cause it to crash

    • Aneta Reluga

      Do you mean opera:themes? And what type of themes are these? I have over 15 now, no crash yet (I’m on Win7).

      • oic

        animated themes, got over 1gb worth in the theme directory, using window 10

        • RafaellaG

          I’ve got 56 static and 1 animated themes in my themes directory and it’s only 57 MB big. (Win10 x64)

          How big are your individual themes!!!???

          • oic

            animated themes are much bigger than static ones. I got about 111 animated themes, total 1.24 gb. IT actually start crashing even if I have 15 animated themes in in the directory

          • RafaellaG

            And I thought that my 57 themes were many…

  • Marko Koivuniemi

    Damn you! Now I’m just sitting here and waiting for next developer version. 😉

    • BK

      Tomorrow with nice surprises 🙂

      • Ralf Brinkmann

        I count on you! I will be on tour tomorrow, but when I come home…!

        • BK

          we will be missing your comments early tomorrow 🙂

      • Ghirahim

        Phew, I’m already excited!

      • Marko Koivuniemi

        Finally gopher support. 😉

      • Leonardo Gomes

        So there will be something new besides the video pop-out?

        • NoName

          It has to be something else, they already stated pop-out for dev 🙂

        • BK

          more than one thing 🙂

          • RafaellaG

            hopefully useful stuff^^

          • Leonardo Gomes

            That may be subjective. 🙂

          • BK

            it will have something to do with browsing.. 😛

          • Nekomajin43

            Hm, totally unexpected. :/

          • RafaellaG


      • Druszlak

        Yess! Tab stacking, finally! ;>

        [no pressure]

  • Vlad Violenty

    it’s relase candidate?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      I don’t think so.

    • BK

      not yet.

  • RafaellaG

    Now Opera (only) lacks an option to “clean browser data” at closing/ending Opera.
    Don’t want to do this every time manually.

    • BK

      Hm.. something like “Private mode” by default?

      • RafaellaG

        By “Private mode per default” you mean Юлия, right?

        I thought more of an (check mark-) option to “clean browser data” at closing/ending Opera or not.

    • Юлия

      I would also like Opera not to remember private data. For the time being, I use this:
      C:UsersusernamePortableOperaDeveloper64launcher.exe --disable-update --private

      The only two downsides that I found are:

      1. that extensions, even though I allow them in Private, and they clearly are working, do not show up on the toolbar (more precisely, uBlockOrigin as I want to see the number of blocked elements; if I start Opera normally, then open a private window, the icons are displayed properly)

      2. maximising Opera window is causing this to happen on the taskbar: https://i.imgur.com/7DfUpzF.gif Opera icon moves to far right as if I just opened it

  • Heinz Witt

    Angry Birds is working again on Facebook!

    • RafaellaG


  • Nashuim

    Video pop out doesn’t seem to work for Twitch using the HTML5 player.

    Edit: Twitch’s UI seems to show on top of it.

  • Victoria

    Flash controls are fixed on high DPI! Thank you! Even the sluggishness I had been having with Speed Dial is all fixed up!

  • PropTop99

    Still can’t get YouTube videos to play most of the time. Just comes up with ‘an error occurred please try again later’. They work fine in other browsers. Closing the tab, opening a new tab, go back to youtube, search and pick a different video sometimes works. Other times, you refresh a few times and it’ll ‘click’ and start.

  • iVarun

    There seems to be an issue on this build where a webpage would stop loading and the refresh button becomes unresponsive as well.
    Have to close the tab and reload.

  • My message to Opera Devs:
    Please, configure Pantheon integration

  • Bogdan Shamanovskyi

    Please implement tab stacking

  • sgrandin

    For some reason, Yahoo.com home page is very slow to complete loading. In fact, sometimes the page remains blank indefinitely until I come back on click on it. Been a few days often like this. No other browser or page has this problem. Win 7, i5 laptop.

  • nanana1

    🙂 New Opera beta 27 release today :